Actual and stylish haircut for aurora hair

Italy is the birthplace of this modern trend, so the haircut is called "Italian." Aurora gained wide popularity even more than 30 years ago.

A characteristic feature of the haircut is a universal performance, in which no significant difficulties arise during the installation: in the area of ​​the crown, the barber cuts short curls, the length of the remaining strands may be unchanged, they are milled. The hairstyle resembles a cascade shape. Hair becomes bulky and thick.

Haircut is considered universal, suitable for women of any age, has many styling options.. Young girls hairstyle Aurora creates a fashionable and bright image. The additional volume of hair with this hairstyle in older women hides minor defects on the face, they look younger, more creative.

Distinctive features of haircuts for medium hair

Haircut Aurora on medium hair is characterized by a number of distinctive features that should be followed when performing it:

  • The crown of the head acquires a rounded voluminous shape created by shortening the length of the curls,
  • There is a smooth transition to the subsequent lower levels, which is achieved by filing strands,
  • The obligatory element is bangs, the length depends on the client’s desire,
  • The oval of the face is corrected: superiority is emphasized, defects are hidden.

Benefits of Aurora

The hairstyle has several advantages:

  • shearing is easy,
  • suitable for girls with straight and curly hair of different lengths,
  • hair volume increases
  • thin strands look alive, as they overlap one another,
  • styling is done quickly without additional action
  • creates different kinds of image
  • suitable for any style of clothing.

But not always professionals know the name of Aurora. Many perceive it as "Cascade", "Italian", "Ladder".

This haircut is not suitable

Despite the universality of haircuts, there is a category of women who do not like this hairstyle.

The reasons for this are:

  • very curly hair
  • fluffy hair
  • naughty curls.

The master of such hair is difficult to lay and give them the desired shape. The process itself takes much more time, styling must be done daily.

Technology haircuts

The classic version of the haircut is performed step by step:

  1. It is necessary to wash your hair, after blow-drying your hair so that it stays moisturized,
  2. Decide on the length of bangs and strands. Next, you should leave the control lock on the side of the temple at the extreme hairline. On it will be equal to all the curls, while you need to take into account the difference between wet and dry hair,
  3. Using the comb you need to make a vertical parting
  4. All hair divided into 4 zones - this is 2 temporal, parietal, occipital,
  5. To begin cutting hair from the parietal part, to perform movements from the upper region to the lower region. Fix the remaining zones and hairpins to avoid interference,
  6. Separate 1 strand, arrange it in a perpendicular position to the head, cut. The remaining curls of the parietal part of the haircut in the same sequence using the technique of "strand to strand" while increasing the length of each next. During the haircut you should not forget about the control curl,
  7. Under the next stage of the haircut gets the temporal part. The curls are cut in the form of a ladder,
  8. The occipital zone is trimmed similarly to the temporal,
  9. The technique of properly performing the haircut is checked by collecting the hair in a bun on the top of the head. The length of the curls should be the same. Hairstyle "Aurora" in the back combines a short length of hair in the region of the crown, elongated profiled curls,
  10. Haircut finish thinning and edging tips,
  11. Brush hair. Trim bangs, selected length,
  12. Make a stylish styling.

Aurora for a round face

Chubby women, when choosing a haircut Aurora for medium hair, you need to take into account some details: preference should be given to an elongated style that visually reduces facial features. The roundness is removed, and the oval is pulled out due to the torn strands at the chin. If the hairstyle is performed with bangs, it should be well profiled.

Aurora for an oval face

Women with this form of face have advantages: it suits Aurora's haircut in any of its versions. It can be performed on hair of any length. Hair will hide the disproportion of facial features, add femininity and tenderness. A cropped top will create volume to the hair, bangs can be used of any length.

Aurora for square face

Haircut Aurora on medium hair for women with a square face has its own characteristics, which are in torn strands. They will cover the cheeks and cheekbones, resulting in a reduced angularity of the face.

Aurora for thick hair

Hair type has a great influence on the choice of hairstyle. Girls with thick hair should be attentive to this type of haircut. Aurora creates an additional volume of hair, and the density and so provides for their pomp. In this case, the female representatives should follow the regular update of the haircut, the hair should be milled, then the desired result can be achieved.

80s model

The first distinctive feature of the 80's hairstyle was the short length of the haircut, which was not suitable for all face shapes. The second element was the bulk: the hair on top of the body fit and went to a smooth elongation at the bottom. Be sure to have bangs.

Modern model

The modern version of Aurora is an elongated haircut. She emphasizes the personal style of the woman, shows her individuality.

Distinctive features are:

  • smooth lines and pronounced silhouette
  • elongated curls that go down on the shoulders
  • the top is trimmed in the form of a cap with a smooth transition down,
  • the rest of the hair is cut in a cascade shape.

An extended version of Aurora is relevant for any strands, which include curly curls.

Classic model

Haircut Aurora, made on the length of medium hair, in the classic version is popular and widespread. The main distinctive feature is the limitation of the length of the strands - reaches to the shoulder line.

The top has the appearance of a cap, from which there is a smooth transition down. Bangs are allowed of any kind, a mandatory element of the haircut - careful filirovanie hair. Front curls should be shorter than the main strands.

Model with a bang

The main element of the haircut is a bang. Aurora allows the use of different types: horseshoe bangs, straight, oblique. The length depends on the choice of the client. The type of bangs must be chosen according to the shape of the face. Chunky women will suit round-faced women’s bangs, which will add harmony to the image. The model with a bang will add elegance, style and femininity to the style.

Model without bangs

Hair "Aurora" without bangs suitable for medium hair length. The model will hide the flaws of the face and emphasize the individual image. Women who have an oval face should use such a model, parting on the side.

Haircut Aurora for medium hair is perfect for home styling.

Haircut without bangs is ideal for women who have a large thickness or volume of hair.

Model with "feathers"

This model is different in that in the occipital zone, you should leave a few curls longer than other hair. After - put on them contrasting shades. In the image there are notes of unusual, feminine.

Ways of laying Aurora

The new image will create a stylish styling. The most popular are:

  1. Casual. Spread a small amount of the foam over the hair and dry it with a hairdryer. Twist the tips of the strands in,
  2. Modern. Laying is done by the iron. Strands must be leveled and made smooth. Bang should be left straight. Result fix varnish,
  3. Romantic. This method involves pulling or curling curls. Hair needs to be twisted, put it on its side with a bang, decorate it with a favorite hair clip or a flower. Long strands can be collected in the tail. Laying will make the image airy, feminine,
  4. 80s style. Head should be washed. Wet strands ruffle, comb in front, varnish in a small amount and blow-dry. Bang back. Hairstyle is suitable for any image
  5. Evening. Strands on the top need to comb and varnish. Side curls twist and connect invisible or elegant hairpin with ornaments. The harmonious combination of hair with an open dress will add to the image of elegance, fragility, romance,
  6. Retro style. Hair should be combed in length, curl the ends of the curls up. Hairdo strengthened varnish. Exclusivity will give a different type of tape or hoops, which are necessary to secure the hair. In this style, the girl will look fashionable and modern.

Stylist recommendations

Stylists recommend when choosing haircuts Aurora pay attention to the shape of the face and hair structure.

The hairstyle is considered universal, but has some features:

  • Women with a round type of face stylists are advised not to cut their bangs, then this haircut will suit them. The last curls should remain as long as possible in order to stretch the oval of the face,
  • For visual shortening of the long face shape, stylists recommend keeping the bang straight or semi-circular,
  • Irregular features will hide an asymmetrical Aurora with side parting, ragged contour, oblique bangs,
  • Girls with curly hair is better to choose another type of haircut. If they are inclined to this hairstyle, stylists are advised to do styling every day.

Universality of hairstyle Aurora offers many variations for self-expression, especially when it is done on medium hair. Hairstyle corresponds to modern fashion trends, creates stylish and simple images.

The right choice of a professional

True, the name of this hairstyle is associated with the charm, elegance and charm of the female image? Haircut Aurora - this is a rather complicated version of hair. For owners of docile, even hair, the process of creating an image with such a haircut does not take much time. A little more time is required for owners of curly strands.

Haircut Aurora require professionalism and qualification of a hairdresser. Therefore, trust the person who knows your hair structure and hairstyle types that are most suitable for you. The personal master will select the necessary length of strands for each zone and distribute everything so that the hairstyle looks symmetrical with respect to your face type and appearance features.

Work process

Do you know how since this haircut came to us? She was popular in the 80s and most often met in the style of "disco". To date, haircut Aurora has a lot of fans. Its main feature is the combination of a short length in the parietal part and long profiled strands along the edges.

What you need for this hair:

  • styling foam
  • professional round comb (termobrashing),
  • hair dryer with a special nozzle.

In principle, the above three hairdressing devices we need for one purpose - to give volume. With the help of termobrashing and hair dryer with a special nozzle, you can get a beautiful volume with strands. Styling foam will fix the result and give a kind of novelty to your hairstyle.

All sorts of variations haircuts

As mentioned above, cutting the aurora helps to create volume and visible thickness. Even if the girl has sparse hair, then her thin strands can come to life in the version of this new hairstyle. Also, do not think about whether this haircut is suitable for your age.

This option is unique and is absolutely suitable for all age groups. You can design a variant for both long hair and short hair. It all depends on your preferences and desires. You can choose aurora, having conceived different combinations of elements.

This haircut can exist in such variations:

  • with long and short length
  • in the presence or absence of profiled bangs,
  • with different thicknesses.

Medium length image

Haircut Aurora for medium hair - this is an option that we meet most often. Since the most familiar and traditional this hairstyle looks exactly on the average length. This length reaches a level approximately shoulder length. In this variation, haircut gives a certain audacity, brightness and a certain style to its owner.

If your facial contours can be corrected and visually “pulled out”, then the aurora haircut is just suitable for medium hair length.

Aurora for long hair

Truly lucky owners of long hair. They can fantasize and experiment with different types of styling as much as they like. An exception is not a haircut Aurora for long hair.

Already at a good length is where to "roam". Accordingly, the transition from short to long strands, in this case, will be more expressive. This is a significant difference between the design of this hairstyle at different lengths.

Smoothly descending "torn" line of strands, made on long hair, can be refreshed with coloring. This will give the image of novelty, brilliance and beautiful appearance.

Aurora for short hair

Unusual aurora, made on a short length, will affect the visual change in appearance. The created volume on the parietal zone, as if pulling the shape of the face. At the same time, the outlines of this hairstyle for short hair contribute to the visible softening of the oval face. After such a change in appearance, the cheekbones immediately stand out, and the eyes become more expressive.

Bonuses that you get by doing aurora on short hair:

  • volume for thin and unruly hair,
  • no problems with styling,
  • to give a permanent form, you only need termobrashing,
  • harmony of all facial features.

"Contraindications" for Aurora

We have listed, it would seem, everything is only the best about this hair. However, stylists are not advised to do this haircut for short, medium, long (and any length) hair to girls who have:

  • frankly rounded face,
  • full face
  • especially curly strands.

If you decide to reincarnate your appearance and choose an Aurora - you did the right thing. Be prepared for the fact that in the eyes of the people around you you will appear as a stylish, moderately daring, purposeful and incredibly beautiful lady. This hairstyle will be good for long, short and medium hair. Remember its uniqueness. Make yourself happy and beautiful! Transform for all!

Aurora - originally from the 80s

Initially, the haircut Aurora became a kind of hallmark of the disco style, which received wide popularity in the 80s of the XX century. Exactly, insolently and somewhat defiantly, the pets of those years were shaved. Gradually, the fans adopted the hairstyle from their idols, and it spread widely to the masses.

Aurora - the perfect universal haircut. She easily adapts to almost any style, oval and facial features. However, you will not look “like everyone else” with her: on the contrary, the hairstyle will help create a unique image depending on the length you choose.

In the photo - a variant of styling haircuts Aurora in the 80s

Features haircuts

Today, not every professional is able to create a fashionable regular Aurora. So do not be lazy and ask the wizard to show the previous work. Also be prepared for the fact that the chosen hairstyle belongs to the model, so the price of its creation may be slightly overstated.

Aurora is distinguished by the following features:

  • the presence of bangs (the style can be the most diverse),
  • a lot of smoothly going down levels,
  • "Roundness" on toplike a neat hat
  • possibility to be created on curls of any length.

Bangs can be any, but it is required!

You can create a fashionable hairstyle on almost any hair. It will look especially good on straight or slightly wavy strands. Their length can vary greatly, but be prepared: Aurora haircut for long hair will require to sacrifice their main volume.

Versatility allows you to choose this hairstyle for girls with any appearance.
Caution does not hurt only chubby ladies: they should pay attention to the elongated style to avoid a visual increase in features.

Especially recommended to "try on" Aurora girls, whose hair is different

Thin straight hair - the best base for a fashionable haircut!

Very short strands at the top and sharp cascading transitions will help you forget about the lack of volume and visually make your hair thicker. Thanks to the correctly created form, you will not have to spend time on styling: a haircut will correctly “lie down” immediately after washing your head.

Definitely not if ...

There is a category of girls who will have to give up a stylish retro haircut.

These include owners:

It is also not recommended to resort to this hairstyle for those who do not like to often visit the beauty salon. The fact is that Aurora requires regular updates: only then will it look stylish and easily give in to styling with a hairdryer alone.

Variations for different lengths

As already indicated, the haircut from the 80s is ideally combined with curls of any length. However, in each case, it can be presented in different ways. That is what will allow two girls with Aurora not to be like.

Elegant version on a small length

Option number 1: short

In this case, the cutting style is based on the facial features and the available length. For example, with very short curls, stylists recommend concentrating on the top of the head area, giving it extra volume. This will visually lengthen the face, and the whole image will be soft due to the roundness of the hairstyle as a whole.

  • cascading down "feathers" from the back of the head (the neck will become sleeker, longer and thinner),
  • you can emphasize the cheekbones, letting them a few strands,
  • it is also possible to add an “volume” to the elongated face by increasing the gradation on the sides.

Pronounced "torn" ends - a great opportunity to demonstrate your rebellion

Special attention deserves bangs, because on short haircuts, it often becomes the main element.

Aurora allows you to experiment in every way in this direction by choosing:

  • short
  • "French"
  • asymmetrical,
  • spicy
  • elongated options.

Not unnecessary in the modern version will be additional filirovaniya strands of hair.
It will give the hair structure.

Option number 2: medium

Almost classic with asymmetric bangs - an option for the brave!

Hair Aurora on medium hair can seriously change your image.

Fashionable haircut will bring to the image:

At the same time, universality and simplicity of installation will not go anywhere.

Opportunities for haircuts are very different.

The most popular variations are:

  • long bangs and a “ladder” just below the chin,
  • asymmetrical bangs with a small amount at the crown,
  • highly structured hairstyle with short bangs (up to the eyebrows or slightly higher).

Different variants of one haircut

Option number 3: long

In no case should the long curls be an obstacle to your desire to follow modern trends! Moreover, the Aurora is so versatile that it does not even require parting with the stretched strands.

The effective solution for long curls

However, the Aurora hairstyle for long hair practically does not provide maneuvers for experiments.

The ideal option for it is the classical execution scheme, which is distinguished by:

  • smooth silhouette
  • accurate tracking of the “cap” coming down from the top of your head,
  • long curls, decorated cascade.

For a change, ask the stylist to add a haircut.

For example, you can bring originality with:

  • ragged contours
  • individual feathers
  • perfectly smooth tips, etc.

Make the outlines of hairstyles more pronounced!

Styling maneuvers

Lay Aurora do it yourself no difficulty. And well-designed haircut is perfect for a lot of hairstyles.

For example, your fashion look is underlined:

  • everyday version from the 80s,
  • romantic styling
  • retro curls.

  1. Wash your hair, dry a little with a towel and apply mousse to the roots.
  2. With the help of a warm hair dryer and hands, "beat up" curls at the crown.
  3. Base the bangs a little bit. Leave it in front or put it back, under the stealth steals.
  1. Apply a little liquid crystals on slightly wet curls: they will ease combing, will add shine to hair curls and make the strands more obedient.
  2. When drying, use termobrashing, curling the tips out or in. Pay special attention to bangs: it should get lush.
  3. Fix the result with varnish.
  1. Carefully comb your hair.
  2. Divide it into zones. Every little nabeshit at the roots.
  3. Scroll the curls with a curler. The diameter can be very large or small.
  4. Cover it with a kerchief, heat it with a hairdryer and let it cool.
  5. Remove the curlers, slightly straighten the resulting curls with your hands.
  6. Fix the result.

The complexity of evening styling depends only on your imagination.

Universal haircut "Aurora" for women of different ages

What does a masterpiece named Aurora look like and to whom will it suit?

Despite its long history, the Italian does not lose its relevance, changing under the influence of fashion trends. If earlier this haircut was a distinctive feature of rock fans and informal subcultures, today it has become universal, it is preferred by women of different ages.

In the photo below you can estimate how the first prototype of the modern Aurora was:

Emphasizing their individuality and originality, the girls prefer this particular haircut. It is incredibly convenient and easy to install, therefore it is also popular among busy business women and housewives who do not have much time to lay. Guests from the 80s are worn by ladies to hide some defects of the face, as well as to look younger by several years. The effect is achieved with the help of clear lines in combination with soft strands that frame the face. Based on the cascade principle, an incredible volume is created, through smooth transitions from short lengths at the crown to longer hairs along the entire length, as well as with the help of filming the tips.

Despite all the advantages, the haircut is not suitable for women with a rounded type of face, as well as owners of heavily curled locks.

Look at the photo and see how stylish and impressive haircut looks at any length, as well as with and without bangs:

Haircut "Aurora" for short, medium and long hair with bangs and without

Owners of short hair have the opportunity, preferring this haircut, to create a harmony of style and practicality on their head. Easy negligence, as well as pomp is achieved with the help of multi-layer texture. Haircut aurora for short hair is combined with bangs of any kind, whether it be straight, bangs to the side, or French. All of them equally well complement the image and give it completeness. Stylists do not recommend cutting an Aurora without a bang, since that veil of romance and austerity, for which Italian is loved, will be lost.

Pay attention to the photo, which presents excellent examples of women's hair cut Aurora on short hair:

The only condition for creating an Aurora haircut on short hair in the style of the 80s is that the strands must be docile and even or slightly curly. On fluffy hair the same will have a sloppy disheveled look.

Aurora - the perfect haircut for not very long hair

A great example of an Aurora haircut on medium hair is a photo film star, which we suggest evaluating as proof that Hollywood stars also paid attention to a hair cut Aurora:

And there are several explanations for this, namely:

Aurora on the average length of hair corrects the shape of the face, pulling the oval at the expense of clear textured lines gently framing the face.

The hairstyle is simple in styling, but at the same time allowing you to change the image with a simple movement of a comb.

If your hair is oily and hard, then the lightness effect inherent in aurora will be practically unattainable. Women with curls should also look for other options, as the Italian on such hair will lose its shape and will look sloppy.

Haircut Aurora for medium hair goes well with bangs, it can be laid as sideways, and directly, in any case, it will emphasize the shape. Bangs can be either asymmetric or straight. But if it is not at all, then you can simply lay the selected strands on its side.

Luxurious chic Aurora on long hair

Haircut Aurora on long hair, which you can appreciate by looking at the photo placed under the description, is performed according to the following scheme:

A semblance of a cap is formed, which gently frames and pulls the shape of the face, after which long strands are milled and neatly formed, giving the image clarity and femininity.

There are various options - from ragged tips to soft neatly arranged strands - it all depends on your individual taste, so a haircut Aurora on long hair has many variations.

The bang is a highlight of the image, giving it a complete look and a touch of charm, so it is strongly recommended to leave the bangs, which can also be completely different - asymmetric, straight, arched or laid on its sides.

Just as in the previous versions of the haircut, aurora for long hair will not work for women with heavily curled or hard hair.

Will Aurora suit curly hair owners?

Usually Aurora is not recommended for curly hair, because there is a risk that the hairstyle will not hold, but if you are a lover of experiments and stylish negligence, you can try, be sure to consult with the stylist.

And to make it easier to decide on a small adventure, look at the photo of successful examples of performing Aurora on curly hair:

The hairstyle is almost universal, simple in laying, stylish, with its help it is possible to create a large number of various images.

Laying haircuts "Aurora" on hair of different lengths

Haircut Aurora when laying does not require much time. To do this, it is enough to apply a small amount of the foam to damp hair, then ruffle them, or, conversely, combing them, dry it with a hairdryer. Bangs put in the same way. The procedure will take no more than 30 minutes, but you will have a stylish look for the whole day.

The fashion of the 80s is back, so feel free to complement your hair with accessories - all kinds of ribbons, hairpins, bows and hoops. For styling aurora haircuts on medium hair with bangs only mousse, round hairbrush and hair dryer are needed. For a romantic feminine style, you can slightly wrap the strands inside, and for the more daring, on the contrary - slightly twist it out. In styling a long-haired Aurora hair is unpretentious, you just need to apply styling on the washed strands, and then wrap them inside, or outside - it all depends on what style you choose today.

Haircut "Aurora", relevant in 2018

Haircut Aurora in 2018 is particularly relevant, and this proves the image of many stars who prefer this hairstyle, bringing in its own special features. Look at the photo as an example of how fashionable touches make hairdresser's art today. One of these fashionable accents in a hairstyle of the Aurora are torn asymmetrical ends, which are cut both on the bang and on the entire length - check how easy it looks elegant.

But with this choice, stylists recommend not to overload the image and, leaving it natural, not to repaint the hair.

To complete the picture, watch the video, which presents the process of creating an Aurora haircut:

Watch the video: Belle Hairstyle Tutorial, Beauty and The Beast Inspired (December 2019).