Lamination and Botox Eyelashes

A relatively long time ago, two new services appeared in our Beauty Workshop: lamination and Botox eyelashes. The purpose of both procedures is the intensive restoration of weak and damaged hairs, giving expressiveness to the look. In this article we will help you to understand the difference between the services that are best suited for you - Botox or lamination of eyelashes.

What is lamination and botox eyelashes

Before telling you how Botox differs from lamination of lashes, we will briefly describe both procedures.

These manipulations appeared about 10 years ago in order to care and restore natural eyelashes. Initially, the technology was developed for people with cancer so that their eyes remain expressive. After creating a stable formula, the procedure became wildly popular - today it has already supplanted the previously popular build-up.

Lamination of eyelashes or keratinization is a therapeutic procedure, the essence of which consists in successively curling, dyeing and creating a stable film of keratin that protects the hair.

Botox eyelashes - the procedure, the main purpose of which is intensive nutrition and restoration, during it also performs perm and dyeing.

The result of Botox and lamination are thick, bright, twisted eyelashes that do not require additional care. Over time, the hairs become stronger, fall out less.


Starting its climbing from the hair, the lamination procedure firmly gained a leading position in cosmetology. The complex for the eyelashes includes keratin protein, known for its ability to strengthen and improve the appearance of hair, nails and skin. This procedure helps to visually make the eyelashes thicker and longer, to give a flirty curl without loss of naturalness. It is ideal for owners of straight lashes from nature. The covering compound seals the cilium, retaining all the useful elements inside the capsule.

This procedure is performed in the salon by a professional cosmetologist who has been trained and has a certificate. Especially popular with girls, she enjoys the summer, when you do not want to spend a lot of time on everyday makeup.

In addition to keratin, the laminating composition contains wheat extract, vegetable oils. Components feed eyelashes, reliably protect them from the negative effects of external factors.

Among the popular compositions for lamination worth noting Yumi Lashes. Today, perhaps, this brand is the most popular among cosmetologists. Eyelashes after the procedure become thicker and longer.

Paul Mitchell - also quite popular composition. Among its components can be noted hops, chamomile, extracts of other medicinal herbs. It attracts with its most natural basis.

Composition Nover lash up Perfect for modeling eyelashes.

Features of the procedure

Lamination is a completely painless procedure. By the time it takes about one and a half to two hours.

A special patch is applied to the lower eyelid area, protecting the delicate skin from the effects and staining. On the upper eyelid specialist imposes a silicone roller, on which he places your own eyelashes. With gentle movements the master combs, separates them, evenly spreading over the surface of the roller. You should not choose a sharp bend - cilia will look unnatural. After applying the composition for lamination in several stages (usually 5).

The lamination procedure can be simultaneously combined with dyeing - in this case, the need to paint eyelashes with mascara for make-up for each day completely disappears.

Immediately after the procedure, the eyelashes will look slightly stuck together. During the day you can not wash, use eye cream, rub your eyes, try to separate them. The next day after the procedure they fluff up, the look will become expressive and open.

The effect after the procedure lasts up to three months. Correction is not required - the material goes off on its own, almost imperceptibly. Masters recommend lamination no more than twice a year, but in practice this procedure is carried out more often.


In some cases, lamination of eyelashes can lead to health problems or have unwanted effects. Contraindications for the procedure include:

  • recent operations on the eyes and in the eye area - you need to wait for a full recovery,
  • pregnancy and lactation period - it is not known what damage the product for lamination can have to the unborn child. The effect during hormonal adjustment of a woman’s body can also be unpredictable,
  • inflammatory diseases of the eye (barley, conjunctivitis, etc.),
  • short eyelashes - they take the form of unaesthetic curls,
  • eyelash extension immediately after lamination - the composition simply will not hold,
  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Advantages and disadvantages

The procedure does not imply the abandonment of the active lifestyle of the owner of laminated eyelashes, on the contrary, you can visit the pool, bask in the sauna, swim in the salty sea water. The use of creams and other care products in the eye area is not contraindicated. The only thing you should not rub your eyes too intensively is sponge, removing makeup.

Lamination does not exclude the use of mascara.

The exposed eyelashes become brighter, acquire a beautiful curl, thicken. Among the drawbacks can be noted the deterioration of their own hairs after frequent lamination. This is due to the fact that the keratin composition forms a film sealing them on the surface of the cilia; there is no external power supply.

If you want to restore eyelashes and feel the long-lasting effect of beautiful long eyelashes, you should resort to Botox.

This procedure allows you to strengthen the eyelashes, saturate them with useful elements, make it more elastic and long. Botox allows you to work on the cuticle and hair follicle, so the eyelashes grow healthy, they are all-stage recovery.

Both procedures are similar to each other - Botox is also absolutely painless, as is lamination. For many girls, Botox is associated with cosmetic beauty shots of the same name, but the procedure involves only applying the serum of the same name (only botulinum toxin derivative is used).

In addition to botulinum toxin, serum is a truly rich in useful substances composition:

  • hyaluronic acid - nourishes, moisturizes,
  • Argan oil - adds shine and silkiness, contributes to the velvet look,
  • keratin - a protein involved in the construction of cells, filling voids,
  • panthenol - has a softening effect,
  • collagen - gives elasticity.

Carrying out the procedure

Botox for eyelashes is done by a beautician or certified master who has undergone appropriate training in a beauty salon.

At the beginning of the eyelashes give the desired bend with a silicone roller. Next, cover them with a special means, fixing the result.

The next step is to apply the paint of the color chosen by the client.

The final step is the application of Botox.

Eyelashes immediately after the procedure immediately acquire the desired shine, volume and length. There is no need to wait a day when they fluff up (unlike lamination). You can wash, use your favorite cream, sleep face in the pillow.

As for the time spent on the procedure, it takes about two hours. It is necessary to warn those girls who are first going to make Botox eyelashes, the effect of extended eyelashes after the first procedure will not work. There will be only the restoration of their own hairs.

The cost of Botox for eyelashes is significantly different from lamination. As a rule, the price of the first service is twice as high, which is caused by the reducing functions of the emulsion used. The effect of Botox can last up to four months.

As well as lamination, Botox has a number of contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • eye diseases, surgeries,
  • allergy to serum components,
  • endocrine and hormonal disorders,
  • increased tearing,
  • period of menstruation.

Choosing between these two procedures, each relies on personal preferences, the desired effect, the possibilities of the wallet.

Of course, lamination gives the eyelashes a visible beautiful effect, Botox is a procedure for comprehensive healing of the cuticles. For those who want to have beautiful and restored eyelashes, while maintaining the result for a long time, you can advise to do together and lamination, and Botox.

It is worth noting that the Botox procedure can be carried out not only for eyelashes, but also for eyebrows. Especially well it will suit girls who can not boast of nature with thick hairs or owners of naughty hair. Botox for eyebrows will help to make the hair thicker, you no longer have to comb them and smooth them with gel - they will keep the shape perfectly. With this procedure, you can forget about the correction for a half or two months.

The best advertisement of any procedure is the presence of a large number of positive feedback from real customers.

In relation to lamination lashes can meet a huge number of positive reviews. It has the maximum number of stars for performance. Many girls note the effect of the striking transformation of their eyelashes - thick, bright, wide-open look. Lamination is a great substitute for using mascara in the summer. Many girls, having tried the procedure, no longer represent the life of their eyelashes without lamination.

Along with favorable responses, this procedure has a large percentage of negative reviews. They mainly relate to the state of the eyelashes after the procedure. Own eyelashes as a result of lamination become brittle, lifeless, the percentage of losses increases significantly.

Many girls associate this fact with poor-quality materials or unfair work of the master. Lamination procedure today is very popular, the competition for its execution is high. Many cosmetologists significantly reduce the price to attract customers to the detriment of the quality of consumables.

There is also a specificity of keratin composition, sealing each eyelash, not allowing it to receive nutrients from the outside.

Taking into account all the above facts, the lamination procedure is recommended to be carried out in a proven beauty salon with a master who values ​​his reputation.

As for the Botox eyelashes, then the percentage of girls and women satisfied with the procedure is unquestionably large. The secret, of course, lies in the healing effect, complex restoration, nutrition of eyelashes.

As a result of the Botox procedure, eyelashes get a beautiful bend, they look natural.

It can be concluded that Botox is a more modern and at the same time gentle treatment for the beauty of eyelashes.

And finally, I would like to note general tips on self-care after lamination and botox procedures. Following these guidelines will help prolong the effect of the procedures:

  • Do not rub the eyes too hard when performing makeup removal procedures. The cover from this is quickly thinning,
  • The use of mascara is optional, but possible. In some cases, for a festive makeup to make the lashes as bright as possible is simply necessary. To do this, choose products with a gentle composition, it is better to use mascara for sensitive eyes,
  • Always before you go to bed, you need to remove makeup - an elementary, it would seem, the rule will help to preserve the health of the skin,
  • Do not use alkaline or alcohol-based products for removing makeup, as this may cause brittle eyelashes,
  • It is good to use oils for vitaminizing hairs, for example, castor, burdock, almond, coconut.

You will learn more about lamination and botox for eyelashes in the following video.

General performance features

Techniques for botox and lamination of eyelashes do not differ, the wizard’s procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Cleaning from make-up and dirt, degreasing.
  2. Protect the delicate skin of the lower eyelid by laying a double-folded cotton pad or a special patch from the effects of formulations and dyes, which will subsequently be applied to the eyelashes.
  3. Fixing the upper eyelid with water-based glue silicone roller of suitable size and shape to create a curl.
  4. Combing, dividing and leveling eyelashes in shape.
  5. Applying a softening composition with a lifting effect.
  6. Fixation of the form.
  7. Pigment application (eyelash tinting if necessary).
  8. Drawing the main operating serum (means for Botox or lamination).
  9. Treatment with adhesive to soften, remove its residue and remove the silicone roller.

At the end of both procedures, a nourishing conditioner is applied to the eyelashes.

What is the difference between procedures?

The main difference between the procedures lies in the composition of the drugs used, the time, intensity and duration of the preservation of the effect obtained.

The main component of the lamination composition is keratin. It is a fibrillar protein with high mechanical strength, a structural element of the hair shaft, giving it elasticity and thickness. In addition, some manufacturers add plant extracts (wheat, chamomile, hops, nettle), cosmetic oils, but in small quantities.

Nutritional Serum for Botox is characterized by a richer and more varied composition. It contains:

  • hydrolyzed keratin, restoring the damaged structure of the hair shaft,
  • hyaluronic acid, which retains moisture and activates growth,
  • collagen, connective tissue protein, giving the eyelashes elasticity, smoothness and elasticity,
  • vitamins A, E and C, natural antioxidants that slow down the aging process and increase the life cycle of hair,
  • B vitamins,
  • panthenol, has a softening and moisturizing effect,
  • argan oil, intensely nourishing hair,
  • plant extracts.

Depending on the manufacturer, the compositions for lamination and Botox may differ slightly. However, to get a good result, you always need to choose only high-quality products that have the appropriate certificates.

The name “Botox” often raises concerns among the fair sex, as it is immediately associated with injecting anti-aging techniques. In fact, this is nothing more than an eye-catching marketing move. The compositions for Botox do not contain any botulinum toxin and they are applied with a brush, not with pricks in the eyelid area.

By the time lamination takes from 40 minutes to an hour, and Botox - up to 2 hours. Duration is determined by the thickness of the eyelashes: the thicker it is, the greater the number of minutes required to withstand the applied compositions.

Care after

Right after the procedures, the eyelashes will look stuck together and glued together. The results of lamination can be judged in about a day, when they independently straighten and fluff.During this time, you should not try to separate the eyelashes, it is better not to touch them with your hands, do not rub your eyes, do not sleep with your face in the pillow and limit the mechanical pressure as much as possible.

Do not wash, wet eyelashes, expose them to steam, apply a cream or gel for the eyelids. In the future, for a longer preservation effect, it is not recommended to use sponges for removing makeup, as well as alcohol-containing and fatty products, since this will accelerate the destruction of the keratin film.

After performing Botox, there are no restrictions. It is allowed to bathe, wash, go to the pool, bath or sauna, sleep, without fear to bury your face in a pillow. Use of any means of decorative cosmetics, liquids for removal of a make-up, mechanical influence is possible.

Repeated lamination is recommended not earlier than all cilia are completely renewed, otherwise a double layer of keratin on the surface will make them heavier and make them brittle. Botox is allowed to perform more often. As a rule, after three procedures with an interval of one month, the eyelashes significantly improve their appearance and in the future it can be done less frequently (three times a year) in order to maintain the achieved result.


The difference between Botox and lamination is that the laminating composition acts only on the surface of the hair, forming a protective film, and the components of the serum for Botox penetrate deep into the hair shaft, nourish and restore it from the inside.

The lamination layer has a protective effect, protecting the cilia from the negative influence of weather conditions, solar radiation, decorative cosmetics, soap, mechanical damage, gives smoothness and shine. But on the other hand, he, as if "clogging" the hairs, deprives them of the possibility of natural nutrition and hydration.

Some women, after several consecutive lamination sessions of eyelashes, report a deterioration in their condition, which consists in thinning, increasing fragility and a tendency to loss. This is due to the fact that the effect of lamination is mainly aimed at obtaining a pronounced, but short-term visual effect.

During lamination, eyelashes increase their volume by up to 30%, become 5-10% longer due to the thinning and burnt out tips, brighter and more expressive, and get a beautiful bend. Their transformation is especially clearly seen with owners of light hairs on the eyelids. As the hairs change, the effect gradually disappears. It usually takes from three to six weeks depending on the individual characteristics of growth.

Tip: When choosing Botox or lamination of the eyelashes, you should listen to the opinion of a qualified master in this area, who will assess the initial state of the hairs, and also take into account the results that the client wants to achieve.

Botox is more positioned as a healing, regenerating and leaving procedure, which has a cumulative effect, but it does not give such a rapid pronounced improvement in appearance. Results become noticeable only after 1.5-2 months. Eyelashes become longer, thicker, stronger, less likely to break and fall out, get a healthy look, hair growth in dormant hair follicles is activated.

Considering that Botox and lamination perform different functions and complement each other, recently, many cosmetologists recommend their clients to combine them and perform them together, which allows to achieve the best effect, and also almost two times save finances.

If the results of Botox or lamination of the eyelashes did not meet the expectations of the woman, for example, the volume or length did not increase sufficiently, then it remains only to make a extension. It should be borne in mind that immediately after lamination, building is meaningless, since the glue will not be fixed on the glossy film, and after Botox it is possible.

When comparing the cost of both procedures, it turns out that Botox is 1.5–2 times more expensive due to the use of more expensive means. According to many experts, the resulting healing and care effect fully justifies this price.

Similarities of botox and lamination

After both procedures, the eyelashes get a beautiful shape and bend, look longer and thick. Every hair becomes thicker and brighter. The effect is visible immediately - the look becomes more expressive and open. Both lamination and botox are best done in the cabin, because throughout the whole procedure, the client's eyes should be closed.

Botox and lamination have the same contraindications:

  • individual intolerance of one of the components of the serum,
  • increased tearing,
  • eye infections,
  • any infectious conditions
  • high sensitivity of the eyes,
  • injuries and damage to the eyes,
  • transferred ophthalmologic operations.

Carrying out both procedures should be entrusted to a graduate whose work is positively recognized by clients. The similarities of both procedures end there.

What is the difference between botox and lamination?

Despite the fact that the Botox and lamination procedures are carried out in three stages: perm, dyeing and applying the serum, the difference lies in their composition, effect and care after the procedure.

The procedure itself Botox eyelashes as follows:

  1. lower eyelids are covered with special pads,
  2. a silicone roller is attached to the upper eyelid, to which cilia are attached,
  3. a coloring pigment, a solution fixing the shape and a bend and serum is applied.

All these tools are kept for 10 minutes, after which they are carefully washed. In order for all active nutrients to penetrate deeper into each hair, the cilia are covered with dense foil, which creates a greenhouse effect.

The difference between the procedures of lamination and Botox eyelashes lies in their composition, effect and care of the eyelashes after the procedure. After several lamination procedures, many have noted a deterioration in the state of the eyelashes.

After Botox for eyelashes hairs become:

  • longer and thicker
  • more healthy and beautiful.

What is the difference between Botox for eyelashes?

Lamination of eyelashes with Botox takes 2-2.5 hours. During this time, the cilia of the client are processed with nutrient serum, which consists of the following substances:

  • Liquid keratin - high-strength protein, which mainly consists of hair. It restores the structure of each cilia, filling the voids.
  • Hyaluronic acid - an element of most biological fluids. It is thanks to her eyelashes begin to grow better.
  • Collagen - The protein underlying the connective tissues of the body. Its use in serum helps make the eyelashes elastic, smooth and elastic.
  • Vitamin E, it is tocopherol - a substance that has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Lemon acid - natural acid-base balance stabilizer.
  • Vitamin B, he is panthenol - a regulator of fat metabolism. It softens and moisturizes eyelashes.

In addition to these components, the serum contains plant extracts and natural oils.

Unlike lamination, during the Botox procedure, the serum penetrates into the depth of each hair, nourishing and moisturizing it naturally. Botox is applied at the final stage, sealing the eyelash - it penetrates all layers of the hair, and fixes the effect of each component of the serum.

After Botox for eyelashes, you can do anything that is prohibited after lamination or extension:

  • use of any cosmetic products
  • the use of liquids for removing makeup with any composition,
  • possibility of physical impact.

Those who resorted to the help of Botox for eyelashes, noted that after a period of one and a half - two months, the cilia become thicker, because substances that are part of the serum, start the growth of dormant hair follicles.

The visual effect of Botox is not as pronounced as after lamination, but this procedure makes the eyelashes not only beautiful, but also healthy.

The full Botox procedure for eyelashes can be viewed in this video:

What is better than Botox eyelashes or eyelash lamination? Every customer decides for himself. Those who are interested in maximum visual effect, prefer lamination, those who are more attracted to the natural and healthy look, prefer Botox. Whatever the choice, the main thing is to trust a qualified master in a good salon, where only high-quality preparations are used. Health and beauty is not a reason for saving.

You can find more information on this topic in the Botox section.

What is the difference between lamination and botox for eyelashes

Procedures carried out in 3 standard stages with the application of serum. The difference between lamination and botox for eyelashes is in the difference between the composition of the mixture, its effectiveness, and the method of application to the bristles.

Lamination is carried out as follows: the eyelids are closed, a roller made of silicone is attached to the movable fold, bristles are attached to the patch. They are covered with a layer of serum, coloring pigment, the master fixes the bend.

The composition is kept for ten minutes. To cilia better absorbed useful components, they are covered with a special foil, creating a greenhouse result. The techniques are similar. Lamination differs from Botox for eyelashes by substance and method of application. The consequences may be different: some clients noticed a deterioration after the first use, an improvement after repeated exposure.

Why when lamination and botox eyelashes curly

The ciliated row is exposed to work with the roller, it twists, gives a certain form. Active compounds fix the resulting bend from the silicone lining, due to the eyelashes become twisted. In more detail with effect acquaint on courses of preparation of lash makers.

What is better to choose: Botox or eyelash lamination

Depends on the individual characteristics of the client, the state of the eye rim, the presence of allergic reactions to the components of the compositions.

The natural, natural look of the eyelashes is created by Botox, the second method gives the hairs maximum visual effect. For procedures, the main thing is to contact a professional who uses high-quality tools and ingredients. If such techniques do not fit, you can resort to building.

By technology

The method of performing lamination and Botox at first glance seems to be absolutely the same and is carried out in several stages:

  • cleansing cilia
  • fixing on a special roller,
  • laying eyelashes in one direction, alignment in length,
  • softening hairs with a lifting effect,
  • form fixation
  • staining in the selected color (this item is optional if the eyelashes are dark),
  • drawing the main structure,
  • softening the glue and removing the curlers,
  • applying a special conditioner that additionally feeds the eyelashes.

A client who decides to Botox after lamination (or vice versa) may seem that nothing has changed and he is doing the same procedure, but under a different name. This opinion is wrong.

During lamination, the eyelashes are first curled with a soft preparation, and then dyed and nourished.

The Botox procedure involves combining nutrition and staining with the first stage and fixing all the drugs.

According to the materials

For the procedure of lamination and Botox you need:

  • lotion with lifting effect,
  • dye,
  • nutritional whey
  • retainer,
  • degreaser,
  • curlers and protection for the lower eyelids,
  • clear glue
  • auxiliary materials: brushes, tweezers, cotton swabs.

The main difference between lamination of eyelashes and botox for eyelashes in the composition of the fixed asset.

The composition of serum for Botox eyelashes except hydrolyzed keratin includes additional components:

  • hyaluronic acid - a natural moisturizer that promotes the penetration of keratin and other components into the cells and strengthen the bonds between them,
  • collagen to give elasticity and softness
  • panthenol accelerates cell division, softens eyelashes,
  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant that increases the life cycle of hair,
  • Argan oil for intensive nutrition
  • ascorbic acid to maintain the PH level on the eyelids and hairs.

As you can see, the composition of Botox is richer, the active ingredients help keratin penetrate deep into the eyelash. During lamination, protein remains only in the upper layers.

By visual effect

At first, the field of botox and lamination of the eyelashes remain glued together and retain an oily sheen, but after the first washing you can see the final result: twisted, voluminous and long eyelashes.

We say right away that the fatal glance after these procedures will not work, the effect depends on the natural data: the length increases by 5-10%, the volume on average by 30%.

After lamination, the eyelashes look thicker due to the superficial film. With Botox, the visual effect is slightly less pronounced, but the hairs are strengthened from the inside.

Botox for eyelashes - Botox Lashes

Botox Lashes is an exclusive procedure that restores, moisturizes, and is able to restore the natural beauty of eyelashes.

Sometimes Botox for eyelashes is confused with lamination, with a procedure that fills hair with keratin. But these are two completely different services. The fact is that without the use of heat sealing, keratin quickly leaves the eyelashes, washing off with water during bathing, washing. In its usual form, it affects only the tone and shape of the hairs, without affecting the structure.

The use of Botox for eyelashes was made possible thanks to the scientific and technological revolution. Numerous studies have led to the creation of this unique cosmetic procedure. With Botox Lashes without surgery and dangerous to build drugs, you can return the lashes radiance, density, health and natural beauty.

Botox Lashes consists of effective components, such as:

  • hyaluronic acid, which has a high moisturizing effect, has a strong effect on brittle and dry hair,
  • keratin renews, improves the structure of hairs, due to full saturation (from the roots) and hydrolysis,
  • collagen has a positive effect on the condition of the eyelids and eyelashes, protecting them from negative effects, making them flexible, smooth, young,
  • panthenol contains vitamin B, necessary for moisturizing and softening,
  • tocopherol is an antioxidant that has a rejuvenating effect and increases the longevity of eyelashes,
  • Argan oil is a miracle cure that stops the aging process, provides growth, strengthening, hydration.

Botox procedure for eyelashes does not require the injection of eyelids into the skin, gives natural beauty, power, softness, radiance, restores eyelashes and provides them with good growth.

With Botox Lashes allowed:

  • sleep buried in a pillow
  • bathe using various cleansing agents (soap, shampoo),
  • carrying out water procedures, visiting the bath is not contraindicated,
  • swim in salt sea water
  • wearing lenses
  • applying mascara, other cosmetics for skin care.

Well, when there is no sense of discomfort, allergic reactions, when the girl is satisfied with their own natural eyelashes.

The procedure Botox Lashes takes place in 3 stages:

  1. Biowave - thanks to this eyelashes gain a good bend, visually begin to appear long.
  2. Coloring after which they turn black from start to finish.
  3. Applying the composition of Botox Lashes - it nourishes and strengthens.

Modern rapid rhythms of life, when the role plays even one minute, often leave no time for women to apply makeup. But you can save a lot of time by choosing procedures with a long-term result.With Botox, your eyelashes will look great and you will forget about cosmetic products forever!

Botox Lashes - this is the case when the pleasant is combined with the useful. The procedure provides an unimaginable and painless result, leaving only pleasant sensations. Thus, in addition to strong, pretty and powerful eyelashes, the girl gets a great mood and a lot of reasons for joy!

In this procedure, the most important thing is a long-lasting result. Customers observe a wonderful effect for two months.

Among those who did Botox eyelashes, the reviews are extremely positive!

Read reviews and make botox for eyelashes

  • Ekaterina Sidorova, 28 years old. I admit that my eyelashes had a good appearance before the procedure. However, often due to lack of time I did not even have the opportunity to tint them with mascara, but oh, I wanted to have deep black eyelashes ... Comparing the prices of Botox and mascara, I chose the first option: I was lured by the promise of excellent results! Indeed, in one procedure, the fulfillment of three desires at once: coloring, biowave, regenerating action.
  • I was very pleased with the result, and after two months I repeated the procedure. In addition to the immediate visual effect, Botox Lashes causes a quick update of the eyelashes, and further procedures bring even more benefits.
  • Elena Rodionova, 33 years old. I had the procedure in a beauty salon. At first they made a biowave - they put special curlers on the cilia and fixed them with special glue. Then he was treated with various means: first with a means for curling, for dyeing and at the end by Botox itself.
  • Surprised painless procedure. I recommend everyone to close their eyes during the session to prevent the solution that may cause pain in them. The result was a delightful effect that I did not expect!
  • As the master finished the work, I looked in the mirror and immediately noticed the changes: the eyelashes from root to tip were black, rather long, voluminous, with a beautiful bend. It was nice to understand that the result is long and no longer need to apply mascara.
  • Now I have a beautiful, lively look, I do not worry about my appearance and calmly, without hysterics, swim in the pool, go to the sauna. In a month I will definitely sign up for the second procedure. After all, this is really a way out of a situation where there is no desire to constantly use mascara.

It should be noted that Botox for eyelashes changes the appearance of eyelashes for the better. The procedure guarantees them a rich black color, natural shine and provides a good length. For admirers of natural beauty, Botox Lashes gives you the opportunity to forget about the mascara. Despite this, its use is permitted after the procedure.

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After growing or long staining of the cilia, the hairs are depleted. They become brittle, bright and irregularly shaped. To restore the natural beauty, many girls resort to lamination lashes. This is a special procedure aimed at restoring the natural strength and speed of hair growth.

What is lamination?

Lamination is a procedure for the restoration of eyelashes, which offers a modern cosmetology. It is performed with special compositions enriched with nutritive oils, mineral components, active vitamin complexes and acids. It is noteworthy that in the process of regeneration of the rod, the process of dyeing hairs also occurs. They are darkened in a natural color, due to which they look as long and thick as possible.

Advantages and disadvantages

Lamination of hair, eyelashes and eyebrows has many advantages. First, this technique is completely safe. For it uses drugs, which are based on natural ingredients. Secondly, it is quite affordable, it can be carried out even at home.

All advantages of lamination:

  • Each cilium is strengthened by a nutritional complex. The process of applying the composition is designed so that the tool is evenly distributed over all the hairs: in the corners and in the middle of the eye.
  • In the process of lamination is made thin staining. The hue will be as close to natural as possible, so the effect will be very natural.
  • With the help of the procedure, the hairs recover faster after a build-up, permanent coloring or aggressive curling.
  • Lamination of eyebrows and eyelashes has a positive effect not only on the hair shafts, but also on the delicate skin of the eyelids. During the procedure, the epidermis is saturated with essential acids, it needs vitamins and minerals.
  • After such a recovery, the girls noted an acceleration of cilia growth.

Despite the huge number of advantages, this procedure also has certain disadvantages. In particular, this is the brevity of the effect. But there are other negative aspects of the procedure.

Disadvantages of eyelash lamination:

  • A month after the procedure, the hairs stick in different directions. It is important to understand that the technique is a kind of perm. Under the hairs enclosed rollers that fix a certain form of curls. When regrowing, the curl changes its position, which makes it look sloppy.
  • The probability of allergic reactions. During pregnancy and lactation, it is not recommended to conduct a biolamination session, since the likelihood of a histamine reaction is high. The composition includes vitamins, acids and other active substances that can cause swelling, itching, increased watery eyes.
  • Some time after the session, hairs require some care.
  • The procedure does some harm to the natural curvature of the hairs, which can cause irritation of the mucous membranes.

How is the procedure in the salon and at home

If a woman has experience with coloring compositions for the eyes, then she may well make lamination and dyeing her eyelashes herself at home. But, in the absence of appropriate skills, it is better to trust the professionals and go to the salon.

For the procedure can be used the following compositions:

  • Botox. Used to correct short and brittle eyelashes. Traditionally, a session is performed using a botulinum toxin solution. But unlike beauty injections, it is not injected subcutaneously, but applied to the surface of the hairs. In addition to the safe toxin, it contains vitamins, oils, panthenol, paint (analogue of Refectocil).
  • Keratin. Required for intensive hair treatment after eyelash extensions. This substance is one of the building materials of the hair shaft. In the process of such lamination, the cilia become elastic, shiny and incredibly saturated.
  • Gelatin. Provides short-term effect, comes off with keratinization. They carry out home biowave eyelashes, for which they can not even use special curlers. As a result, the hairs will become flexible and radiant.

Laminating Compounds

Professional lamination is carried out strictly using special formulations. This is a complex of drugs aimed at the restoration of hairs, their coloring and fixation of the bend. Consider the most popular products:

  • LVL Lashes. British remedy for cosmetic biowave. In the range of the manufacturer there are 3 options for the composition. Sashit includes curling tools, lifting complex and moisturizing lotion.
  • Novel lash up. This is a complete set for the procedure of biolamination. It can be used at home, also, professional Lesh makers often wield a set. The kit includes tools (tapes, microbrushes, brushes, pads and jars), solutions for conducting a session (degreaser, fixative, remuver, coloring pigment, lifting balm).
  • Si Lashes & Brows. This is a keratin lamination kit. It is even suitable for breastfeeding mothers, since natural ingredients (keratin, panthenol, castor oil and ginseng extract) are included. The set also includes containers for mixing products, the necessary tools for the work and a soft remuver.
  • Shine lashes. As with LVL products, this keratin product is available in three types: chemical, soft, and gentle. It is worth choosing them depending on problems with eyelashes. If they are only after extension, it is better to buy a gentle complex, but if the hairs require extra strong fixation and it is necessary that the effect lasts at least 2 months, then the chemical composition is recommended.

Regardless of the selected composition, the effect lasts up to 2 months with proper care. In rare cases, the beauty and brightness of eyelashes lasts up to 10 weeks.

Lamination Set

Lash care after the procedure

The first 12 hours after the procedure, you can not wash - the water will wash away the top layer and paint, because of what eyelashes will look less impressive. The next day, it is also better to avoid contact with running water, and cosmetics, if necessary, are recommended to be removed with soft tonic or foam.

How to care for eyelashes after lamination:

  • Do not rub your eyes - this action will ruin the curl.
  • For painting with ink it is better to choose hypoallergenic cosmetics. Do not use waterproof formulations - it is more difficult to wash them off.
  • Absolutely not to dive and steam in the sauna. Especially careful you need to be while you are in salt water.

Visual effect

After both lamination and Botox eyelashes are completed, the girls' reviews indicate the following aesthetic changes:

  • Bending formation. Even straight hairs obediently rush upward and retain this form for the entire duration of the procedure. You can even turn up short and thin eyelashes, but their owners should not expect a wow effect.
  • Elongation. In fact, the hairs retain their original length, but due to tucking and staining, they are visually perceived as longer.
  • Increased density. The master does not glue new cilia, but at the expense of thickening the available amount seems more dense.
  • Strengthening. The hair is covered with a special compound that gives it mechanical strength and makes it harder.
  • Obedience. The fixing composition fixes not only the curl, but also even, combed cilia. Here, much depends on the qualifications of the master, but with a quality performance, it will be possible to forget about the growth of eyelashes in different directions for a while.
  • Coloring. This item is optional, and if the natural color suits you, you can easily do without it. But practice shows that most often both procedures are combined with staining.

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As a result, you get beautiful eyelashes that are not afraid of water, temperature and mechanical stress, unlike makeup or extensions. This is an ideal option for a holiday or day make-up. However, nothing prevents the use of mascara, especially since to lay on smooth, smooth and tucked hairs it will be just gorgeous.

An instant result will be almost indistinguishable if the master conducts a usual biowave with coloring. But after 1-2 weeks the difference will become obvious, and the effect of biowave will come to naught. Trust cosmetologists who value their reputation and don’t be attracted by the extremely low price - preparations for the procedure are expensive, and Botox eyelashes for 1000 rubles are at risk of being a biowave.

Practical advantages

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The benefits provided by the procedure are not limited to external changes. These are very practical techniques that are chosen by active and energetic girls who know firsthand what lamination and botox eyelashes are. They get the following bonuses:

  • Instant effect. The result is visible immediately upon completion of the procedure. Of course, you will become a goddess only the next day, when the redness and possible irritation will come down, but the eyelashes will immediately look great.
  • Long term action. Different manufacturers declare the term of preservation of the effect from 2 to 4 months, but in reality it depends on the rate of growth of eyelashes. The faster the hair grows and refreshes, the sooner you will need to repeat the procedure.
  • Ease of implementation. It would seem, what's the difference: lamination and botox eyelashes will still be done by a beautician. But still it is important, because making mistakes in such a simple procedure is almost impossible. So, if you are not the first client in your life, the master will almost certainly cope perfectly well.
  • Painlessness The unpleasant sensations will still be, mostly while the cilia are being unfolded, but this is definitely not painful. There is no need to use anesthesia. People with sensitive sense of smell, irritating, may smell perfumed fragrances.
  • Security. All the terrible complications that are fraught with injection of Botox for the face, in this case is impossible. If contraindications are taken into account, then the maximum side effect is a slight irritation of the skin.
  • Convenience. You can lead an active lifestyle, swim in the sea, take a steam bath in the sauna, rub your eyes with your hands, sleep on your face in a pillow, and the appearance will not be affected.

Since there are indeed many advantages, it is not surprising that lamination and botox eyelashes are in great demand. They allow girls to look great without imposing any restrictions on them. A common disadvantage for these methods is the high cost, due to the high cost of materials for work.

Technique of the procedure

The procedure of the master when using both methods will be the same, and the difference lies only in the preparations used. In any case, you will have to lie down for some time motionless with your eyes closed while the master will cast a spell over your eyes. Stock up on headphones and recordings of your favorite tracks so as not to get bored while the following actions are performed:

  • Eyes must be cleaned of makeup and dirt, so that it makes no sense to be painted before going to the salon.
  • A protective compound is applied to the lower eyelid and a napkin or half of a cotton pad is placed to protect it from active chemical substances.
  • By the upper eyelid, a silicone mold is fixed on a special glue, which determines the future curl. It is important to choose the correct size of the form, based on the length of the eyelashes, so that instead of a noble bend you do not get curls.

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  • Master combing cilia, unravels and smoothly lays out the form. At this point, you need to act diligently, since any interweaving of hairs will be fixed and will remain until the end of the effect.
  • Cilia degreased and glued to the form. They are applied softening composition, preparing the hair shaft to the further perception of active ingredients.
  • On the prepared eyelashes is applied fixing composition, which will retain a given shape until regrowth.
  • Pigment application. The master uses professional paint of any shade, but it is recommended to dim 2-3 tones from the original color.
  • Processing the main substance. At this stage, Botox and lamination of eyelashes do have a difference, but you will not notice this, because the master will simply apply the corresponding preparation to the eyelashes.
  • Applying a solution to dissolve the glue. After removing the form, the master will remove the remnants of the adhesive from the upper eyelid.
  • Although all actions are simple, it is impossible to make them yourself. This is another common disadvantage of the techniques.

A competent cosmetologist will certainly offer you a special conditioner that will prolong the effect of the procedure.

Botox eyelashes and lamination: what's the difference?

Despite the generality of the initial result, upon detailed examination it turns out that the lamination of eyelashes and Botox for eyelashes differences are quite significant. When choosing, consider the following points:

  • Both drugs are enriched with vitamins and nutrients designed to care for eyelashes. But at the same time, lamination creates a thin impermeable film on the surface of the hairs, which subsequently prevents the penetration of oxygen and nutrients. At the same time, after Botox, the cilia remain open, it is possible to apply healing oils and other regenerating compositions on them.
  • Girls who have tested and lamination, and Botox eyelashes in the reviews say about the fragility and deterioration of the quality of hairs after lamination. Botox, on the contrary, has a regenerating effect, stimulates cell growth and regeneration. After the end of the tucking and coloring effect, the cilia retain a greater thickness and length than before the procedure.
  • Another factor in the list of what distinguishes eyelash lamination from Botox is price. Both procedures cannot be called cheap, but lamination still has a lower cost due to the preparations used.
  • The duration of the procedure. Lamination takes you from 45 minutes to 1 hour, since the period of exposure to drugs will be less. Botox should be provided with 2 hours of free time, and with long, tangled eyelashes, the master will need up to 3 hours.
  • After lamination, it is impossible to wash off the oily composition remaining on the eyelashes for 24 hours. But the same period prohibited the use of makeup, water and temperature treatments. Right after the session, the eyelashes look hard and stuck together, so that you will only become a beauty the next day, when they fluff up and take on the final look. If we compare Botox or lamination of eyelashes in this parameter, the better answer is unequivocal. After Botox, you can immediately do whatever your heart desires and cilia will look gorgeous.
  • The thickening of the eyelashes after lamination is more pronounced. That same film almost doubles the thickness of each hair, and with sufficient natural length, you literally get a fan that frames the eye. Keep in mind that both procedures do not increase the number of hairs, so if natural eyelashes are rare, you will not get a super effect in both cases.
  • Despite the fact that lamination allows the use of mascara and makeup remover, daily make-up damages the film formed on the hairs and shortens the duration of the effect. In the case of Botox, the use of cosmetics will not affect its duration.

And the main point on which a lot depends - choose a good cosmetologist. So you guarantee yourself the use of a quality drug, because many manufacturers of 1 package last for 2-3 sessions, but the shelf life after opening is small. If the master has a steady stream of clients, this ensures that the expired component will not be used.

In any case, you are left with the final decision - lamination or botox for eyelashes is preferable. In terms of immediate results and cost, the first option is better, but in the long run, the consequences can be very disappointing. If you are betting on recovery, then the scales leaning in favor of Botox.

Characteristics of the procedures

To begin with, it should be noted that both Botox and lamination are restorative and revitalizing procedures. To determine which is better, it is necessary to give a brief description.

  • Botox - the main essence of the procedure - is nutrition and hair restoration, it helps to improve the cilia and give the look a natural expressiveness. The duration of Botox is about 3 months, the duration of its implementation does not take more than 2 hours. The advantage is that after the Botox additional care and rehabilitation period is not required for cilia. It is desirable to carry out the procedure only with the master; self-restoring the hair structure when using Botox is not strongly recommended. But a negative factor in this miracle procedure is a very high price.

  • Lamination - the main task is thickening, imparting brightness and additional bending to the cilia. After the lamination procedure, the gaze becomes wide open, visually attractive. The effect of lamination continues for a couple of months, but the reproduction of the procedure itself will not take more than an hour. Just as with Botox, lamination is recommended to be carried out at home, but only in beauty salons and only at proven skilled craftsmen. In order to strengthen the effect on the cilia, after lamination it is impossible to wash in the first day, as well as to use cosmetics (mascara). At the price, lamination is a bit more economical than Botox, but the cost is also high.

Improvement of eyelashes using Botox

Its active regenerating qualities differ from Botox lamination. This procedure is recommended for girls whose eyelashes require emergency restoration. The regenerating procedure is recommended after augmentation or chemical staining of cilia, it is necessary for girls, who often use makeup products that destroy the structure of hairs. Adverse environmental factors also contribute to the thinning and weakening of the hairs, and it is the restoration that helps the cilia to gain health, accelerate their growth and give additional volume.

The essence and benefits of the procedure

What is botox? The procedure is a unique rehabilitation restoration, the effect of which is achieved after applying a special compound to the hairs, which helps to strengthen the follicles. The result of the restoration is strong, long and thick eyelashes that “do not get sick”, look great, give expressiveness to the look, and positive mood to the look.

The preparations used for Botox have a very rich composition:

  • keratin restores damaged hair structure,
  • panthenol gives volume, lengthens hairs, makes them smooth, bright and elastic,
  • hyaluronic acid is an excellent moisturizer
  • collagen helps cilia to acquire a soft bend,
  • Tocopherol has healing properties - it nourishes the skin of the eyelids and rejuvenates the cilia.

How is it done?

The total duration of the procedure does not take a couple of hours, it is performed in three stages:

  1. Hair dyeing - the client selects the desired shade from the provided palette of shades.
  2. Biowave - the duration of dyeing lasts about 10 minutes, then the coloring pigment is removed, and the coloring composition, which does not contain hydrogen peroxide, is applied to the hairs. The duration of staining is 30 minutes.
  3. Applying Botox - a special brush applies a useful and restorative composition. If necessary, the procedure is repeated after 1, 5 months.

Eyelash lamination

The main difference between procedures in their names, in fact, lamination is proposed to be carried out in the same cases as Botox. The procedure is intended for the "resuscitation" of weakened and "sick" cilia, it gives the look attractive and elegant.

In the following video you will be able to get acquainted with the procedure of Botox for eyelashes:

The similarity of lamination and Botox

The main goal of both procedures is the recovery and restoration of the damaged hair structure. You can compare the results of the procedures in the photo. Take advantage of the effect of lamination or Botox recommended for girls who dream to look amazing, have an expressive look, elegant eyelashes, while contact lenses can be worn without any contraindications.

Cilia that have undergone the procedure of recovery and recovery, allow you to easily visit the pool, sauna or bath. You can use mascara, sunbathe in the sun, use your favorite makeup remover and even sleep in your favorite pose, that is, “face on a pillow” and not be afraid to wake up “out of shape” for the morning.

The great advantage of both lamination and Botox is that girls no longer need to apply makeup every day — even without using mascara, the cilia will be bright, thick, long and attractive.

What is better?

The main difference between lamination and botox in different effects on cilia.

  • During lamination, a keratin film is created on the surface of hairs, which contributes to their thickening, but does not allow the nutrients to get into the structure. Of course, the procedure impresses with its results, but it is worth noting that after a while the cilia begin to "fade", dry and weaken.
  • The advantage of Botox is its restorative, and, accordingly, the wellness result. Despite the fact that it is impossible to achieve a particularly impressive effect after Botox, the cilia begin to grow and thicken faster on a natural level.

After care procedures

What else is different lamination of eyelashes from Botox eyelashes so this subsequent care. After Botox, you can start active exercises immediately, even going to the bath will not affect the result.

After lamination, you must not lashes for a day and, if possible, do not touch them, since keratin on the surface hardens for 24 hours.

In the future, special care for the eyelashes after both procedures is not required, but still the master after lamination is advised to minimize the use of decorative cosmetics, as this can accelerate the leaching of keratin.

How often can you do

Botox and lamination are saved on the cilia the whole cycle of their life, it is about 6 weeks after the first procedure. With each subsequent session eyelashes strengthened, respectively, the effect lasts longer (up to 2, sometimes up to 3 months).

Lamination lashes can not be done before the hairs are updated. Keratin on the surface of the eyelashes, they become brittle.

Composition for Botox works from the inside, eyelashes absorb only the missing, so the procedure can be done with a difference of a month. I can calm it down, it may be necessary only if the eyelashes are weak, after 3 procedures they will become completely healthy and Botox can be done 3-4 times a year to maintain.

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Compatibility with other procedures

Sometimes it happens that the result of lamination or Botox does not suit a woman. Many people do not have enough volume or length, although I immediately warn you what to expect.

To achieve the desired, some are decided to build up. After lamination of the eyelashes it is impossible to do this: the glue will not stick on the glossy film. After Botox, it is possible to make a build-up, artificial hairs will keep perfectly on fortified natural ones.

Indications and Contraindications

Botox and lamination of lashes should be done if:

  • lashes weakened, fall out
  • hairs are thin and light,
  • no desire to use mascara daily.

Here everything is identical, but in contraindications there is a difference between lamination and botox eyelashes. Both procedures can not be performed after surgery or eye damage, allergies, infectious diseases, during pregnancy and lactation.

Lamination in no case can be done if the eyelashes are very thin and weak (for example, after an unsuccessful extension, staining or a serious disease), since the hairs can not withstand the keratin film and break. You can fix the situation with Botox, a course of vitamins or oil masks.

Draw conclusions

Time to summarize what is the difference between botox and lamination lashes.

Both procedures are suitable for girls who want to preserve the health of their eyelashes and have a constantly expressive look.

Lamination has a pronounced visual effect. We recommend it to those whose eyelashes are slightly weakened, thin or light. The procedure will create a film on the surface that will increase their volume and protect it from ultraviolet radiation, chlorinated water and temperature changes.

Botox eyelashes nourish the eyelashes from the inside, externally, the effect can be less pronounced than after lamination. The procedure is suitable for intensive restoration of severely damaged eyelashes.

Compositions for Botox can be bought in specialized stores for independent use. If you want to enjoy the result to the full, you need to do lamination and Botox in the cabin of an experienced master.

You can sign up for lamination of eyelashes and botox eyelashes by phone + 7-905-727-29-64 (Moscow).

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We are waiting for you at the Anna Druzhinina Beauty Workshop! We guarantee a pleasant atmosphere and a great result! How much does lamination of lashes or botox lashes cost in our salon can be viewed in the price list.

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Modern girls often face fragility and loss of eyelashes, with frequent use of makeup. And, for sure, everyone wants to correct this situation. Cosmetology professors have solved this question with Botox Serum for eyelashes.

Botox eyelashes is a new procedure for the care and restoration of eyelashes. The name of the procedure comes from the main component, which is contained in the preparation, botulinum toxin. It has the property to increase the elasticity and elasticity of the hair.

Also included in the serum:

  • hyaluronic acid
  • keratin
  • collagen
  • panthenol
  • tocopherol
  • lemon acid
  • Argan oil

Due to the content of these substances, the procedure will provide your eyelashes with a natural shine, dark color without coloring and will protect from the harmful effects of the environment.

Now let's look at the molecular level about how the eyelash recovery.

The active ingredients found in the preparation penetrate the hair structure and change it:

  1. our body's hyaluronic acid provides regeneration of the skin and hair, which means that it will also restore hair and stimulate their growth as part of the serum,
  2. keratin is a protein that creates mechanical stability of the hair, and will increase its thickness,
  3. Collagen provides strength and elasticity, that is, protects against the aggressive effects of the surrounding world.

Serum botox for eyelashes includes the most necessary vitamins:

  • tocopherol, also known as vitamin E,
  • panthenol, vitamin B.

The first, possessing antioxidant properties, slows down the aging process. The second has a softening and moisturizing effect on the hair.

Argan oil nourishes the eyelashes and allows the tocopherol to be absorbed better.

To maintain the optimum acid-base condition of the eyelid skin, which also needs care, especially when performing eyelash manipulations, it contains citric acid.


  • thick eyelashes, due to thickening of the hair,
  • structure strength
  • stimulation of the hair follicle,
  • softening and moisturizing.

Indications and Contraindications

Anyone who wishes visually long and voluminous eyelashes with a wonderful curl can use this procedure.

But there are some contraindications. These include:

  • allergic reaction to the components of the drug
  • previous operations on the organ of vision
  • injuries in the orbit and the eye itself
  • eye infections
  • hypersensitivity of the eye to any manipulation
  • increased tearing
  • pregnancy (due to a spike in a hormone, the result from biowave eyelashes may not work)
  • critical days

The total duration of the procedure takes 2 hours. While the procedure is being done, the client is in a horizontal position, lying on a couch.

The session, before treating the eyelashes with Botox, involves biowaving the eyelashes, and then dyeing the eyelashes with paint.


  1. Biowave eyelashes. The procedure is similar to chemical perm. On the cilia wind original curlers - rollers, and then put a special composition, securing curling eyelashes.
  2. Coloring eyelashes. Special professional paint is the pigmentation of the eyelashes. Color depends on the wishes of the customer. Usually black or brown shades.
  3. Applying Botox to the eyelashes. He will carry out the restoration of the hair structure and consolidate the result of the previous stages.

As a result, this procedure will accelerate the growth rate of the eyelashes, since the incoming components stimulate the work of the hair follicles, give a perfect curl and ensure your dark color of the eyelashes.

Photo: Before and after Advantages and disadvantages

Let's talk about the advantages of the procedure:

  • The first is the provision of eyelashes with nutrients and vitamins.
  • Secondly, hair growth increases, and after a month and a half, you get natural long and thick eyelashes.
  • Thirdly, after the first procedure, the hair structure is completely restored.
  • Fourthly, the effect of the procedure lasts from two to four months, which allows you to save them from their daily staining.
  • Fifth, immediately after the procedure, you can visit the sauna, swimming pool, wash with soap, oil solution, gel, use your favorite cosmetics, sleep “face on the pillow” and the effect of the procedure will not change.

The disadvantages are only the presence of contraindications and financial side of the procedure.

Do not forget that owners of genetically rare eyelashes will not be able to boast their thickness after the procedure, since Botox only thickens the hair structure, but does not increase eyelashes.

Which is better: botox or lamination lashes

What is lamination lashes? This is one of the options for curling eyelashes, which also includes pigmentation, and then fixing the result with a special compound.

In the solution, fixing the result, include:

  1. keratin,
  2. chamomile extract
  3. hops and yarrow.

Unfortunately, in order for keratin to fully consolidate the effect, it is necessary to heat it with a high heat. Naturally, no one will carry out such a manipulation on the face. Therefore, keratin is quickly washed out from the eyelashes, and the result of such a procedure is short. In the botox procedure, the effect of strengthening the eyelashes is supported by other elements of the serum composition.

After lamination, for 24 hours after the procedure, eyelashes should be protected from the effects of external factors, including water. Botox for eyelashes when interacting with water improves the result of the procedure.

The duration of lamination takes 40-45 minutes, botox processing up to 2 hours. The cost of botox is more expensive than lamination.

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Can I hold with eyebrows

Botox strengthening can be carried out not only with eyelashes, but also with eyebrows. If the hair of your eyebrows is weak, thin, light-colored, then this procedure will suit you.

Also, this procedure will appeal to owners of thick and unruly eyebrows, which have to constantly be laid.

Botox solution will strengthen the hair, make it thicker, darker. Eyebrows will look better groomed, do not have to constantly comb and smooth them, as they will keep their shape, not sticking in different directions.

For at least two months, you will forget about eyebrow correction. After the expiration of the procedure, you can repeat it again.

The effects of Botox are an expressive look and attractive black healthy eyelashes. However, there are some “but”:

  • Botulinum toxin remains an unexplored chemical substance.. It can cause an allergic reaction in people who are not previously hyperreactive to this substance. It will appear red rash around the eyes and itching.
  • Prolonged and frequent use of the drug can lead to disruption of the neural connections between the eyelash follicle and its feeding nerve ending. The outcome of the rupture of such a connection will be the loss of hair, without its subsequent restoration.

Care instructions

Special care for the eyelashes after the procedure is not required. But there are a couple of tips:

  1. Always make up before bedtime so that eyelids and eyelashes have the opportunity to rest, and there are no obstacles to obtaining oxygen. In addition, in the absence of a night rest, the skin around the eyes ages faster, wrinkles appear.
  2. Make-up is removed in the direction from the nose to the cheekbones. Rub the eyelashes and the eyes themselves do not need. It is necessary to dispose of cosmetics with careful conducting movements. Otherwise your eyelashes will start to fall out.
  3. It is not recommended to wash off makeup with products containing an alkaline component and / or alcohol. Since this is not the natural pH of the skin around the eyes and the hair itself, the eyelashes will thin and become brittle.
  4. In order for your eyelashes to grow healthy you can fortify them with oils, such as castor or burdock. The effect of oil on the eyelashes will not spoil the effect of Botox, but, on the contrary, will help strengthen the hair structure and stimulate growth.

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Where can I buy

Botox procedure for eyelashes, you can make in beauty salons. The work will be performed by certified masters with medical education.

The cost of this service in the cabin will be from 2,000 rubles or more.

There are also many craftsmen who do this work at home. Such masters also have a certificate, and they have also completed training courses in Botox eyelashes.

The cost of work from home craftsmen will be cheaper. But we advise you to check the certificate with such personnel. Uncertified masters do not bear any responsibility for the service performed.

You can order Botox serum online or buy it in a specialized cosmetic store and, if you wish, try the procedure yourself. But it will be rather difficult to carry out the procedure yourself, even if you are a trained master.

For example, you should be lying all the time, you should see the correctness of your actions (this applies to pigmentation and biowave). It is impossible to do this alone. Spend more strength and nerves. Therefore it is better to turn to the work of a specialist.

Thus, among the cosmetic procedures for the eyelashes appears the undoubted leader. And this is Botox eyelashes, a procedure for which there is no age limit and a completely small list of contraindications.

In two hours you will get a stunning effect. Your look will be expressive and attractive, due to the increase in the density of eyelashes, curl and attractive black color.

Watch the video: LASH LIFT LASH BOTOX TREATMENT (December 2019).