Haircuts for an oval face

The oval shape of the face is considered classic because it allows you to create a variety of haircuts and hairstyles. However, you should pay attention to some points:

- if your hair is thick and thick, you will look great with a long haircut,
- If you have thin hair, it is better to give preference to hairstyles of medium length.

Owners of an oval face fit hair with any bangs, as well as completely without bangs, but you need to pay attention not only to the shape of the face, but also to its features. Some disadvantages include:

- ears that may be too large or small, as well as puff up,
- too wide or narrow forehead, which is governed by the absence or presence of bangs,
- a neck that is wide or narrow, too short or long.

Oval face bangs

The owner of the oval-shaped face can try different types of bangs - oblique, straight, asymmetrical, long or short, thick or torn. For example, oblique bangs can be cut out arcuate, and a straight line can be made very short, like that of the famous actress Halle Berry.
Long or medium-length bangs can be pinned up with stylish decorative hairpins, cleaned under fabric headbands and hoops, woven into a hairstyle or let loose, combing or twisting nicely.

Straight bangs can be elongated or up to the eyebrows, it is more suitable for a fairly narrow oval face. There are variations of bangs with strands of different lengths, as well as graduated ones. If you have too wide cheekbones, it is best to cut out a rare bang to visually narrow them.

If your hair is curly from nature, you should avoid bangs or make it sparse so that styling is as comfortable and fast as possible. Owners of thin hair bang desirable to release from the crown, it will help give your hair more volume.

Short hairstyles for oval face shape

As a short haircut for an oval face, you can use a bob. Feminine and romantic, gently emphasizing the smoothness of the cheekbones and the neckline.

You can also make quads with elongated side strands. But for curly hair to create short hairstyles is undesirable, otherwise it may turn out "ball-hedgehog."

Haircuts for long and medium hair for an oval face

For owners of an oval face and long hair, graduated hairstyles are best of all, in which the hair is cut at a different angle, a hairstyle based on a cascade or a square (for hair of medium length). In this case, you can use the selection of individual strands of the total length of hair or create a fluffy frame of your hair.
Waves of hair will make your image tender and feminine, and smooth and sharp lines will give the owner of a fashionable hairstyle of boldness and style.

Not so important what kind of hairstyle you choose. The most important thing for you to be comfortable with her. Do not be afraid to experiment with your appearance, improving your individual style.

How to choose a haircut for an oval face shape

Rarely there are women who do not want to change something in their appearance: one does not like the ears, others forehead, third eyes or cheekbones. With the right haircut and good makeup, it is possible to hide some of the flaws of the exterior, with an emphasis on the more attractive parts of the faces. So, too big, protruding ears have the ability to hide under the hair - for this they choose voluminous, wavy haircuts, the length is not significant, the main thing is not to open the face.

What kind of haircut do oval face? Too large features, such as a big nose, are noticeable when choosing very short or long haircuts.Therefore, in such situations it is better to stop at a hairstyle of medium length (approximately along the shoulders). Visually smooth facial features long straight bangs. Many girls still care about high or vice versa low forehead. The bang will help to hide it: so, in the first case, it should be straight, of convenient length, in the second it will be better if it is combed to the side.

Before you decide what kind of haircut to do with an oval face, you should pay attention to the age of the woman, not for nothing that the saying goes: "The older the woman, the shorter the hair." Short hairstyles significantly younger their owners - remember at least Sharon Stone. Lush and long hair does not look so good on mature women, but is great for young girls. As for the bangs - it is suitable for any age.

Do not forget about the figure of a woman. Hair should fit perfectly into the image of a girl. Long girls are perfect for long hair, and short ones are shorter, while it is worth considering that too short haircuts cannot be worn for full girls, they will focus even more on weight. It is necessary to choose a bang depending on the constitution of the body: the owner of volumetric forms will not fit a long thick bang, it is better to profile it and comb it to the side.

What haircuts are suitable oval face

At all times it was believed that the oval face has the perfect shape, so this type will suit almost any hairstyle with bangs or without, different partitions. Pay more attention to the hair: thick and wavy curls favor haircuts with an emphasis on volume, and flat lines decorate girls with thin hair. Do not forget that a lot depends on the professionalism of the master, so women's haircuts on an oval face are best done by a qualified hairdresser.

Recently, a haircut has become very popular, especially among owners of long hair, because to make styling such a haircut just with the help of a hair dryer and a comb. Last season, the cascade gave way to even the popular quads. But the fact is that the former favorite is not recommended for girls with curly hair, unlike this hairstyle. Cascade became the standard of natural femininity, eliminating the extra severity with a tattered top in the hair and giving an attractive carelessness.

Short haircuts for an oval face

Choosing a fashionable hairstyle, it is important to correctly prioritize taking into account the features of appearance, nature. Even with the perfect shape of the face there are subtleties that may require a separate approach to the master haircut.

Details that you need to pay attention to when creating hair.

  1. Hair structure On thin, hard, very curly or thick curls you can do not every haircut.
  2. Growth, type of figure. On very tall or fat girls, ultra-short haircuts relative to the body can look disproportionately. It is the same as very lush hairstyles on skinny or tiny physique ladies.
  3. Facial imperfections. A large or long nose, burdock, warts, birthmarks, pimples, which it is undesirable to open with a glance at a short model will not be able to hide.
  4. Age, status, profession - factors that must be considered. Sometimes the hairstyle corresponds to the "dress code" or other accepted norms.
  5. Image. Haircut does not choose the style of clothing, but harmony is necessary.
  6. Traits. A short hairstyle should emphasize individuality, and not go into discord with the usual way for everyone.

Recommendations from professionals.

  1. For an elongated oval face suitable haircuts with any design of the forehead, for a rounded - oblique bang or asymmetry.
  2. Even in the absence of imbalances, super volume cutting at the top of the head can spoil the impression, making the shape too elongated.
  3. The oval type of face has no restrictions regarding the length of the haircut, consider your features. When wearing glasses hair should not interfere.
  4. The universal form is combined with any haircuts - multi-layered, graduated, strict geometry of lines, curly or light beach curls.
  5. Short models will highlight beautiful cheekbones, asymmetrical - eyes and eyebrows.
  6. With an oval face, wear options with an open forehead, combing the curls back. Even a bouffant can not spoil the look, on the contrary, it will bring retro-inspired fashions to the style.

The shape of the oval allows you to experiment with the image, embodying any creative ideas in creative silhouettes:

  • shaved nape or temples in combination with a long top,
  • ultrashort, deep, straight, oblique, geometric or curly bangs with an oval face,
  • tattoos on the head, trimmed bald,
  • coloring - bright blondes, brunettes with black curls, brown-haired women, highlighting or fashionable shatush, techniques and shades are selected according to the condition of hair, skin color and eyes,
  • make-up - everyday or evening, the main thing is that the oval face does not turn into a painted picture, natural beauty is in fashion.

It is important for yourself to decide what result you expect, creating a new image with an oval or other face shape. Photos of short trend haircuts.

Hairstyles for an oval face: photo with a bang

Kare - a monumental classic, fashionable and wildly popular at all times. This hairstyle fits all regardless of age.

A teenager, a girl, a mature woman or elderly ladies look stylish with their car and feel confident. For oval shape, any variation of the haircut is available. The choice depends on the area of ​​the face where the emphasis needs to be shifted:

  • clear lines of cheekbones and beautiful lips - a model with elongated front locks will make them more pronounced,
  • perfect proportions of the forehead and chin - use the short cropped version without a bang,
  • oval face with soft features - boldly wear a creative ultrashort version of the haircut,
  • naturally curly curls - look good with an extended four, with bangs or without them (depends on the curl's curvature),
  • straight hair with an oval face shape - a model with a leg or elongated locks is relevant,
  • fine structure - stop the choice on the graduated haircut, which will give the desired volume to the curls,
  • Do not like experiments - it is better to cut your hair under a classic square with a smooth contour, which looks appropriate in any situation.

Hair will look well-groomed if you give enough time to styling and caring for them.

Bob haircut

Bob is a hit that is in the top 10 most popular hairstyles. This year, she did not give up her position and did not lose relevance.

The oval shape does not require to hide the flaws of proportions, so when choosing a model, be guided by the condition and structure of your hair.

  1. Asymmetry - for girls who appreciate style and are ready for non-standard solutions. Can do on wavy hair.
  2. Bob-caret - for the fine structure of curls that need additional volume.
  3. Layered model - for very thick or unruly hair.
  4. A-bob - the short back of the head will highlight the beautiful lines of the neck, and the elongated locks framing the oval will smooth out the rough features or plump cheeks.

Pixie haircut on oval face

Pixie today at the peak of popularity. This is a youth hairstyle, giving the appearance of boyish style. Suitable for oval or round shape and for any type of hair. The model does not require a lot of time for styling that business women will appreciate.

Despite the creativity, the haircut is often chosen by ladies of mature age. The style of this hairstyle has the property of young women, including those with an oval face.

Variations in pixie execution:

  • with elongated front locks - opens a beautiful neck, allows you to hide some defects,
  • with ultra-short bangs - will focus on expressive eyes and lips. Opens an oval face, all the flaws will be noticeable.

If you are emotionally prepared for a radical change of image, then you can stop the choice on pixie.However, creativity requires sacrifice - the hairstyle will have to be regularly updated and not to forget to follow the perfect make-up.

Haircut cascade

Cascade is a universal hairstyle that can be worn on any length of hair. Fits all, regardless of the structure of the curls or the type of face. It looks most impressive on girls with an oval shape. The principle of shearing - strands are sheared with a ladder with a sharp or smooth transition.

The advantage of the cascade - a lot of modifications of hairstyles and ways of styling, fantastically hide the flaws in appearance, can go under any outfit or situation. As the saying goes: "And in the world, and in the feast, and in good people."

Haircut garcon

Fashionable hair does not lose relevance for more than 100 years. Suitable for fine structure or unruly hair. This is a short haircut with deep shining on the temples and the back of the head, decorated with “ragged” chelochkoy. Garson creates a strict business image, which with one stroke of his hand transforms into a creative mess.

Haircut sesson

Cesson - beauty and practicality at the same time. Business card hairstyles - bangs, smoothly and organically flowing into a clear geometry of a rounded contour. Performance of a hairstyle demands high qualification of the master.

Cesson and oval face - a combination of perfect proportions and clear lines. The only nuance on the wavy curls lost the author's intention. A striking example of the standard hairstyles - Mireille Mathieu.

Haircuts for fine hair and oval face

When choosing a hairstyle for curls with this structure, stylists recommend relying on the following factors:

  • maximum shoulder length
  • lightweight graduation models
  • fancy bangs,
  • styling - artistic mess, curls, retro waves, wet effect, Slicked back hair - combed back hair - the hit of the current season.

Haircuts for oval face and high forehead

A sign of aristocracy and non-standard mental abilities are easy to hide if you correctly shift the emphasis:

  • Shift your attention to the level of your cheekbones, making them curls or framing an oval face with strands,
  • shatush or amber staining, which will shift the accent to the chin area,
  • with the help of the design of the frontal part - thick to the eyebrows, elongated (straight arched, oblique), curtain, slightly regrown, short bang in a semicircle.

Hairstyles for oval face shape for medium hair

This length is universal. The advantage for the female is maximum wearing comfort, a variety of models and styling.

What hairstyles suit the oval face described above. Recall the latest haircuts for medium curls:

Pay attention to the trend haircut “Shag”, which will be appreciated by the most desperate women of fashion. The principle of implementation in a non-standard technique - hair is cut in separate blocks in a chaotic manner. The front strands are above the chin line, the tips are cut off on the harnesses.

Add charm using trendy elements:

  • ultra short bangs
  • careless spinning or beach waves,
  • tail, pile, smooth bun,
  • the back of the head is a la grunge
  • asymmetry,
  • shaved whiskey.

Fashionable haircuts for oval face with bangs

Most modern hairstyles involves the design of the frontal zone strands of different lengths, thickness or shape.
As a rule, masters advise clients with an even oval:

  • straight bangs on the eyebrow, which will highlight the eyes and expressive features of the face, looks spectacular on the square or bob haircut,
  • short hairstyles with broken patterns and long bangs - pixie or asymmetry,
  • shortened bangs of any treatment (torn, slanting, curly, geometry), but they require perfect eyebrow shape and no skin problems in the frontal area.

Long haircuts for an oval face

Many people mistakenly think that the choice of models is limited. However, thanks to the inexhaustible creative ideas of the masters, the technology of haircuts is constantly being improved.

Hairstyles for an oval face and long hair are varied:

  • textured,
  • asymmetry at the curls or ends,
  • smooth hair in combination with a short "cap", performed in a multi-level way,
  • short strands on one side and long on the other,
  • sharp clear transitions from bangs to the bulk,
  • cuts that distinguish each successive strand,
  • shaved temples or neck.

The main thing is to have the skills to comb long hair in beautiful styling, effectively emphasizing the ideal proportions.

Haircuts for oval and elongated faces

For this form, fit almost any hairstyle. These are different variants of haircuts mentioned above. As well as trash, whim, sheggy, Italian and many others.

The disproportion can be balanced with a bang of almost any modification - long, straight, thick, arched, shortened, oblique.

Stylists recommend avoiding elements that visually lengthen the oval:

  • open face combined with high styling
  • smooth straight curls without bangs,
  • hairstyles without bangs with curls, combed back or gathered in a ponytail (bun) with an oval face,
  • parted in the center
  • short hairstyles without volume.

Shaving shoulders on an oval face without a bang

This is an absolute hit of the new season, a bright example - Slicked back hair. If you are lucky with the universal shape of the contour, freely choose any modifications of models without a bang:

  • quads with elongated front strands,
  • cascade varieties - Aurora, Rhapsody, Italian, etc.,
  • variations of a bean that do not require bangs, for example, asymmetry,
  • long curls.

Haircuts for women with an oval face after 30

It is believed that it is at this age that the natural beauty of the fairer sex flourishes in full. At this stage, the ladies are already well aware of their shortcomings and strengths of appearance, which should be hidden or emphasized.

The recommendations of the stylists concern only two points:

  • basic haircuts, which is better to choose - variations of the square and bean,
  • Use this age threshold as a start to experiment with bangs to find your new look.

Haircuts after 45 years with an oval face

This age is often called "borderline." Any variations of trendy hairstyles are available.

Styling tips when choosing a haircut:

  • the model should hide the first signs of aging,
  • consider the condition of the hair, at this stage there are often problems with hair loss,
  • Do not be afraid of a cardinal change of image
  • try to gradually move away from the long curls,
  • styling should be more elegant or trendy.

Haircuts after 50 years with an oval face

At this stage, professionals advise you to say goodbye to the mermaid image, that is, with long straight curls. Variations of a caret, a bean, a short cascade, a pixie, a cap, etc. are appropriate. The best option is to cut it “like a boy”.

Features and benefits

The life of a woman, unsuccessfully picked up a haircut, is changing for the worse. The reason for the unsuitable haircut or hairstyle is not always caused by the unprofessional approach of the specialist. Haircut, like makeup, must fully comply with the physiology of women. Before you choose a particular hairstyle, you must determine what type of person you have, so that there will be no disappointment in the future.

The oval face shape (face type oval) is listed as a universal face. Almost any hairstyle is suitable for this form without any restrictions, but this statement is true for those who have a perfect oval face. There are small errors (big forehead, long nose) that need to be corrected.

An oval face is somewhat similar to an inverted egg: narrowing and lengthening occur at the bottom. The features of the face are neither large nor small, but mostly medium. A huge number of styling and hairstyles are suitable for this form, perfectly emphasizing the attractive features of the face.

In women with other head shapes, when choosing a particular hairstyle, hairdressers try to maximize their facial features to the oval.

Hair length

When choosing the length of women's haircuts should pay attention to the neck. If it suits you, you can choose any length of hair. Otherwise, experts advise to avoid short haircuts and haircuts above the level of the chin, because such hairstyles not only open, but also emphasize the lower region of the face and neck.

If the owner of the oval face does not want to spend time and effort on styling, you can pick up a haircut with short hair. This hair length allows you to save money. Haircuts for short hair that do not require styling, are presented in a large assortment.

Such haircuts are not suitable for a rounded face, because they visually weight it. Short hair is considered ideal for women with an oval face type. Male haircuts are also in demand, they can make the whole image youthful.

If you want to look more peculiar, you can pay attention to the haircut "pixie". Her secret is in a slightly inaccurate way. A haircut does not require perfect care, because it will look better in a messy look. This variation allows you to divert attention from the wrong features.

"Cessun" - an attractive and unusual haircut, which looks like a hat. This hairstyle does not require everyday styling and care, which is important in the modern world.

When choosing a short haircut, it is necessary to take into account that this hairstyle is suitable for women who are endowed by nature with an ideal body shape. After all, a similar amount of hair focuses its attention on the parameters of the body.

Thin and tall girls from such a haircut is better to refuse - hairstyle visually increase growth.

Not everyone can take a chance and create short curls. There is a large range of medium length. The most versatile and sought after haircut is "cascade". The advantages of the hairstyle are completely dependent on the specialist: it is possible to create volume at the roots or along the entire length of the hairstyle

You can also experiment with bangs, which favorably emphasize the beautiful shape of the eyes and eyebrows.

"Cascade" on the average size of the strands does not require styling, but if you wish, you can create beautiful curls or straighten hair. You can add eccentricity by creating oblique bangs, which are brushed sideways or back.

An excellent option would be a haircut "ladder". It is often confused with the "cascade", although these haircuts have a lot of differences. The "ladder" is not necessary to lay, but you need to monitor the position of the strands so that they do not spoil the whole image.

Looks seductively haircut "bob". This haircut can be either with or without elongation. The first version is ideal for an oval face, because it gives the whole image its correctness.

"Care" is great for an evening out, because for this it is enough just to comb your hair well. But such a haircut requires constant monitoring of the length of the strands, when they grow, you should immediately seek the help of specialists.

Haircuts with long hair are in great demand. After all, long curls can be worn in any haircuts and hairstyles. The only advice is: if you like flowing hair (on the shoulders or below) with curls on the face, then it is worth making bangsbecause without it the face will appear more elongated and narrower than it actually is. Look great with long hair bangs of various sizes and shapes.

But when choosing the option bangs should take into account the structure of the hair, as well as their ability to the appearance of curls. The more they curl, the greater the length for bangs is to choose.

Too elongated strands are able to visually shorten the growth of the girl, so for owners of short stature it is better to choose a haircut for medium hair.

Consider the thickness

The oval shape of the face is considered correct, because it allows you to use and create any kinds of hairstyles. But need to pay attention to the important points:

  • If your hair is thick and thick, it is better to opt for long haircuts. But owners of thick hair with a choice of hairstyle problems should not be. You can wear any type of haircut.

  • Owners of thin hair is better to give their preference to haircuts with an average length of hair. Also a great solution would be to use a haircut with short hair. In this case, you need to create a lush volume on the back of your head, with the result that the entire form will look more voluminous.

  • Girls with straight strands always dream of curly hair. But those who by nature inherited such a hair structure say that it is difficult to care for them. It will be even more difficult to decide on a hairstyle. To give such curls the correct shape, you must use specialized care products. If the curls are small, then you need to cut asymmetrically. And for larger curls suitable haircut ladder.

We look at age

With age, many women are beginning to think more about what hairstyle to choose, so that it effectively emphasizes all the outlines of the face. Masters say that the choice of hairstyle is determined not only by the shape of the face, but also according to age.

Indeed, in 20 years, almost all haircuts can be used. Short curls can both visually add a few years, and vice versa - significantly rejuvenate a woman. It is better for young girls to choose refined and natural variations of hairstyles that are perfect for everyday life.

In 20-30 years, hair begins to grow faster, and they also become stronger. Experts advise to select haircuts with curls of medium length. If you like to wear long curls, then the horse's tail is considered an ideal and fashionable variation, which will give the whole image elegance and youth.

Women who are over 35 should choose anti-aging haircuts. These haircuts include:

  • "bob" with curled locks,
  • short juvenile haircuts,
  • elongated "bob" with bulky curls at the roots,
  • long oblique bangs with medium-sized hair.

The fair sex after 40 will suit haircuts: "cascade", "pixie", "bob", fluffy haircuts with a cap, "square" with lengthening. A huge number of women aged 40-45 years refuse hairstyles with long curls. This option often does not look very attractive, and also care for elongated hair takes a lot of time and effort.

Basically, 50-year-old women opt for a shortened hair length ("square" with bangs) or a haircut "under the boy." Such hairstyles are able to give youth face, and they do not require a large amount of effort when leaving.

As we said above, almost all types of bangs go on an oval face model: slanting, straight, long, short, thick and thinned.

  • Scythe the bangs can be cut arc-shaped, and the straight line can be made very short, like in many stars.
  • Elongated or medium size bangs can be pinned with decorative hairpins, tidied up under the headbands, woven into the hair, or released, creating a beautiful and original bouffant.
  • Long the bang is cut below eyebrows, such a model is not suitable for girls with deep-set eyes.
  • Mostly elongated bangs are thick, it is ideally combined with long strands and different haircuts ("bob", "square", "sesson").
  • Straight the bang emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes, and also emphasizes the correct forms of the oval-type face. It greatly rejuvenates its owners.

If you have curly curls from nature, then you should avoid bangs or profile them so that styling is quick and practical. For girls who have thin strands, experts recommend to let go of the bang from the very top. In this way, you can create a lush volume along the entire length of the hair.

If you decide on asymmetrical or stepped bangs, you should get ready for the fact that it requires everyday care and styling.

When choosing a haircut with a bang, one must take into account not only the face model, but also its individual sections and features.

Parting hair is a productive method by which you can correct a non-ideal face shape. The main thing is to change it at your discretion without the help of a specialist. For women with an oval face shape, parting is ideal, focusing on the correct shape of the face. For a magnificent hairdress the side parting perfectly is suitable. Consider several options for parting:

  • Parting in the center. This parting model is able to lengthen the face and make it thinner (if the shape is rounded). With the oblong shape of the head, the direct parting looks simply amazing, because it adds visual roundness to the face, as a result of which a pronounced sharpness of the cheekbones and chin is formed. This type of parting is better to wear with long strands, which can be curled into large curls or create additional volume with their help. At the slightest shift of parting to the side there is an opportunity to hide the flaws of the face. With this technique, attention will be directed to the hairstyle itself.

  • Diagonal parting. If you are the owner of thin strands, then this type of parting is for you. Thanks to this parting, you can create hairstyles with the volume of the roots. It is possible to perform the volume on the one hand and at the same time maintain the excellent placement of hair on the other, thereby not making any of the faces heavier.

  • Side parting. This type allows you to create a soft image, because it looks more subtle and feminine. With this technique, you can hide most of the shortcomings: wide, protruding cheekbones, high forehead. The side parting on a rounded face visually lengthens it and creates harmony.

  • Stripe back. Some women do not like parting, and choose the option of hairstyles with combed back hair. It is suitable for both oval face type and for oblong shape. If you - the owner of thick hair, then you should not do parting. It is enough to comb the strands back and run afro. Let the loose strands are arranged chaotically.

How to hide flaws?

Choosing the right haircut, you can easily correct some flaws and features of facial features.

  • If you - the owner of a low forehead, choose a hairstyle and a haircut with a bang, the size of which should be slightly below the eyebrow arch. Bangs visually make the face harmonious.
  • For those who have a high foreheadIt is advisable to pick a haircut with a short bang.

Hairstyles for an oval face on medium hair

A good option for medium hair will be “square”. This hairstyle is always in trend and has many variations. For thick hair is best to choose a graduated car. It is great for young ladies with a big nose, distracting from the natural lack of thickness and richness of hair.

“Kare” can be different - long and short, disheveled and smooth. With a similar hairstyle, you can look like a vamp or an elegant aristocrat. Choose ...

Women's fantasy knows no bounds. For girls who love brightness and shocking, suitable "bob-caret" with colored strands.

And some ladies after 40 should say goodbye to long hair. The second photo is much better. Is not it?

This is one of the haircuts, which does not require frequent correction. In the photo below, an overgrown “bean” four months after the wizard’s work.

Looks great “bob-kare” with curly hair. Haircuts for medium hair for an oval face hide excessive cheekbones with additional volume of curls.

Another option for this hairstyle.

If you prefer haircuts without styling, then follow the example of our stars. Most negligence and naturalness do not prevent Emily Blunt from remaining an attractive and sexy actress.

With a light curl strands you will achieve such a stunning effect.

Fashionable oval face haircuts with bangs

Any hairstyle for an oval face can be worn with bangs. Most of all, this option is chosen by girls with high forehead or problem skin. In the photo below “bob” with bangs.

And this is a “square” with bangs. How perfectly done the work of the master.

And this is a bold, but at the same time, strict “bob” with bangs, which flaunts the lace edges of the haircut with a blur effect.

Interesting variations of colors, length, structure and glamor, a mix of femininity and unbridled boyhood are presented in the photo below. Following such a nice young lady will definitely want to turn around.

But such a retro lady will take us to the distant 60s.

Look good and long hair with bangs.

If desired, they can be secured from the back into a tight knot or “shell”.

What are the advantages of oval features?

In the world, the vast majority of people have exactly the oval shape. Worldwide stylists can confirm this, the pages of fashion magazines testify to this. In them, almost all models with this form of appearance. Love to work with such women and hairdressers. After all, for them it is the most interesting and convenient option.

Stylists note the positive qualities in the fact that women with proportionally correct appearance are suitable for any version of modern hairstyle, regardless of the length of hair. In addition, they do not need to limit themselves or specifically select outfits and jewelry for them.

How to determine the shape of the face

Ideal forms of oval appearance in nature, probably not. It may be slightly elongated or slightly rounded. But there are certain criteria, the so-called rules by which a person belongs to the classic oval shape. The ratio of width to length should be about 1.6 and so on. The contours of the face should not appear, but match the shape of the neck.

Anyone can independently determine the different types of appearance. For this you need to measure the size of a regular tailor's tape. With a face width on the eye line 13 cm, the length should be no more than 22 cm. For example: 13 × 1.6 = 20. The permissible error is 2 cm. So, if the distance between the eyes, as in our case, is 13 cm, then the dimensions for oval shapes can be 18-22 cm.

If we consider this type of appearance more specifically, then it is figuratively divided into three zones. From their size and displays the average indicators that determine the shape of the face:

  • the first is the distance from the hair to the eyebrow line,
  • the second is from the same brow line to the nose,
  • the third is from the lower part of the nose to the chin line.

The proportions of oval in cm:

  • frontal width - 12,
  • cheekbones width - 12,
  • on the chin - 5,
  • height - 18.

In the world of cosmetology and stylistics, the following forms are distinguished:

  • diamond shaped
  • pear shaped,
  • square,
  • rectangular,
  • elongated,
  • round,
  • triangular,
  • pear shaped,
  • heart-shaped.

You can define your form of appearance and visual method, or use the standard method.

When choosing a hairstyle with oval shapes, focus on other features of your features. For example, if your cheekbones like you and everyone else, select them by selecting a style where the cheekbones will be bare.

How to accentuate the advantages of your face with the help of hair

With the help of a hairstyle, you can correct the features of the exterior, covering something, if necessary, by accenting those areas that you consider ideal:

  • If you lift the hair from the back of the head, fasten them with a barrette, thus creating a voluminous hairy pile. And twist the ends of the hair on curlers or curling, then the eyes and forehead will act as accent zones here.
  • If the hair is stabbed in the form of an asymmetrical horse tail, the lips and eyes will become more expressive.
  • To rejuvenate the face, with medium-length hair, will be able to cut like a Cesson with a rounded classic bang.
  • Thin lips will look more plump, if they just make up with bright lipstick.

Choosing a hairstyle model by hair length

When creating a hairstyle, the stylist always pays attention not only to the shape of the face, but also to consider:

  • Hair type For thin, a little more volume is required than for normal ones. It means filigree should be used in haircut.
  • Density. Straight, long, but not too thick. Visually pull the face. Wearing such a hairstyle is recommended for women who have been presented by nature with good density. For soft and thin it is better to choose short haircuts.
  • Rigidity. With unruly hair, choose long haircuts.
  • The power of growth. If the hair grows slowly, it is better to refuse fluffy hairstyles so that the shape of the figure looks more proportionate.
  • Bangs Oblique fringe visually balances the proportions, hides the high forehead. If the hair structure is curly, it will need to be laid every morning. Smooth bangs better lay on one side, oval, it visually rounds.
  • Nose. If it is long, then smooth models will not fit its owner. Hair should be voluminous, fluffy. If the nose is turned up a bit, hairstyles combed upwards will look good. With a too small nose, bangs do not need to do.
  • Eyes. If they are close set, smooth hair such a flaw with strands on the temple. With wide-set eyes, the hair should be slightly raised, lowering their tips on the frontal part.
  • Neck. If it is short, it can be lengthened with a triangular trim.
  • Ears. Too large can be hidden under the hairstyle with disheveled locks.
  • Forehead. High will hide bangs.

Bangs cover mimic wrinkles on the forehead. With its help make the eyes more expressive. But if the code is of a fat type, the bang will be constantly salinated, and that means it will have to be washed very often.

Fashionable hairstyles for women with oval shapes

Despite the fact that this type of face is suitable for almost any haircut, choosing a model, you still need to consult a hairdresser or a stylist.

Haircut cascade was popular before. It remains fashionable this season. It is worn by women of medium length. Ladies with long hair love and often haircut under the cascade. Cascade easy to put on with a hair dryer or a regular comb. Despite the popularity and fashion, the cascade is not recommended for curly hair. This type of hair is considered a true standard of natural beauty and femininity.

On women with oval face shapes looks elegant, fashionable and stylish. The uniqueness of the ladder is that with its help you can drastically change the imagewithout losing your favorite hair length. The cascade style of haircut was born in the distant 70s, but this season has not lost demand. The ladder does not look too vintage, on the contrary, it could fit into a large number of modern hairstyles. Where she has directly or indirectly retained her classic look. It gives a woman who wears it, light romance.

Kare was the most fashionable haircut ever. It is believed that the first woman who made her herself was Cleopatra herself. Luxurious strands of the queen of ancient Egypt fell on his shoulders like a waterfall. Long bangs gave her look a special expressiveness and mystery. Following Cleopatra’s example, many women choose a square to get attention and affection for men.

This model of hairstyle in the hairdressing industry is considered a legend of beauty. It was first created by the hairdresser Vidal Sassoonom back in the 60th, and therefore bears his name. At that time, he was the first to break the myth that a woman's haircut is a haircut, without fail, and styling. The championship this season is exactly haircut sesson, retaining its original appearance. This sessionon can only do an experienced hairdresser.

Translated from English means "elf" or "fairy." In fact, girls who wear a pixie haircut are a bit like fairy tale characters. Perfect for fashionable women with oval face shapes and elongated neck. And the boyish enthusiasm makes them younger. Pixie - perfect for women who like to change the image, from female (smooth) to rocker (disheveled).

About this model haircuts known for a long time, to be more precise, more than 100 years. This season she is again in trend. Very good haircut for fashionable women with short and unruly hair. With a haircut, a garcon can be experimented with reincarnations from a glamorous lady to a cheeky beauty. It is not necessary to graduate a garcon for short strands, the peculiarity of this model is that here the back of the head and the bangs are milled. The fervor of the strands, the lack of clarity give his mistress a fresh and stylish look.

Bob cut short

Fashionable women who want 2 in 1 - to remain always fashionable and not spend too much time on styling in the morning, this particular hairstyle will suit you. Haircut is suitable for girls with delicate features of the neck and face. The lion's share of the popularity of a short bob car is given to Victoria Beckham, who for a long time, and now, too, gives preference to him. Beautifully framing the shape of the face, the haircut also makes more voluminous hair. For all who wear it looks fashionable, stylish and sexy.

Layered on thin hair

For girls with a fine hair structure, a multi-level haircut is an excellent choice. Thin strands always lack the volume, and a multi-level haircut gives extra volume to the hair. Technique multi-level haircuts there are many. Choosing one of them, you need to keep in mind that you do not need thinning on thin hair. Asymmetrical options look fashionable.

Multi-level haircut for thin hair

Haircuts for an oval face with a bang

Bang women prefer to wear not only as a graphic element. With her help, they are trying to change the image, tear off the inexpressive features of the face. Bangs always makes the eyes dominant, hiding those areas that a woman wants to hide. For representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, with the correct forms of appearance, it is very rare to hide something on it. For them, bangs are, most often, as an element that helps to create an image, to change the style of hair.

The classic straight is suitable for those who like to wear straight long hair or cut hair under a square.

With a parting hostess, or rather her face, gives asymmetryby visually lengthening it.

Ragged, similar to the previous one, only the edges are uneven and thinned, it significantly softens the transition from the frontal part to the rest of the hair.

Geometric - oval, arched, wavy, milled, smooth and round, suitable for any haircut with the exception of pixies.

Haircuts with different bangs

Oblique falling can be of different shapes, smooth, wavy, straight, layered.

Long with a transition (smooth or sharp) can have a variety of forms. Can be made out cascade, ladder or thinka at the ends.

Shortened is combined only with a short haircut, opens the face, gives femininity, lightness and playfulness.

Asymmetrical maybe different lengths. Radically able to change the image, adjust certain areas of the face. It looks good elongated asymmetric fringe with a short haircut.

What haircuts to choose with very thin strands?

Stylists claim that every third woman has thin hair. They require additional care, are easily damaged, often confused, broken, polluted. Therefore, it is advised to approach the choice of hairstyles scrupulously:

  • A good and correct option is shoulder-length strands or a bit shorter, like a cascade with a long bang, falling sideways, a bob-bob or a simple bob with elongated front strands.
  • To increase the volume, which is constantly lacking, it is recommended to make multi-level haircuts with graduation. Underline the texture by styling using foam or mousse.
  • Hide the shortage of volume can be torn asymmetric bangs.

Haircuts for fine hair

Hairstyles with styling for tight thick hair

The volume in the hair - it is good, so it looks more attractive. But too much creates the opposite effect, which is not very well reflected in the image. Therefore, it is not necessary to do too complicated styling with a thick cob, if it is still in addition and disobedient. Complicating the thick head of hair in the morning, when the time is always on the edge, is complicated. Stylists advise girls who have such problems to choose a sleek classic:

Styling for thick hair

How to choose and style hair, taking into account the type of hair?

With the same haircut, you can change the image daily. No matter what type of hair you wear. Pay attention to this section and understand that this is true.

  • Thin type strands. Choose short models such as cascade, Gavroche or quads (preferably on the leg). First, they will add volume, and secondly, they can be tweaked on curlers to create the same volume. And if there is no time for this procedure, you can make a perm with large curls.
  • Thick hair. If the curls are obedient, they will not require any manipulations from them. For this type of strands, you can choose any model hairstyles and any methods of its styling.
  • Romantic women of fashion stylists are advised to choose the model of Pixie. This is the only option in women's hairstyles, which combines boyish boldness with a naive girl's dreaminess. Lovers of retro style should take a closer look at the hair sesson.

Styling for a short haircut

What may be required of cosmetics for styling?

After each visit to a beauty salon, you are most likely surprised at how skillfully the hairdresser copes with settling the strands. They keep their shape well over several days, shine, look healthy and well-groomed. It is easy to do all these manipulations yourself, if you know what to use and in what cases.

Be very careful about the choice of cosmetics for hair styling. They should match your type of strand. For thin ones, the means of strong fixation will not work, they will glue the hairs together, creating the effect of a rare head of hair. It is better to buy funds of medium or weak fixation. They will keep the shape of the day, with no damage to the structure of the hairs will not be applied.

Styling Tools & Accessories

Foams, mousses

Foams have a thick texture, before using the bottle must be shaken. Use before winding on curlers or blow-dry. Stickiness pryadok after drying will disappear, the hairstyle will stay all day. Foam funds are intended to add volume to it during the formation of the hairstyle. Maintain these forms throughout the workday and evening.

Available in varying degrees of fixation. Strong can overdry hairs, if you have a dry type, then this fact should be taken into account when choosing. Mousses perform the same role, but do not give the strands of shine, each hair folded into the hair remains mobile.

Styling Foam

Lotions, sprays

Oil lotions - light texture, enveloping a weightless haze every hair. Not only help lay strands, they also protect their exposure to the external environment. Using sprays with lotions in the styling, you add shine to the strands, returning them a healthy look and well-groomed.

Spray applied to wet or clean dry curls. It is very useful to use them if you wear thin hair. These tools do not overload the already weak strand structure. These tools will not give the proper effect in laying tough curls.Here you need to pick up care cosmetics with a stronger fixation.

Hair spray

Endowed with very strong action. Can replace varnishes. Well hold a form, add volume. It is recommended to use them on short haircuts. Gel, if desired, you can create the effect of wet strands. It is not advisable to use gels for girls with a fine structure of hairs. From this strands can look heavy, fat.

Styling gel

Remind, albeit remotely, the action of gels. Have rather dense structure. Excessive use of wax weights curls, glues hairs in them. Apply it only to dry hair. For one long strand only one pea means. It helps to smooth too thick strands and as a selection of individual strands from the common head, in short hairstyles.

They belong to the leading in the line of tools for styling. Modern lacquer has become more versatile. It is used for styling individual sections of hair or to give the total volume of the pile. Usually has a strong degree of fixation. In order to avoid a wet effect when using it, apply the product at a distance of about 20 cm (arm's length).

Secrets of successful hairstyle modeling

To keep your styling a little longer try using these tips.

For a short-length hair shock, easier care and control, and if you put these tips into practice, you will always look unique and attractive:

  • Additional volume. He gives every hair the effect of solemnity, and his mistress - confidence. To add volume, use gel, paste or wax. Apply in moderation. Brute force, can cause the opposite effect - fat obese fat curls.
  • Experiments with bangs. In short hairstyles, bangs dominate. Being an accent element, she sets the hairstyle style. With it, you can create a playful image, sexy, flirty or business. It can be pulled, laid on one side. Screw, highlighting in advance, a few strands of the total of the stacks, carelessly scatter.
  • Smoothing irregularities. This manipulation is easier to do using gel or wax. Apply a small amount of the selected product to your hands, spread it over the hair in the area where you need to correct the errors, correct it using a comb.

Styling short haircut

Average length

Such hairstyles are also considered to be universal. They are worn by many, they will always look attractive, stylish, fashionable.

  • Volume You can add volume for a hairstyle with an average length with a styler, diffuser, simple hair curlers or a hair dryer.
  • Before you put the strands wash your head, dry it. Apply a little styling on the strands and go to work with a diffuser. This technique will create the effect of disheveled, and he is in trend fashion this season.
  • Caret and Bob at medium length can be laid ironing. On washed and dried strands applied a means of facilitating styling, hot ironing, curly strand, straighten straight.

Medium length haircuts

Long hair styling

To grow a long head of hair, model and make a stylish hairstyle is, of course, work, time and care. But this is not enough, you need to be able to properly care for them, so that the styling keeps its shape for a long time, has a respectable, attractive look, and does not look disheveled or scruffy.

Remember these few golden rules and use them always:

  • While twisting the curls on the curling iron, remember: the smaller its diameter, the longer, as they say, your curls will “live”.
  • After a perm, it is highly undesirable to use a brush when combing. Enough will be your fingers or combs with thinned teeth.
  • Do not abuse hair styling products. Apply a minimum amount.Excessive use will cause obscene and hard curls.
  • Try to use thermoprotectants more often. They minimize the impact on the hair of weather and external factors.
  • Before the procedure, do not blow-dry hair dryer. Let it dry naturally. This will reduce strand injury.
  • To give long locks of smoothness, use the iron. But, pre-protect hair smoothing agent.

If you like to wear a long hairstyle, do not forget to check the tips on them from time to time - the split ends should be cut immediately. It is not only good for the health of curls, but also good for styling. After all, it should end with a spectacular design of the tips, and they, in turn, should be neat.

Long strand laying

General recommendations hairdressers stylists

If you have proportionally-correct face shapes, you should emphasize them. Do not be afraid to experiment with styling methods:

  • If you want to improve caret, try to make pin-up curls, this is a good solution for those who like to attend parties.
  • If you straighten the curls with an iron, try to focus on the cheekbones, especially if they are bright. This will give the image of charm, attractiveness and sexuality.
  • If you are doing layered haircuts, forget about styling altogether.
  • Very effectively and picturesque look will be careless in laying on asymmetrical haircuts.
  • A tall, straight and sleek horsetail will accentuate facial features, but will suit only those with the correct proportions of the face.
  • For an oval face type, the proportional length of the hair is the line of the shoulders or slightly lower.


Having considered all the subtleties and nuances of haircuts for proportionally-correct facial features, we will focus on the key ones:

  • Choose the haircut that matches your hair structure. Do not forget about convenience, you should feel comfortable in it. No need to pay tribute to fashion, your hair should be comfortable for you.
  • Choose the model that will maximize your positive facial features and hide the flaws.
  • To give perfection, freshness to the image, experiment more often with the types of styling.

Pick a hairstyle

How to choose a hairstyle? Hairstyles for an oval face.

In the article, we picked up all the tips about what kind of haircuts and styling fit the oval shape of the face. You can use them to choose a hairstyle for yourself. If you do not agree with the rating of the article, put your own ratings and leave comments.

Short haircuts - what to choose for an oval face?

Many girls prefer to choose short and even ultrashort haircuts for an oval face, such hairstyles really go to them, even a small length can look elegant or, on the contrary, defiantly and boldly - depending on which image to choose.

  • The pixie hairstyle is popular, it will emphasize facial features, giving a mischievous look. Disheveled strands of hair look funny and cute.
  • Another haircut for short hair is called garcon. This version of the hairstyle looks extremely elegant, drawing the attention of others to the neck and shoulders line, and also emphasizes the perfect shape of the face.
  • A short bob is almost a classic; those ladies who prefer the appropriate can choose it - a classic style in everything, however, it will suit even modern-minded girls. In this case, the oval shape of the face can be additionally underlined with the help of bangs.

It is important to take into account that it is better to choose short haircuts for girls whose figure does not have flaws, since such length of hair also draws attention to the contours of the body. It is advisable to refrain from being too thin and tall from short length - the hairstyle will visually stretch the growth even more.

Popular average length

The well-known fact that most girls prefer medium-length hair is not too short, but not so long as to cause inconvenience. Medium length hairstyles for an oval face are quite varied.

  • The classic four of a kind is a hairstyle that hasn't been out of fashion for a long time, becoming overgrown with new variations of performance. It is not necessary to adhere to strict classics, you can make an elongated or shorter version, choose a graduated hairstyle that will increase the volume of the hair or stay on the version with asymmetric bangs.
  • Bob is another classic option that can be transferred to medium hair. Different versions are also possible - with or without a bang.
  • Fashionable hairstyle Cesson will look great on the average length of hair, it perfectly emphasizes the contour of the face and is perfect for the oval type.
  • In addition to direct styling, you can curl your hair by choosing frequent fine curls that will make your hair fluffy and voluminous or by stopping your preference on large flowing curls that can be used as a solemn hairstyle.

Graceful long hair

If you ask what haircuts are suitable for an oval face, you can not ignore the hair with long hair. Someone would call such a length impractical and uncomfortable, but everyone agrees that flowing long hair looks very impressive.

  • Fashionable haircut is a cascade, a similar hairstyle looks quite unusual, in addition, it allows you to give thin hair volume due to a combination of strands of different lengths.
  • The ladder is another version of the haircut, where the length of the strands varies, with its help you can adjust some features of the face, if they do not suit you.
  • Long haircuts with bangs will also suit the owners of an oval face, and you can use any type of bangs - symmetrical, slanting, non-standard model bangs.

It is worth noting that too long hair can visually shorten the growth of low girls, so short it is better to shorten the length of the hair.

What haircut to choose for a festive event?

Holiday haircuts for an oval face look can be absolutely any, depending on personal preferences. However, there are several nuances that can be useful when choosing hairstyles.

During the event are there any active activities, such as dancing? So, the hairstyle should not be too complicated so that it does not fall apart from the awkward movement.

But if active gestures are not foreseen, you can give free rein to your imagination by choosing a complex hairstyle with weaves, braids and ornaments in your hair. Of course, it is difficult to make it, it will take a lot of time, but how beautiful it looks!

Since the solemn style suggests elegance and elegance in the image, hairstyles should be appropriate - smooth lines, flowing curls, smooth strands are welcome, but the effect of disheveled hair should be left for an informal party.

Tips for owners of an oval face

Since the oval is considered an ideal form, there are no special recommendations for choosing a hairstyle, you can simply be guided by your own tastes in this regard. However, there are some tips that will be useful to consider.

A face may have a classic oval shape, but not everyone is lucky with facial features, so if you have a long nose or chin that tends to be square, then these flaws should be disguised, more cautiously approaching the choice of hairstyle.

If the ears are too sticking out, it is better to abandon the short haircuts, choosing those that cover the problem part. It is worth noting that perfectly straight long hair visually pulls the facial contour, so if your oval is closer to the round, then a hairstyle of this type will suit you perfectly.But curls and curls, especially lush, on the contrary, round the shape of the face and are recommended for those who have it too elongated in length.

Dreadlocks - this is a hairstyle that is absolutely not suitable for an oval face. Initially, it was invented and styled by the inhabitants of the African continent, who, for the most part, have a round face, therefore, for oval dreadlocks is an inappropriate choice.

Choosing your favorite haircut, pay attention to the correct makeup. It is worth experimenting in front of a mirror to understand which features are better to emphasize and how to apply cosmetics so that it does not distort the contours of the face.

Selection of a haircut even for an ideal oval shape can be quite difficult, because, in addition to the contour of the face, it is necessary to take into account individual features. However, a haircut that is harmoniously combined with a general image can make an incredible impression, attracting the attention of others.

Bang for oval face

Bangs are not only used as a graphic element of a haircut, they are also intended to change your face shape visually. The bangs frame the eyes and help to place accents on the facial features you want to highlight. Owners of the same oval-shaped face do not need to use bangs to compensate for some features or camouflage. In this case, bangs are more likely for a change, it helps to create a certain style.

The oval shape of the face looks nice with both clearly defined straight bangs, and with a lateral arrow-shaped, with both exactly trimmed and torn bangs.

Looks good and bangs-kulisk - divided into two parts in the place of parting. Also, asymmetrical bangs in layers will complement the short haircut well.

If you want to visually reduce the length of your face, use a smooth, flat bang to the eyebrows or slightly lower.

You can also experiment and try the following acutely current bangs:

Expressive thick graphic bangs, starting from the top of the head, will suit you if you need to give the impression of a bold, free young lady. The lady is more mature and not devoid of coquetry can try the volume, interesting haircut Bob with curls.

Bangs that are not suitable for oval face shape:

  • »Long, round and heavy bangs: a balanced oval face does not win, being covered with too heavy bangs, which hides beautiful contours. It is necessary to remove a few extra millimeters and make the bangs a little more flat, the eyes will become more visible, and the appearance as a whole will be more modern.
  • "Thin bangs with graduated tips: hair falls from the top of the head, alternately covering different parts of the forehead, tapering in some places, which looks sloppy and old-fashioned. It is better to lay the bang so that it falls straight, looks monolithic and graphic.
  • »Also, thin curly bangs look not very attractive on an oval face. Therefore, the owners of curly hair is better to choose an asymmetrical side bangs or spend time styling.
  • »Too high bouffant can create the illusion of an elongated face. Owners of an oval face can comb the bangs up, but do not get carried away and do your bouffant too high.

What haircut is suitable for an oval face

There are many different oval-shaped haircuts that will work wonders with your appearance.

If you have long, thick, curly hair, ask your hairdresser to thin the curls, make them freer and easier visually.

Hair is not so long? A short, messy haircut is perfect - add shine to hair with serum. Want to get rid of your curls? Change them to short, messy layers.

Thick hair? If you want to keep the length, contact your hairdresser to create soft layers throughout. This is the best way to add volume and sex appeal.

If you want super short hair, you are lucky in this case too.Your face shape is perfect for bold, sharp, short haircuts. A bob is longer on the sides and a short back will look great.

The length of the hair plays a very important role when choosing a haircut.

Haircuts for medium hair for an oval face

Medium length haircuts are the most versatile - they are short enough to make them easy to lay. And at the same time hair is enough to try hairstyles that require a small length. Hair with smooth hair will look especially beautiful if you use the tool to shine hair. Light strands will add lightness and refresh the image. Since the hairline of the owners of the oval face is most often round and harmonious, you can safely comb the hair back. If to add such image with the corresponding make-up, you will make impression of the fatal woman. If you want to be bold and try the style of grunge, create the effect of disheveled hair. To do this, after drying your hair, apply a little mousse, comb and slightly beat the hair with your fingers.

Ballerina Bundle

This is an interesting topical version of Hairstyle, which does not require much time, will emphasize all the advantages of an oval face and will give femininity. Suitable for both curly and straight hair.

Gather the hair in a high ponytail.

Spray a small amount of hairspray on each tail of the tail and add (rhythmically comb from the tips to the roots of the hair).

When all hair is combed, give it a shape of a bun.

Secure the bundle with the hairpins and the hairstyle is ready.

Quick turn

If you are tall and you don’t want to stretch your silhouette even more, try to collect the hair at the back of the head. In this hairstyle, medium-length hair looks neat and opens shoulders.

Divide all hair into two parts.

Gather the hair on the left side and twist it inward from the ear to the nape.

Secure the hair on the back of the head.

Do the same with the hair on the right.

Hide the ends of the hair and pin them with pins.

Secure hair with hairspray.

To vary the hairstyle, you can add a small accessory over the twisted curls.

Creating this hairstyle, we remove the hair from the face and open the shoulders. To give the hairstyle softness, part of the hair loosely combed back. In the best way this hairstyle will look on owners of an oval-shaped face with hair of medium thickness.

Divide the hair into two parts so that the parting is on the side.

Gather the hair in the tail at the back, leaving part of the hair in front.

Before using the iron or tongs, treat your hair heat spray.

Spin the tails with medium-sized forceps.

Pin the curls up using the studs.

Gently lift the hair to the left and fasten it towards the tail.

Fix hair with a spray.

Short haircuts for an oval face

It is the owners of oval-shaped faces who can afford to experiment with a wide variety of hairstyles of short length. If you are of medium or low growth and you do not have a very voluminous figure, then even a haircut with ultrashort hair can decorate you. At the same time, remember that all attention will be riveted to your facial features, so take care of the make-up and choose the right accessories. All variations of hairstyles Kare, Bob, Cesson, Cascade, Pixie will decorate your face. You can choose a hairstyle with curls falling on your face, which will add romance and softness, or you can shave so that your forehead and cheekbones are fully open.

This short, embossed Pixie cut is very good for an oval-shaped face. Thick bangs, beveled on one side, gives mystery, and also draws attention to the beautifully defined cheekbones and feminine jaw lines.

Another short haircut that is perfect for an oval face shape is Bob. Before you start styling your hair, play with the parting. Due to this, with the oval shape of the face, the parting can be formed from different sides or in the center, you have the opportunity to modify the hairstyle. Also for this purpose, you can create light waves or leave your hair even to look more elegant.

Magnificent Bob

This ultra modern Bob will look best on an oval-shaped face. Haircut ends just below the ears. It is very voluminous, therefore it is unlikely to suit miniature women. Curved bangs and shape hair will slightly reduce the length of the face. Expressive hair color will only add spice to this hairstyle.

Ponytail with pigtails

Small side braids add piquancy to the stunning tail. The ends of the braids effectively cover the gum. Delicately hanging short curls around the right side add some softness to this gorgeous hairstyle for long hair.

Form a parting slightly offset to the side. Comb your hair so that it hangs loose. Create large curls on the hair below the chin with a curling or ironing.

Take the top strands on the right and left of the temples and connect them to the back of the head with a hairpin, creating a light volume on the top of the head.

Braid thin braids along the curls tucked back. Begin to weave a spikelet and continue with an ordinary oblique about 10 cm long.

Collect the remaining hair in the tail at the back of the head.

Wrap loose parts of the side braids around the elastic and fasten them with pins.

Ultra-slim hair

Straight shiny hair with a middle parting perfectly demonstrate the oval shape of the face. But this hairstyle looks beautiful only if your hair looks healthy, not scorched.

Start with just washed hair covered with conditioner.

Experiment with a parting - in the middle or on the sides.

Dry and brush your hair with large teeth at the same time.

Then go to the comb with fine teeth to smooth the hair, it will give extra shine.

Blow dry your hair, directing air flow from the roots to the ends of the hair.

Use irons only when absolutely necessary and at minimum temperature.

Bun for long hair

This hairstyle is great for informal events. This cute sloppy bundle will help out on hot days, or when you do not have enough time to style your hair. You can do the hair in one minute.

Comb your hair and lift up.

Twist the hair into a loose harness.

Around the base of the tail loosely twist the hair into the bun.

Fix hair with hairpins and, if necessary, hair spray.

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