Short haircuts

If you have to go to a beauty salon.

If you have to go to a beauty salon, and you have not done a “square” haircut, you need to clearly define which type of square will suit you: short or long, square with a bang or “square on a leg”, graduated or with clear cuts?

For whom Caret is suitable?

A short square is perfect for young fragile girls with beautiful thin necks and aristocratic features - you can safely cut any variation. All the rest is a bit more complicated, since it is important to choose the right kind of “Caret” based on the shape of your own face.

  • Round or plump

In this case, it is recommended to choose longer varieties of "Caret". But if the hair does not allow this, then it is worth choosing variations of the maximum length of the hairstyle, with elongated front strands, graduated with a high volume at the crown, asymmetrical with a long bang, and so on. In general, all that visually pulls the face. Straight bang chubby ladies is contraindicated.

  • Square and rectangular

Ladies with wide cheekbones and a heavy chin are also recommended longer types of haircuts. At a minimum, the front strands or slanting fringe should be long. The main goal is to soften the features, graded, asymmetrical and “Kare Cascade” will perfectly cope with this, and creative non-uniform coloring of the strands is an excellent tool.

  • Diamond and triangular

Owners of elongated people with a sharp chin are well helped to smooth out the corners of the rounded variations of the hairstyle, such as "Bob-Caret", "Kare on the leg" and all other variations, but supplemented by thick straight bangs.

  • Pear shaped

Lady with a pear-shaped face should opt for the shorter volume editions of "Kare", since this form of cutting will help balance the chin and crown, giving the features the right proportions.

  • Oval, elongated and too thin

In this case, the rule of the golden mean is valid, since the elongated “Kare” varieties visually stretch it even more, and too short ones will make it look like a mushroom, so you should choose those types of haircuts, the length of which reaches approximately the lower earlobe. And even for ladies with thin, elongated faces, it is important to eliminate long bangs and strands, and it is better to rely on texture and multi-layer hair.

Types of quads for short hair

The short hair length is in no way an obstacle to creating a wonderful haircut, as some women ignorantly consider. Moreover, there are at least nine such different, but equally gorgeous variations of a hairstyle on short hair:

  • Four-legged.
  • Kare with bangs.
  • Caret without bangs.
  • Bob-car.
  • Kare Cascade.
  • Graduated.
  • With lengthening.
  • Asymmetrical.
  • Curly or wavy.

Take a closer look at each species, that is, to get comprehensive information about all the species from the list, as well as to see photos from all sides and videos about how to create such beauty, you can scroll through the article just below.

Short Kare Leg

Kare's short leg fits almost everyone. Its main advantage is just that very leg (shortly cropped hair between the back of the head and neck under the main mass), thanks to which the haircut always keeps its shape and retains its bulkiness. This saves its owner from the daily installation and complex care. Long-term hairdressing experience shows that this haircut is chosen by active and athletic women, mostly self-confident, having clear plans for the future and for each immediate minute separately.

Caret without bangs

Kare without bangs is a classic, time-tested. It visually lengthens the face and makes it already. And if you play with the parting location, moving it from the middle a little to the side, then you can get an original and stylish short hairstyle from the usual classic haircut.

Short bob-bob

The essence of the bob-caret hairstyle in a raised neck and overall roundness of the lines, which looks very advantageous on the hair of almost any thickness and structure. The only exception for this haircut - excessive fullness and roundness of the features.

Short caret cascade

Kare Cascade is the very haircut that looks interesting, volumetric and multifaceted even on short hair. Kare Kaskad goes to absolutely everyone and has a lot of advantages - thick hair will add structure and accuracy of forms, liquid will add considerable volume, it will look important with any clothes and make-up. And in combination with creative coloring, for example, “Ombre” or highlighting can become an icon of any woman’s style for very long years.

Graduated Caret for short hair

Graduated Kare in the short version is not inferior to its long variations and has all the same advantages - volume, originality of the image, originality of style, soft contours, lightness, romance and so on. It is for those ladies whose fad is a creative mess on their heads that will always look stylish and appropriate in any situation.

Kare with lengthening on short hair

Short The caret with lengthening is a magic wand for chubby ladies who wish to have their hair cut short. Due to the elongated front strands, it allows you to hide unnecessary roundness of the face shape, making it visually more elongated, but at the same time performs all the functions of a short haircut - opens the back of the head and neck. In addition, it does not need to constantly lay. All care is washing the head, drying and combing.

Short asymmetric bob

Asymmetry in any of its manifestations will always be in fashion. No exception and haircuts. A short asymmetrical kare - a lot of bright, bold and extraordinary personalities who, because of an active lifestyle or some personal reasons, prefer short haircuts, but always want to look luxurious, stylish and special individually.

Short square on curly hair

Who said curly hair is not suitable for Kare? It's not like that at all. Curly and wavy hair is a great basis for creating almost all variations of this wonderful haircut. The main thing is that the young lady realized all her features and attractiveness, as well as stop being ashamed to be bright and noticeable.

Thus, the bob haircut is worthy of being called unique and universal, as it is easily executable at any length of hair, even very short.

Hairstyles on the square with their own hands at home

Curly ringlets that create the effect of wet hair look beautiful, original and stylish. To perform the hairstyle you need a curling iron or a hair straightener. Strands are twisted, and the end result is fixed with lacquer medium fixation.

Hairstyles on the car: waves, photos

Hairstyle for every day does not have to be done very carefully Today, in a trend, naturalness and deliberate negligence. To perform it, you need a few studs or stealth. The hair is divided into two parts and each twisted into a bundle, while securing the hairpins. It turns out easy romantic hairstyle.

Hairstyles on the square: "harnesses", photo

Also on the square looks great weaving from the side strands of hair. This option is universal and suitable for everyday wear, and for a festive outlet.

Hairstyles on the square: braids, photo

Owners of a quad with lengthening can perform sloppy waves. To do this, slightly damp hair is wound into flagella. After which they can be dried using a hair dryer. After the flagella are completely dry, they can be unwound. The result obtained process mousse for styling.

Hairstyles on the square: curls photo

Variations of a bob haircut

As for the classic performance of the square, it implies cutting hair and bangs straight straight cut. This technique is particularly advantageous for fine hair, because, cut along the same line, they give the impression of a fairly good volume and density. The ideal basis for such a haircut are straight or slightly curly locks. Along with this, modern car technology has greater versatility and therefore can be implemented on almost all hair types. Nowadays there are quite a few versions of the hairstyle. Let us dwell in more detail on some of them.

Kare with bangs

Among all the varieties of four of a kind, the variation with a bang is probably the most in demand. Due to the universality of the haircut, it looks harmonious and attractive for any oval face. Another advantage of the square with a bang is the ability to modify its style by changing the type of bangs. In terms of proportions, oblique bangs are the most suitable option for a round and oval face, and even for square and triangular faces. In addition, the square with bangs can be successfully combined with other types of this haircut, the result will be uniquely interesting and unbroken. Equally important for a bob with bangs is the density of the hair. Since a certain part of the hair falls on the fringe, it is necessary that the remaining mass is enough for the square itself and it does not look rare. The structure of the hair does not matter, they can be both straight and wavy.

Long caret

Make a choice in favor of the elongated car does not recommend owners curly hair. The refinement of the lines and the original shape of this haircut can emphasize extremely smooth hair. Like the square with bangs, the version with elongated front strands is in harmony with all types of faces. However, it is undesirable for girls with a short neck. With such a nuance, it is more expedient to dwell on the classic version of the haircut. In a square with a lengthening, the lower cut can be cut straight or in the form of a cascade. Both in that, and in other case the hairstyle will keep the creativity and effective appearance.


The original name of the square car received due to external similarity with the usual mushroom. Especially successful this type of haircut is considered for girls with a triangular or oval face type. The voluminous top and well trimmed back of the head are characteristic features of the square on the leg. Due to them, the neck lines become as open as possible and demonstrate their elegance and sophistication. However, this is only if they really are. All kinds of bangs give a special charm to a square leg. Whether it is oblique, straight, graded or torn is not important. The main thing is that the bangs are matched to the face. However, it may be completely absent, from this square on the leg will not become less attractive.

Graduated car

In recent years, those haircuts that require a minimum amount of time for grooming and styling are very popular among women. Such simple and at the same time nice solutions include graduated square. This haircut is characterized by a gradual increase in the length of hair from the back of the head to the chin, i.e. the shortest strands fall to the back of the head, and closer to the bottom, their length reaches its maximum. In general, the appearance of a graded car is associated with freedom, ease, and even slight negligence. Oddly enough, but it is this mood that attracts many women and makes it the choice to choose this haircut for their image. In addition, the caret with graduation allows you to successfully adjust the shape of the face, thereby masking its flaws. Although this kind of car can be observed on girls with completely different types of faces, it is considered the most preferred for oval, rectangular and elongated shapes.

Asymmetrical car

Quite often, beautiful young ladies tend to look not just fashionable and modern, but even more than that - unique. It is possible to realize such a desire not only thanks to a stylish wardrobe, but also with the help of an original and non-standard haircut. The brightest and most creative version of the classic bob car can be justly referred to as a square with asymmetry. It’s not for nothing that many celebrities show genuine interest in this haircut. The technique of making an asymmetrical four-piece involves cutting the hair in such a way that the strands on both sides of the face are of different lengths, that is, they are shorter on one side and longer on the other. Bangs asymmetric caret is complemented by optional. By and large, and without it, a haircut makes a pretty good impression. It should be noted that any experiments with appearance require a balanced and meaningful approach. So the asymmetrical square will decorate not all the girls. For example, chubby, curvaceous ladies should refrain from him, but girls with large features and straight, rich-colored hair should not beware of the absurdity of a haircut.

Let us summarize the topic under discussion by viewing a photo collection of various options for cutting a bob.

Haircuts for women: square with bangs and without

This season in the fashion a variety of options for this unique hairstyle. Short and long, with bangs and without - the choice of silhouette solutions and depends only on their own taste and appearance. In any case, her hair perfectly emphasizes the individuality, and her strict and graphic silhouette becomes the perfect frame for the face.

Selecting your own version, it is worth considering that it goes for almost everything. It is only important to accurately select its length and pattern. The most relevant in this season are frankly short options, opening and emphasizing the neckline in combination with a very long - covering eyebrow - bang.

A clear and slightly pointed haircut of the bob haircut at the level of the cheekbones perfectly simulates the oval of the face, giving it refinement. Such a drawing of a hairstyle will smooth out and soften an elongated face slightly stretched to the chin. But he is contraindicated to owners of rounded and "square" persons.

For them, today's trends have their options. Namely elongated - shoulder length - hair with a wide variety of bangs. About bangs worth thinking about! Curly haircuts in 2018 are presented in combination with a variety of their options. You only need to choose what is right for you.

At the peak of fashion - the classic version of the hair in combination with a very short bangs. She creates impeccable emphasis on the eyes and eyebrow line and perfectly balances facial features.

Looks bold, fashionable and slightly defiant. Stylists call this version of hairstyle “French” and recommend it to girls with soft and delicate features.

But in the fashion and many alternative options bangs. They look very advantageous, especially on long, straight bangs that are thick and straight from nature. Avant-garde and always very stylish - asymmetrical, smoothly merging with one of the side strands. Fashionable idea is simple - using bangs to create the perfect frame for the face.

See how diverse the trendy bob haircuts are in these photos:

Stylish haircuts for all types of hair

This hairstyle is not as simple as it seems. Her verified drawing and elegant silhouette are entirely in the hands of your master hairdresser. You should not trust its performance to the beginner, it is best to trust an experienced and proven master.

Women's hairstyles of a bob reveal all their advantages only in capable hands.

Watch a video on how a professional's haircut creates a professional:

Hairstyle will look great on the hair of any type.But when choosing the length and personal silhouette, it is worth considering their texture and thickness. Today in fashion - many options for the design of the lower cut hair.

Straight and completely smooth perfectly emphasize the thickness and natural smoothness of the hair. And graduation of the tips or their multi-layered design will give the curls a volume and perfect forms.

Graduation - a technique that is worth a special look. In addition to the volume and giving the desired shape - this is one of the most relevant hairdressing techniques, which give the classic silhouette fashionable ease.

See how fashionable in 2018, the curly haircuts look in the photo below:

Graduation is quite simple. The tips of the hair are cut with special scissors or a razor at an acute angle. When this is achieved very plastic, light and elegant silhouette of the hair. And, moreover, in this way you can pacify too tight or wavy hair and give them the desired shape.

Deeply thinned strands in hairstyles on medium-length hair look very stylish. This combination of silhouette and technique is the most fashionable today.

Stylish hairstyles are very easy to style, but like any hairstyle with a clear and verified silhouette, they need to be updated regularly. To maintain perfect lines, plan a trip to the salon at least once every two months.

Trendy hairstyles kare 2018 and their photos

In search of new ideas, stylists are experimenting not only with bangs. One of the most actual styles of a bobble hairstyle for women of the bob is on the leg. In this case, the strict and clear line of the lower cut complements the elegantly clipped toe at the nape - it is called the “leg”. This option looks great with all styles of symmetrical bangs and is perfect for those who do not want to fully open the neck.

But the present variety of styles and styles is achieved with the help of a very fashionable technique in which different ways of decorating the tips of hair are combined. Contrast is achieved in different ways.

Gently, as in a ruler, trimmed strands on the back of the head are effectively combined with thinned curls on the crown region. In such cases, very long and deeply thinned bangs look great. No less important is any other combination in one hairstyle of various performance techniques.

Look at the photo - the bob hair cuts in 2018 amaze with a variety of styles:

This is how hairstyles are created for hair of the most varied texture. But you should definitely take into account that the fashionable accent is a contrast of lengths. Curls to the shoulders will look very stylish in combination with a very short bangs, and short side strands - literally to the earlobe - with a fringe up to the eyebrows.

The most fashionable options for women's haircuts in the photo on the photo are here:

These hairstyles look great on both wavy and straight hair. The only thing that can damage the ideal contour is small and elastic curls, however, their tips can be effectively thinned out, giving them not only a fashionable silhouette, but also a controlled volume.

Following the idea of ​​fashionable contrast in one hairstyle you can combine several textures at once. For example, having straightened a part of the locks of the side strands and fringe. Beautiful smooth strands that form a clear contour around the face - an essential part of a fashionable image.

The characteristic detail of a stylish bobble hairstyle is a clear lower cut line .. This season, this line has become softer and more democratic, thanks to the fashion for thinning the ends.

It is worth creating, not looking at fashionable standards, but selecting individually for your own facial features. The long side strands perfectly “pull out” the oval of the face, giving it refinement, and the short ones “crush”, making the visually elongated face more harmonious.

The additional volumes in the crown and occipital zone, which create female cuts for 2018, have remained unchanged in the trends of this year. They also make it possible to perfectly improve your appearance and image as a whole.

They are created thanks to a multi-layered strand haircut, this technique works fine on thin and sparse hair, giving it pomp and structure.

Haircuts and dyeing hair

Hairstyles with a strict and graphic contour look perfect in combination with monochromatic and bright hair color. So their silhouette decision and lines of drawing is best of all revealed.

Moreover, the color itself should be as natural as possible - this is the trend! At the peak of fashion - natural and rich colors. Plan along with the haircut and hair coloring, which will give brightness and saturation of their own color.

A hairstyle for blondes will play with new colors in combination with golden honey or wheat tones. Radical "blond" - today is not in vogue, in addition, it looks quite rough in combination with the clear and strict lines of this hairstyle.

In order to enhance the effect, you can additionally lighten several strands on the crown area and bangs. But you should not get involved in sharp contrasts: literally a tone or two lighter than the main tone. Excellent in this case looks highlighting.

No less stylish looks hairstyle on brunettes. Choosing this hairstyle, you should slightly “strengthen” your own hair color, giving it additional depth and saturation.

But as in the case of blond hair, you should not get carried away with radical decisions, but take advantage of the color range that is fashionable this year. All the tones of chocolate, caramel, cappuccino with a light golden undertone are the favorites of the trends. All of them, by the way, perfectly refresh the complexion.

The elegant design and elegant silhouette look perfect in monochrome hair coloring, but completely lost on unclean or long-dyed hair.

Styling bob haircut

Good styling, as is well known pledge of professional work of a hairdresser. Trendy hairstyles are literally adapted for those who love simple and spectacular images. Spending time, and especially in the morning for styling this hairstyle is not necessary. Light and natural shape can be given using a regular hair dryer and a minimum of styling - if you want to emphasize and highlight the tips of the side strands and bangs.

At the same time, the hairstyle allows you to create creative styling for special occasions. To do this, you need to lay your hair as usual, and curl a few curls on the crown region. How to do it - with the help of curlers or curling - depends on you. But the curl should not be combed, but only slightly straightened with fingers and ruffled.

The most fashionable styling of women's haircuts on the caret-2018 in the photo reflect the style of the season:

How to put a car

First, try uploading your photo and see how this hairstyle will look at you.

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Depending on the length of hair, this haircut allows you to experiment with styling in different ways, changing the image daily. Usually it is laid, simply giving volume at the roots and directing the tips inward. But there are many more options for weekdays and holidays.

On every day

Everyday hairstyle should be beautiful, but should not take a lot of time.

Try the following styling methods:

  • Fast. Apply bulk foam to wet hairs at the roots and spread it over the entire length with a comb with frequent teeth. Then lower your head down and blow dry your hair, constantly ruffling them with your fingers. After that, do not brush your hair, but simply correct the hair with your hands and fix it with varnish.
  • Bulk. Apply the foam on lightly dried hair, as described above. Comb them all on one side and blow-dry small strands of hair, separating them from the main mass with the tip of the comb. Place dried strands on the other side. Then strongly shake your head, make a part in the right place and fix the volume.

Simply and effectively

  • Waves or curls. They always look spectacular. Instructions are not needed here - wet hair just needs to be screwed into small or large curlers and dried with a hairdryer. You can use the styler.

Perm Options

Council If you have time, preference should be given to curlers - they injure hair less than hot curling.

For special occasions

If the celebration is planned, it is not a problem to visit the salon or to call the master to the house so that he can do a small miracle with your head.

But what to do if you were suddenly invited to a party, or you just are not satisfied with the price you need to pay for something you can do with yourself?

  • Wet styling. Apply gel or wax to hair and comb it back. Hair can be further secured with lacquer or rim. Unfortunately, this option is not for everyone, as it completely opens the face and ears.

Varnish with sparkles will add a festive mood

  • With fleece. This is a variation of the previous styling, but without wax. Hair is also combed back, but before that a strong bouffant is done on the top of the head.

Hair from the temples can be stabbed invisible or simply removed behind the ears

  • Naughty. Hair dryer, and then using the ironing or curling curl the tips out.

It looks fun and a bit unusual.

To create a beautiful hairstyle for short hairs, you can use various accessories - hairpins, headbands, wide ribbons. Keep them handy just in case, and they will help you quickly transform at the right moment.


Haircut car presents you with many opportunities to experiment with hair, you just need not to be afraid to show imagination. To see this, watch the video in this article. And in your free time, try to style your hair in different ways in order to understand that you are going more and do not require much effort to create an attractive image.

Evening hairstyles on the car

If you think that a beautiful holiday hairstyle can be performed only on long or medium length hair, then you are mistaken. Today, hairdressers stylists offer different variations of hairstyles for short hair.

Hairstyles on the car with rim, photo

Caret can be laid in different ways. This may be a voluminous hairstyle, refined or smooth. If you go to a celebration, then choose a hairstyle with regard to holiday attire. It is permissible to use various decorative elements.

Celebration hairstyle is performed with the help of various styling products. For example, using mousse you can beat your hair high, thereby creating a semblance of a cap. If the bob with bangs, the hair can be decorated with a rim.

Evening hairstyles on the car, photo

Hairstyles on the car photo

There are many options for hairstyles on the square. But each of them depends on the shape of the haircut. Do not forget that in the hair, you can add strands, through which there are more opportunities for creativity.

On our site you can see hairstyles for every day in stages. Detailed instructions will help you create beautiful hair, without using the services of a hairdresser.

Hairstyles on the square 2017, photo

Evening hairstyles on the car, photo

Different hairstyles on the car, photo

Beautiful hairstyles on the car, photo

Fashionable hairstyles on the car, photo

Stylish hairstyles on the car, photo

Watch the video: 14 Beautiful Pixie and Bob Haircuts You should Try Best Short Haircuts (December 2019).