Hairstyle for ballroom dance: a master class with photos

Hair is an important part of the appearance of a dancer. Competent styling not only complements the image, but also allows you to feel comfortable, and also does not interfere with performing various turns and movements. The hairstyle for a ballroom dance must meet certain requirements, so it must be carefully prepared in advance. You need to figure out how to look like a hairstyle, so as not to spoil the whole picture.

Features hairstyles for ballroom dancing

Hairstyle for sports and ballroom dancing requires a special relationship. It is characterized by extreme smoothness, brilliance and unusual patterns. Rhinestones, tiaras, combs, hairpins, pins, nets and more can be used as decorative elements.

The dancers on the stage move a lot, their movements can be both smooth and sharp, energetic. Speakers must be sure that when performing various turns and elements, the hair will be firmly fixed and will not disintegrate.

But before you commit to the implementation of any hairstyle, you need to stock up on various combs, hairdryer, clips, hairpins, which will help to make an effective styling.

Ballroom hairstyle: basic requirements

Very often, the parents of little dancers do not pay due attention to the hair, taking care only of the dress. However, looking at the video of any competition, you can note that every dancer has the perfect style.

It does not matter whether it is European ballroom dancing or Latina, the requirements for hairstyle are the same and strict:

  • The hairstyle for ballroom dance should be combined with the dancers' outfits, so hair is often decorated with cloth from costumes. However, it should not drag all the attention to itself, because the main thing should be the quality of dance performance.
  • No matter what dance to perform, the hairstyle should be simple and comfortable.
  • Prohibited bright hair ornaments. Do not repaint or highlight curls, varnish with glitter is also not needed.
  • Do not use chignon or overhead strands.
  • It is unacceptable to speak with a dirty head or disheveled hair.

For non-compliance with the above items, the jury may reduce their grades, because the costume and hairstyle when making grades take into account mandatory.

Criteria for choosing hairstyles

When thinking how to make a hairstyle for ballroom dancing, first of all you need to understand what kind of styling is needed and what should be guided by when choosing it. And you need to pay attention to such criteria:

  • Style couples and their costumes. If the dress for the performance will be bright in color, then the hairstyle should be chosen more restrained, but if the outfit is in delicate tones, then you can choose a more complex styling.
  • The proportions of partners. The difference in height is compensated for by the high beam of the dancer. If the pair is about the same height, then it is better to abandon the high hairstyle.
  • Head size partner and partner. In order for a couple to look harmonious and balanced in a tournament, along with styling, the size of the partner’s head should not exceed the size of the partner’s head.
  • Face shape. The hairstyle for ballroom dance should bring the shape of the head to an ideal oval. Owners of a round face will go laying in the shape of a shell, girls with a triangular face shape is best to opt for direct or side parting.
  • Hair length. Long curls partner lifts up, pin in a bun or shell. If the haircut is short, give it a larger volume or curl curls with forceps.

Variants of female hairstyles

Universal hairstyle is suitable for Latin American and European programs. Gel is applied to wet hair, carefully combed and collected in a ponytail. You just need to wrap it around the base and fix it with pins. Additionally, you can use bright accessories.

First of all, you need to separate the bangs and decide on which side to perform the parting. Further, all the hair must be removed to the opposite side from him and stabbed with stealth stems vertically, so that all the curls remain on the same side. After that, the hair is done in a pile and transferred to the other side. Tightening the tips and ordering them with pins. Upstairs, the tips are laid in the shape of a snail, and the bangs - in a wave. In the end, all fix varnish.

How to make curls perfectly smooth

Performing hairstyles for ballroom dancing for girls, you need to spend a lot of time and effort to keep your hair perfectly smooth and well combed.

Washed curls combed into the tail and stabbed. Next, the hair is applied to the foam, spread it over the entire length and dried with a hairdryer. Then the gel is applied on top and also dried with a hairdryer, but in a cold mode. In conclusion, a foam is applied to the hairstyle and fixed with a strong hold lacquer, you should not save on it, otherwise the hairstyle can become exfoliated and break up.

Many dancers prefer to do their hair on unwashed hair, so they will be more obedient. In addition, skin secretions will save hair from the effects of styling products. Fix the hair in the same way as described above. And if you sprinkle your hair with varnish before going on stage, they will shine even more.

Requirements for male hairstyles

Competitive hairstyle for a boy (ballroom dancing also requires careful study) must meet certain criteria. It is necessary to pay attention to accuracy, stability, practicality, ease of creation and technicality.

In addition to the beautiful appearance, men's hairstyle should hide flaws and emphasize the advantages of a partner: with the help of proper styling, you can visually lengthen the neck or correct the growth.

How to make a hairstyle for ballroom dancing: an option for boys

Partners prefer hairstyles, the creation of which is based on the individual characteristics of a person, his hair, figure, etc. And although the styling for boys does not differ much from each other, however, some tricks will help you quickly and perfectly style your hair.

After the curls are washed and dried with a towel, it is necessary to apply the styling foam on the wet hair and start the parting.

Further, using a comb, it is necessary to form the occipital zone and alternately place the hair on the right and left side of the parting. At this stage, the result should be dried and laid curls.

In order for the hair to shine, they need to be combed out well, small defects are removed with the help of a thin tip comb. Next, the hair must be fixed with lacquer, applied from a long distance, while additionally smoothing and smoothing the curls. It is advisable to fix the bangs immediately. Varnish on it is applied separately and also laid a hairdryer.

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