Philips hair clippers: a review of models and their characteristics

On the domestic market, the Philips HC3400 hair clipper is one of the top sellers. The advantage of the product can be called a affordable price, ease of use, futuristic design.

Buyers pay attention to the authority of the company that manufactures the product: this also served to increase the popularity of the machine. At the same time, she has a number of drawbacks. Some users believe that it is not doing enough.

Description hair clippers Philips hc3400 15

According to the manufacturer, when creating this device, an upgraded DualCut technology was introduced. This means that the cutting unit of the product is made with double sharpening, which allows you to cut hair of almost any type and much faster than previous Philips machines did. The same technology has reduced friction.

The Philips HC3400 hair clipper is equipped with blades that do not require sharpening and lubrication, they should remain sharp despite frequent use.

This model has 13 length settings: if you use a comb, you can set the length from 1 to 23 millimeters (12 settings), the comb is removed when they want to achieve a minimum length of 0.5 millimeter.

There is a modification of this model - the Philips HC3400 / 15 hair clipper.

Specifications and price: power and other data of the machine

Philips, in support of sales of this and previous series of devices, launched an advertising slogan: “Haircut is twice as fast.” You can evaluate the capabilities of the product according to the following characteristics:

  • series released in 2014,
  • the width of the knives is 41 millimeter,
  • 13 length parameters can be set, from 0.5 to 23 millimeters,
  • knives are made of stainless steel, they are self-sharpening and do not need lubrication,
  • Available in different colors: you can choose a hair clipper in the red and black tones, silver and black, dark blue and other colors,
  • works at voltage from 100 to 240V,
  • the cost ranges from 1500 to 2000 rubles,
  • Included with the machine is an adapter, manual, cleaning brush, warranty book and one nozzle,
  • the machine is given a two-year warranty, the manufacturer promises that those who register on the official website will give an additional 3-year warranty, but it does not affect the cutting blocks, namely, they often fail.

On the Internet, there are different opinions about the quality of the product: some write that it copes well with soft and hard hair, others complain that the machine is quickly clogged, very noisy, and her buttons constantly sink.

Trimmer tips: how to change knives and other recommendations

To get started, you must first insert the plug into the product, and then use it to connect to the power supply. You can trim the hair, pre-installed on the device comb, or without it.

  1. With a comb. Set the desired length. If the device is used for the first time, then you need to set the maximum length in order to understand how the machine works, then you can reduce the settings. Turn on the device after determining the settings. Guide the machine should be against the growth of hair. It should fit snugly to the skin.
  2. Without a comb. Remove the nozzle. Smoothly, without pressure, drive the machine on the skin. In this configuration, the machine will cut all the hair to a length of 0.5 mm.

After trimming, the device should be turned off, the comb should be removed, if installed, separately cleaned under running water or a brush. Then it is necessary to remove the cutting unit and clean it as well. Clean the inside with a dry brush. Cutting block and comb set only after the parts have dried. The product itself is prohibited to wash.

Characteristics of Philips machines, differences from trimmer

The Philips company for hair care produces stylers, trimmers, razors and typewriters. At first glance, it may seem that the entire listed series (with the exception of the razor) means the same thing. But it is not so. The machines have features that distinguish them from other products for haircuts.

Table: differences between clippers and trimmers

Thus, each device has its advantages and disadvantages. The trimmer is more versatile, but it is better to use it for clipping facial hair. The machine has a narrower focus, but it is more efficient in its business.

Model overview

Each of the Philips machines has its own distinctive features that distinguish it from other devices for cutting hair of the same brand.

  1. Motor power. The most powerful engine has a model HC9490 / 15. The manufacturer calls it ProMotor and states that the machine at its base works twice as fast.
  2. The number of nozzles. Almost all Philips machines have 3 comb. But in terms of the number of possible length settings, the HC9490 / 15 and HC9450 / 15 devices can be called a clear favorite.
  3. Noiselessness The quietest sound is made model HC1066 / 15 - a device for cutting children.
  4. Availability of additional functions. Model HC5438 / 15 has a nozzle for beard correction.

The manufacturer constantly updates the model range of machines, removing outdated samples from production. For example, modifications of the HC5450, HC3400, QC5115, QC5040 of 2014 and earlier today are out of production and replaced with more modern ones. Consider products released from 2015 to 2017.

Philips HC9490 / 15 and HC9450 / 15 hair clippers

These models have an electronic length adjustment, and they keep their chosen value in memory. Batteries are charged from the network for 1 hour. The cars have an elongated metal case in silver, the blue backlit interface displays the selected length and battery charge level. The back of the machine has a wave-like shape, which allows you to comfortably hold the device in your hand for a long time.

The on and off functions of the instruments are combined in one button on the front of the case. During battery charging, the percentage of energy is displayed on the screen, and at the end of the process, the machine emits an audible warning signal. A later product, HC9490 / 15, is an upgraded version of the previous HC9450 / 15. The device has the following configuration:

  • machine,
  • 3 nozzles,
  • brush,
  • adapter for outlet,
  • instruction manual in Russian,
  • warranty card
  • case and stand.

The cord is inserted directly into the device during mains operation. The same cable is used to charge the battery, but for the model HC9490 / 15 it is connected to the stand, and the device is installed in the cell. Do not rinse the blades of the product under water. Knife unit machines must be removed for mechanical cleaning of hair with a brush.

Without installing the nozzle, the machine cuts the hair to a length of 0.5 mm. After fixing the comb, the desired value is set using a roller. Each step of the regulator adds a length of 0.1 mm, if you scroll up, and decreases to the same value when scrolling down.

To select the length on the typewriter HC9450 / 15, upward or downward motion is required on the touch panel. After holding your finger on the regulator on the screen will quickly change installation options. The sharper the movement of the finger, the higher the rate of data change. You can stop this process by clicking on the sensor.

Each ridge has its own length setting range:

  • the first comb regulates the length from 1 to 7 mm,
  • the second nozzle is limited in size from 7 to 24 mm,
  • the third ridge has a run-up from 24 to 42 mm.

In the characteristics of the machines there are several differences.

  1. According to the manufacturer, the updated model HC9490 / 15 has a more powerful ProMotor engine, about which we have already spoken.
  2. The model HC9450 / 15 in the kit does not have a case and stand.
  3. The HC9450 / 15 machine runs for 120 minutes without connecting to the network, and the HC9490 / 15 for 180 minutes.
  4. The old version is equipped with a touch screen control, the new one - with a mechanical regulator in the form of a roller.

  • have self-sharpening blades,
  • have the function of a turbo mode to work with particularly hard and thick hair,
  • teeth on the cutting unit have double sharpening,
  • equipped with a wide range of lengths,
  • 3 settings for each ridge are stored in memory,
  • can work without being connected to electricity,
  • during operation make a low noise,
  • do not vibrate.

The disadvantage of the devices is a substantial cost: the model HC9450 / 15 has a price of 6399 rubles, the HC9490 / 15 - from 9490 rubles. In addition, the manufacturer’s stated warranty does not apply to ridges, a separate purchase of which will cost approximately 1,000 rubles without shipping.

The instructions attached to the machines say that the device does not need to be lubricated with oil. Perhaps this is just an advertising move. If the machine will serve for several years, it will probably still have to lubricate the internal mechanisms.

Reviews on the models HC9490 / 15 and HC9450 / 15

The machine HC9450 / 15 is very convenient, all customers were satisfied ... And the charge is good, it lasts a long time. The cord is long, quickly charging ... You can do different hairstyles with it, from the easiest to the most complex. No problem. The machine climbs into the most inaccessible places, near the ears. And the bangs are removed straight. No problem. The main building is also not heated as it would not work.


In his hand, he sits like a glove, but the back surface would not hurt to rubberize or add rubber elements ... for a five-plus, he copes with a haircut in all places))) In general, I recommend! You will not regret the model HC9450 / 15.


Pluses: Beautiful, length adjustment, quickly charging. Disadvantages: 1. It cuts very poorly, it is necessary to carry out 10-20 times, tried on different hairs. 2. It is inconvenient to hold in your hand when you cut yourself. 3. Fine adjustment of 0.1 mm is superfluous, and it is difficult to regulate it. 4. Big Comment: The cars before were 2 thousand. shorn at times better about the model HC9450 / 15.

Ershov Ivan

It works quite quietly. When I received the machine HC9490 / 15, the seller put it on recharging for just a minute. So son shaved completely on this minimum recharge. Picked up the machine by self at the metro Aviamotornaya. Very convenient, close. Machine checked documents issued. Thank you very much. I am pleased with the order.

Oksana Arzamasova

Pluses: Incredibly precise length adjustment, ergonomic design, good knives, ease of use Disadvantages: None Comment: Very accurate, Very stylish, Very comfortable, quiet. The best I bought! about model HC9490 / 15

Seleznev Victor

Definitely the best machine of all, which can now be bought. It works quietly, it charges very quickly, when you take it in your hands, it is immediately obvious that the thing is expensive and of high quality. Fully justifies its price. An excellent kit: three nozzles, a docking station for charging, or you can simply charge it with a complete adapter without a stand. A cover that is not embarrassing to take in hand and in which it is convenient to carry a car HC9490 / 15 with you on trips. In general, everything is on top.

Meyers carter

Philips HC7460 / 15 hair clipper

Model HC7460 / 15 has similar characteristics with the machines discussed above:

  • similar design,
  • electrically adjustable combs,
  • electronic interface
  • turbo mode
  • charging time
  • guarantee period,
  • mechanisms that do not require lubrication,
  • same motor as the HC9450 / 15,
  • Work without connecting to the network for 120 minutes, like the HC9450 / 15.

Of course, there are distinctive features:

  • The blades are made of stainless steel, not titanium,
  • the device is controlled by buttons,
  • the device has only 60 length settings
  • The screen has a red color backlight.

The package bundle of the Philips HC7460 / 15 model is exactly the same as the Philips HC9450 / 15, the characteristics of these devices are very similar. A distinctive advantage of the device of the 7000th series is the lower cost of the product: from 3861 rubles.

The required length of the haircut is set with two buttons. For each switch setting the length of the machine responds with a slight vibration. This is convenient because the feedback function ensures that the selected data has been saved for further work.

Individual disadvantages include less durable metal from which the blades are made: although steel is a high-quality alloy, titanium is much stronger in comparison with it and, judging by the reviews, is more durable, steel blades become dull with time. In addition, the machine is sold without a case, so you need to independently organize the method of storage.

User Reviews

I supplement the review after almost 2 years of use. The machine HC7460 / 15 is working properly, but the most frequently used medium head broke. Unfortunately, the warranty on the nozzles does not apply. Philips Company offers me to buy this attachment for 790 rubles. + 440 rubles. for delivery. I think this price for a piece of brittle plastic is unreasonably expensive (and they are very fragile).


Great machine HC7460 / 15! very light, comfortable in hand, cuts hair well and does not tear out hair. It is very convenient to adjust the length, there is a set of nozzles in the kit. It charges quickly, in general for home use in the hands of a non-professional - ideal)) unfortunately, you can not wash in water.


After a year of use (there were no more than 15 haircuts), the knives were blunt. I mow a nozzle under 5 mm. Although written self-sharpening blades. Hair is hammered into the nozzle, it seems easy to clean, but you have to do it often on the model HC7460 / 15.

Philips HC5438 / 15 and HC5446 / 80 hair clipper

The HC5438 / 15 and HC5446 / 80 models are significantly inferior in performance to the products discussed above: they are less powerful, they take longer to charge, and the battery life is much less. The devices have individual design features, but in general the forms are quite similar.

The cars have the following characteristics:

  • steel self-sharpening blades,
  • 8 hours of charging
  • autonomous operation of the model HC5438 / 15 is 50 minutes, model HC5446 / 80 - 75 minutes,
  • 24 length settings
  • cutting unit with double sharpening,
  • steel case.

There are two small differences between the models:

  1. Combs. Each machine has two combs, one of which is designed for hair cutting. The second comb of model HC5438 / 15 is designed to correct the beard from 1 to 23 mm, thus adding a trimmer function to the product. Comb HC5446 / 80 has short rounded teeth for cutting children with adjustable from 0.5 to 23 mm.
  2. Equipment. Model HC5446 / 80 is sold with a special hard case, the HC5438 / 15 does not have one.

  • machine
  • cord,
  • 2 ridges
  • user's manual,
  • warranty card
  • case (for model HC5446 / 80).

Length adjustment on the machines is carried out using a roller on the front panel. When scrolling in the top window displays the selected value. Below is the button on and off the device.

  • blades of products can be removed and washed,
  • can work from the network
  • model HC5438 / 15 is suitable for the care of a beard and mustache,
  • model HC5446 / 80 is safe for children,
  • make a quiet noise
  • do not vibrate
  • prices are lower than other Philips brand machines: HC5438 / 15 - from 1990 rubles., HC5446 / 80 - from 3099 rubles.

The disadvantages include the following qualities:

  • long charging time - 8 hours
  • short battery life,
  • less choice of length
  • fewer nozzles
  • no cleaning brush,
  • no case (for model HC5438 / 15).

Reviews on the HC5438 / 15 and HC5446 / 80 models

The HC5438 / 15 machine itself is easy to use. You can even understand without instructions. The noise from the work of the machine even quieter than the machines in some barber shops. Hair cuts well, does not tear. Curly hair like ours, does not loop and does not pull. Thanks to the device nozzles you can not be afraid to hurt the child, even if he spins. This is a very big plus ... A little skips hairs, like all machines. But you can go again. The case itself lies in the hand comfortably, during operation, a strong vibration is not observed.It is easy to clean. The knives are removed by pressing the button.

1 ..

Fragile-looking nozzles, care must be taken when handling them. Otherwise, in the event of a breakdown, they are nowhere to be found. During the haircut, it is necessary to shake out the hair every time, which quickly bothers, because they do not get out of the attachment badly. After the haircut will see that the hair fell under the knives on the model HC5438 / 15.

a guest

If you look closely, you can see a white grease on the eccentric, which moves the knives. After brushing the knives with a brush, the lubricant will be cleaned and severe wear will begin. Therefore, you need to follow and lubricate. And here comes the second question, what kind of lubricant? I suppose that a special lubricant for rubbing plastic parts, which is used in computer technology (in printers for example), and getting such a lubricant is not a simple matter. About new knives, too, lie. They are exactly the same as in the old typewriters on the model HC5438 / 15.

Shevchuk Alexey

It seems everything is fine, but the main problem lies in this mechanism. The fact is that having set any length more than the minimum, cut hair begins to get hammered between the typewriter and the nozzle, which makes it necessary to constantly stop in order to remove it from there about the model HC5446 / 80.


There is a possibility of washing the blades under water, they do not require lubrication and are self-sharpening, these characteristics are certainly useful, although this is most likely an advertising move and I would not believe this information 100% ... I would point out that the hair is clogged under the blades and even a small brush in the kit does not help solve this problem. Also, the machine is not quite quiet, but not very noisy, something average in the level of noise emitted when mowing about the model HC5446 / 80.


For me, the only drawback was that during the haircut, soft children's hair is slightly clogged between the machine and the attachment to it. This is characteristic only for rather long hair. The first two or three haircuts I stopped and cleaned my hair, but now I have adapted to throw them off during the haircut. For home use the machine is great, not counting the only negative. Quality and fast haircuts are completely satisfied, and the process itself is very easy on the model HC5446 / 80.


Philips QC5126 / 15 hair clipper

The manufacturer of this model is positioned as a family typewriter, which can be used both for adults and for children.

The manufacturer claims that the model QC5126 / 15 - the quietest among all hair clippers brand Philips after children's products.

The device in an oblong-shaped plastic case has a fairly simple package:

  • machine,
  • removable cord
  • double-sided brush
  • comb regulator
  • instruction,
  • warranty card.

On the front of the machine is a movable power button on the device. Instead of a standard nozzle, the device is equipped with a comb-regulator, which can be extended and retracted to select the desired length. An arrow is displayed on the left side of the product, and there is a marking on the ridge; when adjusted, the arrow indicates the selected length. The nozzle can be removed to clean the blades.

  • self-sharpening steel blades,
  • 11 length settings
  • rounded blades and nozzle ends,
  • folding head.

  • lung,
  • has rounded teeth
  • it has a comfortable handle shape,
  • makes a quiet noise
  • does not vibrate
  • It is cheaper than other machines Philips - its price starts from 1490 p.

The device is not without flaws:

  • not able to work autonomously,
  • the choice of length is not as diverse as that of later Philips machines,
  • the nozzle is made of plastic, there is no guarantee for it.

Owner reviews

The machine QC5126 / 15 serves faithfully until now. Hair does not tear, shave quality. Heats up a little when shaving is delayed, but does not bring discomfort. The blades have remained well cutting ... And more often, I simply shave her cheeks and beard. Leaving daytime stubble. Conveniently. And do not need to spend money on machines for razors and electric razors.

Against the background of the previous version, Philips QC5126 cuts better. The machine weighs very little. It does not make much noise, but it still does it. Not heated, and even the power supply is not heated. But without the drawbacks of this machine was not. Most of all I didn’t like at the first operation that the power cord falls out of the socket, which is located in the machine itself. During the haircut, it is not surprising to hook the cord and it will fall out. For the first time, I didn’t even immediately understand what was going on, and I started up a little. Even this machine is not convenient to cut behind the ears.

The quality of the haircut is certainly not the best, if the hair is soft, then the nozzle smoothes it and the knives pass by, so you have to drive 3–4 times in one place. With hard hair, too, have to tinker to the antenna was not going around in a circle several times. Of course, she expected more from her, but in principle she will get away with home use about the model QC5126 / 15.

Philips HC1066 / 15 and HC1091 / 15 hair clippers

Models HC1066 / 15 and HC1091 / 15 are baby trimmers. Their blades are made in such a way as to minimize the possibility of injury. These are the quietest products from all Philips machines.

  • the machine itself
  • 3 ridges
  • power cord,
  • brush,
  • bubble cleaner
  • user's manual,
  • certificate of conformity,
  • case (for model HC1091 / 15).

The shape of the machines, like all other models of Philips, is elongated and narrow. The movable on / off button is located on the front panel, the connector for connecting the cord is located on the lower end. The devices are equipped with a waterproof case.

  • ceramic blades
  • rounded cropped teeth
  • battery life is 45 minutes
  • time to fully charge the battery - 8 hours
  • length setting from 1–18 mm (HC1091 / 15), 1–12 mm (HC1066 / 15).

When connected to electricity to charge on the front panel lights up.

Bilateral nozzles in the kit are designed to change the length of the haircut:

  • first comb - 3 and 6 mm,
  • second comb - 9 and 12 mm,
  • the third ridge is 1 mm (side with even teeth) and 1–9 mm (beveled side).

All values ​​are displayed on the inside of the nozzles. Combs are mounted on small cells on both sides of the blades.

  • water tightness
  • availability of cleaning agent
  • the presence of a cover (model HC1091 / 15),
  • low noise level
  • possibility of autonomous operation,
  • relatively low price: HC1091 / 15 - from 2989 rubles, HC1066 / 15 - from 2159 rubles.

Machines are not without weaknesses:

  • small range of lengths,
  • short battery life,
  • long charging period.

Reviews on the models HC1066 / 15 and HC1091 / 15

Highly recommend! For moms, this gadget with professional power, a safe blade and a cutter almost himself, an indispensable thing in everyday life! And I note, both for mothers of boys, and for mothers of girls, so how to equalize the hair of this machine HC1066 / 15 is easy! I forgot the last plus: the machine and nozzles are very easy to clean!

The machine HC1066 / 15 was very pleased with the ease of use and the result.


Speaking of the result, I can say that the thing is useful, the child is pleased with the appearance of the new “miracle of the blaster”, cuts well, does not leave sticking hairs, does not tear, does not buzz much, and this allows the child to sit more easily because it is not so ticklish, easy to clean, convenient to cut behind the ears + savings at the hairdresser) I recommend the model HC1066 / 15.


Excellent machine HC1091 / 15 for cutting children from an early age. It is very convenient to store, for this purpose there is a hard case in the kit, in which both the machine and its attachments fit. To purchase definitely recommend.

Blade cuts well, adjustment works great. I advise everyone to this product about model HC1091 / 15.


Unlike conventional clippers, here you have to adjust the length by changing the nozzle. Perhaps it will not seem very convenient to someone, but this is a matter of habit ... Also, ceramic nozzles will allow you to save on sharpening the blades. But there is also a minus - the nozzles can be broken, because you need to be careful. Overall very satisfied with the purchase. Mild, quiet, stylish, and most importantly - safe! I can safely recommend her parents about the model HC1091 / 15.


Description of the file:

Device type: hair clipper

Manufacturer: PHILIPS

Model: PHILIPS HC3400 / 15

Instructions in Russian

File format: pdf, size: 13,58 MB

To view the instructions, you must click on the link “DOWNLOAD” to download the pdf file. If there is a “VIEW” button, then you can simply view the document online.

For convenience, you can save this page with the manual file to your “favorites” list directly on the site (available to registered users).

PHILIPS QC5115 / 15 - power and noiselessness

QC5115 / 15 is an easy-to-use model, the work of which consumers have rated as the quietest among all other Philips machine models. This advantage allows you to safely use the device for young children.

Blades do not require lubrication, there will be no smell from engine oil. Package dimensions: 23.5x14x7, package weight: 400 gr., Color: metallic black.


  • silent device, with almost no vibration,
  • powerful motor
  • smooth movement of stainless steel blades, their width - 41 mm,
  • self-sharpening knives rounded, which eliminates injury,
  • the folding head makes it easy to clean the instrument,
  • nozzles: telescopic, comb,
  • 11 positions of length (3-21 mm),
  • can not use a comb for a short haircut,
  • Accessories: adapter, nozzle, cleaning brush,
  • Cheapness: 1600-1800 rubles.


PHILIPS HC3410 / 15 - speed and safety

The HC3410 / 15 is a machine with an innovative DualCut cutting unit, featuring a low friction coefficient and double sharpening. This technology speeds up haircut, makes it safer, suitable for different types of hair. Packaging dimensions: 22.5x14x7, weight: 218 g., Color: black.


  • stainless steel blades
  • 41 mm wide blades do not require sharpening and lubrication,
  • fixed length positions - 13 (1-23 mm),
  • the head is easily removed for cleaning,
  • equipment: adapter, nozzle, cleaning brush,
  • Cheapness - 1200 rubles.


PHILIPS HC3400 / 15 - comfort and accessibility

The HC3400 / 15 is a convenient clipper with self-sharpening detachable knives and mains power. Packaging dimensions: 22.5x14x7, weight: 244 g., Color: blue.


  • very comfortable design, the device fits comfortably in your hand,
  • cutting length 1-23 mm,
  • blade width 41 mm, does not require sharpening and lubrication,
  • complete set: adapter, nozzle comb, telescopic nozzles, brush for cleaning, instruction,
  • two year warranty
  • reasonable price - 1500 rubles.


  • Some consumers fail the eccentric quickly. If the device is under warranty, then this is a warranty case.

PHILIPS HC3420 / 15 - speed and quality

HC3420 / 15 - this model has a long service life with proper operation. Quick and neat cutting is done thanks to technology DualCut. Shipping weight: 388 g., Color: black with red elements.


  • beautiful ergonomic design,
  • works both from a network, and from the battery, charging lasts for one hour of an autonomous mode, the battery is charged within eight hours,
  • the number of fixed settings - 13 (1-23 mm),
  • removable stainless blades are easy to care for,
  • equipment: adapter, comb-nozzle, telescopic nozzles, cleaning brush, manual, warranty card,
  • two year warranty.


  • there is no battery charging indicator,
  • relatively high cost - in the range of 3000 rubles.

PHILIPS HC5450 / 80 - functionality and quality

The HC5450 / 80 is a model with advanced DualCut technology that allows you to cut haircut time in half and make hair more even. Package weight: 464 gr. (unpacked - 158 gr), color: metallic black.


  • Titanium knives are not only super durable, but also hypoallergenic,
  • 24 modes of a hairstyle, a step - 1 mm,
  • without comb can be trimmed to 0.5 mm,
  • two modes of operation: mains and battery. The battery charges only one hour, and the device can work autonomously for an hour and a half,
  • LED indicator of battery charge,
  • for easy cleaning the head is removed,
  • In addition to the usual nozzles, the set includes a beard comb,
  • two year warranty.


  • in case of improper use it can make noise and get clogged,
  • due to fast charging, the battery gets very hot, which theoretically could reduce the service life,
  • cost - more than 4,000 rubles.

PHILIPS HC5440 / 15 - Convenience

The HC5440 / 15 is a convenient model for a comfortable haircut with stainless steel self-sharpening knives. Due to the DualCut turbo mode, the procedure is faster and better. Color: black silver.


  • beautiful design, it is convenient to hold the device in hand due to the form,
  • setting cutting modes: 1-23 mm,
  • work from a network and the battery, the battery is charged within eight hours, works independently 75 minutes,
  • works almost silently
  • equipment: adapter, comb, telescopic nozzle, cleaning brush, charger, manual, warranty card,
  • acceptable price - 2300 rubles.


  • one nozzle that is not suitable for everyone.

PHILIPS HC9450 - safety and functionality

The HC9450 is a functional modern model with a digital touch control, electrically adjustable. Weight 388 gr., Color: black silver.


  • comfortable shape, beautiful design,
  • the floating head provides a comfortable, smooth cut,
  • a huge number of installations of length - 400, 0.5-42, the minimum step - 0.1 mm,
  • Titanium self-sharpening knives are durable and hypoallergenic,
  • battery and network operation, charging for one hour, autonomously two hours,
  • touch interface,
  • charging indicator with LED display,
  • adjustable nozzles,
  • automatic turbo mode
  • the device remembers three modes of hair length for different nozzles,
  • Included 3 electrically adjustable nozzles: 1-7, 7-24, 24-42 mm,
  • silent work, vibrations minimum.


  • there is no storage bag,
  • high cost: within 8,000 rubles.

Negative reviews

a very unsuccessful design of the nozzle - where it removes more roundness on the head and face more than on flat places, this is noticeable visually. she can ideally only be absolutely flat as a blackboard, a place for a screech, which is not found on the human body, I do not know for whom it was intended. and of course the goods cannot be returned. I just threw out the money thanks to the filips, I will never buy anything from this company anymore. hoped it would be better than Chinese nouneyms

From the good - the price and it is good that you can get a haircut at all.

  • very hard wire (straight spring!),
  • adjustable nozzle is a separate and most important problem. When cutting hair (cut off) are not discarded, but fall inside the nozzle. As a result, clogged hair does not allow knives to perform their function (cut). Therefore, every 10 seconds you have to remove the attachment and shake out her hair, and then put it back.

The developers are clearly not even steamed "protest" this "miracle" of technology.


My husband has little hair on his head and a large skull, he is fine, and where the hair is sparse, he doesn’t take it at all. I cut my son 7 years old (before that, too, was an adult machine, there were no problems). The child was crying: tearing his hair, then in the basin, then not long cut hair, but the dust of torn hair. Well, because of the wide nozzle behind the ears, it is impossible to pass, the hair gets stuck after each pass. Did not like it at all!

I had a Philips machine, I don’t remember the model, but I also used it with one attachment, I used it for 10 years. Shaving is cool. Gave relatives. Took this one. Now I understand that in comparison with the typewriter, this one is a step back. Uneven mows, noise, quickly clogged. Scrubbed once, perhaps the knives will sharpen better and will be half the best. Short hat! I did not expect such hemorrhoids from the phillips.

The machine has worked 3 haircuts, after all worse and worse. The inner metal part, which is under the knife panel during the haircut, began to fly out, the knife simply stopped working. But after that it stopped cutting the knife.

I bought the Philips HC3400 hair clipper in exchange for my old Remington, which has already lived its life. Which served me "faithfully" for 5 years probably. But now the time has come to replace it, since it has already become difficult to cut it.

I didn’t choose it for a long time, so I looked at which models are on the market, and at an affordable price. Looked, looked and decided to buy a Philips HC3400

famous brand, as it seemed to me should be a decent quality. Nice appearance, warranty. But as it turned out that the guarantee is only an advertising move, but first things first.

The machine is packed in a small colorful box, on which the main criteria and advertising information are written on all sides (steel self-sharpening stainless blade), etc.

Unpacked the box all on the appearance with dignity

This is how a complete set of cars looks like.

  • clipper
  • Charger
  • one nozzle
  • cleaning brush
  • and a brochure with a description, instructions and warranty book.

The machine itself Philips HC3400 looks pretty nice and at first glance high quality. Very light. Conveniently lies in the hand.

On the front panel there is a power on and off button. just above is a key to adjust the height of the haircut. This key constantly jams, jumps to the wrong value, moves roughly.

at the bottom is a connector for power. Which is inserted very tightly, well, maybe it will not pop out well.

Power to the machine is fed 24V

On the back of the machine there is a button for removing the blades. When you press it, the blades are easily removed.

in these blades lies the whole problem. With a haircut, "if you can call it that," it is worth spending a few centimeters in the hair, the machine shuts up, clogs, tears, does not cut it at all. The hair is even clogged in the mechanisms themselves (and it is actually clogged) with the result in the photo.

I did not even have this on Chinese typewriters. And then Philips.

Blade width 41mm. Blades glisten and seemingly cut their hairs to forever. But. toli knives are badly sharpened, then the sharpening of the vaunted (self-sharpening stainless blades) is badly self-sharpening :)) But it doesn't even cut hair on bald heads.

The nozzle is made of high quality plastic. Removed easily.

Adjustable haircut height ot1mm

up to 23mm. The only drawback is the "sharp" angle of the nozzle, while cutting at times it clings to the scalp.

I bought this car came home, pleased with the new purchase. That's just my joy was not long. As soon as I started to get a haircut, I realized that I would not be able to finish my project. The machine refused to cut, drala, chewed but did not want to shear. In general, I got my old machine and with grief in half put himself in order.

Generally conclusions to do to you. But for myself, I decided that such a brand does not exist as Philips is no longer going to buy. Not even because it is defective. and by the fact that I refused to even change it in the store. Since the warranty card says this.

I already thought the time had run out of such hitrosy))

We bought a Philips HC3400 typewriter for a baby haircut, I liked that it works quietly, a large range of haircut length (from 0.5 to 23mm), a guarantee of 5 years and, of course, a nice price. At first they tried on an adult man and were upset: when choosing the maximum length (23mm), they cut for more than an hour: they had to go through the same place many times! There were not even "antennas", but generally untouched hair! Maybe at the minimum length she would have cut better, but this mode does not suit us. In the photo the final result.

We tried to cut a child with sparse soft hairs, the length was chosen less than 9mm. But here the machine is not pleased. The hair was not immediately captured, although the child sat quietly (

Neutral reviews

Before it was a Chinese machine for 700re with Ali, worked for 2 years and stopped turning on, if you compare with this machine, then the Chinese was much better, and for less money also with autonomous power, and this only from the network and found out about it only at home how it will cut time will show, but did not think that the product under this brand will be of such poor quality, three stars for what she cuts something, but there is little hope for her.

Inconvenient to operate.

I have a lot of Philips technology. Not so long ago, I became the owner of another product. This is a Philips HC3400 hair clipper. The sales assistant offered me this model, as in the average price policy, modern, comfortable and easy to manage.

The device is comfortable in hand, light in weight, 36 W powered from the mains, does not need lubrication, as it has the function of self-sharpening knives. The power cord is removed.

Adjust the length of the hair can only movement of one finger. There is only one nozzle in the set, which can be adjusted with one button. The power button is also located on the panel next to the nozzle adjustment.

The nozzle is completely removable. It can be washed if necessary.

Included is a brush to clean the knives.

After cutting, remove the attachment, and you can also remove the top cleaning panel. The trick is also that it can be washed under water, or simply cleaned with a brush.

In fact, I didn’t really like the machine. although she mows well, but she needs to be able to use it. I can't do it. The machine walks easily around the head, but near the ears and in the back of the head it is impossible to cut it ideally. The angle of the nozzle is too sharp and long, does not want to capture hard-to-reach places. And also the machine works loudly, quickly clogs up, you often have to remove the nozzle and clean it.

In general, my first client was my three-year-old son, who could not stand it until the end of the procedure and had to fix the “antennas” with the help of my old typewriter.

I can not put the "excellent" of this model cars, despite the fact that this is a brand trademark of Philips.

When our old machine broke down and began to shamelessly tear out the hair, we bought the hair dryer Philips HC 3400. And not one, but 2 at once. One for my husband, the other dad. After the old typewriter, the new one seemed to be something transcendental))) At first, I undertook to cut my husband, he had straight thick, medium-hard hair that in 2.5 months was decent for the industry. So, with his haircut there were no problems. Taking into account the fact that I cut it at an average of 7 mm, the machine coped with the task perfectly, did not tear out and did not chew hair, did not overheat, did not leave antennas, there are no problems with the button for switching the length, everything switches easily enough, nowhere does not stick and does not falter. By the way, I would like to note that this machine has a very comfortable long cord, which is held tightly and does not jump out by itself.

After my husband that day I decided to mow dad. Of course, I was tuned to the same result, I thought everything would go so easily and simply. But it happened the other way around. With Dad's tough and slightly curly hair, his machine was not eager to work. No, she did not tear out her hair, she just barely cut it. As a result, time was spent almost 3 times more on the same result. It may also be affected by the fact that I cut my father on average under 10 mm. It seems to me that the longer the length is, the harder it is to cut. (total haircut length settings from 1mm to 23mm) This is such an interesting experience.

I also didn’t really like the nozzle, which wasn’t very comfortable either because of the shape or because it was alone. What is not particularly durable, it is worth just one drop unsuccessfully.

In short, the impressions are ambiguous.

Positive reviews

I took just in case, before leaving for a business trip. I liked the price and the term of the factory warranty, here it is 2 years. In his hand, the machine sits well, does not crash. I’m not doing any haircuts for myself, everything is usually under 3 mm. I’ll note that this unit naturally copes with this. What you liked most is that the hair does not chew this model. I have quite a thick head of hair, and, sometimes, even in the barbershops there were unpleasant painful sensations. And then cheap - but with comfort. I use the machine on average once a month and a half, it has been serving me for just over a year. Recommend

Hello!! I had a clipper, philips, it was already old and the nozzle broke in it. Without a nozzle is not possible to cut, and now bought a new one. She was on the stock at the time when we took it. It’s not convenient to hold it in your hands, I think this is a matter of habit.

It was necessary to trim my son, and he only had a year old, but the machine worked well, did not leave an antenna, and did not even pick up the hair, since we were sitting almost calmly. To my surprise, it works not noisy, even my son was not afraid of her during the haircut.

I really liked the attachment, it has thirteen length settings for cutting hair from 0.5 to 23 ml. One minus plastic nozzle, I'm afraid that may also break. The blade in the machine of steel, the power system from the network, double cutting unit with double sharpening, removable blades for easy cleaning. Two year warranty.

Already on the first birthday of the child, we are faced with the fact that the baby is afraid of a haircut. It would seem, at first glance, an absolutely harmless occupation, and it may turn into a terrible tantrum and spoil the mood of the whole family for the whole day.

For the baby’s haircut, we gathered in the country house with the whole huge family, where the grandfather danced, the grandmother sang, the aunt showed the photo on the phone, the mother spoke, and my father, having gained patience, created the hairstyle.

Having tried a bunch of machines — my parents, grandfathers, aunts, and even a neighbor, we decided to go to the store so that the child would choose his own haircut machine.

Like a son machine Philips HC 3400. A good choice, as it turned out.

In the configuration is the machine itself, a nozzle, charging, brush for cleaning hair and all sorts of little books like a guarantee, recommendations for operation, etc.

The machine does not require special care - no need to grease the blades. Easy to clean - the blades can be removed and simply washed with water or, if not necessary, cleaned with a brush from the set.

The knives are not clogged during the shearing.

The machine is light in weight and sits very comfortably in your hand.

The biggest plus for cutting children is very quiet.

Warranty service and spare parts for machines

Philips offers spare parts for hair clippers. If necessary, all the models surveyed can be ordered:

  • ridges
  • Charger,
  • cutting block.

When ordering the required accessory, it should be understood that the product may not always be available. If this is not available, you can place an individual purchase order.

The manufacturer gives a guarantee only on the machine itself. Accessories are not covered by the warranty. In case of any problems or issues in the operation of the devices, the manufacturer recommends that you first call the telephone hotline. If the data on the phone recommendations did not help solve the problem, then you need to contact the service center. In case of loss of documents for a typewriter in the center, they must restore the purchase information by the serial number of the product, carry out diagnostics and establish the cause of the breakdown or malfunction.

Recommendations specialists in trimming and preparing for her

Rotary (i.e., automatically controlled) cars - ideal for those who do not have hair cutting skills. Philips products are designed not only for professional use, but also for domestic use. For successful training haircut, you must understand that in the hairdressing business the scalp is divided into the following parts:

  • upper occipital,
  • lower occipital,
  • temporal lateral,
  • parietal.

Next, follow the simple guidelines.

  1. Before cutting you need to wash and dry your hair.
  2. Prepare a large piece of sliding matter, but you can do without it.
  3. One movement to try to cover as much territory as possible.
  4. Start cutting should be from the lower occipital zone.

Technique to create a simple haircut machine Philips

To learn simple haircuts, follow the rules below.

  1. Fix the comb and set the machine to a length of 9 mm.
  2. Trim the lower occipital and temporal areas. First move in the direction of the temples, and then to the crown.
  3. For the upper occipital and parietal parts, install a length of 11–12 mm.
  4. Cut the hair without a strong pressure of the machine to the head.
  5. Make the edging by removing the comb.

Watch the video: Philips hc 7450 FULL REVIEW (December 2019).