Keratin hair straightening Inoar

Inoar is a Brazilian company that has been producing products for straightening curls for more than twenty years. In the keratin line of this brand there are both professional and home products that allow you to quickly and easily get an attractive image.

The composition of keratin means Inoar Professional hair straighteners

The line of products that straighten hair includes such complexes:

  • Moroccan Hair Keratin - these include shampoo for cleansing and a special composition,
  • G-hairKeratin - this group includes shampoo, a mixture for straightening and a mask.

The price of Botox for Inoar hair is from 8,300 to 9,300 rubles. The first agent has a healing effect, which persists for 3-4 months. Owners of ethnic hair type is better to buy G-hairKeratin - the result will remain for 5 months. If you want to use the services of the wizard, it is better to choose the means marked professional.

Listed cosmetics contains such ingredients:

  1. jojoba oil,
  2. keratin,
  3. panthenol,
  4. wheat germ proteins,
  5. cocoa extract
  6. White clay.

Straightening with Inoar at home. Comparison of effect with permanent chemical straightening.

Good afternoon dear friends! 4.5 years ago I made myself a chemical hair straightening forever. Well, “forever,” until my own ones grow back) I went there for many years and, not so long ago, began to notice that I had grown a lot of my wavy-fluffy hair. The price of goldwell is now too heavy, and on the head there is not such a sponge to give 30,000 + r. And I decided to try out keratin straightening. I read a lot of rave reviews about keratin and botox from the company Inoar. I thought for a long time what procedure I should choose, finally settled on keratin. Botox may do next time.

Since the keratinizing procedure is not so complicated and dangerous (in contrast to chemistry), I got the idea of ​​buying the composition. The great advantage of Inoar is that they sell all the products with delivery throughout Russia on their official website. There are various volumes - ranging from liter bottles, ending with samplers of 100ml. At the last I chose it.

How to choose the type of composition:

The manufacturer offers us three different complexes for straightening, depending on the type of hair:

    MOROCCAN HAIR KERATIN - designed for straightening thin wavy Slavic hair. Contains white clay and argan oil. The complex includes a deep cleaning composition and keratin itself.

MOROCCAN HAIR KERATIN EXTREME - An improved version of the previous complex. In addition to everything else, contains in its composition moisturizing complex Gidro Hair DNA

G-HAIR KERATIN - Designed to straighten hard curly hair. Contains argan oil and shea butter. The complex includes a deep cleansing composition, keratin and a moisturizing mask.

Since I have thin weak hair that almost does not curl, I opted for the complex MOROCCAN HAIR KERATIN EXTREME.

How to order:

It is possible to order the composition on the official website of the company; in total, the delivery from St. Petersburg to Saratov took 10 days. Delivery method - Russian Post. The cost of delivery to any city by post of Russia is 300 rubles. Everything is well packed, nothing has spilled and cracked.

Price: A total of 100ml composition along with delivery cost me 2350r. On my hair up to the waist, the whole composition went, so the cost price of one procedure turned out to be 2350r.

According to the company, the average consumption per procedure is 45 ml, but in this case the hair should be 2.5 times shorter than mine.

Now let's talk about the procedure itself:

The condition of the hair before straightening is not so sad, but during the increased humidity, the hair regrowth after chemistry begins to fairly well begin to fade. With the help of keratin straightening, I wanted to remove this very fluff and light wave, as well as put in order the dried ends of the hair.

First stage It is necessary to wash the hair with a deep-cleaning shampoo from the kit. Leave it for a while on the hair, and then wash it off, then dry the hair with a hair dryer. The manufacturer recommends not to use a comb, but I disobeyed, combed my hair, so that later it was easier to "disassemble" them

Second stage There will be a direct application of keratin composition. Apply 2-3 cm away from the scalp, if you do not want to lose volume, you can increase the indentation to 5 cm. It is very important to apply the composition evenly, smearing all the hair and remove the excess composition with a plastic comb with fine teeth.

Third stage will be the most difficult: you need to dry the hair with keratin 100 percent. Guys, this is tin. I dried my hair for a good hour and a half. An hour and a half, Karl! They are very poorly dried with the applied composition. Yes, and a pair of formaldehyde eats away all sorts of mucous membranes. I strongly advise you to get a mask of a chemist and a respirator. The composition itself smells very nice, but formaldehyde fumes are just merciless. Probably these sensations are akin to squeezing onion juice into your nasopharynx - you will also cry. I did all this near the open window in a draft, otherwise you can just suffocate. If you have a fan, it will help you a lot in this difficult task.

The fourth stage is straightening ironing. Taught by the bitter experience of blow-drying, before straightening my hair, I tied a bandana on my nose. Vidocq scumbag from the ghetto, but so much easier to breathe. My hair is rather thin and weak, so the iron was set at a temperature of 180 degrees. If you are a happy owner of normal strong hair, then you can safely set the temperature to 210-230. It is necessary to straighten hair carefully, holding the iron 5-7 times on one thin strand.

Final stage will wash your hair without using shampoo. Head after keratin Inoar can be washed immediately after the hair has cooled from straightening ironing. On average, it takes 15-20 minutes. But for more effect, I left keratin on my hair until the next morning. When washing the head keratin there is some kind of oily film, it is not the most pleasant sensations, I want to immediately wash it.

My opinion a month later:

I do not dry my hair with a hair dryer, and naturally dried hair does not look like an advertisement, because keratin is manifested only at high temperatures. Yes, and my scalp is oily. If I used to wash my hair every day, now oily thin hair gets dirty after 3-4 hours, and by the end of the working day I become like a homeless person. I read a lot that my hair would get dirty quickly, but where it was faster, I thought. It turned out - there is where. I strongly advise you not to make keratin girls with oily hair. I got sick of it a week later and again I started using sulphate shampoos to quickly wash away all keratin from the roots. I have not had a volume like that, and therefore losses are not noticeable in this respect. In general, the procedure is not bad, especially if you are the owner of dry hair and every morning you style your hair with a hair dryer, but I saw more disadvantages for myself than advantages, so I do not recommend it. And next time I will give preference to chemical hair straightening. Yes, it spoils them, unlike keratin, yes, it is necessary to sleep for 3 nights while standing, but the effect is much longer and more pleasant for my taste.

Inoar g hair: instruction and price

This unique formula heals damaged strands and straightens curly locks. Keratin straightening reduces the fluffiness of curls by almost 90%. As a result, they become brilliant and beautiful. It is allowed to wash hair and use hairpins 40 minutes after the end of the procedure.

Inoar Straightener

How to straighten your hair without consequences

Keratin straightening Inoar can be easily used at home. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Wash your head with a special deep cleansing agent. It is recommended to do this several times. And in the last approach, leave the tool for 3 minutes. Rinse curls using warm water.
  • Dry the strands with a hair dryer by 90% and comb using a rare comb.
  • Apply a keratin complex to each curl. Strands must be carefully processed, but it is important to ensure that the mixture does not flow down from them. Excess funds clean comb. Leave the makeup for 20 minutes, covering the strands with a film or a special cap.
  • Dry strands to 100% using a hair dryer. At the same time warm air should be alternated with cold.
  • At the end of the hair straighten irons. For any type of strands suitable temperature of 230 degrees. Begin from below and straighten 10-12 times. Thanks to this keratin is sealed in curls.

Wash off the composition is allowed after 40 minutes with warm water. Shampoo can not be used. Then the curls are dried with a hairdryer.

Step-by-step actions for direct shaping

Features home care curls

To preserve the effect after the procedure for a long time, follow these recommendations:

  • refuse to wash your hair for 3 days,
  • do not pin up curls with hairpins, rubber bands,
  • keep hair loose.

To prevent leaching of keratin, pick up a special shampoo. If you can not do this, you should independently make special masks.

Shine and power of healthy hair

Keratin straightening Inoar allows in a short time to achieve a stunning effect. With the help of this cosmetics it is easy to straighten strands, making them beautiful and shiny. The main thing is to strictly follow the instructions on the package. If you have any doubts, it is recommended to contact a professional master.

About the manufacturer

The Brazilian company Inoar for 20 years impresses with its high-tech hair care products. Preference to this brand is given not only by masters, but also by women who care about their beauty.

The main focus of Inoar is the development of means for straightening hair on keratin. In a separate line highlighted complexes with a reducing effect. A special place in it is Botox for hair.

Inoar has taken care of women all over the world and has created a wide distribution network. Therefore, you can purchase these funds almost everywhere.

Stages of hair strengthening

Heated hair rollers, strong rubber bands and combs made from non-natural materials destroy the hair cuticle. External factors contribute to the disclosure of keratin scales and dehydration of curls. In this case, the hair becomes brittle, dull and begin to split. An open cuticle makes all the usual procedures for the restoration of hair useless, because the therapeutic components of the products used can not be kept in the hair shaft. The introduction of nano technology in cosmetology makes the process of rejuvenation fast and effective.

If you experience visible problems, some women go to the salon, while others try to find a suitable folk remedy. In the first case, a professional who is able to determine the stage of hair changes and pick up the necessary funds, taking into account this, will be engaged in damaged hair. It should be noted that they must be applied by observing the right proportions and technology.

The procedure for healing hair is called Botox. She owes this name to its rejuvenating effect. The structure of the treated hair is aligned, giving the strands smoothness. The hollow areas of the damaged hair are filled and become smooth by analogy with the way botox injections affect the condition of the skin, with the difference that it does without injections.

Surface-applied preparations are absorbed by heat. Therapeutic properties are manifested through the action of the components of the tool at the molecular level. The strands are restored, gain vital energy and gain protection.

Botox for hair Inoar restores natural beauty and strength to hair by building hydrolyzed keratin and collagen fibers in damaged areas. The procedure fills the lack of protein, nourishing each hair.

The complex moisturizes and heals hair. Inoar developers doubled the number of collagen fibers to make the cuticle nourishment, its compaction and flaking of the scales maximum. Without keratin to fill the voids in the hair and restore it is simply impossible.

As part of the funds contain natural ingredients. The structure of the hair shaft is healed with silk and wheat extracts, as well as soy protein. In composition, these natural compounds are similar to the natural placenta, which has a rejuvenating property. But macadamia and argan oils make curls soft, elastic, get rid of brittleness and section.

The result after using Botox hair from Inoar is visible immediately. The natural gloss returns to a dim and split hair.

The result of the use of Botox hair from Inoar

Botox molecules for hair from Inoar penetrate deep into the hair root and have a regenerating effect from the inside. Curls acquire natural silkiness and rich color. The advantages of technology Inoar include:

  1. the absence of chemical exposure, the means have therapeutic properties and return healthy strength and brilliance by stimulating natural processes,
  2. maximum hydration to give softness and straightening unruly and curly hair,
  3. elimination of fluffiness and confusion,
  4. protection from external negative factors
  5. duration of effect, which can reach 5 months.

Medical composition makes unruly hair straight and removes waviness, but does not reduce the basal volume. The composition is thought out and balanced so as not to make the curls heavy, but to remove fluffiness from them.

Women who have tested the improvement of hair with this complex note that the hair becomes smooth and docile, eliminating the need for long-term styling. This applies to both long and short hairstyles.

Owners of short haircuts will note that the hair is filled with vital energy and made elastic. And those who prefer long curls will immediately notice the smoothness and shine that the hair acquires after the procedure.

After the recovery of hair there is no need for additional procedures. But with the use of shampoo and balm this company will be able to forget about the problems with hair for a long time. Botox for hair complement the procedure of keratin straightening to achieve a more lasting effect.

Technology of the therapeutic process

Before you go to the improvement of hair through Inoar technology, it will not be superfluous to learn about how this process is going. It should be noted that the entire session lasts about one and a half hours.

  1. Treatment is started only after washing the head. Special inoar shampoo will clean the hair and prepare it for the perception of therapeutic components. Shampoo with the effect of deep cleansing, which is included in the three-level complex, remains on the hair for about 3 minutes after application and only after that it is washed off, the procedure is repeated. Raw hair is blotted with a towel, dried with a hair dryer, but not completely and without the use of combs.
  2. The therapeutic composition consists of two components: a collagen filler and a reconstructor. Ingredients are taken in a ratio of one to two and mixed into a homogeneous mass.
  3. To ensure uniform and more convenient application, the hair is divided into four bunches. Using a brush, the composition is applied to the hair, starting from the occipital zone. At the same time, the roots remain intact, the indentation is a couple of centimeters.The therapeutic mass after application is distributed over the entire length of the hair by combing.
  4. Means remains on hair a quarter of an hour, then completely dried up by the hair dryer. To fix the result of the applied iron. This heat treatment “seals” the healing substances deep in the hair. Begin processing again from the occipital region. Curls are divided into small strands and gradually ironed everything from the back of the head to the temples and bangs.

Each curl is processed up to five times. It is important to monitor the intensity of heating:

  • thin and damaged hair can not talk at a temperature of more than 180 °,
  • normal or colored at 210 °,
  • hard and not painted, you can increase the temperature to 230 °.

After all the curls are processed, they must be allowed to cool and rest. It will take about 15 minutes. It is possible to accelerate cooling with the help of a hairdryer operating in cold mode.

To remove the composition does not require the use of shampoo. Hair is simply washed with water, experts recommend using the mask Inoar, which is selected depending on the shade of hair. For blondes, “speed blond” is suitable, and brunettes are recommended “day moist”. When the mask exposure time specified in the instruction ends, it is washed off and the hair is placed with a hair dryer.

List of contraindications to botox recovery

Botox for hair Inoar is a safe technology that does not require additional training, but allergy sufferers need to be prudent. Sensitive scalp may redden and become covered with a rash.

It is not recommended to resort to the recovery procedure for pregnant women and nursing mothers. During these periods, hormonal changes are changing dramatically, which can lead to unpleasant consequences. The botox procedures are also prohibited for young persons under the age of majority.

In order to avoid unpleasant manifestations, you must inform the master of the presence of existing diseases and consult with your doctor. This will significantly reduce the risk of side effects.

Observance of precautionary measures

Botox for hair Inoar was developed as a salon tool, so it is not recommended to carry out rehabilitation on your own at home. If visiting the master is not possible, the process must meet the security requirements.

  1. the mixture should not be applied to the roots, indent a couple of centimeters for this,
  2. it is unacceptable to hit the composition on mucous membranes,
  3. in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water,
  4. gloves are used to protect the skin of the hands,
  5. funds must be kept out of the reach of children.

How much does hair health cost

There are several factors that influence the pricing of health treatments. The cost reflects the level of the salon, the professionalism of the master and the length of the client's hair. The price of the complex ranges from 2 to 6 thousand rubles.

For self-use, you will need 3 products produced in 1000 ml volumes. The cost in this case will be from 15 to 20 thousand rubles. Although it is possible to buy single portions of 100 ml for a couple of thousand from enterprising dealers.

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All women after 30 face the problem of wrinkles on the face. And now you look at yourself in the mirror without pleasure, noting age changes.

  • You can no longer afford bright makeup, control facial expressions, so as not to aggravate the problem.
  • You start to forget those moments when the men complimented your impeccable appearance, and their eyes lit up when you appeared.
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Watch the video: TESTING Inoar Moroccan Brazilian Keratin Treatment?! REVIEW. DYNA (December 2019).