Masks for dry and damaged hair, TOP-6 best

Beautiful, shining health hair, as a precious decoration, complement the female image and make it even more beautiful. True, not all girls can boast luxurious curls, donated by nature, but a competent approach and properly chosen care procedures work wonders - and just recently, ugly-looking hair literally gets thicker in front of your eyes and shimmers like Chinese silk! And the first assistant in the difficult task of caring for them is a mask.

How to choose a good hair mask: expert opinion

Louis Faria, a graduate of the Parisian school of hairdressing, a stylist and manager in one of the Jean Louis David salons, knows everything about his hair and believes that the main thing is to choose the mask individually. So, a good mask for dyed and bleached hair should be nourishing and prevent color fading. For frizzy and dry hair, you should choose moisturizing masks on a keratin basis, and for greasy hair, Louis recommends a mask with green clay.

However, it is important not only to buy the correct mask, but also to use it skillfully. For example, if the hair is thin, the mixture is left only for a few minutes, otherwise the mask will weight the hair, and it will be difficult for them to add volume. If the hair is prone to fat at the roots, when applying a mask this area should be avoided. And in any case, special attention should be paid to the tips, because it is usually the most over-dried part of the hair.

Council of Louis Faria: in order to enhance the effectiveness of the mask, at the time of its impact, you need to wrap your head in a heated towel - then the active components of the mixture will more easily penetrate into the hair and bring maximum benefit.

And to decide on the best hair mask that can solve a specific hair problem, our rating will help you, based on the opinions of professionals and reviews of ordinary users. We chose the best of the most popular masks, widely represented in the sale.

The main causes of dry hair

More recently, people are worried only about the presence of dandruff, but not because of the dryness of the hair. Today, many can meet split ends and lack of normal volume. The main causes of dry hair are as follows:

  1. The active use of hairspray and other chemical products, as well as metal tongs, curling irons and other devices are the direct cause of the death of the hair.
  2. Visiting tanning beds and relaxing in the open sun also adversely affect the hair.
  3. Frosts can do no less harm, because many girls refuse to wear a hat in winter. As a result of this, the tips of the hair freeze and split.
  4. The use of synthetic food products affects the beauty and health of not only the body, but also the hair. Useful substances that can help with brittle and dry hair are found only in products of animal and vegetable origin.
  5. Experts refer to negative factors that can affect the hair, and hard water. Not everyone can afford to put a special filter in the bathroom, and many just too lazy to boil water.
  6. In an effort to grow a long head of hair, many girls are from cutting unhealthy hair ends. As a result, the body spends a lot of resources on the restoration of dead cells, which is why hair stops growing.
  7. Negative effect, oddly enough, and daily washing of hair.

To get rid of the above negative effects can help a special mask for very dry hair. There are quite a few varieties of this remedy and the choice of oil depends solely on individual preferences.

1. Mask based on olive oil

This mask is ideal for dry and brittle hair. The tool is placed along the entire length. It should be noted that the mask for dry ends of hair made from olive oil does not make the hair heavier. On the contrary, the curls become fluffy, smooth and light. Preparation of the most popular mask based on this ingredient is as follows:

  • you need to take one egg, 100 grams of fresh strawberries and 3 tablespoons of olive oil,
  • all the ingredients need to be mixed and applied to the hair over the entire area,
  • the mask should be kept for up to 40 minutes, then rinsed with warm boiled water,

Olive hair mask will help to rid your hair of brittleness and give unrivaled shine.

2. Mask of burdock oil

Burdock oil can be used in a standard form, or added to a homemade hair mask. Before applying the mask, it is necessary to heat the oil to a temperature not higher than 40 degrees, then rub the mixture into the area of ​​the hair roots.

The mask is distributed over the surface of the head with a massage comb. An hour later, the mixture for dry curls should be washed off. The course of application is no more than 2 months with regular, weekly applying a mask. It is worth noting that in some particular cases, an allergic reaction may occur to the main components of a homemade mask for dry hair. When it is detected, it is worth stopping the procedure and using similar masks.

4. Beer Mask Recipe

To stimulate hair growth can help a mask of beer with the addition of crackers. For the manufacture of such means for dry hair, you must take 500 milliliters of beer (the color of the drink should be identical to the color of the hair) and 100 grams of crackers. Crackers it is important to pour liquid and let it brew for about an hour. After that, a homemade mask is applied to clean hair.

7. Mask for dry hair ends

For heavily damaged hair, a classic homemade mask for dry hair can help. To create it does not take much time - just 30 minutes.

  • a teaspoon of nut butter,
  • a couple of teaspoons of liquid honey,
  • a few drops of apple cider vinegar.

It is important to mix all components as thoroughly as possible. After preparation, a mask for dry hair is applied to the hair curls, especially in the area of ​​damaged tips. It should be noted that the mask itself is not able to rid the hair of split ends - they must be trimmed periodically.

8. Mask based on flaxseed oil

The necessary ingredients for the manufacture of this hair mask:

  • linseed oil - 2 spoons,
  • vodka or alcohol - 1 spoon.

Components are mixed until smooth. The mask for dry curls is applied to raw hair and rubbed into the roots with your fingers for 10 minutes. After that, the hair is warmed with a towel for an hour. Flushing can be done with regular shampoo. It is important to apply a mask at least 2 times a week.

9. Oil wrap for dry damaged hair

To prepare the mask you need to use castor oil and classic shampoo for dry hair. The resulting mixture for dry roots must be rubbed into the hair roots. After that, the head is covered with compression paper. This homemade mask for dry hair ends is removed from the head after 3 hours with warm water. Associated chemicals for the procedure of removing the mixture from the hair are not needed.

Mask moisturizing Schwarzkopf Essensity Color & Moisture Intense Treatment

Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf Professional.

Purpose: restores and moisturizes dry, brittle, tough hair.

The tool is based on Phytolipid technology, which provides intensive hydration and deep penetration of active ingredients. The mask enriches hair with vitamins A and C.

Among other substances that positively affect the hair structure and skin: Marula oil, aloe vera, panthenol, green tea extract. Regular use provides shine and obedience when laying. After the first use, the professional tool makes the hair stronger and softer.

The composition, filled with minerals and trace elements, envelops each hair, protecting it from the harmful effects of external factors.

The cost of a jar of 200 ml is 709 rubles.

Cream Mask Wella Brilliance

Manufacturer: Wella Professionals.

Purpose: protects dyed hair, gives softness to hard strands, makes the color bright.

The tool penetrates deep into the hair structure and the skin of the head, nourishing them with useful trace elements. Under the influence of Triple-Blend Technology, on the basis of which the cream was developed, the stiffness of the strands softens instantly and the paint becomes brighter. The composition envelops the hairs, creating a protective layer from ultraviolet radiation and exposure to high temperatures when laying.

Regular use of the product will keep the dye on the strands, will give a soft and silky hair. Among other things, the skin of the head will be saturated with vitamins, which will positively affect the biochemical processes.

The mask is applied to the washed strands with massaging movements along the entire length and left for 5 minutes for the action of the active components. After the time the composition is washed off with water. Procedures should be carried out 1-2 times a week.

The cost of a jar of 150 ml is 902 rubles.

Smoothing Liss Unlimited Masque Mask

Manufacturer: L’Oreal Professionnel.

Purpose: for nutrition, hydration and care with a smoothing effect. Used for all hair types.

Deep penetration of active ingredients provides gentle cleansing, nourishment of the skin and follicles. Rich in vitamins and minerals, the composition stimulates metabolic processes, cell regeneration, as a result, hair growth is accelerated, and the root system is strengthened.

Rules of application: apply on washed and squeezed from water strands with massaging movements. Spread over the entire length of the hairline and scalp. Wash off after 3-4 minutes. The effect of the mask persists for 4 days.

The cost of a jar of 200 ml is 1476 rubles.

Mask for hair Matrix Total Results Pro Solutionist

Manufacturer: Matrix.

Purpose: deep restorative care for loose strands.

The tool is ideal for brittle dry hair. The powerful composition, which includes vitamins and minerals, will restore damaged areas of the structure, normalizes the water balance, will create protection against UV light and high temperatures when using a hair dryer and other electrical devices for styling. Also, it is recommended to use for recovery activities after perm.

Rules of application: Apply the product to wet clean hair and distribute evenly over the entire scalp with massaging movements. Warm the strands with a hairdryer and wrap with a terry towel for 10-15 minutes, after which it remains to wash with water. Procedures for the restoration of the structure should be carried out 2 times a week.

The cost of a jar of 500 ml is 1658 rubles.

Mask Orofluido Mask

Manufacturer: Orofluido.

Purpose: restores and nourishes dry and damaged hair.

The composition includes the active components of plant origin: oils of tsiperus, flax, argans. Regular use restores damaged areas of the hair, nourishes with useful minerals and vitamins.

Lifeless strands begin to shine with a healthy sheen, and when laying you can notice the obedience of curls. The unique composition will provide nutrition, normalizes the work of sebaceous glands, will give silkiness. After the first application, positive changes will be noticeable, which are more likely to have a cosmetic effect. 1.5-2 months is required for full recovery.

Rules of application: distribute the product in wet strands with massaging movements. 3-5 minutes is enough for the action of the active components, after which you should rinse your head with warm water. To achieve the effect you need to carry out procedures 2-3 times a week.

The cost of a jar of 250 ml is 1580 rubles.

Regenerating mask with keratin Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment

Manufacturer: Paul Mitchell.

Purpose: restores, nourishes and restructures hair. Suitable for dry and damaged strands.

The mask contains natural ingredients that, with deep penetration, provide instant nutrition and hydration. The action is not only on the hair structure, but also on the root system. The follicles are strengthened, the epidermis cells are regenerated.

Rules of application: The composition is applied to wet strands and massaged over the entire scalp. For maximum effect, the head is wrapped in a towel, and 10 minutes later rinsed with warm water. It is enough to carry out procedures once a week.

The cost of a jar of 100 ml is 1609 rubles.

Angela, 19 years old

During the exams greatly worried than provoked hair loss. Trichologist recommended the L’Oreal recovery mask. After 3 weeks of use, the number of hairs on the comb after brushing has noticeably decreased. And the strands themselves began to look healthier in appearance, the gloss and silkiness appeared. Now I’ll use L’Oreal 2 times a month for prevention, as advised by the doctor. Especially since the tool I really liked. The procedure is pleasant, the smell has a beneficial effect, the nerves calm down.

Rome, 45 years old

With age, the hair has lost its thickness and strength. The hair that was weakened by dyeing looked lifeless until a friend recommended the Wella Brilliance mask. After a month of use, the changes became visually noticeable. A natural shine appeared, the strands became denser, and they became more obedient when laying. Now combing them was one pleasure. I recommend to try!

Olga, 23 years old

After giving birth, my strands began to look dim, dryness appeared. My sister is a doctor by profession, advised me to mask Schwarzkopf Essensity. I did everything as written in the instructions for maximum results. And the expectations were met. The truth had to follow all the rules for 2 months, but I did not miss a single procedure. I will continue to use Schwarzkopf Essensity, but in a different way.

Irina, 30 years old

After each summer you have to restore hair. In order to remove excessive dryness, we had to experience folk recipes of masks and ready-made ones. The result was always, but I wanted more. And the effect was not enough for long. Last season, on the seller’s advice, I purchased the Matrix mask. After 6 treatments, positive results were noticeable. Strands have become smooth, silky. To the touch, the hairs thickened. When combing, there are no practically lost hairs. Even after sleep, comb your hair easy. Very good tool.

12. Mask with honey and brandy

This homemade mask is made extremely simple: egg yolk is whipped and a little heated honey and a couple of spoonfuls of brandy are added to it. The mask is applied over the entire area of ​​the hair, and the head is covered with a compression fabric. The mask for dry ends of hair may include other components, such as onions and castor oil.

16. Nourishing mask for dry hair and tips

In order to saturate the hair with useful trace elements, you can use the following homemade mask for dry hair ends. It is prepared from a mixture of sea buckthorn oil, olive oil, eggs and onions. The mask must be kept on the hair for at least 3 hours.

People reviews

Arina, 28, writes:

I decided to leave, and I have a review about the mask for dry hair, which practically saved my hair from terrible loss. For me, the best hair mask is, of course, with kefir. I applied it a couple of times a week for about a month and the results were not long in coming. Hair began to grow quickly, from the dry ends got rid of almost at the moment. I recommend everyone to try!

Svetlana, 34, writes:

Used a home mask of burdock oil for some time. I can immediately say that it is not necessary to wait for a momentary result. The mask, though noticeably strengthens the hair, but split ends can only be removed with a haircut. But I do not want to shorten the hair. Most likely I will try other analogues, because hair is my property from childhood!

Alain, 25 years old, writes:

I made a simple mask of olive oil and was surprised at how my hair came to life. Previously, the curls were dull and rare, but now all my friends are jealous of my hair. And what to say, I envy myself. Maybe I'll try next time another hair mask as a comparison. In any case, I recommend everyone to try.

1. “Keratin Restore Mask, OIL Line”, by WELLA Professional

Opens our top 10 Keratin Restore Mask, which has established itself as an indispensable tool for absolutely all hair types, including blond, dyed and damaged hair.

The composition of the unique means includes three types of valuable oils: jojoba, which protects and strengthens hair, argan, necessary for complex nutrition of hair, and almond - rich in vitamins, softening and giving a dazzling glow to curls.

Experts recommend using this mask a maximum of 1-2 times a week, distribute over the entire length of clean and damp hair, and then, after 5-10 minutes, rinse with warm water.

2. “Back.Bar Cream Plus”, by Farmavita

Due to a reasonable combination of price and quality, the mask from Farmavita is located above one of the positions of our improvised rating. Ideal for strengthening and nourishing brittle and dry hair, it is easy to apply and wash off easily. It contains provitamins, keratin and natural oils that have the most beneficial effect on the health of hair.

To achieve the best result: apply a mask on wet hair, put on a shower cap and walk for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

3. “L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamino color”, by L’Oreal Paris

One of the most popular professional masks for colored hair. Everyone knows about the harmful effects of dyes on the hair structure, but the L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamino color mask can prolong the rich color, give the hair a lack of silkiness and shine, as well as create a protective film around the hairs for reduced UV light.

4. "Nourishing repairing", by DAVINES

An ideal tool for those who have gathered or just come from a holiday on the seashore, where the sun and sea water dry up and injure even the healthiest and freshest curls.

The composition includes useful oils - almond and argan - thanks to them, the hair receives the necessary nutrition, fights free radicals and provides long-lasting hydration to the very tips.

5. “Lush Jasmin and Henna”, by Lush

Like all Lush products, this mask belongs to the category of expensive ones, not how much because of the price for a tube, but how much because of the rather rapid consumption. On the other hand, it is worth it, especially if the hair is in dire need of quality, one might say, salon care.

Thanks to a variety of emollient oils and colorless henna, the mask is able to quickly restore damaged hair, make it shiny and smooth.

6. “K.therapy active”, by Lakme

Suitable for emergency restoration of porous and brittle hair, normalizes the balance of moisture, and also well prevents the tip section. Due to the active composition, among which spa components and oligoelements, it is enough to apply the mask once a week. The only disadvantage of this tool is that it is not suitable for people with thin hair, since it can make them heavier by taking the necessary volume.

7. “Reconstruction Mask”, by Toni & Guy

“Reconstruction Mask” is one of those used by many models and celebrities, because it, better than many, restores, strengthens and nourishes weakened curls, which are essential for girls of similar professions.

Stylists of the famous brand Toni & Guy work at shows of such famous designers as Matthew Williamson and Vivienne Westwood, so it is not hard to guess that they know everything about professional care. Well, almost all.

8. "Inner Restore Intensif", by Sencience

Excellent mask from the famous American brand is an indispensable tool for the treatment of porous, weak and colored hair. This tool boasts an enviable composition of proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which, provided it is used, instantly improves the combing of hair, returns shine and silky structure.

9. “Masque for Beautiful Color”, by ORIBE

Fans of this brand are such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz and many others, which is direct evidence of its quality and real effectiveness.

The mask contains wild mango oil, which is involved in strengthening colored hair, a complex of bio-polymers and phyto-ceramides, which are necessary for enhancing silkiness, smoothness and protection from UV rays.

10. "Visible Repair Treatment", by Londa Professional

A good tool for deep recovery of split and damaged hair, literally after the first use, there is a visible effect: the curls shine, better comb and really look beautiful.

The best masks for hair restoration and growth

For the full care of damaged hair requires the use of special tools. Their composition should include special caring components that can increase growth and improve the structure of the hair. For example, some oils, filling the top layer of curls, make them visually more beautiful and add shine. Modern manufacturers have several truly effective means for restoring damaged hair. All of them are represented in our ranking.

3 L'Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Lipidium

The mask of the famous cosmetic brand L'Oreal Professionnel has already fallen in love with many girls. It is designed to maximize the recovery of even the most damaged hair. Enriched with a unique complex “Lipidium”, it visibly strengthens and heals every single lock. A big plus means - convenient use. It is enough to put a mask on wet hair and leave it for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse with water. Such a simple method of application will especially appeal to those who have every minute counted. Absolut Repair Lipidium provides easy combing, fights split ends, reduces breakage and prevents falling out. It also has a beneficial effect on the scalp. Volume 200 ml, dense texture.

  • the most convenient application
  • slow flow
  • nice salon scent,
  • easy distribution
  • noticeable moisturizing effect
  • good softening and hair restoration.

  • not natural composition,
  • high price,
  • hair gets dirty quickly.


One of the leaders among the means for recovery is the American-made Macadamia mask. It has a unique formula that penetrates into each curl. Created specifically for weak, brittle and dry hair. The result is not long in coming - it is already visible after several uses. Deep recovery and reconstruction make the curls healthy, well-groomed and shiny. The girls talk about a noticeable moisturizing and nutrition, aided by the beneficial oils in the composition. Packing 100 ml enough for a long time. The consistency of the mask is medium with pearly notes. A pleasant apple flavor will be an added bonus when used. For best results, apply the product to the hair for 7 minutes and rinse with water.

  • good composition,
  • deep recovery,
  • softness and shine
  • nice smell,
  • moisturizing effect
  • UV protection,
  • great reviews
  • nutrition.

1 Natura Siberica Sauna & Spa

The mask of the popular domestic manufacturer Natura Siberica Sauna & Spa is the best in the “recovery” category. The main difference means - a useful natural composition. Sulphates, parabens and other harmful substances are completely absent in it. The active ingredients here are: wheat germ oil, which is responsible for restoring the hair structure, ginseng extract, which improves the condition of the scalp, cloudberry seed oil, which gives an incredible shine and radiance, medunitsa, which has a moisturizing effect. Available Sauna & Spa in a jar with a 370 ml unscrewing lid, which lasts for about six months. The consistency of the mask is optimal - it is not too greasy, so it does not make the curls heavier and leaves no unpleasant effect on the hands. Apply to wet hair, requires rinsing after 15 minutes. Ideal for home use.

  • the most natural composition
  • optimal cost
  • noticeable moisturizing
  • struggling with falling out
  • quickly softens hair
  • convenient use
  • enough for a long time
  • excellent consistency
  • best reviews.

The best hair masks against split ends

Split ends are a very common problem among girls. It occurs due to frequent adverse effects with a hair dryer and other appliances. The heat destroys the hair structure, making it dry and brittle. The first signs of damage are split ends, which greatly spoil the appearance of hair. To combat this problem, special tools are available from popular manufacturers.

3 The Saem Silk Hair Argan Intense Care Pack

Mask for home use based on argan oil The Saem actively fights split ends, prevents hair aging and strengthens their structure as a whole. Its important feature is protection from the negative effects of the environment. It is aimed at giving a well-groomed look to the hair, as well as at their recovery. The texture resembles an airy soufflé or yoghurt, very pleasant to the touch. Presented means in the form of a jar with a volume of 200 ml and has a very slow flow rate due to simple quick application. It is necessary to put only for several minutes.

  • useful active ingredients
  • optimum consistency
  • quick action
  • moisturizing effect
  • instant smoothness.

2 Kaaral Purify Hydra Deep Nourish Mask

The famous youth cosmetics brand Kaaral is a super moisturizing mask Purify Hydra Deep Nourish Mask. Created specifically for damaged, weakened hair. It has a unique formula based on royal jelly that combats dry and brittle hair. When used once a week, after a while you will notice an amazing result. Curls will look smooth and be incredibly soft to the touch. Split ends are quickly and efficiently sealed.

  • fight with split ends
  • deep moisturizing
  • enough for a long time
  • great reviews
  • good quality.

1 Revlon Uniq One ​​Flower

The following mask from Revlon is an example of an optimal ratio of price and quality. The tool is made in the form of a spray that needs to be applied to wet hair and does not need to be washed off. An important advantage of the mask is the presence of thermal protection. After application, you can safely use any device without fear of damage to the hair. Revlon Uniq One ​​Flower solves several important problems at once: it makes combing easier, fights split ends, adds shine and volume, does not wash off paint, protects from high temperatures, and simplifies styling.

  • the most convenient application (spray),
  • no need to flush
  • easy combing
  • volume,
  • great reviews
  • thermal protection
  • shine
  • very slow consumption.

  • hair quickly becomes greasy.

The best professional hair masks

Many girls prefer professional care products. They have a good fast result. Another advantage - the effect lasts a long time on the hair. Professional hair masks are more expensive than usual, but they have an improved composition. Below are the most effective means.

2 Kerastase Force ARCHITECT

Professional mask Kerastase "Force ARCHITECT" was created specifically for prone to brittle hair. It is designed to maximize protection from damage, as well as strengthening weak curls. After using this mask, the hair looks more well-groomed and healthy. It gives incredible shine and eliminates dryness. Deep moisturizing effect also provides smoothness and silkiness. It has a high degree of protection against external irritating factors. Available in jars of 200 ml, which is enough for an average of 3 months.

  • professional care at home
  • split ends fight
  • restoration of damaged hair,
  • fortification
  • elimination of dryness
  • the pleasant smell keeps on hair long.

1 Matrix Biolage Hydrasource

Mask professional cosmetic brand Matrix created for deep moisturizing hair. An important distinctive feature of Hydrasource is its composition. It does not contain harmful chemical elements, but works due to such beneficial active ingredients as aloe vera, rosemary, etc. It gives a dazzling shine to the hair and makes them smooth and silky. The tool has only positive customer feedback, because gives a noticeable result after several uses. At the same time, it fits even colored hair, protecting their color.

  • deep moisturizing
  • good composition,
  • fighting loss
  • efficiency,
  • professional care at home
  • slow consumption.

The best masks for colored hair

Dyed hair always requires special care. They are stronger than others in need of recovery and proper protection. In order to make the hair look beautiful, and the curls are well-groomed, experts advise you to buy masks specifically for colored hair. Now there are a whole lot of them. We selected the best tools based on customer feedback.

2 Natura Siberica Sea Buckthorn

Natura Siberica deep-restoring mask from the famous “Sea-buckthorn” series is also suitable for colored hair. It is easy to use, even at home. The unique composition not only nourishes, moisturizes and strengthens, but also retains the original color after painting. The dense consistency provides an easy application, the mask literally melts on the hair. After several applications, you can see a stunning result. Hair becomes smooth, not confused and look very well-groomed.

  • useful composition
  • pleasant texture
  • delicious smell,
  • great reviews
  • optimal price.

1 ESTEL Otium Blossom

ESTEL is a unique formula specifically for colored hair. The task of the Blossom mask is to keep the original color after painting and to make it even more saturated. The mask from ESTEL is aimed at strengthening the structure, healing and healing of damaged hair. Cocoa butter, along with other active ingredients, penetrates inside and provides maximum recovery. Curls look smooth and shiny after the first application. Fights loss and brittleness.

  • excellent protection for colored hair
  • deep recovery,
  • moisturizing effect
  • excellent food reviews,
  • buyers,
  • good price.

How to choose a hair mask

There are cases when a girl buys hair care products from one line of a particular manufacturer. But this does not mean that they will be equally useful for her. For example, shampoo can have a positive effect, but the mask is too heavy, or vice versa to dry hair. When choosing a suitable tool, you should follow the following rules:

  1. First you need to determine your hair type. Each tool is designed for a specific case, so the result depends on the correct selection of the mask
  2. Various oils (jojoba, argan, etc.) are well nourished and suitable for frequent use.
  3. Thin and weakened hair in need of funds, the composition of which is enriched with keratin,
  4. Experts recommend to acquire masks that solve a specific problem (for example, for growth or hydration). Avoid universal remedies. they are less effective
  5. The smoothness is directly affected by the presence of plant extracts,
  6. Pay attention to the composition - it must be at least half of natural ingredients,
  7. Buy products only from reputable manufacturers. This will help avoid the use of low-quality tools.

Features of dry hair

Dry hair has a dull appearance. They break, split and tangle so that it is impossible to comb. Short dry hair sticks out in different directions, like a dandelion crown. And sometimes the long ones are stratified along the entire length, very confused and electrified. Curly damaged, burned hair looks like a dry washcloth. Such an effect may appear after an unsuccessful, too strong perm.

Trichoclasia - an increased lack of moisture in the hair - is never inborn. If the hair has become brittle, dull, matted, they should be treated.

The cause of increased dryness can be:

  • dehydration,
  • lack of essential elements due to poor nutrition,
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, inflammatory processes,
  • frequent staining
  • perm,
  • hot drying and perm,
  • severe stress, depression,
  • poor care
  • aggressive external environment (burning sun, frost, wind).

Important! Moreover, the fat content of the skin and rods does not exclude the presence of dehydration. Unknowingly, a woman in this case can choose a shampoo for oily hair and further aggravate dryness and brittleness.

A good mask restores the hair shafts, sticks them to the ends. A healthy glow is returned, combing becomes easier. Strands gain strength, the hairs break less and do not electrify.

Types of masks

The effect obtained from the use of the mask depends on the ingredients that make up it. Rather conditionally, these care products are divided into the following types:

  • nutritious,
  • moisturizing,
  • for split ends
  • brittle,
  • damaged,
  • burned
  • thin natural hair.

The conditionality of division is determined by the fact that one type of mask is suitable for dry hair of various types. For example, nutrients can be used on split ends and on damaged hair. Nutrient saturation makes strands not only shining with a healthy glow, but also more durable. The rods cease to exfoliate, break, become more obedient, do not get confused by the slightest breeze.

Bulbs of roots that have received a sufficient amount of moisture, produce more rods. Individual hairs become thicker. The hair looks thicker and thicker.

Burned by endless staining strands, faster restored. Rods damaged by frequent application of thermal effects, return to their original properties. The quality and appearance of the strands, annealed with a hot iron, curling, thermal curlers, is improving.

Curls, dried out with a hot stream of a hair dryer that forms a stylish styling, are moistened and recover under the influence of therapeutic ointments.

The composition of quality masks for dry hair should include the following components: saturated fruit, fatty acids, vitamins E, A, C, D3, keratin, folic acid, vegetable oils, as well as medicinal herbs and mineral supplements. Cosmetic products based on oils are considered the best in a number of nourishing and moisturizing masks.

Professional masks

In pharmacies, from professional dealers, in shopping centers, checked boutiques, they buy ready-made products that improve the condition and appearance of dried hair. Here they are more expensive than on the shelves of the market, but more guarantees of their authenticity. Damaged hair can only be restored by original, effective means.

  • L’Oreal Professionnel. French-made mask with a unique lipid complex, ceramides, phytokeratin for damaged dry hair. Means nourishes with nutrients, reconstructs, restores the internal structure of each hair. An exclusive remedy for L'Oreal protects against the negative impact of the external environment, eliminates excess fluffiness, gives a gloss, facilitates combing. Strands become softer, stronger, shine with lively glitter. Dense, melting texture evenly lubricates the entire length, is easily washed off, partially absorbed, economically consumed. In the sale of 200 ml jars (the average price is about 1000 rubles) and 500 ml (around 1600 rubles).

  • Israeli masks Moroccanoil Hydrating. Prepared according to an old recipe, based on salts of the Dead Sea, algae and other mineral ingredients. Effectively restore over-dried hair after stress, saturate with useful microelements, return vibrant shine. The main disadvantage of this tool is the price: you will have to pay more than 600 rubles for a 75 ml tube.

  • Horsepower. The drug produced in Russia, created with a minimum percentage of chemical components. Quickly penetrates inside the rod, increases the strength of hairs, thickness, eliminates the cross section. It promotes intensive growth, stops the loss of rods. Available in 250 ml cans at a cost of 450 rubles. But thanks to the thick consistency, the hair of a medium length of one can lasts for 2-3 months of use.

  • Estel Professional Night for split ends. This unique night mask from Estelle can take advantage of business women, always busy at work. The product deeply acts, sates, sticks together tips, does not make heavier. For 300 ml of this tool will have to pay about 700 rubles.

  • Garnier Avocado and Karite. This ointment with avocado extract nourishes brittle and dry strands, saturates with moisture, eliminates dandruff. Available in banks of 300 ml, costs about 350 rubles.

  • Londa Visible Repair Treatment. Moisturizing mask to soften and treat damaged and very dry curls, is applied after chemical perms and dyeing, in beauty salons. Available in jars of impressive volume (750 ml) and costs a lot - 1200 rubles.

Rules of application

The mask is applied to the scalp, gently massaging in a circular motion and gradually rubbing the entire length of the strands. If you have the opportunity to hold the reducing agent a little longer, put a plastic cap over your head. Wind up a heated towel or a warm long scarf from above, this will strengthen the absorption and speed up the recovery process.

The exposure time depends on the degree of damage to the rods. For prevention, 10-15 minutes is enough. It is better to soak the rods burned with a chemical perm or a hot ironing for 40-120 minutes.

It is necessary to wash off the composition with not too hot running water. A cool stream may not wash off the greasy composition if it contains oils.

Note! Wet wet curls should be a soft towel. Dry the hair in the open air naturally (without a hair dryer and curling).

Advantages and disadvantages

Clear advantages: luxurious healthy shine, thick strong hair. A hairstyle in which the split, broken ends are not visible. Obediently fitting strands in a stylish hairstyle keep their shape for a long time. Nutritious masks also eliminate dandruff. Short hairs no longer electrify and do not stick like a dandelion.

By cons can be attributed time lost to find the perfect mask for you. Buying funds in unverified outlets, you can attack a low-quality product. If you overdo it too much, your hair will become greasy, not normal.

Selection features

The following types of masks are great for dry hair:

  • Regenerating,
  • nutritious,
  • moisturizing
  • firming.

But from the masks for intensive hair growth will have to be temporarily abandoned. They often contain ingredients such as red pepper or mustard, which can dry hair even further.

When choosing a mask, of course, you need to pay attention to the composition. It's great if the following ingredients are present in it:

  • Burdock oil - strengthens hair and contributes to their rapid recovery,
  • Coconut oil - intensively nourishes the curls, penetrating into the deepest layers of the hair, gives softness and shine, prevents the appearance of the section,
  • Argan oil - ideal for dry hair type, eliminates fragility and damage, protects from UV rays,
  • Wheat proteins, silk - restore damaged hair structure, fill voids, give elasticity and silkiness,
  • Cocoa butter - strengthens the structure, helps to cope with dryness and brittleness, gives shine,
  • Sea buckthorn oil - perfectly nourishes, promotes cellular regeneration, returns natural shine,
  • Gelatin - envelops each hair, creating a protective film on it, makes it silky and shiny, produces the effect of lamination.

Dry hair type is found in a predominant number of women.

What to do if hair splits and breaks? Find out about it by reading our article.

How to properly care for the child's hair, if they split? Useful tips and tricks are here.

Nature Siberika Sea Buckthorn

Intensively regenerating mask for dry and damaged hair. The tool has a natural composition, does not contain sulfates and parabens. The complex of valuable oils (sea buckthorn, argan and flax) restores the hair structure, provides a mirror shine and softness. Siberian hop, nettle and burdock extracts strengthen the hair, add extra volume and crispness, and silk and wheat proteins facilitate combing and styling.

The mask has a pleasant smell of sea buckthorn and a thick texture, which makes it very economical. The product is applied to wet hair after shampooing, rinsed off in 5-10 minutes. It is enough to use a mask once a week.

Homemade mask with olive oil and egg

Natural remedy with firming and regenerating effect. The mask quickly restores hair, returns them vitality, prevents cross-section, gives elasticity and shine. To prepare the mask you need to take 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of apple or wine vinegar and the yolk of one egg.

Preheat the oil in a water bath, and then add the rest of the ingredients to it. Apply the mixture to dry hair from the roots to the ends, and top them with plastic wrap and a towel. It is necessary to wash off the mask after half an hour with ordinary shampoo.

Gelatinous homemade mask

Great for bleached and dyed hair. Gelatin penetrates under the open scales of hair, filling the empty places, making the hair soft and shiny. Some even call the mask with gelatin home lamination, but unfortunately, this effect lasts only a few days.

After washing, add 2 tablespoons of your favorite purchased balm or mask to the mixture to get us a comfortable consistency. Apply the mixture to your hair, and then wrap your head in a shower cap. It is necessary to wash off the mask in an hour without using shampoo. Hair instantly becomes soft and manageable. To enhance the effect of the mask, you can warm the hair dryer several times.

Estel Prima Blond

Professional mask that is great for bleached thin hair. The mask not only helps soften the curls and make them more elastic and smooth, but also get rid of yellowness. The mask contains lanolin, which strengthens and softens the hair, as well as purple pigments that neutralize the yellow color.

The mask is applied after washing the head, it should be washed off in 15-25 minutes. It is very important to apply the product evenly so that the toning is even and there is no yellow strand left. It is enough to apply a mask 1-2 times a week.

Kefir mask

The mask of kefir helps to restore dry and porous hair, nourish them, give softness and smoothness. Such properties are due to the content in kefir vitamins of group B, E, protein. To prepare the mixture, take 3 tablespoons of kefir, 1 yolk and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.

Products should be at room temperature, if necessary, their number can be increased, observing proportions. Combine the components and mix until a homogeneous mixture. Apply the mask on clean, dry hair, including the roots, wrap your head with a special cap. Wash off the mask with shampoo after 1 hour.

Oil mask

Oils have long been used to thoroughly nourish and restore hair, giving it shine and silkiness. You will need coconut, flaxseed and lavender essential oil. 2 tablespoons of coconut oil melt in water oil, and then add there the same amount of flaxseed oil and a couple of drops of essential.

Heat the mixture again in water oil, and then apply to dry hair along its entire length. If the hair roots are prone to fat, then you need to apply a mask only on the length and tips. Then put a rubber hat and a towel on your head. The mask should be kept for several hours, and ideally left for the whole night. Then wash your hair with shampoo.

Fanola oro thepary

Cosmetic product of the Italian brand Fanola, very popular among famous hairdressers and stylists. The mask with argan oil, gold microparticles and vitamins E, PP, B, as well as proteins and the most important minerals perfectly strengthens, nourishes and restores the structure.

In addition, the tool helps to protect the hair from the negative effects of direct sunlight. The mask is applied to wet hair and washed off in 3-7 minutes. It is necessary to apply it only once a week in order not to weight the curls.

Natural egg mask

Nourishing oily mask will make hair soft and shiny, restore their structure and strengthen. At the same time make such a mask is very simple. Take 2 yolks and mix them with 2-3 tablespoons of honey. Apply the mask to clean, dry hair, and then put on a shower cap. Wash off after 40-50 minutes. Using shampoo.

Mustard mask

Mustard remedy accelerates hair growth, copes with hair loss and improves their structure. In addition, with constant use, the mask makes the hair thicker, improves the blood circulation process in the scalp and promotes the ingress of beneficial substances into the roots.

After that, add half a teaspoon of sugar to the cooked mixture. Apply the mixture to dry hair roots, and then wash off after 10-15 minutes. When using the mask you will feel warm. If there is a strong burning sensation, do not need to endure, wash off the mixture immediately to avoid scalp burns.

Important: the mask can not be used for people with high blood pressure and diseases of the cardiovascular system!

Leonor Greyl de Jasmin

Luxury cosmetic mask with the effect of nutrition and recovery. The tool intensively regenerates damaged cells, moisturizes, gives shine and shine, while not weighing. The mask is great for all types of hair, including bleached, dyed and thin.

Do not forget that the state of our hair is also greatly affected by nutrition. Therefore, be sure to include in the diet a variety of fruits, vegetables, protein, herbs, healthy fats (nuts, oils, eggs, red fish). With a lack of certain vitamins, take a course on dietary supplements, having previously passed the necessary tests. And very soon you will notice positive changes both in your appearance and in your internal state!

Use for curls

Masks for dry, damaged hair have such useful properties:

  • nourish with beneficial vitamins and minerals
  • accelerate metabolic processes in cells
  • perfectly moisturize
  • restore damaged, loose, brittle strands
  • add shine and radiance
  • make curls obedient, smooth, soft, elastic
  • increase growth

Effective recipes

The most effective and popular mask for dry hair - with vegetable oils. They very well nourish and moisturize the strands with useful vitamins, macro- and microelements, restore weakened, damaged hair.

Use these base oils in masks: almond, coconut, mustard, castor, flaxseed, burdock, argan, olive, sea buckthorn, peach, grape, apricot and others that you have and that you use.

You can cook many different recipes with oils:

  1. A very simple recipe: heat the base oil in a water bath and apply on the roots, the entire length, tips for 1-2 hours.
  2. You can mix a few oils and this mixture is also applied to the roots, curls and tips for 1-2 hours.
  3. Mix yolks and 1 table. Spoon coconut, olive and burdock oil. Spread the product on strands for 60 minutes.
  4. Add 1 tbsp to the yolks. spoon honey, brandy and burdock oil. Mix ingredients and apply on hair for 45-50 minutes.
  5. Stir 2-3 tables. L. natural kefir with a high percentage of fat and coconut oil. Apply this mixture to the strands for 35-45 minutes.
  6. Take 4 tbsp. Of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 tea l. Vitamin A, 4 drops of lavender ester. Spread the mixture into strands and leave for 60 minutes.

Be sure to warm the head after applying the mask with a towel. And after washing, use a herbal extract for rinsing.

Very affordable masks for dry curls are from fermented milk products (kefir, yoghurt). The product should be natural, without chemical additives and with a high percentage of fat. Useful substances possessed by kefir actively penetrate into the cells and into dry strands and restore them, moisturize, give shine.


1. A simple recipe is to apply kefir on hair for 30 minutes and then wash it off.
2. Mix half a glass of yogurt or kefir and 1 tbsp of burdock oil. Apply on strands for 30-40 minutes.
3. Mix 100 ml of kefir with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and yolk. Spread over the curls and leave the mask for 35 minutes.

After applying the mask to your hair, warm them with a towel, and after washing, rinse with a herbal extract.

Add egg yolk in masks. You will have an excellent nourishing mask for dry, weak hair.

To prepare such a tool, take 1-2 yolks, depending on your hair length.


  1. In the yolk add 2 tables. spoons of coconut oil and honey. Apply the mixture to the curls for 60 minutes.
  2. We need to take the yolks, on 1 table. spoon brandy, honey and burdock oil. Apply the product first on the roots with massaging movements, and then on the curls. Hold 40 min. Such a mask will not only moisturize, but also strengthen the hair, stop the loss and activate growth.
  3. Take the yolks, 1 tbsp. spoon vegetable oil - coconut, olive, burdock. Mix all ingredients and apply on strands for 45 minutes.
  4. Prepare a herbal infusion (for example, chamomile, nettle, or from other herbs). On 1 table. Grass grab take a glass of boiling water. Fill the grass with boiling water, let it infuse for 30 minutes, strain. Next, 1 tablespoon. Sour cream mix thoroughly with 2 yolks. Add 2 tables. spoon of herbal infusion. Apply the mixture on the strands for 45 minutes. After washing, rinse hair with prepared infusion.

After applying the mixture to the hair, warm them with a towel so that the mask works better. And to consolidate the effect after rinsing rinse the curls with herbal infusion.

Aloe mask will help strengthen the roots, saturate with vitamins, minerals, moisturize, treat brittle, damaged, weak and dry curls.


  1. Mix the yolks, 1 st. Of honey, aloe juice, almond oil. Apply the prepared mask on the curls for 45 minutes.
  2. For this recipe, we need to take 1 table spoon of aloe juice, honey and 4 table tablespoons. coconut oil. Heat the honey and butter a little (but do not heat it up much), add the juice and distribute the mixture on the hair for 60 minutes.
  3. Take half a cup of natural kefir or yogurt with a large percentage of fat, 1 table. spoonful of aloe juice, 2 tablespoons. almond oil. Apply the mixture on the hair for 35 minutes.

Apply the mask on the strands, warm the head with a towel, and after rinsing the product from the hair - rinse with herbal infusion.


To improve the effect, improve hair after washing, I recommend to use it. rinsing.

Use homemade rinses made from natural products.

For the preparation of such a tool, we need herbs. Select 1 grass to choose from. It can be nettle, birch leaves, rose petals, yarrow, linden flowers, mint, chamomile.

Take 2 table. spoon herbs to 1 cup boiling water. Fill the grass with boiling water. Wait 30 minutes for the agent to infuse, strain it and rinse your hair with it.

This procedure should be done 3 times a week for 1 month. Then take a break so that the hair is not accustomed to this particular grass. Therefore, when 1 month passes, you can change the grass for another and continue to use it.

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