Hairstyle waterfall step by step

Braid-based styling always looks spectacular. One of the most beautiful - hairstyle with a scythe "French waterfall" allows you to give the image of romance and emphasize its individuality, but it has many options for execution. Its creation will require certain skills that only at first glance seem difficult.

It is possible to make styling with a “French waterfall” oblique, both on very long hair and on curls of medium length, it can be used to transform, for example, elongated “bob” and “square” haircuts. It looks great on both absolutely straight and wavy curls, and is not suitable only for owners of hair that is very curly from the nature.

The finished styling invariably turns out to be voluminous, so the owners of even not too thick hair should take a closer look at it with special attention. The effect will enhance the highlighting or complex staining of the strands, allowing you to make the styling pattern even deeper and more expressive.

This hairstyle is considered to be universal - you can choose your own version to any type of appearance and hair, it perfectly “opens” the face, allowing you to focus on the eyes and regular features of the face, it is perfectly combined with oval or elongated faces.

But for those who seek to correct the excessive roundness or angularity of the face have their own options for its execution. When creating it, it is enough to leave strands free at the temples, besides, it is perfectly combined with bangs of various styles, which is also worth considering when choosing your own version.

How to weave a braid "French waterfall": the process of creating styling

To create such a styling you need not so much: a regular comb, erasers in hair color or hairpins, as well as varnish, to fix the finished result. But the time to bring the technique of its performance to perfection is required, but the result is worth it.

To begin with, the hair needs to be prepared - in complex weaving, soft, docile and smooth strands look best. Therefore, after washing the hair must be moistened using any suitable means - conditioner, balm or mask - and dried, it is best with a regular towel.

Before starting to weave a braid for the “French waterfall”, you should carefully comb your hair and divide it into a parting - side - if you are going to do asymmetric styling or straight lines, for complex symmetrical styling with several braids.

The braid weave pattern for the “French waterfall” of any complexity is the same, to begin with, use a comb to separate three strands of equal thickness from the line of parting. Put the upper and then the lower strand in the middle and make two such bindings.

Then, leave the strand that was at the bottom, free - it will be the first "waterfall wave." Separate the new strand from the total weight of the hair, the same thickness as the previous ones, and continue weaving, every two covers, letting loose the lower strand and including new ones into it, from the free ones.

We can make the pattern of weaving more expressive and richer by gradually selecting in this way thin strands, both from above and below. But in order to get a beautiful and neat result, it is very important to strictly observe the sequence - letting go loose strands down every two weaves.

How to braid spit "French waterfall": step-by-step photos and scheme

The styling pattern can be complicated by withdrawing the braids for the “French waterfall” down diagonally, or you can stick to symmetrical and smooth lines - “leading” the braid from the temple to the temple. In any case, its end must be secured with a rubber band, matched in hair color and invisible hairpins or hairpins. It is best to hide the ends of the strands under the styling, and fix the result with a light fixing lacquer - so the hairstyle will not only look neater but also hold the shape for much longer.

A detailed diagram of weaving a braid for the “French waterfall” on these photos will tell you how to create the basis for such a styling:

This is a basic version of the classic weaving, on the basis of which you can create individual styling depending on the length and type of hair, as well as the style of the image that you create. The “French waterfall” looks very nice with a scythe braided from temple to temple, it is enough to fix its end with a hairpin or invisibility. The remaining curls, especially wavy from nature, can be laid in a variety of ways or left completely free. Due to the interweaving, they will independently "lay down" beautifully.

Absolutely straight or disobedient curls are best to lay extra. To do this, on the hair, pre-moistened them, apply a foam or mousse easy fixation and put them using large curlers. Give the curls to dry completely, disassemble them into separate strands and, without combing them too carefully, you should have large and smooth horizontal waves. You can also lay curls with curling iron or curling irons, twisting the strands vertically - the styling pattern will turn out completely different.

At the end, fix the styling with a medium-sized lacquer and slightly beat it with your hands - it should look natural. This is a great option for fashionable daytime and even evening styling. Thus, the laid hair can be left flowing, and it is possible to assemble them into bulky, free-form bun or tail. The styling is perfectly decorated with hairpins and accessories of a wide variety of styles.

On very long and thick hair looks great and more complex version of this styling. To do this, you need to braid the remaining free curls again, placing the second braid in a symmetrical tier, a few centimeters lower than the first. This is easy to do using the simple basic weaving techniques presented above. The remaining loose ends of the strands are also worth putting in large and neat curls.

How to braid the braid for the “French waterfall” these step-by-step photos of creating beautiful styling will prompt without further ado:

Who is spit waterfall hairstyle?

This hairstyle is suitable for long and for medium hair, be it straight or curly. The spit-waterfall looks especially beneficial on curly hair, allowing soft curls to correct the angularity of the face.

The hairstyle is suitable for any occasion: it looks beautiful with casual style and evening dresses. Also, the waterfall is often used for hairstyles for weddings and graduations, as the braid looks very elegant.

How to weave a waterfall?

  1. Comb the hair and separate the three strands from the temple.
  2. Start weave the usual pigtail.
  3. When the top strand is down, leaving it there is the first stream of the waterfall.
  4. Continue weaving, taking a new one instead of the lowered strand, grabbing the lower hair.
  5. On top of the same way to attach a little hair, as when weaving the usual French braids.
  6. Again, lower the top strand down, as in the diagram below.
  7. When the hairstyle is ready, weave a pigtail and fix it with varnish.

You can see in more detail how to weave a French waterfall, on the weave pattern:

You can also look at the step-by-step photo of how to make a waterfall with your own hands:

If you have any questions, check out the video tutorial:

Watch the video: EASY Waterfall Braid Hair Tutorial : for STRAIGHT& CURLY HAIR (December 2019).