How not to spoil hair: 11 mistakes that many girls make

Beautiful and healthy hair makes any person attractive and self-confident. However, beautiful hair is accompanied by considerable effort, cost and great responsibility for their health.

Dyeing, cutting, straightening, curling, weaving and drying take a lot of time, effort and energy, and if you misuse many of these activities or do something wrong, you can forget about healthy hair.

Here are some popular care and action methods that actually only harm the natural beauty of our locks.

Sparse and irregular haircuts

If you have ever had long hair, you know how hard it is to part with every inch of luxurious hair. We stick to long hair so much that we are ready to postpone a haircut, just to let them grow some more. Of course, there is nothing wrong with dreaming about Rapunzeli's hair, but long breaks between haircuts can only worsen the situation and damage the curls.

Usually, people with long hair think that they can get a haircut less often, because the hairstyle on long hair does not need the constant attention of a hairdresser. Despite the fact that the hair grows from the roots, the tips need more attention and care.

Daily use of detergents that contain harmful sulphates and salts can thin the hair and cause split ends. Regular haircuts preserve the integrity of the hair and contribute to their continuous growth.

Too much conditioner

Silky and soft curls are every woman's dream. That is why many of us gladly spread more conditioner on our hair. The bigger it is, the softer the hair, right? Not really.

Conditioners are designed to moisturize, not soften hair. That is why the conditioner is best applied not on the scalp and roots, and along the entire length of the hair, especially on the tips. It is also better to avoid air conditioners that contain sulfates, and instead use natural masks two or three times a week.

The famous hair stylist Vernon Francois, who worked with such stars as Lupita Nyong'o, Tracy Ellis Ross and Ruth Negg, recommends that you moisturize your hair with oils to keep them healthy.

Mistake in hair care №1: washing uncombed hair

Many ignore this simple advice. But tangled lumps during washing become even larger, and in order to comb them, you will have to pull out more than one hair. It is enough only every time before going to the bathroom to comb the hair with a natural massage comb, which will help eliminate any nodules and prevent the hair from pulling out.

Mistake in hair care №2: foaming shampoo on the hair

Every 24hair reader already knows that the hair is covered with scales. While washing your hair, when you foaming shampoo directly on your head, this way the scales rise and break off. And this leads to a loss of gloss and cross section. Moreover, during active friction, it is also possible to tear out thinner hairs in the area of ​​bangs and temples. To avoid this, apply shampoo that is pre-foamed in your hands. First, you need to wash the occipital area of ​​the head, where the hair is thick and thick, and wash the bangs and temples with foam residues.

Also, do not forget that you do not need to apply shampoo to the ends of your hair - washing it off from your hair will help you to wash the ends off with foam residues and do not harm them.

Mistake in hair care №4: thorough towel drying

Even if you are in a hurry, try not to be zealous in wanting to dry your hair with a towel. After washing, each hair becomes more swollen from water and is easily injured due to friction. In addition, the habit of tightly tightening the towel contributes to the loosening of the bulb and rapid loss. To avoid this, gently wrap the hair with a towel and leave it on the hair for no more than 10 minutes.

Error in hair care №5: ignoring the spray for hair

Spray is very important in complex hair care. Especially, if you are accustomed to dry your hair with a hair dryer or ironing. This tool allows you to smooth the scales, make your hair more slippery and pliable styling. Also, hair spray facilitates combing and reduces the amount of damage when combing.

Error in hair care №11: rare combing

It would seem, what is so useful frequent combing? After all, it contributes to the appearance of microtraumas on the hair? However, it is the comb that helps to awaken the bulbs and accelerate hair growth. Careful combing with a natural wood massage will ensure high-quality blood circulation in the scalp, improve the nourishment of the hair and help it grow faster. It is important to comb the hair in different directions: from the forehead to the back of the head, from the back of the head to the forehead, from left to right and vice versa.

Tip 1: Adjust home care

The first rule of this summer - use shampoos, conditioners and hair masks with moisturizing ingredients. Nutrient formulations are better to be deferred until cold pores, because they contain oils that can make hair heavier, pressing them against the scalp. Then no matter how hard you try and what tools are not used, you can forget about the volume styling, and you will have to wash your hair, unlike more often.

Good moisturizers are enriched with panthenol, silk proteins, hyaluronic acid and keratin. Penetrating into the hair structure, they moisturize it from the inside, thereby preventing the draining of the curls by the sun, and thus preserving their health.

Tip 2: Go to a gentle stain

If you are painting your hair for the first year, you know that after the summer they often become dry and lifeless, the color fades, and you only have to dream of brilliance. All because of the scorching summer sun destroying the pigment, it is equally active on the coast and in the city. To save hair from burning out and to prolong the time between several staining will allow the headdress, and it is necessary to wear it.

And one more thing - you need to dye your hair at least a week before the planned rest and use gentle formulations. Ask your master to carry out a gentle coloring, the condition of the hair after the cruise will definitely be better.

Tip 3: Take care of the color

Longer to keep a new hair color ─ juicy and bright or natural and soft, allow indelible means. Conditioner, spray or cream from the line for dyed hair, envelop each hair with an invisible eye with a protective film, prolonging the effect of coloring compositions and the effectiveness of home beauty products. Use them regularly!

Tip 4: Be careful with shampoo

Many women wear loose hair in the heat, long strands fit snugly to the back and shoulders, and under the influence of summer heat they become wet, get dirty faster and lose their well-groomed appearance. There is only one way to prevent a problem - collect your hair up! You can try out the beautiful weaving and fashionable horse tails this summer. And shorten the time between washing your hair, too frequent “bath” procedures bring more damage to your hair than good. Shampoo with surfactant dries the scalp and disrupts the normal nutrition of hair onions, which, in tandem with traditional summer risk factors, significantly worsens the condition of the hair.

Tip 5: Wear a hat in the pool

In the summer it is so nice to cool off by taking a swim in the nearby pool. Many institutions oblige their clients to wear swimming caps, others are more loyal to the wishes of visitors. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to use a headdress in the pool. Bathing cap protects hair from exposure to chlorine, and blondes also allow you to maintain a beautiful color. Not all women know that after visiting the pool, light colored hair can become yellowish or greenish, which is very difficult to remove.

Tip 6: Careful about styling products

To keep styling in the summer heat is a real art, the summer heat is preparing too much hair for the test! It is important to choose products for fixing hair. So, it is impossible to use lacquers and foams for strong fixation. They cover the hair with a dense protective film, which, under conditions of elevated temperature, creates a greenhouse effect. Therefore, choose a product with an average or low level of fixation, it can be creams, mousses, oily sprays.

Tip 7: Check the protective factor

The importance of applying cosmetics to care for the skin of a face containing sunscreens is not in doubt today. It is necessary to linger and forget to apply a few times the cream, as pigmentation shadows will fall on the face shadow. In the case of hair, the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation are not immediately apparent, but, nevertheless, it gives about itself to be felt. To preserve the beauty of the hair, apply with solar filters before leaving the house. Choose it in any format that is convenient for you - spray, thermal protective agent or silk for hair.

Tip 8: Stop to blow dry hair

It is very undesirable to use a hair dryer in the summer. Using this device, as well as using additional hot tools - stylers and curling irons, you repeatedly damage the texture of the hair web. This alone is enough to become a regular client of the beauty salon. Hair without the use of special recovery programs very quickly become sad.

Tip 9: Drink More Water

This is one of the most important rules of summer hair care. You can do all of the above, but if you drink a little fluid, you will not achieve anything. Hair needs to be moistened not only outside, but also from the inside.

In addition, an adequate drinking regime increases the body's resistance to forced high temperatures, which helps to maintain normal well-being throughout the day. So, say “yes” to cool water, fruit fresh juices, compotes and other healthy drinks.

Tip 10: Go on a diet

A full-fledged diet, including antioxidants, vitamins and maintaining an optimal balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, is a guarantee of the beautiful appearance of a woman and her strong immune system. You must understand that all the incoming substances the body spends primarily to support vital systems and organs, because the hair and nails get real "crumbs." Therefore, actively lean on fresh berries, vegetables, fruits and greens. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe special vitamins for your hair, but it is not advisable to prescribe them yourself.

Tip 11: Think overnight care

A good way to prevent hair problems is to use natural oils. Apply olive, almond, coconut or castor oil on the hair overnight, put on a special cotton hat, and in the morning, rinse the hair thoroughly with shampoo. Practice oil masks should be a course of 2-3 times a week throughout the summer.

Julia Rublevoy’s article on what female hyperfunctionality is and how it interferes with relationships.

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The first enemy of female beauty is old age

What woman does not strive to look younger than her age? In this race for youth, many of us make mistakes that, on the contrary, make us visually older.

If the amount you can spend is limited, then you should not buy too trendy clothes. Such things tend to become irrelevant, with the speed of light.

If you do not have the opportunity to update your wardrobe so often, it is better to refrain from such purchases. That thing, which is today at the peak of popularity, in a couple of months will look outdated.

Alternative - classic wardrobe models. They are always relevant and will give youth and elegance to your image.

On the other hand, despite the fact that the costume bought 5 years ago looks good, it is better not to wear it. Even if it still sits perfectly on you, it should be replaced. Perhaps the style of this suit is now relevant, and at the same time, color and fabric could go out of fashion for a long time.

Again we return to the topic of action. She is needed in the selection of styles of clothing. As too narrow, and vice versa, excessively voluminous things can ruin even the most ideal shape and throw on a few extra years.

Narrow clothing restricts movement, and unnatural behavior is never associated with lightness and youth.

Do not get carried away and too loose styles. Even a slender silhouette visually becomes rougher, it is worth wearing a baggy shape. You risk to visually make your figure large, and sometimes even complete.

You can learn more about choosing clothes for a perfect look from a free video course. “The rules of the dress code. How to dress nice and appropriate " .

Hairstyles and makeup

For many ladies, short haircuts are associated with maturity. This is because at the subconscious level, we consider short hair as our moms' hair. Short haircut add their mistress extra years in the event that the length and shape chosen is not true.

Also, untidy, dull curls will add maturity.

The same effect is produced and long hair, if they are devoid of volume and have lost their luster.

The ideal solution is a properly chosen shade and curl length, based on your natural data: eye color, skin tone and face shape.

Theatrical makeup with famous fat arrows can do you a disservice.Nothing so does not age the face, like inept, inaccurate eye makeup.

If you are not confident in your artistic abilities, give preference to a light everyday look. And do not forget that dark shadows and arrows are an attribute of an evening dress.

It has long been known that skin that is in contact with the sun for a long time gets older faster.

Of course, no one cancels the rest on the beach, but you should reduce the time to several hours a day. Just have to make friends with sunscreen.

Similar cosmetics can be easily found in the online store., in section "Health and beauty" .

"Quickly, quickly develop relationships!"

Anton raised his hand and killed the spider with a luxurious flick. And then he muttered that I was the most beautiful and liked him very much.
Do I have to say with what sincere admiration I looked at him?
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“I am not ready,” Anton shy, “I am that.” Only spiders can.
“No, now you have to kiss me,” I stamp my foot, “otherwise this will not be true!” If you killed a spider, you love me!
“For the time being, I just killed the spider,” Anton justifies. “I need to sort out my feelings.”
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Vulgarity doesn't paint anyone

It is difficult to imagine that there can be more repulsive in a woman than vulgarity. For a long time this screaming epithet is associated with something rude, vulgar and tasteless.

Representatives of the bourgeois who sought to equate themselves to aristocrats, but had neither proper upbringing nor the corresponding knowledge were called vulgar. Over time, the meaning of the sign of vulgarity has slightly changed, but the definition has not lost its negative meaning.

The fair sex should adhere to a number of rules, never to fall under the unpleasant characteristic - "vulgar person." So try not to make the following mistakes:

  • Too catchy makeup. The first sign of vulgarity is inept handling of cosmetics. Makeup is a powerful weapon. But if you use it ineptly, a high probability that the beauty will achieve the opposite effect. The main rule of a concise way is that the emphasis should be placed on either the eyes or the lips. Otherwise, you will become like a representative of the oldest profession. It is also necessary to take into account that the toilet is day and evening. To confuse them with each other is bad form.
  • Frilly hair color. What just do not come up with beauties to give chic to your image. They do their best to dye their hair in unnatural colors. It looks cheap.
    The alternative is natural color toning. It will add shine and refresh the image.
  • Long false nails and eyelashes. Besides the fact that long nails are terribly inconvenient in everyday life, they also frighten the stronger sex. The best option for your pens is a neat manicure with short almond or squared marigolds. False eyelashes are also an indicator of bad taste. In addition to bewilderment, others will cause confidence that they have a vulgar girl.
  • Excessive nakedness and bright accessories. The clothes should also be accentuated. If you have a deep neckline, then your legs should be closed and vice versa. It is also worth noting that the bright part can be only one. It may be a scarf, a watch or an acid-colored jersey, but by no means all together.
  • Rude manners and wrong speech. The last but not the least sign of vulgarity is lack of manners. The use of slang phrases and obscene language is unacceptable for a decent woman. Loud laughter, vulgar jokes can spoil the most good impression. If you are not confident in your upbringing, do not neglect the study of etiquette. Otherwise, the chances of being vulgar are quite large.

Stick to these simple tips, and no one will doubt your delicate sense of style. Tell us in the comments if you found errors in the list that you make yourself? See you soon!

Sincerely, Irina and Igor

Frequent use of artificial strands

We all dream of luxurious thick hair, and artificial curls help us quickly and easily achieve the desired effect. However, such strands do more harm than good. Improper use of artificial curls can lead to hair loss and baldness, because excess hair can be very much delayed by your own. It is important not only to choose the right firm and more gentle methods of fastening, but also not to use them too often.

Wrong comb or brush

If you think that you can save a little by choosing an inexpensive comb, one for all occasions, you will be wrong. This is not the best way to keep your hair healthy.

Certain brushes can pull hair. In addition, we often choose combs and brushes for their appearance and price, rarely paying attention to the quality of the material and the purpose of the comb. The use of flat comb made of silicone or wood - the best option for all types of hair.

Tight tails and braids

Braids, bunches and horse tails can become stylish time savers, especially in those days when humidity threatens to adversely affect the appearance of hair. However, do not often resort to these hairstyles. Strong contraction can lead to loss and even baldness. If you like tails and braids, learn to make them looser so that they do not tighten the hair, do not irritate the scalp, and do not damage the hair follicles. Try also to use more benign accessories, replace the rubber bands with soft tapes.

Abuse of dry shampoo

Powdered dry shampoo or shampoo-spray can save you in case of an unexpected appearance. It is not harmful once a month or less. However, frequent use of dry shampoo can greatly damage the health of the hair. Talc and other substances contained in such agents accumulate on the hair shaft and can lead to loss of volume, cessation of growth and even inflammation and permanent damage to the hair follicles. Try to use dry shampoo no more than once or twice a week and every time after you wash your hair thoroughly, getting rid of any residual products.

Combing wet or wet hair

There are some types of hair, which can be untangled and combed only in a wet or at least moist form. So much easier and faster, especially if you have dry and curly hair. This practice definitely saves time (and prevents flour).

However, it is she who leads to damage and breakage. Wet hair is much more vulnerable and prone to breakage. It is better to allocate more time for combing curls and spend a little effort to choose the right comb. Start the process from the tips and slowly move to the roots, trying not to pull the hair.

If you still have to comb wet curls, try using a wide-tooth, wooden or silicone comb.

Straightening or fast curling wet hair

Today, irons are popular, manufacturers who loudly declare the safety of their products and a gentle attitude to brittle hair. They straighten so gently curls that they can be used even on wet hair. It sounds too good!

There are no hairs that are not harmed by heat, especially when they are still wet and therefore more vulnerable. The fact is that hair is elastic, and wet curls can be 30% longer than dry, which makes them more prone to breakage. Try to avoid strong heat while your hair is a little wet.

Hot ironing hair smoothing

It seems that the iron is a perfect way out of a situation in which your hair looks brittle and bristles apart from static electricity and split ends. However, the iron does not smooth the hair, but on the contrary, it makes it worse, increasing the fragility and painful appearance. The iron and the hot air literally burn your curls, especially in places that are already damaged. If you need to dry your hair, it is best to use cold air. Their condition, at least, will not get worse.

Frequent keratin straightening

While some of us dream of beautiful curls and wavy curls, others strive to achieve perfectly straight and smooth hair. If you belong to the latter, you probably already heard about keratin straightening, which promises perfectly straight strands without effort. However, many experts argue that this is a delusion and keratin has more harmful effects than useful ones. Firstly, it is not suitable for all hair types, secondly, after keratin straightening it is impossible to use sulphate shampoos (and this is the majority of shampoos on the market), and thirdly, repeated and frequent use can cause irreparable damage to hair.

Abuse of varnish and other means of fixation

Hairspray is one of those solutions that seem fast, economical, effective, and therefore optimal. Just smoothed the ponytail? And if not sprayed with varnish to heighten the effect? Dried hair and they are great? Fix the varnish! Hairspray, for all its ubiquitous prevalence, leads to the fact that hair loses not only shine, but also color. No wonder many life hacking advise applying lacquer to remove terrible stains from clothes, and he removes them with ease, while we continue to water their hair with it.

Unprofessional staining

If you often dye your hair, do not be surprised that they lose their luster, volume and become dull and dry. The fact is that hair dye of popular economical brands, sold in bright boxes, is not designed individually for your hair, but is suitable for absolutely everyone - brunettes, blondes, gray, and it doesn't matter if your hair is dry or oily, thin or thick, healthy or weak. Also, these paints do not take into account the health of the scalp. So long and completely ruin the hair.

Hike to a professional salon will cost you more, and significantly, but at the same time you can be sure that a professional will approach the choice of hair dye with care for the health and beauty of your curls.

1. Too frequent washing

Even the most delicate shampoo with daily use washes away too much natural fat from the scalp and hair. If daily washing you need, try to at least use less shampoo with each use. A quarter of the usual amount of funds is enough in this case, even if you have long hair. If you wear a short haircut, try to get by with even less volume.

2. Rude actions with wet hair

Many people know that combing wet hair affects them negatively and leads to numerous injuries. If you need to do this, use a comb with rare teeth and pre-apply conditioner.

However, this is not the only way to harm wet hair. They also do not benefit from twisting a turban from a towel, especially if you curl your hair and rub it on a coarse cloth.

3. Using dirty tools

Your hair care tools are an excellent breeding ground for bacteria that can damage your scalp and hair condition. The hair from the comb should be removed after each use, and once a month all the tools that come into contact with the hair should be cleaned. Dissolve some soda in the water and put all the brushes and combs in for a few minutes to clean them without using strong chemicals.

4. The use of aggressive chemicals

Bleaching, permanent, straightening and coloring hair cause them irreparable harm. Be sure to try to smooth the effects of these substances with appropriate preparation. Always use only good hair masks before going to the hairdresser and tell the master about all the recent procedures with your hair.

Even the safest accessories should not for a long time tighten hair, so as not to cause damage.

5. Permanent hair tension

Tails and knots can be in fashion, but if your hair is forced to be constantly in tension, the risk of damage greatly increases. Perhaps you know that you should abandon the gum and metal hairpins, but even the safest accessories should not for a long time tighten the hair so as not to cause damage.

6. High temperatures

Styling with hot tools is bad for hair. Curling irons for hair. even a hair dryer can cause irreparable harm if you do not try to maintain the lowest possible temperature. In addition, do not forget to apply high-quality protective equipment before proceeding with the installation. Even a simple transition from hot to cold can produce amazing results.

Do not forget to put high-quality protective equipment before proceeding with the installation.

8. Sunlight

Believe it or not, the sun damages hair very badly. Without UV protection, your curls become lifeless and dull, especially if you have recently dyed them or exposed to other chemicals. Get a quality spray or cream to protect your hair from the sun during the summer holidays. Or at least wear hats.

Tip 12: Get rid of the whipped hair ends

No matter how beautiful summer hair care is, it is not always possible to prevent the appearance of split ends. If the problem manifests itself, you need to cut it "on the vine". Do not regret the length of the hair, the whipped ends need to be cut, otherwise over time you can lose much more and pay for hair loss.

In the summer, our hair, as well as the skin of the face and body, is subjected to severe stresses such as the sun, high ambient temperatures, dust, hot wind, etc. All this contributes to the loss of moisture in the hair, which makes them more vulnerable to the effects of the environment.

To avoid excessive dryness of hair, I recommend not using a hairdryer and a flat iron. I understand that this can be quite problematic, but when self-drying, the hair retains an internal hydrobalance. The hair flakes remain closed, protecting the hair from moisture loss, leaching of dye molecules from the hair shaft, and also protect against the penetration of dust particles. Therefore, instead of the usual hair styling with a hair dryer or an iron, you can do the styling with the help of large curlers, braid the braid or make a simple hairstyle, decorating it with beautiful hairpins or accessories.

Excellent helpers in the care of hair in the summer are indelible sprays and hair care products containing silicone. Especially they will be useful to blondes and brunettes, as these shades of hair in the summer are especially vulnerable. The use of silicones in the summer is simply indisputable, as they create a protective film that minimizes the loss of moisture from the hair, protects the color from leaching and burning out, and prevents the tips from cross-section.

Also a great helper in the summer is peeling of the scalp, since in addition to getting rid of the keratinous layer of skin, peeling allows you to get rid of dust particles that are deposited on the scalp, mixing with styling agents and the natural secretion of the sebaceous glands.

Do not forget about moisturizing hair masks. In the summer, you need to do them 2 times a week so that your hair will delight you with beauty and healthy shine.

“I'm not worse either!”

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- Ho ho! - I cried. “Beautiful is bullshit.”I can too, like you!
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Anton gloomy or even frightened hiccups.
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“Right now, I will cheer you up!”

After Anton killed the pauche, I am filled with gratitude and good mood.
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Anton is trying to get out of the pit, but I won't let him in, because I have an extensive repertoire.
Anton's grandmother runs to the pit at full speed.

“You did everything wrong, I will show you how”

Anton raised his hand and killed the spider with a luxurious flick.
I looked at him with contempt.
“You killed him carelessly,” I said, “and now eight feet will roll across the pit.” See how to kill spiders!
And quickly, with my left hand, I find and kill the eight brothers of the deceased. Carefully collecting the remains in the bag.
Anton scared hiccups.
Anton's grandmother runs to the pit at full speed.

"You're not the way you treat me, I will teach you how to"

Anton raised his hand and killed the spider with a luxurious flick. And then he muttered that I was the most beautiful and liked him very much.
I looked at him coldly.
- What is the matter, darling? - scared hiccupping, asked Anton.
“You didn’t say that,” I said. - You said quietly. Speak distinctly so that I can hear every word! Then I will believe you!
“I am embarrassed,” said Anton.
- At this stage of the relationship wrong to be embarrassed! - I said and waved her pigtail. - This is the second stage of courtship, according to Gray: we must do everything clearly, clearly convey our message to the woman! Now you will tell me again, and then we will kiss! This will be the norm and standard!
. Anton scrambles up, I contemptuously whistle a march into his back through the fallen milk tooth. Anton's grandmother gives him his hand, and together they run away from their feet.

"I am terribly modern and witty"

Anton raised his hand and killed the spider with a luxurious flick. And then he muttered that I was the most beautiful and liked him very much.
I laughed.
“You are a knight poured out,” I said through laughter, “don't you find that everything that happened between us is so funny?”
- E. - said Anton.
- Well, look, all these norms, standards, compliments - all this is such vulgarity! As in the textbook on psychology. I am above it! “Spider is such a fool” - cool rhyme, like “stick-herring”, yes? Did you read "Dunno"? Do not bother! Nothing serious between us, relax! Spider does not oblige you to anything! I'll tell you a joke about spiders! Only he is vulgar, close your ears!
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“I'll explain all of myself”

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“We will live in a new way now”

Anton raised his hand and killed the spider with a luxurious flick. And then he muttered that I was the most beautiful and liked him very much.
Do I have to say with what sincere admiration I looked at him?
- How is your mother's name? - I purred.
“Nina Andreevna,” said Anton.
- Oh, yes, I saw her at our place near the third entrance. A gorgeous woman, but her maxi does not suit her at all. I'll give you my mom's phone number, hand it over to her, let her sew a decent one. How many rooms do you have?
- Well, two - said Anton.
- Yeah. um ahem If you continue the wall. haven't you done it yet? Do it, it will be good. Is there a carpet hanging on the wall?
- Yeah.
- Remove the carpet, you are allergic. Do you eat cheese?
“Nah, I hate him.”
- It is necessary to eat, your milk teeth are changing. I eat here - see, a hole? - and my new ones grow very quickly. See that hole? Uh uh Yous? I eat a pack a day. You eat too, it will be good. Do you have a cat?
- Well, there is.
- Kota need to instill. And comb out. Remember? To instill a cat, to promote the wall and cottage cheese. Oh yeah, and mom. And the carpet. This will be good. I'll write you a list later. Give me the email address? And you still can not read? Anton, that's all. Tomorrow you will come to me, you will study. And at the same time you eat cottage cheese, I will follow. Anton, what are you doing with a dead spider? Are you trying to resurrect? Lydia Vasilievna, he just refused to eat cottage cheese and put dirty fingers in his mouth, I will bring you a special soap from microbes tomorrow, at seven in the morning, so that everyone can wash up. He said that I was a fool, but I do not mind, you have a good, promising boy. This will be good.

Anti-scientific explanation:

Hyperfunctionality is when a woman bears forever, she cannot stop, continuously or speaks, or does, or wants to speak, or wants to do. He knows everything as it should and generally knows everything. She is active, responsible, often sarcastic, or always joking, or giving a fight. He does not let himself go on his throat, always retains the last word, successfully fights with a man on all fronts, is dramatic, artistic, witty or forever agitated, capable of hysterics and clowning, and in general there will not say a word, everyone will not let it go. will show and prove, will cope with everything and save the burning horse. It is very difficult for men in a relationship with such a lady to have time to do something, start doing something, or even want to do something. In a family with such a lady, a man calms down and over the years becomes invisible, inaudible, sometimes drinking, almost always unsuccessful and, as a rule, very tired.

Girls! The girl should be modest. I beg you - be silent more! Or at least shut up on time! Their 14 thousand words a day, songs, dances, Bram, cottage cheese, nervous organization, etc., discuss mainly with friends, mothers and grandmothers.

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