Best hairstyles for birthday

Birthday is a good reason to dress up and make a haircut, and it doesn't matter if it is a magnificent celebration or a family event.

Hairstyles for a birthday should not be too complicated. They should effectively emphasize the image.

A simple way to do the styling is to wind the curls. Thanks to a variety of ploek, tongs and papillotok it can be done in a few minutes. Curls with your own hands can be done on long, medium and short hair. Similar styling looks good and little girls.

Below are the most popular hairstyles with curls:

  1. Loose waves. Will look great in girls. It is better not to use tongs and curling iron, because children's hair is very soft and easy to damage. Ideal choice - papilotki that can be used for both long and medium hair. They are comfortable to sleep, and the hairstyle turns out very lush. It is enough just to separate the strands and twist gently to the very roots, and then fix and leave for a couple of hours.
  2. Many mothers replace hair curlers and papillots with rags, but old pieces of fabric will also fit. For greater effect, cloth can be wrapped in paper. Such designs create fluffy and voluminous curls that do not unwind over time.
  3. Long and medium curls at a birthday party can interfere, so it is better to take them back or make a tail. If girls have very long strands, they should be picked up in a high bun. Styling with curls look very beautiful, and thanks to the decorations festive hairstyles for birthday are obtained, even for short strands.

Another common option is braids. They are beautiful, versatile and comfortable, and also keep well.

They can easily be done at home with their own hands. Suitable for both long and medium curls.

The usual spikelet, which is often found in girls, can be slightly altered — for example, weaving all over the head. To do this, select a small strand above the ear and start weaving. The rest of the hair is gradually taken from the free strands. Thus make a braid to the other ear, and pick up the remaining curls in a bun or tail. Classic spikelet also looks beautiful.

Fish tail

The girls on the head such a spit looks good. If you allow the hair, you can braid several similar braids. Fishtail is more suitable for long hair, but you can make the hair and medium. Weave it easy, but you need to be patient.

  • carefully comb the hair
  • divided into two parts
  • take a thin strand on the left and throw it to the right, and a strand on the right - to the left,
  • weave it until the end and bandage the braid with a rubber band.

Fishtail can be smooth and disheveled. In the first case, it is worth applying a serum or styling foam on your hair and then combing it well. This option is best done on long straight curls. If the strands are medium, it is worth a little braid and disheveled a pigtail.

Braid bezel

In little girls strands are often confused and poorly lay in the hair, fall on the face, climb into the eyes. It is advisable in this case to remove the hair from the forehead of the rim. It can be made from your own hair. To do this, select the strand above the ear and start weaving on the crown. At the second ear weaving can be fixed. The bezel can be decorated with a flower, for which a braid is woven, which is then neatly placed near the bezel.

Spectacular and simple, but beautiful bunches in little girls allow you to open your face, emphasize the eyes and facial features. It is not surprising that many mothers do their daughters a similar hairstyle. The options are presented below.

  1. Using a donut. You can buy in the store ready roller, bagel or use a clean sock. These accessories allow you to make volumetric fluffy beam. First, you need to comb your hair well, wrap the roller with it and fasten it with pins. Great hairstyle for a little princess!
  2. A regular bunch of braids for medium or long hair will look more effective if you decorate it with decorative pins. Flowers, rhinestones and stones give solemnity even to the simplest hairstyle. If girls have very long curls, you should pick them up in a high tail, braid them in a braid, and then lay them on top of your head. Middle strands can be placed on the bottom.
  3. Unusual styling for little girls - a bow of their own hair. Do it yourself is easy. Strands need to pick up in a high tail, but do not stretch under the gum until the end. You will get a loop that you need to split in half and close the middle of the tip of the hair. You can tie a ribbon. It is better not to do a hairstyle for very long hair, and it is perfect for medium ones.

For teenage girls there are other options for hairstyles - for example, a bun with weaving. A spikelet is woven around the head, which should then be picked up in a bun.

You can make several beams (as an option - two on top).

Hairstyles for the birthday girl

In order to choose a hairstyle for a girl's birthday, it is necessary on the eve of the solemn day to the smallest details to consider whether the chosen styling will be in harmony with the general appearance, whether it will not be too bulky and inconvenient.

To more accurately and quickly determine the choice, you can use the below presented ideological variations of hairstyles.

All of them are quite simple to recreate, they can be made by hand, without resorting to the services of a beauty salon.

Festive styling for medium hair

At the moment, festive hairstyles for girls have become very popular, which are represented by such types: soft wavy strands, high tails, lush braids, weaving, styling with flagella.

Further we will analyze in more detail in steps.

For girls of 8.9 years old, this hairstyle is perfect for a birthday. It is a saving option for owners of fine hair.

Any mom will not be difficult to do this styling with your own hands. Recreating it takes less than a quarter of an hour. It is performed as follows: hair is combed towards the side parting. At the temporal part, from the side where there are fewer curls, two thin strands are taken, which should be intertwined with each other, thus creating the shape of a flagellum. Reaching the opposite ear, you should fix the harness with an elastic band. With the tail, you can do in two ways: either wind it up, or leave it in a free position, or assemble it into a bunch, stabbing it with two or three studs. Ribbon and bow can be used as decoration.

Hairstyle looks very beautiful on the basis of flagella on loose curly hair. At the same time, curls should not be too large.

Greek hairstyle

This option will look great laying on birthday girls who have reached 10.11 years. It looks more interesting and lush on curly and fluffy strands. The hairstyle will create a fabulous image of the Greek princess of irresistible beauty.

It is done like this: curls are combed to the middle. From the temporal part, the hair twists in the form of a rope on the right side to the opposite side, gradually picking up the hair from the bottom and weaving it into a common outline of the hairstyle being created. The harness is fixed with pins (they should be placed at the same distance). Reaching the left ear, you should hide the end of the harness in the installation. To complete the styling, you can put on a headband with small flowers or pearls.

Many beautiful Greek styling for women and girls can be viewed here.

Charming bow

Often choose this hairstyle for the birthday of not only the girls of the occasion, but also those who are invited to visit. Since the installation looks original, festive, elegant and solemn, besides it is very simple to perform. It is hardly suitable for very long hair, because the length is too long to create a bow of hair. But for the average length of the bow is very advantageous.

Making it yourself is a snap. It is only necessary to follow some stages of styling: the hair is collected in a high tail (here it is immediately worth noting that the strands should not be stretched to the end under the gum). After performing the initial action should get a loop. It must be divided into two halves, close the middle ends of the strands. At the end of the festive look, you can tie up the resulting hairstyle with a beautiful ribbon of delicate color or decorate it with a hairpin. Step by step photos will not let you get confused.

This hairstyle will please a girl of any age, and very young fashionistas 5 - 7 years old and young beauties 9 - 11 years old. You can combine a bow with a tail and weave, a very worthy styling for your birthday.

Hairstyles for long hair for a celebration

Girlish hairstyles suitable for a birthday for long hair are also very diverse.

Below will be presented some of the brightest and most interesting options.

Tail with rose

If the preparations for the birthday took too much time and there is no possibility to recreate complex hairstyles, you can use this option. With all the simplicity of performance, the tail with a rose looks very impressive, original and unusual, especially on long hair.

Hair combed back, bound on the side of the tail. A small strand is separated from the tail, which should be braided into a pigtail. The end is tied with a barely noticeable rubber band, around which you need to start laying the braid, forming a flower out of it. The completed installation should be stabbed, and the ends should be screwed with a special ironing device.

Chic wavy curls

Very gentle, feminine and sophisticated hairstyle, which is perfect for girls 6 - 8 years old and older girls - 12.13 years old. The styling, made with the help of curlers, will be held throughout the duration of the festival. The young charming birthday girl will have no reason to endlessly check whether everything is fine with her hair. If there are no hair curlers, the hair can be done using a hair dryer or tongs. Hair flow free waves.

With such a hairstyle at the birthday party, attention to the birthday girl is exactly guaranteed.

Weave bundle

This simple and versatile hairstyle will perfectly fit into the birthday format. You can make it using a special accessory bagel. With it, the beam is created evenly and voluminously, and if we complement it with weaving and decorate it with a bright hairpin - a bow, a very nice styling for a holiday will turn out. Step by step photos tell the creation of this hairstyle.

There are many ways to design such beams.

See super beautiful styling for girls 11 - 13 years old in the next video material.

The most fashionable hairstyles for girls see here.

A bunch of braids

This simple hairstyle creates an image of dreamy and romantic natures. Actually, the majority of girls are like this at the age of 14. The original method of weaving makes styling very elegant and interesting. Hairstyle is created like this: the strands are divided into four parts. In the temporal part of the curls should be thinner than the other two. Those hairs that remain should be involved in braid weaving in the manner shown in the photo.

Strands that remained at the temples, weave in two ordinary braids. Further, they are fixed at the base of volumetric braids by means of invisible hairpins. After that, the bottom two braids zakalyvayutsya in such a way as reflected in the photo. As a result, a sufficiently magnificent bundle should be created, made of two large braids. For reliability, you should sprinkle styling varnish. As an additional decoration, you can use beautiful studs.

Hairstyles with curls

Consider options for hairstyles for long hair. Often in the hairdressing salon masters can not offer anything except curling curls. Therefore, before you go to the hairdresser, study styling for long hair and decide for yourself what you want to see on your head on the day of your holiday.

Curls stacked with a curler, hold on the hair the longest, this is the easiest way to style. In addition to curlers curls can be done using tongs, a hair dryer with a round brush, papilotok, curlers.

Curls can simply dissolve free waves. The hair of a child or teenager is best laid using soft curlers. You should not use a hair dryer or forceps, because children’s hair is very soft and easy to burn and damage.

For curling small curls, you can use homemade hair curlers from ropes with stranded paper. On such curlers you can fall, the wave will be very strong and durable.

Laying in the form of a high beam with curls look very nice. If you add decoration in the form of a hairpin or a rim with a lush flower, the hairstyle will look very festive.

Hairstyles with braids

Laying in the form of a braid can have an unusual appearance, it is practical, convenient and keeps for a long time in laying.

The usual "spike" looks very impressive. This weaving can be improved by starting weaving above one and then the other ear. It turns out weaving all over the head.

If the bang is long, then it can also be woven into the "spike". Long hair in the back can also be braided into a pigtail, make a tail or a bun.

Hairstyles with a bundle of braids (shell)

You can make a simple bun by tying the hair into a high tail, and then braid the tail in a braid and fasten it with a bun.

A complex bundle is done in three stages. Part of the hair above the ear line to attach behind the rubber band and braid in a braid, lay a bunch. The hair remaining under the beam, divided into two parts.

Braid the right part of the hair in a braid and wrap it around the beam from right to left. Also braid the left part of the hair in a braid and wind it around the beam from left to right. Secure the bundle with beautiful studs and hairpins.

Bow of hair for medium hair length

Make a high tail in the place where you want to create a bow. Hair under the gum stretch to the middle of the length.

The resulting loop must be divided in half and the middle closed with the tip of the hair. Bow of hair lift and fasten varnish.

Rose over the tail

We make a tail and separate the top of the third part of the hair. Of them weave a braid and turn it round in a rose, fasten the ends.

The hair remaining in the tail is twisted from the bottom with forceps into large curls.

Curls with fleece

Apply varnish and comb on the top of the hair. Curls near the ears to throw back and fix them in the middle of the head in the tail.

Bottom hair wind in the form of large curls.

Brooks or weaving tails

Braid hairstyle from the tails with very thin elastic bands or fixed strands of small crabs. Attention is drawn to the pattern of hair, which is obtained by throwing hair from one tail to another.

The entire head zone is divided into rows in which a certain number of tails are tied.

1 row - 2 tails.

In the first row, select two zones and tie them with a tail.

2 row - 7 tails.

In the second row in the center of the head, select the zone for the tail and tie it, adding half of the strands of the first two tails. Further in the second row, we make two more tails to the left and right of the central tail, adding to each remaining strand from the tail of the first row. Then left and right to the ear, we make two more tails.

3 happy –7 tails.

Tails do in staggered order. To the tail in the third row are added locks of two tails from 2 rows.

So do 5 rows on the head. The result is a cobweb. Below the hair is fixed with one tail.

Hairstyle tails in the shape of a heart

Make two high tails. With the help of a special loop, the tails are captured from below and threaded through the elastic from the bottom up.

Then each tail is divided in half and tied in a tight harness. They make a “heart” out of the harnesses by tying them in the middle with an elastic band. In order to keep the “hearts” better, they are fastened to the head with invisible heads, and thin bright bows are tied over the tails.

Birthday Hairstyles - Short Hair

Short hairstyles are suitable for ruffles at the roots, headbands, hairpins with flowers and rhinestones. Laying on short hair depends on the haircut. In this case, you can experiment with hair color, headbands and headbands.

Perfectly suited for a holiday disheveled styling. They look very festive if covered in sparkling varnish.

From the laying of bangs, the image changes, with it you can also try to change the familiar image, creating new variants of haircut execution.

Fashionable low tail can be done with short hair. A few strands curl using curling not curls, and teeth.

You can make a light curling with forceps, fixing them with varnish. The volume of hair will give dry shampoo applied to the hair roots.

You can decorate your hair with weaving by starting to weave a pigtail from a forehead and ending at the back of the head, securing the end of the pigtail with a beautiful hairpin. The rest of the hair can be curled, giving it pomp.

Giving hair fluffiness using a curl or diffuser, transfer the entire volume of hair to one side, securing it with varnish.

Very short hair can be laid using a special gel, giving the effect of "wet" hair.

Fashionable hairstyles for girls in the 2017-2018 year

Hair in the style of "disco" is done on smooth hair, straightened with the help of "ironing". After this, a strong bouffant is made in the front of the hair when the hair is combed back. Then a peculiar cook is formed, which must be fixed with invisibles. The remaining straight strands frame the face.

Useful tips

Birthdays A child always ends with dancing, running, jumping from the porch and climbing trees.

Therefore, a girl’s hairstyle should be well fixed.

  • Loose hair can interfere with the child, climb into the food and climb into the face.
  • If you do not have time to make a complicated hairstyle, or your hair is sparse and unruly, you can simply make a tail with a beautiful bow.
  • The color of the bow should be in harmony with the color of the dress and shoes of the child.

To create a festive image does not matter the length of the hair and the age of the birthday girl. You can create a beautiful hairstyle on short, medium and long hair using a brush, hairdryer, hair curlers and varnish. At any age, braids, bunches and wavy curls will decorate the birthday girl and give her appearance a solemn look.

Elegant hairstyles for girls and teenagers

What girl on her birthday wouldn’t want to be the most beautiful? We offer several light, but very beautiful styling that will turn your daughter into a real princess.

Hair web

Most child hairstyles are based on weaving. If you possess the elementary skills of creating various braids, this option is for you!

  1. Divide the hair on the side parting.
  2. Separate a small part of the hair on the top of the head and tie it with an elastic band - it should make a circle. Make sure that all partings are smooth and neat, because it affects the appearance of this hairstyle.
  3. Divide the tail into three sections.
  4. On the left side of the parting, separate the thin part and divide it in half.
  5. Begin to braid the classic braid.
  6. On the second-third prolet, start adding curls from the left part of the tail into the weaving.
  7. Continue to braid this french cone to the middle of the nape.
  8. Braid exactly the same braid on the right side, adding loose curls from the right side of the tail.
  9. On the back of your head, join both braids and continue weaving in classic style.

Tie the spit with a rubber band.

Even very thin hair can be laid in such a stylish style. In addition, you will not spend a quarter of an hour on its creation! And to make the hairstyle look even more elegant, take care of the decor - a bow, a ribbon, a flower.

  1. Comb the hair on the side parting.
  2. At the temple on the side where the hair is smaller, take two thin strands.
  3. Begin to bind them together, giving shape to the harness.
  4. Reach the opposite ear.
  5. Secure the harness with a rubber band. The tail can be screwed and left free, decorated with a ribbon or bow. And you can put in a bun and stab a pair of studs.

For girls of 10 years with long hair, styling from a bun and thin braids is perfect. She looks feminine and elegant, so she will surely like your almost adult birthday girl.

  1. Separate the hair from one ear to the other in a horizontal parting.
  2. Tie it with an elastic band - it turned out malvinka.
  3. Braid your tail in your free braid.
  4. Lay it in a beautiful bunch-flower. Carefully pin the studs.
  5. The hair at the bottom of the split in half.
  6. Lift the part on the left side up and transfer it to the right side, weaving the bundle in a circle.
  7. Braid a piece on the right side into a reverse pigtail.
  8. Throw a braid on the left side and in the same way braid a bundle with it.
  9. Hide the tip in your hair and stab it invisible.

Tail with a rosette of hair

Another express version of elegant hairstyles for birthday. If you do not have time to create complex and long styling after the preparations for the holiday, try it.

  1. Comb it all back and tie it to the side.
  2. Separate the not very wide strand from the tail and braid it in a braid.
  3. Tie the tip with a thin rubber band.
  4. Place the braid around the elastic, giving it a flower shape.
  5. Pin it down with studs.
  6. Wrap the tips of the tail with an iron.

Birthday bow

This cute hairstyle runs the risk of becoming the “nail of the program” and will definitely not go unnoticed by the guests.

Crown of braids

This incredibly beautiful styling can be offered to a girl of 13-14 years old. Sure, she will be crazy about the crown of hair.

  1. Comb on a direct parting.
  2. Separate three strands from each side.
  3. Braid three neat braids.
  4. Tie their tips with silicone rubbers.
  5. Throw the first pigtail on the right around the head to the left side. Secure with a pin, leaving the tip free.
  6. The second pigtail on the left throw to the right side. In the same way, slaughter stealth or hairpin.
  7. Repeat the process with the remaining braids.
  8. Hair on the back of the head roll into the shell and secure with hairpins.
  9. Twist the tips of shells and braids and lay them nicely.

This fashionable styling for medium hair looks pretty cute and is very reminiscent of its adult version. This hairstyle is best done on curly or fluffy hair - it looks more magnificent.

  1. Comb the hair on the side parting.
  2. Take a strand near the temple and start spinning the tourniquet.
  3. Gradually add hair from the bottom.
  4. At equal distance fix the tourniquet with decorative pins.
  5. Reach the opposite ear and hide the tip of the harness inside the hairstyle.
  6. Decorate your head with a rim.

And how do you like these hairstyles? It looks beautiful, and make them very easy!

Women's hairstyles for birthday

You do not know what hairstyle to make a birthday to win the guests? Try repeating one of our master classes.

Elegant low bun

Beautiful bunches are a real must-have of all the recent seasons. Perhaps, no holiday or daily styling can do without them. This option is no exception.

Feminine styling with fleece

With such a festive styling, you can safely go out. If you plan to celebrate a birthday in a restaurant or arrange a real social event, stop at this elegant option.

  1. Split the split hair in the back of the head.
  2. Fix the upper part for a while so that it does not interfere.
  3. Tie the bottom with a rubber band.
  4. Stir up the tail with a comb. Only a thin bottom curl should remain smooth.
  5. Wrap the strands in a roller so that the smooth hair completely hides the bouffant.
  6. Pin it down with studs.
  7. From the top of the side a little separate the thin strand and braid tight pigtail. Tie it with a rubber band.
  8. Completely free the upper part from the clamp and lightly mix it.
  9. Smooth top coat.
  10. Do one twist this strand clockwise.
  11. Lay it over the bundle.
  12. Twist the tip into a tight harness and wind up under the bundle. Secure with a stud.
  13. Pigtail lay on top of the head in the form of a rim. Slay her tip.

Tail for long hair

Are you an active person who even wants to spend her own birthday not at the traditional table, but somewhere in nature, bowling or a pub? Then this simple hairstyle for long hair will be your ideal choice.

  1. Curl strands ironing.
  2. Comb them with your hands.
  3. Separate the hair at the crown with a horizontal parting. Hair in front should remain free.
  4. Comb it and lower it back.
  5. Smooth top coat.
  6. Tie the rest of the hair in the tail at the back of the head.
  7. Strand ahead split side parting.
  8. Twist each of them into short and light braids.
  9. Lay it on top of the gum and make it invisible.
  10. Make sure the hair completely covers the gum.
  11. Have your face release a couple of thin curls.

Fluffy bun with harness

Want to make the most beautiful hairstyle for your birthday? Believe me, with such a bunch you will be charming!

  1. Curl the hair curling.
  2. Leave on the sides two locks of medium width.
  3. Separate the hair at the crown with a horizontal parting.
  4. Comb it from the middle.
  5. Pull the fleece down and smooth the upper layer.
  6. Carefully collect the head of hair in a low tail and form a free beam.
  7. Pin it down with studs.
  8. Split the side strand in half and twist into a light tourniquet. Lay it over the bundle, twisting the tips inside.
  9. Kill with invisibility.
  10. Repeat with the other strand.
  11. Spray your hair with lacquer and decorate with a rim or a flower on the barrette.

High braid styling

To create complex high hairstyles do not necessarily apply to the salon. You can do it yourself using our photos and tips.

  1. Comb it all back and tie a high tail.
  2. Divide it in half.
  3. From each part braid a very light braid and stretch the weaving with your fingers.
  4. Fold the braid in half and place it in a vertical roller.
  5. Do the same with the second braid.
  6. Securely and securely with studs.
  7. At the side, attach a hairpin with lush flowers.

Curls on loose hair

At home, you can make such curls, which would envy any Hollywood actress. True, for this you will need much more time than in previous versions. But the result is worth it!

Curls are a versatile option, for more details on how to make curls in this article.

Malvinka with weaving

Light styling on loose hair looks gentle and feminine. To soft and vulnerable persons they will be just right!

  1. Comb back the hair or parting.
  2. At the very temples separate two not very wide strands.
  3. Braid two braids of them, picking up loose curls on both sides.
  4. Stretch the sections of weaving hands.
  5. Connect both braids on the back of the head with a thin rubber band.
  6. Curl tips.

And how do you like these hairstyles on video:

Wreath and bunch

The bundle will add zest to the classic "wreath", and your image of tenderness and femininity.

  1. Collect the hair in a low tail.
  2. Leave some strands on either side of the front parting.
  3. Take the left strand and weave a purl braid. She trudges backwards. If, when weaving a classic braid, we settle the hair down, then reverse the braid, we settle it up.
  4. Fix the braid with hairpins over the beam.

Do the same with the right strand and also fix it.

A classic wreath is also made, only without the beam, and we divide the entire volume of hair into even partings and fix both braids on the back of the head with barrettes.

Retro hairstyle

Make your look stylish and domineering. Retro is a classic, it will always be a profitable addition to your image. A simple tricks will make a quick hairstyle for your birthday.


Perfectly suited for women with a round face - high hairstyles can lengthen it a little. Therefore, a retro hairstyle will suit you.

  1. The entire volume of hair is divided into two parts using a horizontal parting.
  2. From the lower parting, we distinguish 2 strands on each side in the temporal zones.
  3. We fix both sides on the back of the head with invisible ones.
  4. We lower the upper part of the parting, twist and settle.
  5. Fix varnish.

Cold wave

Haircut "Cold Wave" is known to us from the films of the previous era. Women settled the upper strand on the forehead in the form of a flexible wave. This hairstyle has already been, has lost its relevance, but recently its popularity is returning to its former glory. And it is not surprising, because this hairstyle will give your image sexual severity.

Ideal for women with a triangular face type. An oblique wave, slightly narrowing your forehead, covering the temporal zone - thanks to this, the transition from the forehead to the chin will become harmonious.

  1. Divide hair into a side parting vertical. How to draw a diagonal.
  2. We separate the upper strand, which will serve us as a wave and sprinkle it with a lacquer of strong fixation.
  3. Without waiting for the hairspray to dry, draw a wave with a thick comb.
  4. Lower a little strand to the forehead. This is the main highlight of the cold wave.
  5. When made form, fix the wave varnish again.

Owners of short hair often belong to the victims of fashion. After all, such haircuts are considered to be the most stylish. Women of this type of hair have a big advantage - even a simple styling will suit you.

Hairstyles for medium hair birthday

Medium hair length will allow many options beautiful and easy hairstyles for your birthday.

  1. Tie hair in a high tail.
  2. With the second gum fold the tail in half and release the ends in advance. This can also be achieved with the presence of a single gum. To do this, simply enough to release the tail to the end.
  3. We divide our future bow equally.
  4. The front ends divide the bow into two parts and fix the hairpins at the back.
  5. Wrap the ends of the gum and once again fix the hairpins in the back.

  1. We tie a high tail and pass a bought bagel.
  2. Spread your hair evenly over the donut.
  3. We put a thin elastic band over the hair.
  4. We collect strands in one or two strands and weave a braid.
  5. Wrap gum oblique and fix barrette.

Spit "waterfall"

A wonderful solution for women with a square face type. Smooth a small asymmetry will help curls that will gently fall on the shoulders, and the horizontal spikelet slightly expand the temporal region and pronounced chin will become less noticeable.

  1. Using curling, wind your hair in large curls.
  2. At the base of the temple, take three strands. With them will begin the "waterfall".
  3. We do a little trick, which makes our waterfall. Horizontally weave a classic braid, dropping, at the same time, every lower strand, after which we take the missing strand with new hair and lower it again.
  4. Having reached the end, you can braid the braid or fix it with a barrette.

Hollywood curls

Especially this hairstyle is suitable for those who have a rectangular face type. Remember, large heavy curls are contraindicated to you and vice versa too smooth hair. They make your face longer by pulling it out. Option "Hollywood curls" - this is the golden mean. Gentle curls will fall on your shoulders, emphasizing your femininity.

  1. Part side parting
  2. Screw large strands with a curling iron.
  3. Spin the waves in one direction
  4. After that, gently comb your hair with a comb
  5. Fix the lacquer medium fixation

Spikelet and tail

  1. Comb the hair on one side,
  2. Weave a spikelet from the entire volume of hair, from top to bottom,
  3. Bringing the braid to the base of the head, tie the hair in a ponytail,
  4. Pull the edges of the spikelet to make it lush,
  5. Fix the varnish weak fixation. Spikelet should look as natural as possible.

Alternative spikelet

  1. We make tails along the entire vertical perimeter of the head. The distance between them should be no more than 5-7 cm.
  2. We divide the first tail in half and, passing the second, let the ends under the gum of the third tail.
  3. Reaching the base of the head, we tie a low tail.

Spikelets with ribbons

  1. We fasten one ribbon with a hairpin where your spikelet will begin.
  2. We spin a spikelet with a ribbon as if in four strands.
  3. Remove the hairpin and wrap the ribbon under the first strand. You can secure a little invisible.

Instead of a ribbon, you can also use a small pigtail. It will also be very beautiful.

If your birthday girl has short hair, then as an option, suitable flagella.

  1. At the base of the forehead, divide the hair into small strands,
  2. We weave a flagellum to the middle of the head and tie it with a thin elastic band,
  3. Repeat the same procedure with all. We need to weave all the flagella in one direction,
  4. The remaining hair can be screwed.

As you can see, it’s easy to choose a suitable hairstyle for any hair length, face type and age. Of course, this is a very important element of your festive image, but nothing will decorate it better than a happy smile playing on your face.

Hairstyles for Birthday

Fashion on the design of the hair does not stand still. Curly hair, complex hairstyles, fixed with a thick layer of hairspray - moveton, which modern stylists have refused. Actual hairstyles, according to experts, have a number of features:

  • waves should correspond to the length of the curls, be as natural as possible,
  • backing up, returning its relevance, is done neatly, simply creating volume, and smoothed over with even smooth strands,
  • hairstyles, made in retro-style, decorated with stylish accessories,
  • hair gathered in a bun, not necessarily smoothly fit, but performed with the preservation of pomp. Easy negligence in a hairdress is allowed.

Hollywood waves for long and medium hair

Similar design hairstyle looks solemn. Soft, gently laid curls look gorgeous and have a special gloss.

In the classic version of the strands are stacked on one side, emphasizing the femininity and sensuality of the image.

Hollywood waves are perfect for a festive event or a party with friends. The hairstyle is suitable for long and medium hair, and with the help of bangs You can choose an option for any type of person. It is harmoniously combined with a cocktail or festive attire.

Bundle for medium and long hair

Recent Trend - Bundled HairIt is combined with weaving, braids, keeping the volume and pomp of piling. The hairstyle is simple and straightforward, but it looks very stylish and easy. Different interpretations of the beam can be used for hairstyles of different nature and style, suitable for different outfits.

Spit on medium and long hair

Make an image feminine and tender, romantic and bright at the same time under the power of weaving.

Hair with braids can be chosen for any type of person and any outfit, based on the features of appearance and celebration.

Cold wave in retro style for short hair

The hairstyles of the early twentieth century are still relevant. Neat curls that are laid in a special way, look stylish, mysterious and solemn. The image with the use of cold waves emphasizes individuality, and it looks best with appropriate dresses and decorations. Cold waves can be matched to all face types using bangs and partings.

Anniversary Hairstyles

The holiday on the occasion of a round date is celebrated on a larger scale, and the choice of hairstyle becomes more responsible.

Depending on the age of the birthday girl, the place and format of the holiday, an image is selected. In general, hairstyles for an anniversary are not much different from hairstyles for a regular birthday. But if the celebration is official, you can create high and complex hairstyles. Typically, stylists use fleeces, different types of waves.

Retro hairstyle

This option is perfect for any, even an official celebration. Retro-style will give the image of mystery and depth, emphasize individuality.

Independently reproduce a similar hairstyle is easy, using several techniques:

  • it is necessary to prepare varnish, stealth, curling iron, iron or hairdryer and brushing,
  • hair is divided into a straight horizontal parting
  • from the lower level, two strands at the temporal lobe are fixed by invisible beings,
  • the rest of the hair is lowered from above, having previously made a pile at the roots,
  • the tips of the hair are tucked inward with an ironing, curling or brushing,
  • all hair fix varnish.

Beach styling

This light and charming hairstyle is suitable for short, long and medium hair.

To make your image romantic and feminine, you need to perform only a few actions:

  • before styling, wash your hair thoroughly using an air conditioner,
  • a small amount of hair mousse is applied to wet curls,
  • blow-dry strands, forming small waves with their hands,
  • You can also first dry the hair, and then with an iron to form waves on separate curls and treat with varnish.

Birthday is a magical holiday that can be an excellent occasion to make yourself a new holiday hairstyle. Decorating the curls with bandages, beautiful hairpins and flowers, you can give the image the necessary style and festive mood.

Spikelet with a tail

Spikelet - one of the most common styling among the female half. All familiar weaving is done quickly, and you can diversify it in different ways, combining it with a tail or a bundle.

You can perform a hairstyle with a spikelet and a little differently. To do this, the hair combed on any one side. Weaving spike comes from the entire volume of curls, starting from the top, ending at the bottom. When the work on the creation of the spit will be brought to the base of the back of the head, the hair must be tied into a tail. To make the styling look lush and more voluminous, the edges of the resulting spikelet need to be gently pulled slightly down. Fixation tool for laying is varnish. However, do not abuse the varnish! The hairstyle should look as natural as possible.

Easy styling with a pile

The ideal version of a festive hairstyle for girls who prefer romantic images. Laying gives ease, grace to the hero of the occasion.

It is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance: the strands are divided by a parting in the back of the head. The upper part for some period is fixed, while the tail is created from the bottom. The upper curls of the tail are slightly combed, then they should be twisted so as to get a bunch.

Next, a lightweight pile is created on the upper part (it must be laid up to the line of the already formed beam).

At the next stage, the spit is removed and placed around the head. The end hides under the top of the styling. Those curls that were left unused in the process of creating hairstyles, twisted into a flagellum and then wrapped around the beam.

Sure, you have to spend a lot of time on the implementation of this type of hair. However, if the choice falls on this option, then the birthday girl will be delighted with such a luxurious holiday styling.

A variety of hairstyles for the holiday for girls and women, see here.

All sorts of ideological variations of hairstyles for a birthday please with variety, brightness and originality. With one of the created styling holiday will be truly memorable. A girl or girl will look like a real princess, in all her glory who came to the feast. Make your look irresistible, and make your day unforgettable!

On short hair

Option number 1 Playful curls. Performed on wet hair curlers:

  1. Alternate strands of equal size, wound at a 90 ° angle on the curlers.
  2. In this form must be left to dry completely.
  3. Remove curlers, straighten the curls with your fingers and fix with varnish.
  4. Wear a beautiful bezel with a flower or a bow with rhinestones.

Option number 2:

  • Short haircuts with bangs will look more festive if you put the bangs in the upward direction, forming a beautiful wave. This haircut must be fixed with lacquer.

Option number 3:

  • Even the usual haircut will change if you use colored chalk. Separate several strands and paint them in bright colors using 2-3 combinations. The effect will surely create a sensation.

Medium length

Option number 1 Greek hairstyle:

  1. Comb your hair and put on a Greek bandage.
  2. Starting from the sides alternately twist the strands under the bandageheading to the back of the head. Each turn should be fixed with pins decorated with small flowers.
  3. Turn the occipital strands under the bandage. Place the gate fastener bar floral theme.
  4. Correct the turnscreating the effect of light negligence.
  5. Sprinkle with a small amount of varnish for fixing styling.

Option number 2 Headband hair:

  1. Separate the front strands with a horizontal parting, capturing the area from the temporal part of one side to the other.
  2. Weave pigtail from separated hairspikelet.
  3. Finishing weaving at the temporal part, continue it to the ends of the strands. End secure with a rubber band.
  4. Pigtails form a flowerby winding it at the temple. Fixation to make invisible.
  5. The remaining hair alternately curl. Pre-apply on them thermal protection and laying agent.
  6. Cool curls slightly rattle fingers to give volume.
  7. Sprinkle with varnish.

For long strands

Option number 1 Stylish shell:

  1. Brush washed strands. Apply a little spray to give your hair obedience and smoothness.
  2. Tie at the crown side and front locks like malvinki. Secure with a rubber band.
  3. Weave a French braid from the tail.
  4. Wrap the resulting tail weave, hiding the ends under the bottom. Secure the bun with stealth or hairpin.
  5. The remaining hair divided by direct parting into two equal parts. The right side to wrap the bun, securing the edges of the studs. From the left side weave a braid, end secure with a rubber band.
  6. Wrap weaving previously formed shell, having a braid on the outer circle. The tips of the hair hide under the bottom. For fixing use studs and stealth.
  7. Decorate the shell obtained with studs with pearls. You can arrange them on the outer circle of the sink or use one large in the middle.

Option number 2:

  1. Gather hair in the tail, leaving the side of a small loose strand. Secure the tail end with a tight elastic band.
  2. Tighten the tail with a cord and wrap around the base. Secure the bundle with a pin along the contour.
  3. Make loose curl out of loosely hanging locks.
  4. Beautiful bunchadd a hairpin with a floral composition.

Hairstyles for girls

Option №1 Curls with a flower:

  1. Comb the strands and apply a little spray on them to facilitate styling.
  2. To form a tail in any part of the head. (middle, side, down, closer to the crown). Secure it with a rubber band.
  3. Separate 1/3 of the tailfrom which weave a pigtail. The more interesting the weaving is, the more effective the flower will look from it.
  4. The end of the pigtail fix with a rubber band. Form a flower from it by wrapping it near the base. The resulting flower is fixed stealth or studs with beads at the bend.
  5. The remaining hair in the tail should be separated alternately and wound in spiral turns. It is recommended to use for this purpose heat guns or curling iron.

Option number 2 Bow:

  1. Brush gently strands.
  2. Make a high tail on top.
  3. During the threading of the elastic band on the last round of hair, it is not fully pulled out., and 10-15 cm (depending on the density of the hair).
  4. Separate loose part of loose strands and divide by it the previously obtained loop in half. Hide the tip behind the base of the tail, securing it invisible.
  5. Spread the bow elements and sprinkle them with a small amount of varnish to preserve the shape.
  6. Remaining strands alternately curled by curlingby giving them a spiral shape.
  7. Fasten a hairpin with rhinestones or stones along the center of the bow.

  1. Hair should be constructed only on washed hair. Dirty strands will not keep their shape, and they will look like a battered bouquet.
  2. Before using tongs, irons and other heating devices for laying need to be applied on strands heat spray. So the structure will be protected from exposure to high temperatures.
  3. Any hairstyle should be selected, taking into account the features of the face oval, the length of the curls, the type of hair.
  4. The styling should match the chosen style in the clothes. Trendy haircut with a retro dress will look ridiculous.
  5. For the disobedient curls more suitable hairstyles with weaving or in the Greek variations. Then light negligence will not only be appropriate, but also bring originality.
  6. To change the hairstyle on the short head of hair will help various accessories. They will bring newness to the image and will be a good accent.
  7. Very carefully you need to consider the choice of laying with a wet effect. The original result is not obtained on all types of hair, so it is recommended to first consult with the master about the possibility of using this option.
  8. To styling on long hair is preserved throughout the day, it is necessary to give preference to hairstyles with weaving and gathering in bunches. Freely sagging strands, losing shape, it is easy to give a new and without special devices. You can also just pick them with hairpins or invisible.

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