Selection of hairstyles and makeup online

I present to you a famous online service for modeling and selection of haircuts. How to use it? Below you see a picture, click, go to the service, upload your photo (“upload your own photo” icon in the upper left), reduce or enlarge your photo to the size you need, model the correct face shape, external and internal corners of each eye with dots and contours of the mouth. After that, select the HAIR section in the menu on the left and “try on” the bows of the stars (not only the selection of hairstyles are available, but also make-up modeling, selection of hair color, etc.). Using the ADJUST button under the photo, you can flip, stretch and compress the hair. Just follow the simple instructions and create your images with a new hairstyle!

If the capabilities of this tool are not enough for you, you can try services such as,, (Russian), (Russian),,

Program for the selection of hairstyles

Above were presented online services for the selection of hairstyles, but not everyone will suit them. Not everyone likes to follow the whims of its owners - registration, viewing embedded advertising and the like. Is there an alternative? Yes, it definitely exists)

This is a free program for the selection of hairstyles jKiwi, which, in fact, has the same functionality as online services, but can work without the Internet and contains no advertising. The program is an easy and powerful tool that will help you choose any haircuts, makeup, and generally experiment with your “bow”. To try on any hairstyle with your favorite length, shape and hair color, you just need to upload your photo into the program. The result of the experiments you can print and show the hairdresser, who, in turn, will make this image a reality.

The program is very easy to use. Having uploaded your photo, you can easily choose the appropriate image from hundreds of different hairstyle options, and also evaluate how this or that type of makeup will look on you. The program will help refresh your image, choose the best option for haircuts and create you a great mood. Please yourself, my love. surprise the people around you!

* Selection of hairstyles with long, medium and short hair.
* The presence of both male and female hairstyles.
* Flexible layer management, resizing of any elements.
* The presence of lipstick, eye shadow, blush and other elements of makeup.
* Ability to change eye color (fitting decorative contact lenses).
* Any positioning and resizing hairstyles.
* Arbitrary hairstyle modification (with a brush / coloring).
* Arbitrary color management (you can change the contrast, brightness, saturation, hue, RGB).
* Visual comparison of the result and the original.
* Ability to save, export, import and print created projects.
* Other effects.

Name: jKiwi
Activation: Not needed, the program is free
Size: 27 Mb

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Thank you for the hair salon at home.

Thank you so much. Site class. Maybe I found what suits me.


Hello. How to use your program?

Good day, Inna.

Selection of hairstyles works on this page if you access it from your computer using a browser in which Flash Player is installed. You can just go here from your computer, and the browser itself will offer you to install Flash Player, if it has not yet been installed.

Thank you very much for your site, thanks to you I did not make a mistake in choosing a haircut, now I know what goes in my face

Got off from the heart. Thank you very much ))

Awesome site !! Saves a lot of time, nerves and money)))) Many thanks to the developers !!

Just a great site. Thanks to the developers.

I am glad that there is such a site

Well, the site is simply necessary - you are the erectors of fashion and beauty)

The best site well done! Talented guys and women, brings joy and hope)

super site. really enjoyed it

Good afternoon. C'kay be caress yak robby force.

Do you want to install a virtual stylist on your website?

I want to try. Let's see what happens.


How to download this program on your computer?

This program is online: you can use it for free directly on our website.

I want to pick up a new hairstyle, what do you need for this?

To do this, just upload your photo to the Virtual stylist and enjoy the result, selecting the hairstyles from the proposed collection)

I want to choose a haircut, tell me how to use your program?

You just need to upload your photo and select the images you like)

I want to pіdіbrati new col_r hair ...

Did you manage to use the program?

How long have I been looking for you. Thank you very much for your work and our opportunities and dreams that have become a reality. With the help of saved photos, I can finally persuade my husband to grow my hair and change the image ... Perhaps not even once)))
Best regards, Svetlana Melnikova, St. Petersburg.

I want a new hairstyle but I do not know which one is suitable

Thank you very much. Very handy program.

Amazed by the service provided! Great help, thanks!

I want to pick myself a short haircut

I want to pick up a new hairstyle, what do you need for this?

Open this page in a browser that supports Adobe Flash and use our hairstyle tool.

And how to remove those photos after loading

Your photos are not saved and are automatically deleted after closing the page.

Thank you very much. Cool program !!)) I saw myself from the side with different hair color and different hair styles and eye color - it impressed VERY. ))))

Just SUPER-PROGRAM! This is the best of what could be created for women.

Hello! The program is great! I wanted to install on my site (you have written that it is possible), please explain how this can be done?

Hello Anna!
We apologize for the late response, we hope that this is still relevant for you.
To install a virtual stylist on the site you need to install the code on the site page. The integration code is located at
We hope that you will succeed!

Pasted the code on your site - does not work.

George, good afternoon!
Tell me, how exactly did you insert the code? Is the problem solved at the moment?

How to download the integration code?

Has your problem solved?

thank you! cool program! go to the hairdresser knowing what I need. super.

Used for the first time. Loved it.

Cool program! I am pleased and amuse my friends now, picking up new images for them! Almost everyone likes! Thank you very much.

I understand that this is a program and it needs to be installed on a computer, is there no option for a tablet yet?

The program will work on this page if you open it in a browser on your computer.

Hello! I do not understand where to insert a link, because I do not have a personal site?

The program will work on this page if you open it in a browser on your computer.

Hello! Thanks for the program, uplifting.

Hello! I can not upload photos from the iPad. Puffin browser with flash player.
what am i doing wrong I choose a photo and nothing happens (((

Good afternoon, Natalia. Flash does not work correctly on the iPad. Use a computer with Windows.

The program is very good. Thank you. I chose what I wanted. That's what I wanted to change my eyebrows.

Well, the program is normal, but how to save the image?

Click the Download Result button and save the photo on your computer.


Good afternoon, Rosalia. Hairstyles are small, so the photo has to be reduced. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How to find a selection of beards and mustache?

In the Beards section you can try on beards and mustaches.

The latest version of the flash player is installed, but the program does not allow downloading photos. You can try everything you want, but you can not download. What is the problem? And is it possible to download this program to a computer?

Olga, good afternoon. It is possible that some browser security settings interfere with downloading a photo. Try to open the program in another browser.

I can’t get into this program from the phone in any way. I don’t see anything in the right corner on the main page

Hello, Love. Unfortunately, the program does not work from the phone yet.

Thank you very much, very cool program. It helped me to look at myself from the outside, and pick up what fits))) thank you so much)))

How to install this program step by step please tell me.

Tatiana, the program does not need to be installed. It works in a browser in which Adobe Flash Player is installed.

Can I use the program using the phone?

Hello, Angela. Unfortunately, the program does not work from the phone yet.

Good day!
I want to insert your program to my website, but the width of the program is too large, can it somehow be reduced to 700px?

Good afternoon, Denis. At the moment, the size of the program is fixed. It can not be made to others. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Can't upload a photo and start working?

Just a class program!

Cool prog! neighing! =))

The program is super! Now I understand I go red lips.

How to upload a photo. How can I start using this program? I don’t see the orange button on the right.

You go to the main page and it will be written there to upload a photo from the PC

How to install this program? Neither can I find where to change the photo.

She decided to say goodbye to her long hair, chose a haircut with the help of the program, showed the hairdresser, she approved, and voila, I am a completely different person! Thanks a lot for the program, it really helped!

Why there is no bald head.

Hello to all! Please tell me how to upload a photo. I can not get it ((

Go to the link, but I can not go into the application (I go from the phone). Is it possible to log in from the mobile version?

I would like to change my hairstyle, I have long hair, I would like to make a stylish haircut for long hair. I turned to you

Natalia, be sure to use the online hairstyle tool. And lay out the result in our group Vkontakte

Let the other members of the group vote for you to choose the most successful option that everyone likes.

Hello ! I was looking for such a program and finally found ... .. the program is wonderful, very simple, accessible to everyone. Thanks to the creators of the program.

Are there dreadlocks in hairstyles?

thank you very much! Now I have visual proof that I do not go bang, red and blond.

I liked the program very much, it was easy to understand, I picked up several variants of hairstyles, it was easy to find something that fit perfectly. Much cheaper and more pleasant than experimenting on yourself. I liked the tab on the selection of hats, now I know exactly which ones suit me. I figured out the styling options that I usually did at the barbershop (or offered) - horror, because there are so many alternatives! It is convenient to choose the hair color, found two different options - and the hair is intact, and clearly! With makeup is also convenient, a good look from the outside. For stylists, too, the program fits perfectly! Maybe not so many options, but for ordinary people - what we need!

I did not understand anything ... What should I do to use your program? Vkontakte I already registered, why the system asks to register? Where to enter to get into the online selection of hairstyles?

Lyudmila, it is not necessary to register in the program. It is available to all comers. It is only necessary that Flash Player is installed in your browser.

I now know what I should strive for) angel curls of light brown color with frequent white highlights)
general program is cool, D

Great program! Thank you! I could take a look at myself)

Good evening. The program is great. edited some of her and friends photos! We both love it! And picked up a hairstyle. We will continue to use ... Thanks to the developers of the site!

Hello. Tell me why my photo is cropped and turned over?

Good afternoon, Irina. Carefully follow the instructions when setting up a photo. The photo is rotated and scaled to fit the hairstyle correctly.

I liked your site, but when you choose a lipstick color, a grid pops up to the middle of the eyes ... And the lipstick colors are too bright. ..What is the reason?

Hello Vasilisa. Try upgrading your flash player to the latest version. And lipstick has a brightness setting. Try to reduce.

Do you need to download the program? If not, how to register?

Hello, Elena. You do not need to download the program and register. The only requirement is the installed Adobe Flash Player in your browser.

How to choose free hairstyles online? Instructions for using the service:

Changing hairstyles can cause difficulties. Sometimes it is very difficult to imagine how you will look with one or another haircut, and it is especially difficult to explain in words how you imagine it to your hairdresser. That is why it is very convenient to first pick up a haircut online to see how well it suits you, and then print the resulting picture for your hairdresser. The possibilities that the Internet offers us are a great many: from trying on a particular image of celebrities to sites that will help you to create a haircut that is quite familiar to you.

1. If you read this text, then you are already on the site, which offers completely free tools to create the perfect image. Websites such as allow you to upload your photo so that you can better assess whether this or that hairstyle is right for you. You can create a hairstyle using different pieces of hair as a tool. In this article, on the example of this site, we will describe how it works.

2. To start working on your image, click the "Register" button. Below is a step by step guide:

Then use the button “Upload photo” to select your photo. It is desirable that the one on which you are depicted full face with hair combed back. Having found the photo on the panel of your computer, click on it.

If suddenly you did not find such a photo, then you can choose one of the samples offered on the site, with a similar skin color and shape of a face similar to yours.

3. Adjust the photo to the size you need by moving it right and left. It is very important to remember that your future image depends on how correctly the photo is rigged. Place the pointers in the center of the pupils.

4. Highlight facial features. Mark the outer corners of each eye, mouth, and center point on the chin. The application will show you the algorithm for performing these actions, a separate example will be presented to your attention for each facial feature in the form of step-by-step instructions.

These steps are very important, as they will help the application to place the hairstyles perfectly relative to your head, so that you do not have to adjust it yourself.

5. You can also view and choose a hairstyle.When choosing, base yourself on the haircut itself, not on the hair color, as it can be easily changed to suit your needs or your desires.

Click on the hairstyle to “try on” it. Using special adjustments near the photo, you can stretch the hair, or turn it so that part of the hair is on the other side

6. When the virtual transformation is completed, click “Download result”, or use the link below to immediately print the resulting image. Above the photo of social networking buttons, be sure to use them! Good luck in changing your look!

Download Programs

Among the most popular downloaded applications for the selection of haircuts, you can select the following:

  • 3000 hairstyles. This program for trying on hairstyles includes an extensive database of a wide variety of images. In addition, it can "correct" the shape of the eyebrows and lips. You can also see how certain accessories look at you. To get started, you need to download the application and upload your photo to it.

  • Portuguese program for hairstyles for photos jKiwi. Also allows you to select not only women's and men's hairstyles, but also makeup. The resulting images can be printed and take with you the next trip to the hairdresser. Despite the fact that the software is not translated into Russian, the program interface is intuitively understandable.

  • Hair Pro. The program for the selection of hairstyles for photos has additional functionality, thanks to which you can not only see the base haircuts, but also create your own. Hair Pro determines the shape of the face and offers the most suitable hairstyle for your type. However, only 56 images will be available to you for free, in order to continue using the program you will have to purchase a license.

  • Salon Styler Pro. Another program to choose the hairstyle that is used even by beauty industry professionals. The main advantage of this software is that the base of hairstyles is constantly updated, so that you will be offered not "antediluvian" haircuts, but modern ideas from the most famous stylists. Salon Styler Pro allows you to look at yourself not only from the front side, but also surrendered, as well as from the side. The autoselection function will not require any manipulations from you, since if you set the interval to 3 seconds, you will be able to watch a slide show with a variety of hairstyles. However, free use of this application is also limited.

  • Maggi. This program is also considered professional and allows you to completely change your image, including lenses, accessories and other details.

However, not everyone will want to download applications and pay for a license, so we will consider services that allow you to select hairstyles from online photos.

Online programs

To pick up a hairstyle online you do not need to possess any special skills. Just go to the site, upload photos to it and enjoy the process of choosing a haircut.

The most popular free service that the women singled out is “Makeoveridea”. The selection of hair online on the portal is very simple.

  • Choose a photo of good quality, on which your hair is removed from your face, or use one of the pictures offered by the program.
  • Adjust the scale of the picture.
  • Click “edit photo” and put dots so that the stroke follows the contour of your eyes and lips.

  • Go to the "Hairstyles" tab. Choose the length and color of the “new” haircut (you can also select highlighting and tone for individual strands).
  • Select the type of haircut.
  • Add accessories.
  • Done!

  • If you want to download or print the result, click on the appropriate buttons.

Such a selection of hairstyles online for photos allows you to avoid unexpected "surprises" after the image is updated and does not require any financial investment from you. In addition, you can upload a picture directly from social networks.

Another service that allows you to choose a hairstyle from a photo for free can be found at this link. The functionality of the program is almost the same. You can select a photo from a computer or take a new photo using a webcam. After that, it is enough to enable auto selection or choose the shape and color of the haircut from the proposed 1500 models. After choosing the most interesting hairstyle, save the image or share it with friends on social networks.

However, it should be borne in mind that in such programs hairstyles, of course, look very impressive, but after all, in life it is very rarely possible to maintain the original shape of the haircut throughout the day. So do not forget to use the recommendations and advice from stylists.

If you decide to try on a haircut online for a photo, then even for such a selection you need to know the subtleties of your face shape.

Styling tips for oval face

Owners of oval-shaped faces are suitable for almost all styling and haircuts of different lengths. Choose the one that you like, it remains to choose the right sunglasses, and a chic image is ready.

When choosing a hairstyle, consider a few tips:

  • Avoid high horse tails or too tight bunches.
  • Try not to wear straight loose hair.
  • When choosing a bang, give preference to asymmetric models, in order to shorten the face. If you want to visually lengthen the oval, it is better to make torn strands.
  • Keep your hair closer to your cheekbones to mask an oval that is too wide.

Round face hair styling

Chubby representatives of the strong and weaker sex is more difficult to pick a hairstyle. However, you can narrow the face with the help of volumetric styling. There are also the following nuances:

  • If you want to lengthen the face, it is better to give preference to long curls and oblique bangs.
  • In order for the hairstyle to remain longer and bulky longer, the hair at the crown should be slightly shorter. It is better to do the so-called multi-layered haircuts.
  • Try to wear parting straight.
  • You can narrow the face styling with the effect of wet hair.

For a round face the most suitable haircuts: elongated "Caret" and "Bob." It is better for men to leave elongated locks on the sides.

Hair styling tips for the triangular face

If you tried out the online selection of hair on the photo for free, then you probably noticed that too narrow chin catches the eye. To hide this flaw, it is recommended to wear a haircut in a cascade and "Lesanka". Also suitable elongated "Caret". In addition, pay attention to the following points:

  • The haircut should not be shoulder level (either longer or shorter).
  • If you make a cascade, then you need to start below the chin.
  • Short bangs are not suitable for a triangular face, hair should go down to the eyebrows.
  • Bulky hairstyles with a pile visually make the face a little wider.
  • When curling hair, curls need to be twisted inside.

How to style your hair for a square face

To soften the sharp lines of the face, makeup artists recommend choosing lush styling with voluminous curls. Also, it is worth considering that:

  • “Smooth corners” will help multi-layered haircuts.
  • To hide the protruding cheekbones, choose cascading haircuts (better to process the tips with scissors for thinning).
  • To face looked more feminine, prefer haircut "Kare" with torn bangs.
  • Leave a bang length.

The same recommendations also apply to representatives of the stronger sex, who are wondering how to choose a hairstyle for a man with a square face.

Styling features for a rectangular face

If the shape of your face is rectangular, then after trying on an online hairstyle, pay attention to the following tips:

  • To hide a little too long face, wear oblique asymmetrical fringe.
  • The hair in the chin area is recommended to twist inside.
  • Try to choose volumetric hairstyles.
  • Do not cut too short, otherwise the oval of the face will seem even more sharp.
  • Make a side parting.
  • Leave the tips of the hair ragged with strong filleting.

Also for a square face fit haircut "Caret", "Bob" and "Cascade".

In custody

Trying hairstyles online is a very interesting process, during which you can choose a new style or laugh with friends. However, you should not rely on these services completely, because everything depends on the structure and other features of your hair. For example, the owners of fine hair should not do the haircut "Kare", and those who have a "thick mane" will not work "Bob." Therefore, it is better to consult with a stylist.

Watch the video: How to Choose the Best Hairstyle for Your Face (December 2019).