Stylish balayazh on light brown hair

Coloring balayazh, originated in the early 70s in France, is a two-tone color with a soft blurred border. The name of this technique (in translation from the French - “sweep out” or “smudge”) speaks for itself - in the process of work, the master feathers the paint so carefully that the transition between dyed and native hair becomes imperceptible. Thanks to this approach, it seems that the strands themselves burned out in the sun during a recent vacation. In addition, the clarification is carried out no more than 2-3 tones, which gives balajazu very natural look. To see this, look at these photos.

The benefits of balayazha

The popularity of this coloring is due to a number of advantages that it has:

  • It has a strong rejuvenating effect - with such a hairstyle you will become much younger,
  • Does not affect the roots, because it is much less harmful to the health of the hair,
  • Owners of blond and blond curls can do without prior clarification, so this procedure can be attributed to sparing,
  • It allows you to make an image fresh, fashionable and beautiful, without introducing cardinal changes into it,
  • It does not require frequent corrections - thanks to a competent selection of colors, the transition between colors will be quite harmonious,
  • Suitable for both straight and curly hair - long, medium and short,
  • It has no age limit
  • It gives volume and pomp even to thin hair,
  • It will be to face a natural or dyed blonde.

Tip! Balayazh is an ideal solution for those who want to become lighter, but can not decide on monochrome coloring.

How to choose the desired shade?

Deciding to perform staining in the style of balayazh, do not forget to choose the most optimal tone. To do this, you need to take into account not only your own taste, but also belonging to one or another color type.

We offer a whole list of the most successful color combinations:

  • Summer: roots - pearl or ashen, tips - hazelnut,
  • Winter: roots - silver or platinum, tips - burgund or dark chocolate,
  • Autumn: roots - sunny or natural blond, tips - chestnut or chocolate,
  • Spring: roots - beige or natural blond, tips - chestnut or chocolate.

Plays a huge role and shade your eyes. For example, caramel, light brown, wheat and mother of pearl remarkably fit blue and gray eyes. But the brown-eyed ladies are able to transform coffee and gold. If you want to move away from the classical canons, feel free to use the red - it resembles a flame burning in the strands.

Important! When choosing the color of paint the final decision should be made by an experienced colorist.

How do balayazh for hair of different lengths?

Painting under the balayazh can be carried out both in the salon and at home. In the latter case, you will certainly help this detailed instructions.

  • Brush,
  • Comb with a sharp tip,
  • Gloves
  • Brush
  • Hair spray,
  • Clamps
  • Paint,
  • Mixing tank
  • Cape,
  • Towel,
  • Shampoo,
  • Balm.

Tip! When performing hairy baldness for light hair, choose ammonia-free dyes or permanent dyes with a minimum percentage of oxidizer. This reduces the load on the hair.

It should be noted that the technique of implementation depends largely on the length of the hair, so we give three different options.

Tips on how to do balayazh for light long hair:

Balayazh for short strands

Balayazh for short hair ideally emphasize the cut of a beautiful fashionable haircut and make the hair even more voluminous. Making it very simple:

  1. Stir the strands with a comb - the tips should stick out.
  2. Divide this pile into several equal zones.
  3. If the hair does not obey, fix it with varnish.
  4. Mix the paint with oxide.
  5. Spread the strands well without touching the roots.
  6. Wait 20 minutes (see the instructions for the used tool for the exact time).
  7. Wash your hair with shampoo and apply a balm.
  8. Brush well.
  9. Dry hair strands.

On a note! This option of painting will suit any hairstyle, but it looks especially good on a square or an elongated bob.

Balayazh for medium hair

Coloring the hair of medium length allows you to give the haircut an unusual appearance and increase the volume. Also balayazh will help to correct the face and slightly expand it - this is very important for women with “diamond” and “oval”.

  1. Brush well.
  2. With a sharp tip of the comb, divide the hair into several equal zones.
  3. Tie each in a tail or secure with a crab.
  4. Twist the upper tails and put them in bundles - so they will not interfere.
  5. Mix the paint with oxide.
  6. Dissolve one zone - the one near the neck.
  7. Separate a thin strand of hair from it.

8. Using a special brush, spread the mixture on one side only. You need to start from the ends, gradually moving towards the middle part and the roots. At the bottom of the paint will be more, and at the top - the least. It is not necessary to show excessive accuracy - the movement should be light and careless. Try to get used to the role of the artist, drawing on the canvas - only in this case, you can count on a natural and attractive effect. Also remember that there must be at least 3-4 cm between the colored area and the roots.

9. Now apply the paint on the reverse side. You should get the English letter V, the tops of which end at different levels. By the way, the width of the stroke can be anything (within 2 cm), but the thinner, the more beautiful.

10. Carry out the procedure, gradually separating the new strands of hair.

11. To smooth the transitions, comb the hair with a comb with frequent teeth.

12. Hold the paint for 20 or 25 minutes - without foil and cap (they will underline the border, and this does not suit us).

13. Wash the strands with shampoo and apply balm.

Tip! If you have a haircut with a bang, be sure to paint this element of hair - it will emphasize the eyes and make them more noticeable.

Balayage for long strands

On long, well-groomed hair balayazh looks incredibly beautiful. It makes the hair very light and airy, emphasizes the structure, gives a beautiful shine. Moreover, it is at this length that the effect of natural burnout is most noticeable.

The coloring itself is carried out in the same way as in the previous version. Naturally, in both cases, you can not do without help. Curiously, long-haired girls can afford any deviation from the rules. For example, they can make colored balayazh, using at the ends not only a white shade, but also pink, green, purple and blue.

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Some more tips

Blondes who decide to do balaage should take note of a few more important tips:

  • To paint better on unwashed and dry hair. The film of sebum is a powerful protection that allows you to minimize the damage
  • With regular use of varnishes, mousses, foams and other styling products, the head should be washed in about 2-3 days. Leave them on the hair categorically impossible - the composition simply will not take,
  • If at the end of the procedure you have a little paint, dilute it with water and distribute over the entire length just a few minutes before washing. With this solution, the result of staining will look more natural,
  • Do not try to select strands in any particular order - spend everything by eye,
  • If the hair has suffered from a perm or frequent dyeing, discard the session. Otherwise, their condition after the balayazh only worsen
  • Do not use metal objects - having reacted with paint, they can give an unpredictable result, from which blond and light curls especially suffer,
  • Give up strong oxidizers (3% is enough) - they greatly damage the strands and make the effect “dirty”.

Care for balayazhem

Clarified strands require special care, so read a number of very important rules.

Rule 1. Regularly apply masks, balms, fluids, serums or sprays for colored hair. It is desirable that they contain silicones, vitamins, collagen, proteins and other beneficial substances. Also useful oils from the whipped ends - almond, castor, burdock, coconut, etc.

Rule 2. Use the funds intended for the care of light curls. They quickly eliminate the resulting yellowness, which does not like the cold shade of the blond.

Rule 3. Try as rarely as possible to use a hair dryer, tweezers and a hair iron - they adversely affect the health of the hair and wash out the shade. If you can not do without these devices, stock up a good thermal protective agent and use it before each installation.

Rule 4. Special toning balsams or shampoos of violet, blue or silver color will help neutralize the yellowness. They can be applied to both cold and warm blond.

Rule 5. Keep your hair out of direct sunlight. To do this, wear hats for the weather and regularly spray with a high level of UV protection.

Rule 6. Chlorinated water is considered the main enemy of blondes - it washes out the color and contributes to the appearance of yellowness. That is why in the pool you need to wear a special swimming cap.

Rule 7. Perform coloring only with high-quality paints from trusted manufacturers. This will avoid allergic reactions, irritations and other unpleasant consequences.

Rule 8. Do not comb wet curls - from this they become thinner and become brittle.

Rule 9. When using homemade masks, be very careful - the natural ingredients that are included in their composition can dye the bright hair.

Rule 10. Adjust the balayazh for blond hair 1 time in 3-4 months.

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Advantages of the technique of balayazh for light-brown hair

Owners of light brown hair are not particularly proud of them. The structure of such kinks is thin, they do not look like a mane capable of attracting looks. And the color is rarely really beautiful. However, the balayazh technique radically changes this view.

Balayazh on light-brown hair creates a voluminous cascade of hair, flowing and iridescentlike jets of water under the sun. The effect of internal illumination in such a technique is achieved by lightening the strands at different distances from the roots.

Balajaz on light blond hair looks very beautiful, like jets of water in the sun.

As a result, get a chaotic mixture of 2-3 similar in color shades, creating the effect of sunbeams in the hair.

According to stylists, in the case of natural light-blond hair color, it is better to leave it as a base. But you can strengthen the basic tone, and then apply the technique of balayazh.

On light blond fashionable women Balayazh style looks especially impressive due to the perfect clarification of both thin and thick strands. They create the illusion of volume and seem naturally burnt out. The advantages of technology should include the ability to mask gray hair.

Important to remember! Since light-brown hair cannot boast of volume and strength, they are favorably influenced by the gentle balayazh technology, which does not affect the roots. The ease of caring for a radiant hairstyle, the ability to save it, visiting the master only 3-4 times a year, make this style even more attractive.

Balajazh on light blond hair: what color to choose

According to stylists, in the case of natural light-brown color, it is better to leave it as a base. But you can strengthen the basic tone, and then apply the technique of balayazh.

This will create unexpected interesting contrasts and combinations:

  • classical - natural light-blond hair color, on which shades of wheat are applied, is taken as a basis for balayazh,
  • bronze - this is the basis to which light gold is added,
  • caramel - the main caramel tone is diluted with lighter strands, colored at different levels,
  • copper with amber - copper base shaded by amber highlights,
  • honey blond - light brown with a honey shade at the roots, further the wheat shades are lighter by the end of the strands,
  • blond - light blond at the roots, gradually turning into a wheaten and light cold blond.

Light-skinned fashionistas experts recommend golden shades, having pinkish or olive skin and dark eyes will suit ashy cold tones more.

Note! The choice of coloring depends on the length of hair, eye color, skin. Properly selected color and toning will make the face more expressive, give volume to the hair, smooth age.

In addition to the color transition, great importance is the length of the clarification and the place of the clarified areas. For example, very bright rejuvenated along the face, starting at the roots of the hair, which gradually turn into a bright blond at the tips. At the same time the strands on the back of the head begin to lighten only from the middle of the length.

You can create the effect of a natural blonde, discoloring strands at different lengths with similar shades of blond without discoloration of the entire mass of hair.. The result will exceed all expectations.

New in balayazhey - the application of lightening paint with large strokes on the bulk of the strands that looks stylish and beautiful.

Technique balayazh on light blond hair is ideal for experiments, as it allows you to get the curls of your dreams, which looks amazing in any hairstyle.

Step-by-step guide: how to make a balajazh on light-brown hair at home

All types of balayaz staining can be done at home. The technique depends on the length of the hair. This style looks great on cascading haircuts, squares, long curls.

It is easy to dye hair using the technique of balayazh, but there is feature: paint is applied with a wide brush on the strained strands. It gives the chance to receive beautiful similar to natural clarification.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many girls, imitating Hollywood stars, often order just such a painting option. In addition to popularity, it has other advantages:

  • Dyeing balayazh on blond hair allows you to refresh the image without changing it drastically,
  • thin and inanimate strands will look bulky,
  • suitable for women aged, because bright accents on the strands of the face distract attention from wrinkles,
  • if the girl has natural white curls, then you do not need to tint the roots,
  • the structure of the hair does not deteriorate, since not all the hair will be lightened, but some of its sections.

Balajazh on light hair of medium length can visually expand the oval of the face. That is why this technique will be relevant for owners of a narrow and elongated face.

The only drawback is that the dyeing procedure is quite intricate. It requires the master's hand.

How much is

The cost of the procedure of dyeing curls in the salon depends on the length of the hair, the selected dye and the skill of the hairdresser. The average price of painting - 3000-3500 rubles.

You are not a supporter of trips to salons and preliminary records? It is possible to carry out painting in the balayage equipment in house conditions. If you have hair up to the shoulders or longer than the shoulder blades, it is better to invite a girlfriend to help. Homemade hair lightening will cost you 450-950 rubles (the cost of the dye).

We select the tone

Classical dyeing of hair in a similar technique involves the transition of color from dark to light. The choice of dye should depend on the type of your curls, skin color and eyes.

Owners of white skin and light strands stylists recommend choosing these tones:

In this case, burgundy and chocolate are intended for the tips of the hair.

If you have dark skin and dark eyes, we suggest experimenting by painting the roots in:

  • pearl,
  • ashen,
  • golden,
  • natural blond.

For tips, choose the color of hazelnut, honey, beige or any shades of chocolate.

An important point. When choosing a dye, keep in mind that your strands are already brightened. That is why you should buy a gentle paint containing the minimum amount of oxidizer.

If you want to bring a zest to your image, then you can create a little bit of creativity using lilac or pastel pink for your tips. Coloring balayazh on light brown hair with purple tint looks just perfect and extraordinary.

Especially effectively this type of coloring looks on curled hair that can be done with a spiral curling or curling iron.

Features of painting curls of different lengths

Balayazh for blondes for short hair makes the hair more voluminous. Due to the lack of a clear border between natural color and bright tips, it suits those girls who are trying to grow curls.

Please note, balayazh on light short hair gives individuality and splendor hairstyle.

Short strands are stained well and easier to make a smooth color transition. Balajazh for light brown short hair requires a volume of dye - 25-30 ml.

Slightly longer than shoulders

For hair of medium length, hair dyeing will make the hairstyle unique, adding special color to individual strands. If you have an elongated bob, bob bob, asymmetry, cascade or ladder, the lightening starts from the earlobe. At the same time, they take several locks in the temporal region and make their coloring, departing 2-3 centimeters from the roots.

Long curls

Regardless of whether your hair curls or straight, lightening looks just awesome. Usually, lightening is done starting from the earlobe or departing 10-15 cm from the roots.

Before the staining procedure is best not to wash your hair. If you are a supporter of styling styling products (skins, mousses, varnishes, etc.), then this rule does not apply to you - be sure to wash your hair with shampoo.

It is important to know. When the main hair color is too light (level 9-10), the wizard adds only a few nuances within the base. This means that rare dyeing is done on the selected strands. They create honey, golden, beige and wheat highlights.

Follow these tips:

  • purchase ammonia-free paint (let it be a professional dye),
  • you need to buy 2 types of paint (the main one and a half lighter one): the dark ones are coated with strands from the inside, and light ones are coated from the outside,
  • Since your hair is light in itself, observe the exposure time stated by the manufacturer,
  • if you are not a natural blonde or brown-haired, then it is best to entrust the coloring to a hairdresser,
  • the width of the selected strands to be colored is 1-2 cm, for bangs - a bit narrower,
  • to create a glare on the hair, you need to shade the remnants of paint, diluted with water, in a chaotic manner,
  • do not use foil for wrapping strands, because it sets the boundaries too clearly,
  • remove all metallic objects (they may react with an oxidizing agent).

Before the procedure, in addition to the dye, you should get a brush, a ceramic bowl for breeding the coloring composition, a pair of gloves and a comb comb with sparse teeth.

With the technique of balayazh in blondes and light-brown girls, the ends of the hair go down to level 10, which imitates natural burnout. This happens due to any dye that is mixed with 3-6% oxide. If necessary, carry out the toning of individual strands.

Technique: step by step

Painting balayage is not so difficult. Of course, you will have to work a little and watch more than one video, but still you will significantly save on the procedure.

Guide to action:

  1. Well comb your curls, dividing them into separate areas. Highlight the back of the head, temples, crown. For convenience, kill strands with jokes or tie them in ponytails.
  2. Working with a specific area, selects the strands, the ends of which are stained in one of the tones. Try to hold the brush from the bottom up. No need to grab all the hair strands, because in the end should get a hair, as if you had just returned from a seaside resort. Withstand 8-10 minutes. The thinner you choose the strand, the more natural it will look balayazh-painting.
  3. Add the next shade to the order and comb the whole head with a comb. This will give the opportunity to shade the coloring composition. Instead of a comb, you can use a regular foam sponge. Its use will make the effect of burnt hair more natural.
  4. After 20 minutes, rinse your hair with shampoo. Use balsam conditioner, which is attached to the package of paint.

Tip: Do the staining at home? The maximum dwell time is 35 minutes. When selecting strands, do not try to keep them of the same thickness, because the haircut provides careless brightening.

Do not forget to paint the bangs, otherwise your image risks losing its naturalness. Owners of short bangs, trimmed on the oblique, should be separated several strands diagonally and lighten them.

Properly care after painting

The advantage of the effect of burnt strands is that you do not need to regularly tint the roots. You can not carry out additional coloring for another 2-3 months, as the curls will look perfect anyway.

But remember, balayazh provides for straightening strands, and therefore can destroy the structure of hairs. In this regard, you need to pay maximum attention to the care of your hair.

Post-processing of hair includes:

  • regular application of regenerating masks, serums and balms,
  • the use of special shampoos designed for colored hair,
  • minimizing the use of irons, hair dryers, curling irons and thermal rollers,
  • timely cropping of the split ends,
  • shampooing no more than once every 3 days,
  • rinsing the curls with a product containing silicone or a purple pigment (if yellowness began to appear).

Thus, balayazh-dyeing for blondes or light-brown girls - a win-win option that will make the hair bulky, and the appearance of the hair more natural. The complexity of the selection of dye and technology involves the implementation of painting in a barbershop. But if you are not a supporter of salon procedures, you can implement it at home (you have to tinker a bit!).

We are sure, using our recommendations, you will achieve the desired result, and excellent sun glare will crown your head.

Features of the use of technology for hair of different lengths, read articles about balayazh for long, medium and short hair. For girls who love to look creative, suitable color balayazh or pixel coloring.

The basic principles of balayazh blond hair dyeing technique

Technique balayazh on light hair used as an alternative traumatic and flat staining.

The method involves color adjustment or hand-drawing of the strands, creating a more realistic and natural effect of sun-bleached curls.

One of the main advantages - helps regrown roots become less visible.

This makes it possible to resort to hair dyeing much less. Technique is perfect for blonde fashionistas.

The combination of strands of different colors - from strawberry blond to caramel - creates a three-dimensional effect on the hair.

The specifics of the technique balayazh on blonde hair

Best of all features of balayazh are traced when comparing it with the ombre technique. These two methods of staining are often confused, although the differences between them are significant.

  • Ombre refers to a staged type of staining in which the effect of a smoothly dissolving darker color in a light color is achieved, that is, the color of the roots is very different from the color of the tips. While with balayaazh, only some strands are affected, creating the illusion of natural-bleached hair.
  • There is also a difference in the means that are used. Ombre is almost always done with a bleaching powder to lighten the hair as intensely as possible. The balayag method on light hair does not require prior bleaching. As a result, hair is much less injured.
  • In addition, with the help of the balayazh technique, the degree of damage from temperature is reduced, since there is no need to use a foil or an infrared lamp.

How to do at home

So, you have fallen in love with the trend and you want to learn the basic positions of staining with this method at home. Nothing is easier! All you need is a package of paint, a brush and some knowledge.

There is at least four ways to do balayazh, we describe the most versatile. Such method of drawing will be suitable for any form of a hairstyle and length.

  • Divide the hair into sections - two side, upper (at the crown) and lower (at the back of the head). Then each section into several equal parts. It should be about five strands in each row.
  • Stir each strand with a hairbrush. For expressive results - lightweight bouffant, for a natural one - strong.
  • Secure each strand with varnish so that they do not touch.
  • Apply the ink mixture, starting from the top of the head, and move to the strands on the back of your head.
  • Keep approximately five centimeters of roots intact.
  • Color in stages, row by row, the main part of the hair and go to the bangs.
  • Spread the paint over the bangs with vertical lines half a centimeter thick.
  • Leave a distance of half a centimeter between the lines.
  • After dyeing the bangs, once again apply the paint on the main strands, only now retreat from the roots about three and a half centimeters, and use the paint in smaller quantities.
  • Leave the dye to act for 25 minutes. Do not keep the paint on the hair for more than half an hour!
  • Rinse the hair with a deep-cleaning shampoo.

Balajage for long blonde hair with a photo

This type of coloring will give the long hair a holiday look, as if they were caressing the sun's rays for several weeks.

Balaage for blond hair under the car with a photo

The combination of balayados and square will perfectly adjust the round face and give the image of refinement.

Precautionary measures

  • Do not use the balayaz technique yourself if you are new to staining.
  • For perfect results, make a haircut before dyeing.
  • Do not dye your hair with split ends.
  • Use balayazh technique a maximum of three times a year.
  • Continue to care for your curls, focusing on the means to deeply moisturize the hair.
  • Stop your choice on ammonia free paint.

Alena, 28 years old:

I reviewed a billion photos of balayazh painting on blond hair before I ventured to experiment on myself. And you know, it turned out so great that now my friends one after another come to me for the procedure. Low cost and simple to perform. What else is needed for happiness.

Sofia, 23 years old:

I succumbed to ballad hysteria and tried to repeat the technique at home. But the attempt turned out to be torture. The seller convinced me to use Supra, supposedly the strands after it will be “cleaner”, and the effect is richer.

After washing my head, I was horrified. In the bathroom, it looks like half the hair. And when the curls were dry, I realized that I had lost some of the length. I had to go to the salon and shear off the damaged areas.

Angelina, 20 years old:

Long picked up the shade for painting. For some reason it occurred to me to make a redhead balayazh on blonde hair. What was I thinking about? I still do not find an explanation for my act. But in the end, my pale skin faded against the general background, and my facial features took on some painful look.

Video about coloring balayazh on blonde hair

We present you a video tutorial with a detailed description and step-by-step instructions of the painting technique. He will help you to understand the nuances of balayazh and perform this type of coloring, even if you do not know how to do the technique of stretching on the hair. We recommend watching the video several times in order to reproduce the process exactly and not to miss important details.

Now, when you know more about balayazh, how it differs from ombra, looked inspirational photos and got acquainted with the dyeing technique at home, nothing prevents you from achieving this amazing effect on your own. So go ahead to change!

Balayaz coloring - features

Technique balayazh refers to the latest fashion trends. Experts from the fashion industry recommend this option for hair coloring to be practically done by all the fair sex, regardless of age category. The image has a number of advantages along with dyeing hair in one tone.

Balayazh will always help to make the style attractive and unique, thanks to the unusual effect that coloring of the curls gives. This coloring makes the usual boring hairstyle in a gentle and romantic or stunning and extravagant.

In addition, this method of coloring allows you to visually increase the hair in volume, make it more luxuriant and well-groomed. The maximum effect can be achieved with a smooth transition from one color to another.

A big advantage of balayazha is also the possibility not to resort to frequent hair dyeing. Even after a long time, it is not necessary to re-add color, the roots will gradually acquire their natural color. If the strands grow very quickly, then there is no problem, the hairstyle will always look natural. The only situation in which care must be taken is a balayazh on short hair. In this embodiment, when hair regrowth, additional staining may be necessary.

How to choose a shade for light brown hair type

Technique staining in the style of balayazh involves changing the color of the hair about half horizontally. This concept is rather approximate, as the wishes of each beauty and the technique of execution may be different.

There are several options in which the hairstyle is performed. For example, there may be a smooth or abrupt transition from one color to another, the use of several shades and their combination at the same time. Sometimes most of the curls are colored, and sometimes only the tips of the hair receive an additional color.

The main task of the stylist is not to disturb the color type, but to make the girl’s appearance even more interesting and harmonious. It is imperative to keep track of how suitable a color or several shades to the eyes, skin tone and strands. Balajazh on a dark type of hair - this is a real exotic. Coloring brown-haired women and brunettes using this technique gives the flame to them.

If a girl has bright eyes, then a balayazh technique using two shades will look special. In order to make the natural hair color more expressive, you can use paint that looks like copper, chocolate, amber. Too light color will make hair sloppy, so this option is better to avoid hairstyles.

Balayazh on light blond hair

Owners of light-brown hair can primarily claim this type of coloring. For them, this is the most ideal option, as the color of the curls is a good base.Since such a hair is burned out naturally, colors such as walnut or ashy are great. When the skin is tanned, a shade of coffee with milk, honey and wheat can come up.

Such coloring makes the image more fresh, sophisticated, unusual. At the same time, the choice of colors is practically unlimited.

For dark blond

Sometimes specialists, at the request of the client, resort to tonal coloring of the curls in order to lighten them before performing the hairstyle for several tones. After that an additional shade is adjusted based on skin color.

For blond hair, stylists offer several trend solutions. For example, a hue in the form of copper is chosen as the base, and amber strands are added on top. Another good option is to make a light blond accent on a dark-purple background. To stand out from the crowd, you can make a soft transition to a wheat-blond on slightly darkened roots.

For ash blonde

For beauties who have ashy hair color, experts suggest decorating part of the curls with a dark brown shade. This image is not only stylish, but also relevant. In some cases, the mix will be successful using the color of gold and bronze.

Additionally, you can experiment with the addition of ice and honey blonde. It is better to dye your hair in several stages, making a smooth transition from one tone to another. This image will look good on long hair.

Balayazh staining technique (necessary tools, staining steps)

The method of coloring curls in the style of balayazh allows representatives of the fair sex, who are not yet ready for drastic changes in their appearance, to make some noticeable but not decisive corrections. At the same time, the image does not change drastically, but the appearance of the girl is very refreshing. It is advisable to make the most natural, close to natural transitions to create the feeling of a recent visit to a beauty salon.

Technique balayazha feasible almost any expert in the field of fashion. At the first stage, the curls are divided into several layers with regular rubber bands. Pre-prepared composition for lightening hair is applied using vertical short strokes. A prerequisite - the intensity of staining should be about the same.

Before dyeing, it is important to choose colors that harmonize well with the appearance, and at the same time combine with each other, here the selection will be strictly individual, there are no uniform color solutions.

Sometimes, to obtain a richer effect, strands are wrapped in foil. Applying means occurs with a brush, the color is selected on a few shades lighter than natural. The intensity of the effect of the paint will depend solely on the time spent on the exposure and the color chosen.

Short hair dyeing is best done in beauty salons, as the procedure is expensive and complicated to perform. Here you need not just to pick the colors well, which will be combined with each other, but to possess a certain sense of proportion.

To make a balayazh on short strands, you first need to carefully comb the scallop. After - sprinkle a little varnish, it helps to keep the hair, which under the influence of dyes can fall. With the help of a comb, the division into sectors in the form of squares, small in size, takes place. A prerequisite is a distance of about two to three centimeters from the roots. The paint is applied to the tips evenly, both from one and from the second side.

At the final stage of dyeing, the specialist returns to the first curl, the previously applied dye is stretched in a strand, the roots should have about one centimeter of non-dyed hair. Similar manipulations are repeated on the remaining bundles. After the remaining paint is washed off, the curls are dried and stacked.

How to maintain color after dyeing (shampoo, balm, mask)

When choosing such a technique of dyeing as balayazh, it is important to take into account the selection of shades in one range, it is desirable that they blend seamlessly with the natural color of curls. The most important thing is to choose the right combination, how long the hairstyle will look fresh and well-groomed will depend on it. It is advisable to use only a few tones on the curls.

The beauty industry experts strongly advise at the initial stage to decide on the type of haircut, and then select the shades for hair dye, because the curls will grow differently and it is important to always maintain a balance. It is better to take into account the recommendations of the stylist in advance, to ask him as many questions as possible, it is possible that he will tell you which coloring technique will look more profitable.

Balayazh allows you to carefully treat your hair, as this technique does not burn the roots. When bleaching does not damage the strands. Horizontal highlighting makes it possible for a long time not to resort to re-staining, to repeat the procedure preferably not earlier than in a month and a half. But so that the hair does not lose its properties, and it looks even more attractive, it is desirable to use high-quality shampoos for normal or colored hair type (everything will depend on how much hair is made in the style of a balayazh).

Balms and masks will help hair to give a lively look. Additional useful foods are various rinses, which make the curls more voluminous and healthy.

Laying when painting balayazh - how best to emphasize color

In order to look always fashionable and spectacular when painting hair in the style of balayazh it is recommended to do everyday styling. The ideal option is a little twisted curls or tips.

For long strands there are two of the most popular types of hair - it is loose and gathered in a pony tail. In the first embodiment, it is important to ensure not only that the hair is clean, but also necessarily well-groomed with the help of masks and nourishing balms. This type is more suitable for business meetings or for example, to meet with a young man. The second image is simpler and more casual. It can be used in the absence of opportunities for proper care of hair.

Regarding short hair, there is only one option - everyday styling with a hair dryer and varnish. In this case, it is possible to shape the strands on both dry and wet heads. In the first case, the image will be more strict, restrained. In the second - more non-standard and flashy.

Despite the complexity and cost of a large amount of time to perform such a technique of dyeing as balayazh, the haircut is worth it. This is not only a style in which dozens of experiments are possible, but also a great opportunity to always have a trendy look.

What is balayazh

Balayazh is the richer, darker version of natural color. hair, with caramel golden shades, healthy shine. This trend originated in Paris. According to the canons of style, the roots are also darker than the tips - this is a more refined type of Ombre staining.

Balayazh photo

Perhaps you just returned from vacation, spending it on the Mediterranean Sea, sunbathing on a yacht. Or they entered into a collusion with their stylist and hairdresser and thanks to this they got such a color. But do not worry, we will not tell anyone!

Photo: Willow Lane

Balayazh and blonde

If you have always been jealous of how wonderful strands of hair on children's heads burn out, you can finally curb your inner green-eyed monster. After all, balayazh will help you achieve this effect on blond hair.

Photo: We Heart It

If you are looking for something sharper, then using balayazha you can achieve this effect, which is called splash light (when the color is applied only to the middle part of the strand). How are we waiting for the moment when he will break out on the podium!

Photo: Everything Emily

Balayazh on blonde hair

Want to become a platinum blonde, but afraid to make this brave leap? Trust balayazha - apply uneven "platinum" on the ends of the hair. Such a bright blond, of course, will attract a lot of attention, but in the face the shade of the strands will be warmer and softer.

Balayazh for brunettes

Balayazh not only contributes to the creation of a deep multi-layered color, it will allow you to postpone another trip to the salon for a longer period. Who will be able to determine without error, whether it is regrown roots, or a part of the masterpiece on your hair.

Photo: Gal Meets Glam

Balayazh can deliver a lot of pleasure in combining all sorts of interesting shades. Plum and pink? Welcome!

Work: Jessica Barnwell

Ash balayazh

For years, Kelly Osbourne has been telling us: not only middle-aged women can be gray-haired. We believe her! I bet this color could be seen in more fashionistas, if they knew that it is possible in a wide variety of shades?

Photo: Miss Teacups

Balayazh on red hair

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a luxurious shock of red hair from nature, but this very technique comes to the rescue!

50 shades of burgundy. Do not even try to imagine how much you will have to sit in a chair at the hairdresser to get such a result. Let's just enjoy it!

Photo: Love, Elizabethany

Balayazh in natural shades

We showed you some pretty bold onions, but balaage in natural shades can also be used if you want your hair color to look natural. If you are not able to say goodbye to your natural hair color, then let balayazh give them only a little bit of brightness.

Photo: Mr. Anh co tran

If you want to protect your hair or your wallet from the damage that chemical dyes can cause, just paint a few strands around your face. This will completely refresh the whole onion.

If you haven’t got the perfect hair color from nature, then a shade of brown in combination with a dark blond will correct this situation!

Photo: SS Life + Style

Pink balayazh

Yes, we applauded standing to you all, lady, contemplating on your heads various shades of neon colors. But sometimes my eyes want to relax. Here comes pastel pink on platinum blonde to the rescue - it looks very cute!

Balayazh on the tips of the hair

So, you went and made yourself an elongated bean. And now ask your hairdresser to make a balaste at the ends of your hair: refresh your hair, make it brighter.

Photo: Daria Daria

Red balayazh

This is definitely not to be ignored. If you are looking for something new brave, then why not make yourself something like that?

Leaving hair its natural shape, you do not need to leave natural and their color. Just do not forget to make sure that the paint will be applied to the dried hair, so that a professional can apply it in the right places.

The variety of shades in this hair color is simply incredible! I bet even Keli Osborne was all jealous?

Photo: Arsova Salon

Balayazh ashy blond

Let your hairdresser use all the skills he owns. You will see how your hair will acquire a healthy shine and beauty due to the “introduction” of lighter strands into it.

Work: Johnny Ramirez

Ideas balayazha

Light-brown color pleases not every woman, sometimes giving her the look of a “gray mouse”. Although some of its shades are so beautiful that they are trying to achieve with paint. But it's not about them.

The photo below shows in detail an uncomplicated painting process.

The technology of coloring allows you to save the hair roots of the native color. This is important because growing hair of a contrasting color makes a woman constantly visit a hairdresser, which is not always convenient. In balayaazh paint is applied to the ends of the strands or 1/3 of the length.

Properly selected shades make the image brighter, they can be used to correct the shape of the face, emphasize the cheekbones and make the eyes more expressive. What ideas does balajaz on brown hair offer in the new season? You can take the native color as a basis, or you can create a base by applying different shades to it.

Spectacular balayazh on light brown hair photo:

  • Classic - it can be based on a natural light brown or slightly darkened color, smoothly turning into wheat shades.
  • Copper and amber - the basis of copper color, shaded by amber tones, visually make the hair more voluminous.
  • Bronze and gold - at the peak of popularity this season. The bronze base, highlighted in some strands with bright golden tones, will give the image a summer brightness.
  • Cool blond suitable lover of ice white shades. The basis is its own light brown color and strands of whitening from the middle. It looks very impressive. Medium-length hair is ideal for this option.
  • Honey Blonde will create the appearance of naturally burned hair. The basis is light brown, slightly touched by honey tones at the roots, gradually turning into wheat and very light shades to the tips.
  • Golden caramel - color option for long wavy hair. Lighter shades are applied to the main caramel tone, starting from different levels - individual strands can be painted from the roots, and some only at the tips.

In addition to color combinations, it is possible to vary the coloring of a balajazh on light brown hair with the help of length and areas of paint application.

  • Contrasting strands - are displayed gradually on a very light blond. Looks great on dark blond hair. Coloring begins on the strands along the face almost from the very roots and gradually turns into an icy blond at the very tips. In this case, the back of the head remains dark in color, and the color of the strands behind it begins in the middle of the length.
  • Thick-stained - This is a new word in balayazh on light brown hair. Light shades are applied to the main, darker tone like large strokes.
  • Blonde - this is an opportunity to get a very light color without completely discoloring the hair. You can give the color a kind of negligence, combining different shades of blond on different lengths of strands. Moreover, the coloring is not from the roots, which will help to avoid constant adjustment.
  • Precious platinum - This is an option for bright dark-eyed girls. He repeats the style of "blonde", but performed in platinum snow tones.

Staining technique

For painting short hair, you only need a sponge. It is done with basal bouffant and slightly fixed with varnish, if the hair is thin and weak. The paint is applied to the ends of the sponge with light sweeping movements. Exposure - depending on the desired shade.

Medium length hair is colored a little differently. From the roots of the strand can be wrapped in foil or mark the desired length of staining with rubber bands. If the middle of the colored strands requires a gradual color transition, the rubber bands go down as needed. The technique of dyeing long hair is similar.

At home, you can dye any hair, but be aware that with long you alone can not cope. You will need an assistant to disassemble the hair on the strands. Therefore, it is preferable to do the staining in the cabin. The wizard will help you choose the colors that best suit your image and create exactly the hairstyle you dream of.

Opinion stylists

Stylists recommend using natural as the base color. The goal of the artist is to emphasize naturalness, and not to create an image with creative contrasts. Although you can do it if you wish.

Proper and smooth stretching of color will add freshness to the image, emphasize the texture of the haircut, visually increase the volume of the hair and correct the shape of the face. Ideally, the hairstyle should lie in soft curls, so it is better to hide the transitions of paint. Therefore, if you have straight hair, it is better to do daily styling. Balajazh on straight hair gives the image a little sharpness and graphic.

If you want to make a haircut, you first need to decide on her model. Based on this, the master will recommend a version of balayazha. See photo balayazha on brown hair:

Balayazh is a gentle coloring technique. The paint is applied with surface strokes, therefore it almost does not damage the hair. Care after staining will not differ from the usual. Color correction once every 3-4 months.

The only minus balayazha - is the duration of the procedure of dyeing and the need to do it in the salon (for long hair). The rest is the opportunity to look always well-groomed and fresh.

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