Various types and shapes of eyebrows depending on the type of face

A regular shape eyebrow can transform a woman's face. It should be slightly bend its straight and round muzzle will get the desired elongation. Or make a surprised bend, all attention will be concentrated on the eyes, if your face is square. Thanks to them, you can change the face, for example, a slight bend will help you get the look of a predator and a seductress fashionable in 2013. That is why it is so important to know the answer to the question: how to choose the shape of eyebrows? A detailed and comprehensive answer is offered to you in this article “eyebrow shape by type of face”.

A simple way to determine the perfect look.

There is a simple method by which you can determine the correct form that best suits you. All you need is a cosmetic pencil and a few minutes of free time.

  1. The pencil should be applied to the wing of the nose so that it is parallel to the nose, looking at the inner edge of the eye. In the place where the cosmetic pencil crosses the brow arc, a point is put
  2. Next, determine the next coordinate - the point of greatest lift. Pencil should be applied to the wing of the nose so that it passes through the pupil, followed by eyebrows. At the intersection of the superciliary arch and the line drawn put a point. We already have two points
  3. To find it, we place a pencil from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye,
  4. Now all three points are joined together by a continuous smooth line.

It turned out the line, it is the correct shape of the eyebrows, because the technique takes into account the proportions of the face. But at the same time, since girls often need to expand their attractive faces, or, conversely, narrow them a little, or achieve a different effect, this universal rule is not enough - recommendations are needed on how to choose the shape of eyebrows for a particular type of face: round, square, triangular, oval or face in the form of a heart.

Basic rules

Before proceeding to the consideration of the shape of the eyebrows by type of person, we list the basic rules that apply in all cases:

  • if the face needs to be expanded visuallythen straight, medium density, well suited
  • if narrow, then they need to be rounded, while avoiding unnecessary bends, which can give a person a surprised or, even worse, arrogant expression,
  • if the eyes are set closethen you can visually increase the distance between them by extending the browning distance,
  • if the eyes are too close, then, on the contrary, eyebrows should be brought as close as possible, while not connecting them.

Suitable eyebrows for oval face

Continuing to talk about the correct shape of the eyebrows, consider what is suitable for an oval face.

The shape of eyebrows for an oval face is quite diverse. But since most often girls with such a face model want to soften the oval somewhat or make it less elongated, the following options are used. Either they are rounded, slightly kinked, or straight, but not too thin. In addition, to make the oval look more like a circle, you need to make the eyebrow line as smooth as possible.

The shape of the eyebrows for an oval face is also determined taking into account the features of the face. For example, if the chin is large, and the jaws and cheekbones are proportional, then the eyebrows for an oval face should not be drastically changed, but rather just slightly lengthen them using an eyebrow pencil. It is worth keeping the line wide so that a pleasant roundness of the face remains.

Square and triangular shape

The correct shape of the eyebrows for the face of a triangular shape - this is not too long neat line with a smooth curve. If you make it too long, you can break the whole harmony of the face and its proportions.

The correct shape of the eyebrows for a square face will be a long line with a strongly pronounced surprised curve. This will make the face softer, draw attention to the charming eyes.

Round form

The most important desire of girls with a round face is to make it more oblong. That is why the shape of eyebrows for a round face should be directed to the fulfillment of this desire. Eyebrows for a round face fit the classical form, that is, in the form of a straight line, slightly curved to the end. It seems that there is nothing special in this, but believe me: the face will become more interesting, the features of the long-awaited oval will be visible.

Ideal eyebrows for a round face, as you can see, are easy to make. But they are easy to spoil. It is enough to make them too low or very high, and now in the mirror the reflection of an astonished, frightened or suffering girl.

Heart shape

The shape of eyebrows by type of face offers its options to girls whose face resembles a heart. This refers to the form in which the face at the top is wide enough, and at the bottom narrows. This type of face is so specific that it cannot be called triangular.

There are some rules. So, from a slightly sharp and noticeable chin, one can divert attention using the following technique: round the upper point of the eyebrow (how to determine it, see the section “A simple way to determine the ideal look”). Eyebrow on round face should be of medium thickness.

Useful rules for shaping

The shape of the eyebrows is determined by the type of face, it's time to start acting, that is, to give the desired look, and therefore the following tips may be useful to you:

  • to reduce pain when adjusting, you can steam up your face,
  • ice cubes will also reduce pain, but they need to be used carefully, as temperature drops can cause "spider veins" that are unlikely to decorate your attractive face,
  • You can use moisturizers for pain relief, but in this case, due to some slippery hair, you can remove the wrong hair,
  • special painkillers and wipes for pain relief
  • a result of eyebrow rubbing, due to which the skin loses sensitivity, will bring a result without the risk of adverse effects.

Now you know what you need to do to make your eyebrows look beautiful and emphasize all its virtues. Let the beautiful lady always smile in the mirror. We wish harmony!

Face architecture

Before you choose the type of eyebrows, which is suitable for the type of appearance, you must decide on the type of face. Common forms are presented in the photo.

You can choose from the following options: triangular, square, oval, diamond-shaped, round or face in the shape of a heart.

To correctly determine the type of appearance, note one of the following methods:

  1. Use the mirror. Stand in front of him, relax. Arm yourself with a cosmetic pencil, soap, or something else that paints on a glass surface, and then wipes it off. Circle your face around the contour, starting at the chin, capturing the protruding cheekbones and hairline. Rate the result.
  2. You can resort to the mathematical method. Stand in front of the mirror and equip with a measuring tape for measurement. Measure the distance from the cheek to the cheek, the line of the mandible, the chin and the height or length of the face. The resulting numbers must be recorded.

Interpret the results. If the length is greater than the width, then the face is oval. If the chin is narrow, and the distance from the cheek to the cheek is much larger, then you are the owner of the face in the shape of a heart. Square and round faces are distinguished by the fact that their length and width are about the same. But the round shape has a smooth lower jaw line and a rounded forehead.

Based on these data, you can select the type of eyebrows, which will emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages.

Also by type of eyebrows, you can define some traits

Determine the type of person

Determining the type of face is not at all difficult. Beauticians distinguish 6 of these types:

This type defines a slightly extended forehead and chin, although its lines are also smooth.
By the way, it is believed that oval face shape - the most correct.

If the length and width of your face are approximately equal, and the lines are smooth, you are the owner of a round type.

His distinguishing feature is a high forehead, a coarse narrow chin and wide cheekbones.

  • In the shape of a heart"

Understand that you - the owner of the little face "heart" is simple. Its features have smooth transitions, it is wider at the top and gradually tapers towards the bottom.

For a square face characterized by sharp transitions, cheekbones, forehead and cheeks are almost equal in width. The chin is usually narrow.

This type resembles a rhombus in shape, because it is distinguished by wide cheekbones, a narrower frontal part and a pointed chin.

What is the eyebrows task?

First of all, emphasize the virtues and hide the little flaws. Therefore, selecting the form, remember this.

Do not forget that making eyebrows you make your characterhowever strange it may sound.

  • Low set straight and thick eyebrows indicate a direct, "male" character.
  • Broken give temperamental young lady.
  • Short - soft, vulnerable nature.
  • Thin - feminine.
  • Crescent long independent, self-sufficient girl with mature judgments.

Eyebrow shape selection by face type

  • For an oval face Characteristic slightly narrowed features of the chin and forehead, but the cheekbones, on the contrary, wide. Owners of the correct oval shape fit classic with a small kink.

As well as arched or ascending eyebrows. When correction is necessary to pay attention to the smooth bending, take into account the ratio of length and thickness. Extend the shape of the face will help eyebrows "to take off." Try to avoid abrupt transitions.

  • Round faces fit classic with a slight fracture of the eyebrows. This is because with their help you can visually lengthen the face.

No sharp rounded bends, otherwise we will look like Marfusha from a Russian fairy tale.

The eyebrow should be neat, the average thickness closer to the eye gradually taper to the "tail", and the fracture is smooth.

The task is to visually “draw out” a face.

  • For rectangular shape need to "expand" the face. To make the elongation not so noticeable, make straight eyebrows, you can slightly round off at the end. So you will look more tender. They will give softness and prettiness to features. Avoid kinks and abrupt transitions.

  • If you have little face in the shape of a heart, pay attention to ascending forms. Only no rounded or too wide eyebrows!
  • For square and diamond face type Make eyebrows long, arched. This will help to adjust the wide cheekbones and visually make the face rounder, diverting attention from the weighty chin.

The thickness should be medium, too narrow “lost” on a wide area of ​​the forehead, and thick will look inaccurate.

Despite the fact that the types of eyebrows are different all of them share a common scheme.

Method of determining the shape of the eyebrow

  • Take a long pencil,
  • Attach to the wing of the nose, hold to the outer corner of the eye. This will be the beginning of the line
  • From the nose also lead a pencil, parallel to the mental draw a vertical imaginary line through the pupil. There will be a bend,
  • Next, from the starting point we draw in a pencil to the outer border of the eye. Here your line ends.

If the eyes are too close, eyebrows should be located as far as possible from each other. And exactly the opposite. Mostly remember: the minimum distance is 2 index fingers.

A short video allows you to see how a professional chooses and creates a form.

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Discounts and promotions offered are always pleasant and allow you to save our money. Use on health!

Finding the perfect shape is easy! All you need is desire, good mood, necessary cosmetic devices and a bit of determination. And, of course, knowledge!

If you read this article, it means that you have the knowledge. Desire too. Great mood will provide cheerful playful music. Cosmetic devices get no problem. Resolve, I hope I gave you.

I say goodbye to you and wish you great success in mastering cosmetic wisdom.

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Select eyebrow shape for a specific face type.

Significantly correct the shortcomings, focus on the existing advantages of each woman can properly carried out the adjustment of facial features.

The narrow features of the soul mirror can be significantly expanded, giving them a pleasant roundness using the direct type of natural hair decoration above the eyes.

A wide chin and forehead will visually look narrower with arched eyebrows.

Close-set eyes can be visually diluted by plucking the hairs on the bridge of the nose with a pair of tweezers, creating a gap of two fingers wide.

Excessive roundness of the main features: the chin and forehead are well corrected with the help of a curved eyebrow line.

Eyebrows perfect for round face

All have long heard the phrase, so beloved by makeup artists: "the correct shape of the eyebrows" means that the widest part of them is located directly above the inner corner of the eye.

There are two types of edits in which the shape of the eyebrows for a round face is beautifully in tune with the appearance:

  • a small but indispensable kink in the center is aesthetically elevated and smoothly passing to the tip of medium thickness. Outwardly, this form resembles a curved bird's wing and distracts from the roundness of the front of the head. eyebrow shape according to the type of face photo But you should not make the bend too sharp, otherwise you can come to a diametrically opposite result,
  • smooth and slight curvature of the hairline with a decreasing width from the inner corners of the eyes to the temples.

However, stronger roundness will intensify the problem, since it will fully duplicate the contours of the chin and forehead.

In everything there should be a measure, and when shaping each eyebrow for a round face, it is simply necessary.

With the help of make-up, you can also visually correct the appearance, add volume, paint over gray hair and other imperfections.

It should only be remembered that the coloring agents are applied in the direction of hair growth with continuous lines, and separate ones that resemble their usual appearance in order to minimize unnatural brightness.

They will help determine which eyebrows are suitable for a round face, photos of famous Hollywood actresses. For example, pictures of Christina Ricci, DrewBarrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus and others.

Before proceeding with the adjustment process, it is better to choose the appropriate eyebrows for a round face, photos of which are on the Internet, in advance.

Makeup artists advise, pre-draw them on the face and assess whether this result wanted to see. Then the risk of making the wrong choice will be minimized.

Eyebrow shapes for owners of an oval face

Those who are of this type are much more fortunate, since it is he who is universally recognized as the ideal of female beauty.

A special correction, as in the case of a rounded face, is not required. But you can make the appearance much brighter and more attractive by creating a decent frame for the eyes. This will emphasize femininity and add an attractive sex image.

eyebrow shape by type of photo

It is believed that the shape of the eyebrows for an oval face can be completely different. Here their width, density, length, color and age of their owner matter.

But the style is not basic, but the most win-win options are:

    lines resembling a light break of a bird’s wings. This type is considered a reference, since it is suitable for any age. The section of eyes with it looks more enlarged, the look is open and sincere. The softness of the bend perfectly harmonizes with diagonal almond-shaped eyes. A woman looks seductive and sexy.

In keeping the proportions, it is important that the widest part of the ascending line be twice as wide as the tip, and the constriction should go smoothly. A sharp kink will make the ladies look hard and heavy. Too long and curled down tail will impose on the appearance of a shade of unnatural sadness,

  • arcuate hairline above the eyes makes the image calm, serene. The classical arc visually reduces the broad forehead and gives tenderness to coarse features. The width and length at the same time should be moderate. Bending too high will give your expression an unnatural surprise.
  • option, repeating almost a straight line of the horizon, emphasize the elegance of the features. With a strongly elongated lower part of the front side of the head, this option visually rounds it, making it proportionally shorter.
  • Sometimes it is useful to correct the eyebrows for an oval face, a little pulling out the bottom in the widest part and a little bit, adding extra hairs with a cosmetic pencil over them. For this purpose, dark brown or gray is better than black.

    The perfect eyebrow length for an oval face

    It is not enough to choose a certain type, width, color, since the length of natural vegetation above the eyes is of no small importance for the appearance as a whole.

    eyebrow shape by type of photo

    By applying a narrow ruler to the wing of the nose and continuing an imaginary line along it to the inner corner of the eye, you can get the beginning of a wide part of the eyebrow for an oval face.

    It should end where the line from the nose passes through the outer edge.

    There is a secret how to divert attention from the resulting facial wrinkles in the area of ​​the "crow's feet".

    For this, the length from end to end is slightly reduced, the appearance becomes visually younger and more naive.

    Properly selected length and shape of eyebrows for an oval face can make it more proportional and attractive.

    Rules for adjusting the shape of eyebrows by type of person

    What nature could not do will be adjusted by experienced makeup artists. There is nothing difficult in this procedure, but the first plucking of hairs from the eyebrows should be entrusted to a professional.

    In the beauty salon will determine the type of appearance, and the correct shape of the eyebrows for the type of person will be chosen perfectly.

    In the future, as necessary, you can tweak your brows yourself, guided by simple recommendations:

    • eyebrow shape according to the type of face photo to pull out hairs only need to be on the bottom line and in no case edit anything from above,
    • gently pull each hair separately, hooking it with tweezers at the very base. Trying not to break off, otherwise the problem of growing up is inevitable,
    • in order to make the procedure less painful, it is necessary to pre-steam the skin above the eyes with hot lotions of chamomile decoction,
    • apply fat cream on the prepared derma and lightly patting it with a patting motion to penetrate deeper into the upper layers of the epidermis,
    • ensure that the right and left view is identical to each other,
    • after the procedure, wipe the treated skin with an alcohol-containing solution to prevent the penetration of pathogens,
    • for the damaged area to come to a faster tone, apply ice cubes from the infusion of calendula for five minutes.

    The right choice will make the mirror of the soul of the woman visually more attractive and will be in harmony with the rest of the look.

    A competent make-up artist can help with the choice, and in the future it will only remain to observe the received recommendations, becoming the most charming and attractive.

    Eyebrow shape

    There are several forms of eyebrows:

    • «House". This form resembles the roof of a house, which is associated with a surprised look. It is necessary to choose such a form very carefully, as it is not suitable for everyone. It can be chosen for girls whose eyebrow center is too high.
    • Rounded eyebrows. This form of eyebrows can be considered universal, as it fits almost everything.
    • Arched eyebrows. This type is ideal for girls with rough features. Eyebrows arc give softness and femininity.
    • Straight eyebrows. These eyebrows are perfect slim women with a narrow face. This form will visually expand the face.
    • Fractured eyebrows. This form is by far the most popular, as it makes the face natural and the look penetrating.
    • Curved eyebrows. The shape is characterized by a short tail and high lift.

    When choosing the shape of eyebrows you need to consider the possibility to hide the flaws of the face and emphasize the advantages. It is also important to consider the features of your image. Eyebrows will make your face tender, sad, surprised, aggressive, belligerent.

    Romantic nature with a fine organization of the soul categorically do not fit the sharp bends and climbs. If the outer corners of the eyebrows are raised up, then the woman seems gentle and naive. If the corners of the eyebrows are omitted, then the expression of the face will seem tired and dull.

    The most advantageous option is considered when the base and the corners of the eyebrows are located on the same line.

    Eyebrow shape

    Eyebrows greatly change the face of a person. The right shape will visually enlarge the eyes.

    The height of the eyebrows is called the arch, it can be high or low. You should not make a high arch over small eyes, it will look unnatural and visually reduce the size of the eyes even more. In this case, you should avoid thick eyebrows.

    If your eyes are very large, it is better to choose a high arch and stop the choice on thick eyebrows. So your eyes will look advantageous.

    If a girl has a big long nose, then you should opt for high eyebrows, avoiding their close proximity to visually distract from the spicy features. Short straight lines with an accent in the middle of the face are also suitable.

    The broad forehead can also be visually reduced with the help of the eyebrows. It is enough to arrange them close to each other.

    The fashion for the shape of the eyebrows is constantly changing, but you should not follow it blindly. It is very important to find your ideal form that will highlight the merits of your face and hide the flaws.

    With regard to the thickness of the eyebrows, here works a strict rule: the width of the eyebrows should match the face. Girls with thin features need to choose narrow eyebrows, and for large features suitable wide.

    How to choose a line to the face oval?

    The main nuance of creating the perfect eyebrows at home - the smaller the features and the more fragile the physique, the thinner the arcs should be. It is first necessary to determine the type of face - for this you need to pick up all the hair higher, examine the shape of the head.

    Which species fit different facial ovals:

    • For girls with a triangular and diamond-shaped face, straight lines are not suitable. It is better to give the arc a smooth ascending silhouette and a uniform bend.
    • With a square shape, eyebrows should not be made thin, it is better to adjust them a little, but leave them thick. Such an oval perfectly combines curved lines with a sharp and high rise.
    • An oval face is considered classic, but there are certain rules for it. With such an oval, the edge should be at a sufficient distance from each other; it is better to avoid abrupt and steep transitions. A straight line with a slightly rounded tip is ideal.
    • If the face is round, slightly stretch the oval, curved arches without particularly sharp corners, with smooth ascents and descents will help to give an image of femininity and prettiness. Chubby girls should not be very round eyebrows.
    • A face in the form of a heart. In order to smooth the sharpness of the chin somewhat, it is better to choose a rounded line.

    Whatever the form, it is necessary to constantly care for her at home, regularly remove the regrown hairs, make special masks. In the salon, tattooing and henna staining are used as long-term methods.

    Basic correction rules

    Before you start creating the form, taking into account the type and shape of the face, you need to carefully examine your appearance, understand which features need to be emphasized, and which weaknesses it is better to visually hide. In ideal lines, their beginning and end lie on one straight line. With a strongly elevated outer corner, the image will be very naive, and a strongly curved down edge makes a dull look.

    To correct some of the nuances of the appearance and oval of the face, cosmetologists use the concept of "arch" - the height of the arc. If the eyes are small, the edges should be low, but not very wide. Big-eyed girls fit the line with a high rise, the emphasis is on density.

    High eyebrows will distract attention from the large nose, but they should be at a sufficient distance from each other. In such cases, straight and short strokes should be avoided when drawing - this technique focuses on the middle part of the face. Visually reduce the wide forehead will help nearby arc.

    How to choose a color to the hair shade:

    • If the curls are straight and light, it is better to choose a gray, muted brown palette for coloring.
    • Brunette with voluminous hair and curls fit broad eyebrows. Light-skinned dark-haired girls can choose dark brown or slate for dyeing, if the skin of the face is dark, then it is better to carry out the correction in black.
    • You can choose a shade from a brown, terracotta, golden palette to the ginger strands, a bright type of appearance.

    Girls vulnerable, romantic should not make the arc with sharp bends and climbs. A confident and purposeful women do not fit smooth or even lines.

    How to create perfect eyebrows?

    Beautiful curved shapes with natural and smooth lines that fit the face are natural density and width. It is necessary to learn to identify the head, body and tail, all parts between the main points must be in a clear relationship.

    • To find the head, attach the wand to the convex part of the nose and the inner corner of the eye, continue the segment further across the forehead. At the intersection of the segment and the arc should be its beginning, remove all excess hair at an angle of 45 degrees.
    • The maximum point is on the line that passes through the wing of the nose, the iris. To avoid mistakes, at the time of defining the bend you need to look straight ahead.
    • The tail is located on the segment that connects the convex part of the nose and the outer corner of the eye.

    The distance between the arcs ideally equals the width of two fingers, the base and the end should be located on one straight line. After finding the main points, they should be connected with a smooth line, it is better to choose a white pencil for this. Everything outside the contour must be removed.

    How can I remove excess hair?

    It is possible to give eyebrows an ideal form, taking into account the type of appearance and oval of the face at home, in different ways, but experts do not recommend cutting and trimming, as this will lead to accelerated growth. Before you start you need to thoroughly clean the skin from dirt and cosmetics, disinfect the dermis and all the tools, you can first make a steam bath.

    When working with tweezers, it is necessary to grab the hairs one closer to the base, pull out strictly in the direction of their growth, the movements should be sharp and fast. Only the bottom line should be corrected, otherwise you can spoil the shape. After the removal, you need to wipe the derma with a piece of ice, apply cotton pads soaked in chamomile or mint decoction. The procedure is best done at bedtime, so that by morning the irritation and redness on the face is not so noticeable.

    Tripping - removal with the help of a thread, allows you to create perfect eyebrows. You can spend at home, but the professionals in the cabin will make it more qualitative.

    • reduced risk of infection of the skin and ingrowth,
    • with regular procedures, the hairs gradually become thinner,
    • follicles do not suffer,
    • you can immediately delete a few pieces,
    • after removal, there is no redness and irritation on the face.

    Only a strong Arabic thread made from natural cotton fiber is suitable for removal, it should be 0.5 m long. Before the procedure, treat the area of ​​eyebrows with any decoction of herbs.

    For the procedure, you need to tie the ends of the thread, twist it several times, insert 2 fingers into each loop. It is necessary to move from the base of the eyebrow to its end - removal takes place on the principle of scissors, it is necessary to simultaneously narrow one loop and expand the second one. The hairs will fall into the central part, intertwined with the thread, which leads to their quick and painless pulling.

    How to care for eyebrows?

    Daily care includes combing in the morning and evening, applying olive oil or castor oil. Every week you need to make nourishing masks that will help preserve the beauty, they moisturize the skin, prevent ingrown hairs.

    Recipe mask for thick eyebrows. Mix 15 ml of olive oil and flax seed, castor oil. Warm up the mixture slightly on a steam bath, soak cotton pads, attach, cover it with paper for compresses. After 7–10 minutes, remove residual mass with warm water.

    If the hairs are fragile and brittle, there are bald patches between them, a firming mask will help. Mix 30 ml of liquid honey and olive oil, heat the mixture to a temperature of 36–37 degrees, smear the arches, remove after 7–12 minutes.

    Straight shape

    This type of eyebrows is suitable for girls with an oval-type face. They should be smooth, slightly rounded down. They are especially good with thin, aristocratic facial features.

    Direct form indicate masculinity and straightness of their owner. Such people are distinguished by good health and great vitality, tend to be leaders. Women are bold, bold, sometimes harsh in their judgments.

    This type of eyebrows requires careful care, as they tend to grow together in the area of ​​the nose or are very prominent on the face. Watch not only for the thickness, but also for the width. Excessively thick eyebrows look coarse and unnatural.

    Arc shape

    This type of eyebrows gives a thin, romantic nature with a light character. The arcuate shape is recognized by makeup artists as a classic, does not require careful maintenance and is suitable for all types of appearance. It hides the angularity of the lines, gives a soft look, emphasizes the natural femininity (as in the photo).

    Such eyebrows allow you to apply almost any eye makeup and emphasize oriental facial features.

    Wedge shape

    Eyebrows with a noticeable bend give an adventurous nature, prone to leadership, not only in career terms, but also in society.

    This form gives expression to the look, emphasizes the bend of the cheekbones and draws attention to the upper half of the face. Makeup artists recommend focusing on make-up on eyes to girls with this type of appearance.

    If you have chosen this type of eyebrows for yourself, then make sure that the outer corner is below the highest point of the bend. Otherwise, facial expressions will be a bit frightening.

    This type is most suitable for a round face. Just do not make the corner too sharp, as this will further emphasize the excessive roundness of the forms.

    Determine the desired shape

    If you have decided on the desired shape of the eyebrows, then it should be adapted directly to your type of appearance. Proceed from the fact that nature has provided. Therefore, determine the beginning and end of the eyebrow, and also pay particular attention to the lifting point.

    The inner edge is located on the line that connects the wing of the nose and the corner of the eye. Visually draw a line up and get a “reference point”. The hairs that are medial to this line must be removed.

    From the same point near the outer edge of the nose, draw a line through the middle of the pupil. If you stretch up, then you will find the point at which the eyebrow is as curved as possible.

    We find the end of the eyebrow as follows: from the already familiar point near the nose, draw a line up and outwards to the outer edge of the eye. If you extend the line, you will find the point at which the eyebrow ends.

    Remember that you can not remove the hairs from above. Tweez only the excess hair that is on the fixed part of the upper eyelid with tweezers.

    What flaws can a person hide with eyebrows?

    Problem:big and conspicuous nose

    Decision: shift the focus to the eyes and eyebrows. It is very simple to do this - it is enough to blacken the eyebrows with a special pencil or the shadows of a dark brown or graphite hue. You can safely make eyebrows deliberately wide, and highlight the eyes with dark shadows or defiantly bright eyeliner.

    Problem: huge eyes

    Decision:we blacken or thicken the eyebrows from the bottom edge. Huge eyes can hardly be called a problem, unless, of course, they are framed by very thin, barely noticeable eyebrows. In this case, any makeup will look vulgar and unnatural, and in addition to the eyes on the face, everything will be invisible.

    To fix this, it is enough to darken the eyebrows or increase their thickness. Extend eyebrows better below - so they will seem more than it actually is.

    Problem:a pointy chin

    Decision:soften the shape of the face with rounded eyebrows. To shift the focus and distract attention from the pointed chin, give the eyebrows a rounded shape with no visible fracture.

    How to choose the shape of the eyebrows, depending on the type of person?

    Oval face

    An oval face is considered the most common classical type. The forehead is usually several centimeters wider than the chin, and the face gradually narrows to a narrow oval.

    Eyebrow shapeany

    Girls with an oval face type will suit any eyebrow shape. Most importantly, eyebrows hide possible flaws, whether it is too noticeable nose, high forehead or insufficiently full lips.

    Square face

    The most famous woman, whose face resembles a square, is Angelina Jolie. In the recently released film "Maleficent" The make-up artists reinforced the already rather angular form, but Jolie did not look worse.

    Angelina Jolie in Maleficent

    A square face can be easily recognized by the same ratio of the length of the forehead, cheekbones and chin.

    Eyebrow shapeneat kink

    Eyebrows with a neat break and a high peak will help hide the protruding cheekbones and pull the eye from the chin to the upper part of the face. Just remember that the bottom line at the point of the bend of the eyebrow should still be smooth.
    To further focus on the eyebrows and high beautiful forehead, the chin should be made lighter with the help of a highlighter.

    Diamond face

    Diamond face holders usually have a pointed chin and protruding cheekbones and temples. The forehead is very narrow and low.

    Eyebrow shapecurved with a peak

    When applying makeup and shaping eyebrows, the most important thing is not to excrete the already too noticeable cheekbones. Eyebrows may be rounded with a smooth fracture or curved with a peak. This form will distract from the cheekbones and temples and make pay attention to the eyes, which can be emphasized without hesitation. Smoky eyes - the best solution for diamond face type.

    Round face

    A round face can be easily confused with a square one. The lines of the chin and cheekbones on a round face are usually smooth and soft, and the width of the face is almost equal to its length.

    Eyebrow shapekink with a thin tip

    The shape of the eyebrows and makeup should emphasize the cheekbones, so feel free to use the rouge and highlight the eyebrows. Just remember that the tip of the eyebrow must be very thin and neat, otherwise the round face will easily become square.

    Bright lipstick of saturated colors: crimson, cherry, ruby ​​or even scarlet will not be superfluous. Bright always attracts, and therefore, no one will pay attention to the full cheeks.

    Long face

    Sarah Jessica Parker

    The oblong face also resembles an oval in shape, only more elongated. In girls with this type of face, the forehead, cheekbones and lower jaw usually have the same width.

    Eyebrow shapestraight horizontal

    "Stretch" the face and make it wider by almost horizontal eyebrows with a barely noticeable bend at the very edge. To round the face even more, put a little rouge on the chin and strictly horizontally on the cheekbones.

    Heart-shaped face

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    The face is shaped like a heart: a wide and high forehead, a narrow, often pointed chin, wide cheekbones, the upper lip can have a bright outline in the shape of a heart.

    Eyebrow shaperounded

    Eyebrows are best done rounded with a very smooth transition in the area of ​​fracture. So you can visually soften the sharp chin. Nude color lipstick is another important tool in the arsenal of girls with a heart-shaped face.

    Watch the video: Perfect Eyebrow Shapes for Your Face. Wishtrend TV (December 2019).