Eyebrow styling: starter kit

Attention! Due to the large number of applicants, the training center “Studio Center for Beauty” provides an opportunity to reserve a place for training in basic courses, making an advance payment of 1,000 rubles. Prepayments are possible directly at the training center in cash, as well as by transfer to a bank card.

Full course on eyebrows for those who dream of becoming a professional, successful master of eyebrows. Thanks to the passed training you will master all advanced and new techniques of work on eyebrows. This will allow you to stand out from the competition. Your skill will bring a stable high earnings and grateful customers.

You will learn:
1. Correct eyebrow correction
2. Master the skills of working with tweezers, thread.
3. Work properly dyes. Match and match colors for individual shades.
4. Conduct eyebrow biotattoo with henna
5. Henna biofixation
6. Competently carry out the restoration of rare plucked eyebrows

Course program:

Training combines theoretical and practical parts. Practicing skills occurs on the model.

The theoretical part:

Anatomy, structure, elements eyebrows.
Basic eyebrow shapes
Main face shapes, dominant features
Eyebrow formula
Types of eyebrow correction
Color matching, coloring:

The practical part:

Working out the correction technique with tweezers. Arm setting
Triding Thread correction.
Eyebrow straightening (lamination)
Technology of eyebrow dyeing and henna
Eyebrow restoration (hair restoration)

Training mode - individually, group.

Training schedule (optional):

To conclude a contract it is necessary:

  1. Pre-register by phone.
  2. Drive up to the training center with documents:
    1. Passport required.
    2. Medical education document if available.
    3. Marriage certificate in case the name has changed in connection with the tank.
  3. Sign a contract.
  4. Make a prepayment.

Eyebrow kits

Naturally, brands offer us ready-made starter kits (starter kit with RefectoCil paints or starter kit with henna Royal Brow and Sexy), but in any case, we have to buy more materials that for some reason were not included in the kit.

Eyebrow styling wax. This method is used in very rare cases and mainly for very thick eyebrows. The wax is applied to the hair, kept for some time and then removed with a sharp movement simultaneously with the hairs. This method is probably considered one of the most traumatic methods for the skin. The skin on the eyelids and in the area of ​​the eyebrows is quite tender and therefore we want to emphasize once again that wax is used in the very rare cases for modeling eyebrows.

Eyebrow styling with thread - one of the new methods. It is not universal because when adjusting the eyebrows with a thread, you still have to resort to other tools. Masterly masters show on their master classes how they skillfully use the thread. This method is not a new technique, rather it shows the level of professionalism of the master and his virtuosity when pulling out hairs.

Eyebrow correction with tweezers - the most versatile proven and professional way.

Tweezers are the most popular tool for both professional browers and ordinary people who perform eyebrow correction at home. Tweezers, in turn, are different, for example:

Tweezers with straight ends are most often used for plucking thick eyebrows. Due to the presence of wide and straight edges of tweezers, you can immediately capture a large number of hairs.

The tweezers with sharp ends resemble a tool with two needles. So tweezers can get to the smallest hairs, as well as people with high sensitivity like to use such tweezers. Such tweezers minimize pain.

Tweezers with beveled ends - the most favorite tweezers for brovistov. Thanks to the pointed edge of the tweezers, even the shortest hairs can be grasped, and several edges can be grasped by the other edge.

So, we came to the conclusion that the most necessary, professional and popular tool for eyebrow correction is tweezers, and the tweezers, in turn, are selected individually for different types of eyebrows.

Other tools serve as additions to tweezers:

Scissors - This is a tool that rightfully occupies the second place in popularity after tweezers. Sometimes, the length of the hairs spoils the aesthetic appearance of the eyebrows and then it is they who come to the rescue - small and sharp scissors.

Pencil allows you to draw a layout and future shape of the eyebrows. It is difficult to imagine that without a preliminary “mock-up” you immediately get the perfect eyebrow shape. If a person does not draw preliminary forms, as a rule, or the tail at the base of the eyebrow will not be one or one eyebrow will be different from the other. Professional eyebrows use a pencil, which helps to draw a working area and simulate eyebrows symmetrically to each other.

Disinfection. Any work that involves intervention in the human body involves the use of antiseptics. If you started to select materials, we recommend not to forget about them. Also, you need to take care of makeup removers in advance (for example, two-phase and Thuya water-based products).

Cotton pads. Where do without them? They can moisten antiseptics or wipe the pencil. Also, applicators and napkins under the eyes or protective silicone pads will be useful to you (if you decide to paint the eyelashes).

Brush. It will help brush away the hairs from the face, comb the edges, lay them in the desired shape. Tassels can be hard and soft.

Cream. After exposure to tender skin, redness and inflammation may remain. Special creams will help soothe the skin: eye cream and zone gel. Also, there are creams that are recommended to be used before eyebrow dyeing procedures - they protect the skin from traces of paint, creating a barrier effect.

Capacity for mixing paints with an oxidizer. This can be a glass cup or a special palette for mixing.

Why are courses on hair extensions and eyelash and eyebrow correction needed?

Makeup artists successfully coped with the modeling and correction. The extension procedure appeared relatively recently, it successfully entered the trend and shows amazing results.

Before the advent of this method, the eyebrows were put in order:

  1. Tweezers cleaned unnecessary and unnecessary hairs,
  2. With the help of thread and wax, the fluff was removed,
  3. Applying the paint, increased the brightness of the hairs, dyed the skin,
  4. With the help of tattoo or permanent restoration.

This whole process requires maximum attentiveness and scrupulousness, because it is impossible to go beyond the limits of growing hairs by more than 0.5 mm. The effect was good, but still without realistic volume. The current procedure allows you to make the eyebrows elegant, bright with a realistic effect. Fluff, which was previously removed as unnecessary and superfluous, now helps to get a three-dimensional effect.

If you work as a makeup artist and want to add this service to your face care list or wish to make people beautiful, while getting a decent payment, then you should take eyebrow extensions courses. Mastering this procedure is not difficult, the main thing is to carefully study the whole process, and the professionals will discover its practical features.

Courses master brow in PRO Look

Brovist's profession is a creative work with a noble mission: to make girls happier, more confident and more beautiful. What aspects should you pay attention to if you choose training in order to master eyebrow decoration:

    • The status of the training center and its trainers.
    • Course content: good training should be capacious, include the theoretical part and mandatory practical training on the model.
    • The number of people in the group: if they recruit more than 6 people, then the coach simply does not have time to pay enough attention to everyone.
    • Conditions lecture. A good course is held in a bright spacious room, technically equipped and provided with certified tools and materials for testing.

The cost of the course. If it is too low, it may indicate a lack of training.

School of Browsing

Browmaster's courses consist of extensive theoretical knowledge of modeling, eyebrow architecture, building a harmonious form, as well as a large block of coloristics and principles of high-quality coloring. Training for newcomers to the profession usually talks about basic techniques of eyebrow modeling with tweezers and dyeing. These courses are suitable for those who have never worked in the design of the eye, or for masters of eyelash extensions who want to add to their price procedures for working with eyebrows. Advanced training is aimed at mastering a new technician for himself: for example, working with henna, triling, eyebrow shugaring. There are also online brow drill courses, from which the master can gather information to work on his mistakes.

  • Basic course "Perfect Eyebrows"

One-day basic course of creating the perfect eyebrows.

This course is for you if you:

  • Just going to become a master of look design.
  • Already working with eyelashes and want to supplement your pricelist procedures for eyebrows
  • Already trained in eyebrow shaping, but received poor-quality knowledge and want to relearn in a proven school

Course duration - 1 day:

  • Theoretical block
  • Practice with a model in terms of a real procedure.
  • Additional practice to fix

On the course you will learn everything about the architecture of the eyebrows, learn how to quickly and accurately work with tweezers, adjusting the shape of the eyebrows, understand the colors of dyes.

The maximum number of students per course is 5 people.

Program timing:

10:00 – 13:00 Block theory

  • Introduction, the value of eyebrows
  • Eyebrow geometry
  • Face shapes and their correction
  • Eyebrow formula
  • Eyebrow construction algorithm
  • Clearance of male eyebrows
  • Materials Science
  • Coloring. Lightening. 3D staining
  • Eyebrow Modeling Stages

13:00 – 13:45 Master class from the coach
13:45 – 14:30 Dinner
14:30 – 17:00 Testing for 1 model
17:00 – 19:30 Testing for 2 models

Course cost: 12 900 rubles

Early booking (30 before the course): 10 900 rubles

Course trainers:

  • Advanced training "Brow Architecture"

A unique course to create individual eyebrows for each client.

This course is for you if:

  • If the phrase “make my eyebrows kind / confident / not so bitchy” introduces you to a stupor,
  • If your goal is not stamped, but harmonious eyebrows for each client,
  • If you do everything right, but the eyebrows of the client look different.

Course duration - 1 day:

  • Theoretical block
  • Practice with a model in terms of a real procedure.
  • Additional practice to fix

On the course you will easily find a harmonious form according to types (face shape, proportions, national characteristics), understand the types of asymmetry and know how to correct each of them.

After the course you are ready to accept clients of any age - from 14-year-old girls to women in age, know how to masterfully violate the rules of eyebrow modeling and “move” reference points, create not eyebrows-patterns, but eyebrows-masterpieces.

The maximum number of students per course is 5 people.

Program timing:

10:00 – 12:45 Theoretical block. Introductory information.

  • Materials and tools
  • Disinfection of leather, instruments and surfaces
  • "Almighty Eyebrows"
  • Varieties of face shapes
  • Face proportions
  • Classic eyebrow formula
  • Point motion
  • Asymmetry

12:45 – 13:00 Coffee break

13:00 – 14:00 Master Class. Demonstration on the model.

14:00 – 15:00 Dinner

15:00 – 16:45 Testing on model number 1

16:45 – 17:00 Coffee break

17:00 – 18:45 Testing on model number 2

18:45 – 19:00 Solemn presentation of certificates. Feedback. PHOTOSESSION.

Course price: 8 900 rubles
Early booking in 30 days: 7 900 rubles

Course trainers:

  • Advanced training "3 in 1. Modeling eyebrows in the technique of triding, wax and shugaring"

Take a mini course in just 4 hours - make eyebrow correction 4 times faster than with tweezers.

This course is for you if you:

  • want to develop in the profession of brow
  • strive to master new brow modeling techniques
  • do not like to deny customers in trending services due to lack of skills

On the course you will learn at once 3 ways to correct eyebrows:

  • triling - eastern eyebrow correction technique using thread
  • eyebrow waxing: fast, clean, professional
  • perform eyebrow shugaring procedure quickly, painlessly and without damaging the skin
  • correctly stretch the skin and form a clear eyebrow line with sugar
  • select equipment individually for the type of skin and features of the client’s eyebrows

The maximum number of students per course is 5 people.

Program timing:

10:00-11:00 - Theoretical block
11:00-12:00 - Master class from the coach

12:00-14:00 - Practical work on the model

Course price: 6 500 rubles
Early booking in 30 days: 5 900 rubles

Course trainers:

  • Advanced training "Working with Henna Expert Henna"

Complete a refresher course and increase your customer base: 2 out of 3 clients prefer henna to paint.

This course is for you if you:

  • want to develop in the profession of brow
  • strive to master the natural spa procedure for eyebrows with a healing effect
  • do not like to deny customers the sought-after services due to lack of skills

At the Henna Expert workshop you will learn:

  • correctly select and create the perfect shades individually for each client
  • camouflage gaps in sparse and plucked eyebrows
  • apply the secrets of a competent uniform application Henna Expert
    make the eyebrow procedure pleasant for the client

The maximum number of students per course is 5 people.

Program timing:

15:00 – 16:00 Block theory
16:00 – 17:30 Master class from the coach

17:30 – 19:00 Testing on the model

At the master class SPA-coloring eyebrows Henna Expert you will learn:
• correctly select and create ideal shades individually for each client,
• camouflage gaps in sparse and plucked eyebrows,
• apply the secrets of flawless application of Henna Expert,
• make the procedure for eyebrows pleasant for the client.

The maximum number of students on the course - 5 people.

Course price: 4 900 rubles

Early booking in 30 days: 4 500 rubles

Course trainers:

  • Practice with the Perfect Eyebrow Trainer

The first in the history of practical course for practicing skills.

This course is for you if you:

  • You are a master and you often encounter difficulties, questions and mistakes in practice,
  • You understand what you need to fix in your work, but you have no idea how to do it,
  • You have no confidence in your work.

The course “Practice with a coach” - only practice and specific advice from the coach, what and how to fix:

  • Assistance to graduates of eyebrow design courses
  • A full day of practice under the guidance of a coach
  • Arm setting
  • Parsing, suggesting solutions
  • Specific tips on how to achieve the perfect job.
  • Testing on models to the result

The maximum number of students per course is 5 people.

Program timing:

11:00 – 13:00 - testing on the 1st model
13:00 – 15:00 - working out on the 2nd model

Course price: 5 900 rubles
Early booking in 30 days: 4 900 rubles

Course trainers:

  • The course "Secrets of winning the championships: eyebrow nomination"

Intensive to prepare for look design contests.

This course is for you if you:

    • We aim to take prizes at championships,
    • Get ready for a contest, an exhibition, an eyelash or eyebrow championship,

This course is an express preparation for the championship:

    • You will have the opportunity to rehearse a performance with your competitive model under the control of an experienced coach - a multiple champion with tremendous experience,
    • Master the basics of time management and stress management in the championship,
    • You will gain confidence and feel ready to perform adequately in the championship.

The maximum number of students per course is 5 people.

Program timing:

10:00 –11:00 - Block theory:

  • What is a championship and why is it needed?
  • The terms of participation
  • Recommendations for choosing a model
  • Typical errors. What you can get penalty points
  • What is forbidden to use in work
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Secrets and tips
  • Time Management Championship

11:00 – 12:00 - Master class from the coach

12:00 – 13:15 - Development on the first model

13:15 – 13:30 - Coffee break

13:30 – 14:30 - Development on the second model

14:30 – 15:00 - Tips for each participant on her model chosen for the championship (you can by photo)

Course price: 6 500 rubles
Early booking in 30 days: 5 500 rubles

Performing the procedure by professionals

The process does not require special equipment, so the master can be called to the house. When building it is important to use the services of professionals or do it in a good beauty salon. Only professionals will model, build your eyebrows qualitatively and harmoniously. Correctly performed procedure allows not to resort to it again within a month.

The advantages of building professionals (eyebrow extensions):

  • The procedure is painless and safe.
  • Only proven components and formulations are used,
  • Picking the perfect shape and palette,
  • Quality, guaranteed results.

Technology procedures: material, set, nice salon

Eyebrow extensions are gluing hairs made from soft latex identical to natural. Before building, they are modeled and adjusted. The necessary length, color and shade of hairs are selected (length varies from 4 to 8 mm).

The skin is degreased. The hairs are attached using a base or an existing fluff. Each hair is pasted with a special compound and as it receives the eyebrow, it acquires the necessary shape.

The procedure takes from 30 to 60 minutes. After the end of the process, they hold up to five weeks. New eyebrows are not recommended to expose to water, soap, mascara, pencil.

Professional makeup artists can successfully solve: asymmetrical arrangement of eyebrows, destruction of hair as a result of past diseases, partial restoration of damaged areas, restoration of proper appearance after procedures performed by non-professionals.

It is important to remember that eyebrows are an integral part of the face and require care. After all, from what our view, the attention of others to your person can change dramatically. A bright and expressive look, together with a well-groomed face, allows you to feel confident, and has a companion.

We collect the starting set browa

Now let's try to collect all the above tools and materials on their importance in the set. So, the #musthave list for a beginner and practicing browster:

  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Antiseptics, makeup remover
  • Tassels
  • Cream or gel zone
  • Consumables (containers or palettes for paints or henna, applicators, cotton pads and hygienic sticks, lining under the eyes)

But the color for eyebrows and henna for eyebrows, each master chooses in his own way, and a good master has in his arsenal both. Our store offers RefectoCil and Thuya eyebrow colors, and Sexy Henna eyebrow henna, Royal Brow Henna and Henna Spa eyebrows.

Thus, we have a starter kit for modeling eyebrows.

Eyebrow extensions - true!

The girl’s hair, eyelashes and nails have been growing for a long time. But, since broad eyebrows came into vogue, many have thought about how to increase them artificially. The British company was the first to jump at this idea. The Eyelash Design Companyknown for producing eyelash extension materials. Based on the fact that both of these procedures are similar, it is not surprising that this company was the first to think about building eyebrows.

Why build eyebrows? The reasons may be different and each has its own: someone loves to experiment, someone wants to do this for aesthetic reasons after suffering a disease or a course of treatment, such as chemotherapy, and someone just has an eyebrow growing asymmetrically, and building up will help remove this a flaw.

How to increase the eyebrows?

Eyebrow extensions are a rather new and outlandish procedure, however, in beauty salons, it gradually begins to appear in the list of services provided. When performing the procedure, artificial, made of soft latex hairs that completely emit natural eyebrows are used.
Before the procedure, the skin on the eyebrow line is cleaned, after which, they select the desired shade and length, and proceed with the actual build-up. The bottom line is that each hair grow on the natural hair with a special elastic glue. The hairs can be extended even to the barely noticeable fluff that is on each skin. As a result, eyebrows will get the necessary volume and shade. The process of building up is quite laborious.

The advantages of eyebrow extensions:

  • color fastness
  • eyebrows look more natural than with tattoo,
  • painless procedure,
  • reconstructing the shape and line of even damaged and damaged eyebrows,
  • moisture resistance
  • hypoallergenic.

Of course, like any other procedure, eyebrow extensions have their drawback - this is what the eyebrows begin to crumble after a week. However, if you are preparing for any important event or significant event, eyebrow extensions can be a great way to create a festive look.

One thing is to remove the excess from the eyebrows: take the tweezers and go ahead. Another is to add the missing. There will have to dodge and pay. And not only with money: as we have already figured out, each of the eyebrow correction methods has its drawbacks.

Tattooing traumatizes the upper layers of the skin, and also often leaves scars or streaks of ink on the memory of oneself, especially if you get to an unscrupulous master. Microblading requires a patient brow with very straight arms and is not yet common in Belarus.

The implantation or grafting of hairs is difficult to perform and is expensive, therefore it is used as a last resort - with the complete loss of the hair surface or part of the eyebrow.

Have you heard about eyebrow extensions? If not, then it's time to learn more about it.

Brow extensions - what is it?

Use two methods of building:

1. Silicone lining. The disadvantage of this method is that if you still have the beginnings of vegetation, they will be removed for better contact of the surface of the lining with the skin. Figuratively speaking, you will become a hostage of beauty salons, spending impressive sums on endless corrections.

Hydrogel linings for brow extensions

2. Gluing hairs on the skin or on the base in the form of their own hairs. Good because native eyebrows are not removed. Bonus: artificial fibers, planted on a strong base of natural hair, will last much longer.

Dot hair extensions eyebrows

What tools are required for a build session?

Professional recruitment includes at least:

  • Waterproof colorless (transparent) latex glue for building and rings for it,
  • Alcohol-based degreasing agent,
  • Stencils of several types,
  • Straight tweezers (sharpened and disinfected) and round brush,
  • Latch
  • Synthetic hairs of the required length and thickness (length varies from 4 to 7 mm, for naturalness often use the combined application of hairs of different lengths).

How is eyebrow extensions done?

  1. The required shape is determined, a stencil is superimposed and the contours are outlined with a light cosmetic pencil.
  2. If necessary, adjustments are made: the master removes the extra hairs or cuts too long, out of the base outline.
  3. The working area is degreased with an alcohol-containing liquid. It improves grip of the base of the hair with the skin.
  4. Artificial hairs are picked up one by one with tweezers, dipped into the adhesive by the base and attached to the skin or to the base of natural hairs.
The sequence of actions in the procedure of eyebrow extensions

How to care for extended eyebrows?

  • During the first days after the build-up do not wet your eyebrows. Yes, even with water. In addition, active training in the gym is banned: sweat on your face is now your worst enemy,
  • Try to touch the hairy part of the eyebrows as little as possible - do not scratch, do not rub, while washing, minimize touching the forehead area,
  • Refuse color cosmetics for eyebrows, and also eliminate the application of creams and oils. Firstly, artificial hairs do not require additional care, secondly, oil-containing liquids quickly dissolve the glue on which your newfound beauty rests,
  • Avoid visiting the bath and sauna. The sea and the pool with their salt and chlorinated water is also prohibited,
  • Try to keep your hair from falling on your face and not clinging your eyebrows, otherwise the hairs will tangle and crumble,
  • If you are used to sleeping face down in a pillow, then you will have to say goodbye to this habit.

Let's start with the pros:

  • Stunning effect. After the procedure, the eyebrows will be thick, expressive, natural and clear,
  • Momentality You will see the full result immediately after the end of the session,
  • Painlessness The skin surface is not injured, which means you will not feel any pain and will avoid a number of unpleasant consequences like irritation, swelling and redness,
  • The minimum number of contraindications. Warning: avoid such experiments if you have been intolerant of the components of the adhesive!
The results of the extension procedure

Now about the minuses:

  • comparative high cost and low prevalence. This service you will find not in every salon or studio,
  • the duration of the procedure. You will have to be patient for 1-2 hours depending on the scope of work,
  • short duration effect. The guarantee standard is 2-3 weeks, and if you are the owner of oily skin, then the hairs will last from 4 to 10 days,
  • when the artificial hairs begin to crumble, the look at the eyebrows becomes very unpresentable. Regular correction will save, and this is - see above - additional costs at a considerable cost,
  • specific care required

Summarize: buildup and subsequent restoration of eyebrows are relatively long and expensive events. Therefore, cosmetologists recommend to build eyebrows only on special occasions - when preparing for a wedding or graduation, for example, when the image requires complete completeness and gloss, and as an alternative to choose makeup for eyebrows or temporary henna staining.

What is eyebrow correction needed for?

It is very important for any girl not only to carry out the correct personal care, to look after her appearance. But in order to always remain well-groomed and not fall face down in the dirt, it is necessary to make regular adjustments.

Everyone is trying to look their best and achieve the perfect shape of eyebrows, thick and lush eyelashes, symmetrical and attractive lips. There are many procedures that help girls deal with their complexes and disadvantages. If a girl is not satisfied with the line of her eyebrows, their density and appearance, she can easily use the procedure of eyebrow extensions.

The peculiarity of the procedure

By “eyebrow extensions”, many understand how to glue them. This procedure is recommended to be carried out only by a professional cosmetologist in a sterile environment. This service is chosen by girls who have very rare eyebrows or their growth is slowed down, it is possible to choose the desired shape, and in addition semi-permanent restoration helps to avoid daily care and makeup.

To properly perform this procedure at home, it is necessary to complete courses where they will teach the specifics of building up and working with the material. The main thing in this case is the rules for choosing the shape of the eyebrows.

For a round and oval face, an arc with a slight bend or gull wing is suitable to help shape the shape of the face. For a square face, you should choose smooth rounded lines that give softness and roundness to the face. For girls with a triangular type, sharp straight lines are not recommended.

It should be taken into account that after the procedure done, traces on the skin may remain as irritation. Such an effect may occur after the procedure, as at home, as with an unqualified master, and with a specialist in a beauty salon. These effects do not carry a hazard and a threat to health - this is a common reaction to allergic substances or very sensitive skin. Redness and irritation disappear in just a few days.

The new eyebrow extension procedure is becoming more popular among young fashionistas. Any girl understands that the face is its cover. And everyone wants to look perfect on it. In the pursuit of beauty, there are of course unsuccessful experiments, but it depends on the desires of the girl herself and at the hands of the master. In order to look stunning, you have to take great risks, but the procedure for eyebrow extensions is completely safe and does not require any special sacrifices. The advantages of a well-done job are the thickness and appearance of the eyebrows, as well as a girl can forget about daily care - combing, hair removal, dyeing. You just need to follow a few basic rules after building up.

Preparing for the build-up process

It is very important to perform several steps before the process itself, which will help the master. Preparatory measures include a detailed correction of the future work area, and it is also important to determine the appropriate shade. There are many colors and shades of tools that are used for building up; you should not be in a hurry with this matter in order not to be mistaken. Choosing the right color is the key to a successful outcome.

Usually time for the procedure proceeds very quickly. Within 30-40 minutes, the girl will already be the owner of the updated eyebrow line and will be surprised by the result. After a semi-permanent restoration, changes in the look are immediately noticeable, the whole image of the lady becomes deeper and more expressive.

In order to save life to the maximum, you need to follow the basic rules of care. After the procedure, it is not recommended to apply water to this area for a few days so that the skin is completely calm and used to it. If possible, avoid contact with soapy detergents and use smooth movements when washing your face, almost not touching arcs. It is strictly forbidden to dye the hair extensions. If you follow the simple rules, your edge will serve you for a month.

The growing popularity of the service is absolutely harmless and you will not feel pain. The desired effect will completely surprise you and it will be noticeable that no other cosmetics can compare with it. Pencil, eye shadow, eyebrow paint and even microbliding are left behind. Since this procedure involves the extension of the hairs themselves. It is very important to contact a qualified professional and such actions are best carried out in the conditions of the cabin.There is a build-up at home, but not the fact that the result will be the same. It is better not to risk your health and choose sterile conditions.

What you need to build

For updating eyebrows there are various materials and equipment. All necessary materials can be purchased as a complete complete set, or assembled separately. Such things are better to buy in a professional store or in a proven online store. The standard extension kit includes the following:

  • Stencils of different shapes and sizes
  • Special brows,
  • Primer (degreaser),
  • Special glue of several types and necessary rings,
  • Round brush,
  • Straight tweezers
  • Remover gel,
  • Instructions.

Since this type of building appeared relatively recently, it is still difficult to trace high-quality materials and equipment. Usually, statistics can be prepared after several years of use, so it only remains to wait and choose not the cheapest means. After people begin to use such services more often, certain conclusions can be drawn about the materials.

Technology features

The modern technology of eyebrow extensions specializes in strengthening only individual hairs in certain areas where it is most needed.

Hair extensions can be in different variations from 4 to 9 mm.

They are glued with a special agent based on cosmetic glue. This solution is applied on the area not covered with hair or on short hairs beginning to grow. To better understand it is necessary to examine thoroughly two options.

Strip buildup

This method is perfect for building at home, as it requires absolutely no specific actions. Glue the hairs on a special adhesive composition. To do a good job, follow these steps:

Before starting work, be sure to sanitize tweezers with a degreaser. The skin around the working area is cleansed and moistened with tonic. Eyebrow is completely removed with tweezers. After that, the skin must be moistened with antiseptic.

A special pencil should make an approximate area where the artificial hairs will be applied.

The strips of hair should be soaked in glue and with gentle movements begin to press to the drawn place. Actions must take place in the direction of the temporal part.

After fixing the strips in the right place, fixing powder is applied on top.

When the composition is completely dry, you may feel that the skin is tight and dry. In order to avoid rapid detachment of artificial material, you should not immediately rub, scratch and wash the sensitive area. A feeling of discomfort will pass after a few hours. Plot with hair extensions should be protected during the first few days, as the gluing process will occur. Do not wash with soap, wipe them with cosmetics and constantly touch.

Those who are going to make such a procedure for the first time often wonder how long a new brow serves. While adhering to all the above care conditions, such an eyebrow can last from 2 to 4 weeks. After some time, the area begins to thin, as the artificial hairs begin to fall out.

If there is a need to remove the lining in advance, this procedure can be performed independently. To do this, it is necessary to moisten the strip with water or soapy water with a cotton pad, hold it for literally half a minute and peel it off with tweezers. Remove the strip should be up from the inner corner of the eye.

This option is very good because there is an opportunity to independently apply and remove the lining. But there are significant drawbacks, the constant strip lining takes a lot of time and it is not always convenient. Also, after the artificial band is removed, you need to wait at least 3 weeks to branch your natural hairs, and this brings certain inconveniences.

The use of artificial hairs

The next method of updating the eyebrows is gluing unnatural hairs to natural ones. This method is well suited for home use, but the materials and tools will only need professional and save them will not work. Be sure to take special training courses, which also costs a lot of money. Therefore, very often the question arises: it is better to undergo training and purchase materials or, nevertheless, contact a specialist and build in the salon.

When choosing the latter option, you can always count on a favorable result. As usually in the salons do not allow such scrupulous work unskilled masters. After the master you will have the perfect eyebrow line, and at home there is a danger that something may not go according to plan and the work will be ruined.

The procedure requires the following steps:

Before proceeding with gluing it is necessary to degrease the skin with a primer and then do not touch them with your fingers.

Materials and hands must be sanitized with an alcohol solution.

A small amount of adhesive mass is applied to the natural hair with a special thin brush. Tweezers gently take artificial hair and sit on the glue. Tighten the hair with forceps to press for a minute.

Such an occupation is not for the faint of heart and requires patience and endurance, since if you do not follow the simple rules of the result, you will not achieve any and the hairs will disappear in a few days.

A significant advantage of this procedure is that their natural hairs remain in place and when artificial ones fall off, one does not need to wait several weeks for a full recovery.

Cost of work

Determine the cost of the procedure can only be based on the selected option, and also very important is the condition of the eyebrows.

If the eyebrows are well-groomed and neat, and the girl needs only correction and delineation of the upper bend and the tip of the arc, then it will take about an hour to work. The cost of this service will be 2-3 thousand rubles, prices may be higher or lower depending on the quality of materials, the location of the salon and even the city.

If more hairs are needed, for example, for a wide part of the eyebrow or to model a bend, then prices will vary from 3 to 4 thousand rubles.

Full restoration of the eyebrow can cost you no less than 5 thousand rubles.

Before you decide on such a procedure, you can ring out in several salons or come to a consultation with a beautician and learn all the features and nuances.

Subtleties of the procedure

For building are used hairs of artificial origin. But, since the product is made from high-quality luxury latex, the difference will not be noticeable in combination with natural hairs. Much depends on the skill of the specialist and how accurately the work will be done.

Not only women of fashion who chase after innovations resort to such a restoration, but also people who have certain problems. This procedure helps to cope with the following cosmetic problems:

  • Pronounced asymmetry of eyebrows,
  • The destruction of the structure of the eyebrows and hair during a particular disease,
  • The consequences of careless actions unprofessional master.

Of course, such an operation can be performed at home, but it’s not a fact that you will be pleased with your result from the first time. When performing the extension itself it is very inconvenient to impose hairs symmetrically. This requires patience, endurance and very important quality materials. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to visit beauty salons with a proven master to achieve the desired result. You will not regret wasted time and money.

Very often a strong half is drawn to semi-permanent recovery. It is very important to have a presentable appearance under any circumstances. And if men have problems with hair, why not take advantage of this procedure.

This solution is suitable for any person who wants to improve their appearance and get rid of a number of untidy facial features that people do not like. When eyebrows are restored, self-confidence immediately appears and the complexes recede into the background.

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