Perm on medium hair

Women can be divided into 2 categories. The first is dissatisfied with natural curls and straightens them with diligence. And the second, on the contrary, dreams of beautiful curls and periodically curls them. To do this, they are forced to sleep on hair curlers or torment the strands with curling irons. But the process is quite laborious, and the effect is temporary. Exit - permed hair. Do not be afraid of screaming names and remember about the chemistry for the hair, which was done in the last century. Modern means are more sparing, and allow you to get charming curls, causing minimal damage to the hair.

All the advantages and advantages

  1. Perm is almost everyone.
  2. You can make hair of any length: medium, short and long.
  3. There is no need to do daily styling and at any time of the day a hairstyle like that of a model with a photo of a glossy magazine.
  4. Thanks to chemistry, even the most disobedient and liquid strands will gain neat appearance and volume.
  5. The ability to get any curls: small, large, vertical. Numerous photos confirm this.
  6. Curls make facial features nicer and more feminine.
  7. Curls are kept for a long time and for a few months you can not remember about the correction of hair.

Cons and disadvantages

  1. Any compound, even the most benign, can adversely affect the health of the hair and need treatment.
  2. The more careful the composition affects the curls, the less the perm will last.
  3. There is a risk to fall into the hands of a bad master and spoil the hair.
  4. Monotony Chemistry for hair has no way back. To straighten curls have to wait for time.


You can not do perm:

  • If the hair is sick, damaged and weakened.
  • During the critical days.
  • During pregnancy and lactation.
  • During the illness.
  • If after staining not 2 weeks.

If masks and balsams with silicones are used regularly, then it is worth warning the master about this. Waving in this case may not take, so you will need to pre-do a deep cleaning with a special shampoo.

Types of perm by compositions

A perm appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and to create curls a permanent perm was made on the basis of acidic means. Such curls were distinguished by good endurance and could hold for up to 8–10 months. Minus - they are very bad for the hair, which then had to shave. Despite this, such compounds are still used, but now they are complemented by useful ingredients and have an optimal concentration.

  1. Acidic Lets make hard curls for 6 months. Strongly harms hair, not suitable for dry, thin and soft hair. After acid chemistry, it is difficult to restore the hair and return it to its former smoothness and health, most likely, it will be necessary to trim it. Therefore, it is not advised to do for medium and long hair, only for short.
  2. Alkaline. Not as resistant as acid and will last no more than 4 months. Much softer effect on curls. Allows you to get natural, elastic curls. But if the hair is very hard and heavy, it will not last more than 1.5–2 months.
  3. Amino acid. The composition contains amino acids and other useful components. Such a wave pertains to hair very carefully and the risk of spoiling them is minimal. Minus - fragility. And, depending on the type of hair, it can last only a few weeks. It also quickly falls on a long and heavy head of hair, it is better to do on medium and short hairstyles.
  4. Biowave. There are several ways and composition also varies. Today is one of the most careful ways to get curls. At the same time, the hair remains soft, shiny and healthy. Looks waving beautifully.

These are not all ways to get curls, there are several techniques, but they are not so popular and are used very rarely.

Types of waving for winding

  • Perm on papilotkah. Lets get frizzy curls. Sometimes used papilotki different diameter. This allows you to get a more natural hairstyle.
  • Curling with pigtails. It is applied on medium and long hair. At the ends they put on small bobbins.
  • Spiral waving. It can be seen in the photo of stars and models. Lets get curly rings.
  • Radical perm. It is used to correct the regrown part or to create volume at the roots.
  • Twist on the stud. Previously, this method was very popular, but now it is not relevant. Since there is no shortage of bobbins and curlers.
  • Twin. Combines vertical and horizontal curls. It is applied only on long hair.

It is difficult for an unknown person to decide on the technique of creating curls, so you can show the photo of the desired hairstyle to the master, and he will determine the appropriate method.

Wet curls - it's charming!

In the late 80s of the last century, a new species appeared - a wet perm. What it is? In essence, this is a vertical curl with falling spirals. More recently, it was fashionable to create the effect of wet hair with a gel or foam, and therefore it is called wet.

Light spirals look charmingly on medium and long hair. A wet effect is noticeable even in the photo. The peculiarity of the technique is to gently twist, paying particular attention to the tips. You should not do such chemistry on thick hair, it will be lost in their pile. But this is a great option for thin and rare. Spirals will be rosary and will stand out well.

Hair care after the procedure

To perm pleased as long as possible, it is important to properly care for her.

Beauty secrets for curls:

  • After the procedure during the day, it is advisable not to comb the curls, not to collect in a bun or tail.
  • It is advisable not to wash your hair for several days.
  • Use a comb with large and rare teeth.
  • Make nourishing and regenerating masks.
  • Do not use a hair dryer, and if it became necessary to cover the curls with thermal protection.
  • Wash your hair in lukewarm water, its temperature should not exceed 38 degrees.
  • Rinse curls after washing with acidified water, it is especially good to do it after the procedure itself.

Perm - not the most useful procedure for hair. But it allows you to get charming curls for a long time. Chemistry has many opponents and supporters. To do it or not is an individual question and every girl should make a decision herself.

Medium-length hair chemistry - what's the procedure?

About the inconstancy of women and variability compose legends. Owners of curly hair want to straighten them, and those who got straight strands - curl. Let's talk about the second case. Chemistry is the solution to the problem of daily styling for girls who dream of curls. She gives her hair volume, relaxed style and luxurious look, especially profitable perm looks on strands of medium length.

Apply chemicals to form curls began in the last century. Hairdressers with the help of perms created incredible curls and curls that did not change shape and did not return to its original state. Means for the procedure differed aggressive composition, acting on the structure of the strands, they have a negative impact on their condition.

Today, manufacturers have gone further, while maintaining the concept of the procedure, they offer a gentle mixture that is safe for the health of hair, with 100% effectiveness of their application. Therefore, women are no longer afraid of curling and enjoy visiting the salon to create curls. In this case, the hair is not exposed to injury, while remaining soft and shiny.

Chemical trace elements gently change the structure of curls, fixing them in the form of curls, and plant extracts, oils, and vitamins in the mixture protect the hair, reducing the detrimental effect of chemistry. As a result, after the procedure, you become the owner of a lush, extraordinary hairstyle that refreshes the image.

What do hairdressers offer for curling hair of medium length

The curling procedure is divided by the type of the active compound, as well as the method of twisting the strands on curlers or other device. It is allowed to use products based on chemical components and biosolutions with plant extracts.

The most popular types of perm on medium hair include:

Vertical waving on medium hair

Vertical waving is a popular technique for creating curls on hair of medium length. This method was proposed by hairdressers 50 years ago, but the love of women for it does not fade to this day. Curls created using the vertical curling method look lively and vigorously. They refresh, make the image more attractive, younger, add volume to the hair.

To create vertical curls, elongated cone-shaped bobbins are used, which guarantees natural curls. Hair is wound on the device, and the ends of the strands are neatly tucked inside the curlers, which helps to avoid ugly protruding tips. When forming, the curls are wound in the same direction.

The selection of the shape of curls is performed in accordance with the external data of the client. If the face has large features, then pay attention to the devices of large diameter. For small lines, prefer African-style perm. The romantic wave is suitable for every woman, it is recommended to use a large diameter bobbin to create it.

On the hair of medium length vertical curls look stylish and impressive, so this is a popular method, beloved by women of young and mature age.

Radical Perm

Today, salon procedures help to improve the appearance of hair, as well as solve a number of problems that women face daily. Bottom perm ensures a visual increase in the volume of hair, which gives the effect of thick hair.

The procedure purposefully acts on the root zone of the shag of a medium length. In this case, the ends remain intact, while the curls are wound on the curlers of large diameter at the base. The rest of the session is held according to the classical scheme with the application of the composition, exposure and rinsing. At the same time make sure that the chemical agent does not fall on the curls that are not subjected to winding.

A similar procedure is shown to women whose strands are devoid of volume or lack of thick hair is noted. Radical perm helps to lift the hair mass, giving you a luxurious hairstyle.

Easy chemistry on a head of average length

In the past, chemical perm has proven to be a harmful, but effective procedure. Therefore, women who fear for their health avoided it. However, the scientists of cosmetic companies did not abandon the hope of providing each person with curls, despite fears and prejudices.

Replaced by the ruthless chemical perm came safe procedures that change the structure of the hair under the action of gentle components, while saturating the curls with useful substances and oils. The popular methods include light chemistry or carving for medium hair.

Means for easy perm are based on natural ingredients that protect the hair shaft, while maintaining softness, shine and attractive appearance. The effectiveness of the procedure is proved by numerous reviews. Carving adds basal volume, as well as create afro-curls, taut curls or soft waves in length. The effect of a session of light chemistry lasts up to 3 months, after which the curls gradually and evenly unwind without sharp transitions or borders. This helps to avoid the need to trim them if the hairstyle is tired.

Curled curls are allowed to dye, but to reduce the negative impact and not to destroy the structure, a color change session is held two weeks after carving.

Additional advantages of light chemistry include the fact that the hair after the procedure does not require restorative therapy or intensive nutrition. Allowed to use the usual means for daily care, the use of nourishing masks or serums is welcomed, which is guaranteed to benefit the head of hair.

How to do perm on medium hair

The procedure for curling hair is characterized by a phased method, which has not changed for 100 years. As time goes on, manufacturers come up with new devices, develop safe formulations, and the algorithm of perm does not change.

The preparation of the curls consists in carefully combing the hair, after which the two-hour process begins:

  • Prepared hair is divided into small strands and wound on the selected devices. At the same time pay attention to the process, the curl twists evenly, does not break, and the tip is neatly tucked inside the carver or curlers. Violation of recommendations is fraught with getting creases, uneven curls or protruding ends.
  • After fixing the curlers on the design is applied to the current mixture. It helps to open the scales, and then give them a given shape.
  • To change the structure of the composition is allocated time. It is selected individually, according to the instructions, the type of hair, as well as their condition. On average, the mixture is 10-20 minutes.
  • Without removing the curlers, the design is washed with running water. Next, apply the latch, which closes the cuticle, securing their position in a given direction. The duration of the fixing agent is regulated by the manufacturer. Next, the hair is washed again.
  • After the manipulations, one carver is removed and the level of curling is checked, if it satisfies the stated requirements, then the curlers are removed.
  • The use of nourishing or repairing masks, balms, conditioners is allowed. This will add shine, softness and well-groomed appearance to the hairstyle.

The positive outcome of the session is determined by the level of elasticity of the curls. This indicator is influenced by the means used for carving, the professionalism of the hairdresser and even the temperature of the room to which the session is being held. Therefore, carefully select the master and composition to get luxurious, healthy curls.

Rules care curls after chemistry

Care for hair after perm differs based on the composition of the active means. However, hairdressers offer a set of rules that are appropriate in each case.

The chemical effect creates stress for the curls even when using a gentle curling product. The hair shaft is injured, and the appearance changes for the worse. To reduce the negative impact of professionals recommend:

  • Wash your hair 2-3 times a week. This is enough for cleansing, as well as a break between water treatments will help to preserve the natural protective, fatty film on the surface of the hair. Its thinning will result in dryness, brittleness or a section of the tips.
  • Do not forget to use balms, masks, as well as indelible serums, creams or sprays. They bring useful nutrients to the inside of the strands, returning them a lively look, energy and brilliance. Masks based on vegetable oils are welcome.
  • Trim the tips periodically. This will help avoid a sloppy, uncleaned look.
  • Include vitamins in your diet, avoid alcohol and smoking. Proper nutrition will improve the appearance of hair, skin, nails, as well as improve the body.

How much is a perm on medium hair

Hair curling service is provided by every beauty salon in our country. This is one of the most requested, as well as favorite procedures to maintain the attractiveness of the appearance of hair.

The pricing policy is based on the level of the beauty studio, the professionalism of the hairdresser, as well as the chosen type of curling and the cost of the composition. On average, the price of the price is 4,000 rubles for an average hair length.

Chemical waving on medium hair - photo

The description of a perm does not convey its beauty, therefore hairdressers suggest selecting a type of curling from a photo. Looking through the photo report before and after the procedure, pay attention to the facial features of the model, its color type and external data. Choose the girl who looks like you, the hairstyle that goes to her will suit you. But do not forget to take into account your type of hair.

Reviews after chemistry on medium hair

In addition to photos before and after perm, hairdressers recommend reading reviews of women who have gone through chemistry and know from their own experience:

Lyudmila, 35 years old

Nature rewarded me with wavy curls that had to be laid daily, as they constantly stick in different directions. At one point, I was tired of it, I went to the beauty salon for a perm, which is to arrange the disobedient curls. I did not bother with the composition and type of chemistry - I trusted the master, but in vain. My hair was mercilessly burned, months were spent on recovery, but I didn’t leave the idea of ​​having decorated curls instead of a mess on my head. After eight months, I signed up for a proven hairdresser who specializes in gentle chemistry. The procedure was carried out according to the classical scenario, but as a result, my curls looked healthy and well-groomed, and my dream came true! Now on my head there are neat, natural curls that shine and shine.

Anna, 20 years old

I am an impressionable and romantic person, so after reading the novel “Angelica”, where the main character's hair lay in waves, which men liked so much, I decided that I needed such a hairstyle. At the consultation, the master suggested curling strands on large curlers, which would increase the volume and create romantic curls. The composition was chosen together, stopped on the organic product, which guaranteed the result for 2 months, after which the procedure is repeated if necessary. I was pleased with the result, the hair was not spoiled, but I got an attractive look, I became like the heroines of every novel that I read - light, relaxed and romantic. I repeat 100%!

Irina, 49 years old

My hair did not differ in density or volume, I had to tweak, use fleece, and also means for fixing. But once my friend told me that beauty salons provide a service to increase the basal volume. Already in the barbershop, they explained to me that this is essentially the same perm, but only on the roots. I doubted, because I remembered the sad experience of my mother, when the hair turned into a washcloth, which had to be gradually cut off. The master assured that today the funds are safe, and the story will not be repeated. I agreed and did not regret! Now I save a lot of time on styling, and also I don’t worry if I’ve been in the rain, because I know that the hairstyle is protected by a perm!

What is a

A perm is a procedure in which a specific composition is applied to the strands. Its action is aimed at changing bonds in the hair. Such curls become pliable and in this state they are wound. After applying a different composition (neutralizer), which captures the new state of the hair (curls).

Depending on the type, the effect with the chemistry lasts from 1 to 6 months.

Types of perm

Types of permed hair differ active ingredients in the formulations.

An agent based on glyceryl monothioglycollate penetrates the hair without disclosing scales. Curls turn out beautiful and durable, and remain so until six months. The method refers to a rather aggressive, and is suitable for thick and tight hair. Owners of thin, soft curls, as well as those who are damaged, should not do such chemistry.

Council A more benign form of the acidic method is thioglycolic acid hair perm. True effect is not so durable - about a month.

Long-term perm is created by the action of the active component of ammonium thioglycolate. When compared with the previous method, the alkaline method is more gentle. Perfect for those who have bad hair styling. The effect with chemistry lasts up to 3 months.


The formulations work to create a balance between two hair zones: hydrophobic (water-repellent) and moisture wicking. Due to this, hair is amenable to less stress during the procedure, the hair itself does not swell very much, and the curl turns out to be strong, elastic, natural.

Such a perm can be done even on thin and soft curls. The effect will be noticeable for 4-12 weeks.

Amino acid

It has a caring and healing effect due to the presence of amino acids and proteins. These same components reduce the harm from active reagents in the tool. Such chemistry fits well on medium hair with a fine and soft structure, but it is better not to use it on hard, heavy strands, as the curls will quickly straighten out.

Curling refers to a series of short-lived and lasts 1-2 months.

Japanese (lipid-protein)

The complex based on lipids and proteins has a healing and regenerating effect on the hair. The result is beautiful, durable curls, the effect of which lasts from 2 months to six months.

Details of the Japanese perm hair can be found on our website.

The composition contains silk proteins that have a caring effect. Suitable even for damaged strands. The effect lasts for 2-3 months.

We recommend to read: what is a silk hair curling Сhi Ionic, reviews.


It is one of the most popular and relatively harmless. There is no acid, ammonia or hydrogen peroxide in the composition. The active ingredient is cysteamine - a substance similar to the natural protein in the hair. Thanks to this, the hair looks healthy and well-groomed, and curls - natural.

The effect lasts from 2 to 6 months. More information about hair biowave can be found on our website.

Lightweight alternative to standard chemistry. Components do not penetrate the inside of the hair (this is in contrast to this perm), and curls gradually straighten within 1-2 months. Suitable for those who are looking for the most gentle way to create long-term curls. What is carving, popular types of styling, read on the site.

American method

Cheat created using curlers Olivia Garden. Curls are large, tough. As it grows, the transition from curls to natural strands remains unnoticeable. On medium hair it looks particularly advantageous if the owner has large, expressive features.

Waving on papilotki

In work soft papilotki are used. The curl is fixed by bending the stylers and connecting the ends. The method consists in winding up, when each strand is separated zigzag, and the curlers themselves are wound in tiers. The first tier is created from the neck towards the back of the head. The front is also done wrapping in the direction of the crown. All other stylers are arranged so as to gradually approach the occipital zone.


Only the root area is processed. The method is used to give volume or correction of regrown hair.

We recommend to read: what is radical chemistry, especially its implementation.

Curling on the tips

Curling the tips of the hair is suitable for owners of any type of hair who want to keep their native curls, but want to save time on their daily styling. Such light chemistry on average hair looks natural, and transitions, as we grow, are excluded. In addition, the curled ends of the hair go well with bangs.

The essence of the method consists in a different wrap: some stylers are wound horizontally, others - vertically.

Tail curling

Chemistry on the tail will not give locks of basal volume, but it will allow to get spectacular curls at the tips. Such a procedure is good in that the product does not come into contact with the scalp and acts only on the hair regrowth.


Suitable for those who seek to get the volume in the face, excluding the parietal and basal zone. Cheating begins in the direction from the neck up. From the first tier, a skeleton is attached to the bobbin, which forms the future trapezium of all subsequent bobbins.

Bubble (French)

The founder of the method is the brand L’Oreal. The method is based on the transformation of the composition into a foam with a special compressor before application. This allows you to saturate the hair with oxygen and provide a special temperature: the composition is heated, and then gradually cools down on curled strands.

Note, Such chemistry on medium hair is obtained with the effect of natural and will be a godsend for owners of oily scalp. Because it dries the roots.

On the hairpin

Strands are wound on a non-metallic stud and processed with a composition. The curl is fine, the curls “bounce” high enough, so make it better for owners of shoulder-length and lower hair.

The method is suitable for owners of sensitive scalp. To avoid contact with the epidermis, a protective cap with holes is put on the head. Thus, it is possible to create both small curls and larger curls.

Trying to understand how much a perm costs, it is worth considering that the price will vary depending on the composition and method of cheating. In the salon, the procedure will cost you, on average, from 2,200 to 6,000 rubles.

If you decide to curl at home, then you will need to spend money on the composition and buy:

  • papilotki
  • two foam sponges (for the composition and neutralizer),
  • gloves,
  • plastic containers for fixative and reagent.

The cost of chemicals for - from 350 rubles and above. But when deciding to do the perm yourself, remember that it is better to give preference to well-known brands that monitor the quality of their products. Such funds will not be the cheapest, and will cost you 1,500 rubles and more.

Important to remember! Regardless of whether it is a light perm on medium hair or large curls, this procedure can damage the hair. And only an experienced master will take into account all the nuances of the structure and condition of your curls, examine the scalp and advise the best version of the hairstyle with chemistry.

When can be unpredictable result

Be extremely careful in such cases:

  • when the hair was previously painted with henna or basma,
  • during the "critical days"
  • during stressful situations or after them.

There is also a type of curls, which themselves are difficult to curl themselves or straighten quickly. In this case, the master will advise you to try different compositions on several strands. To pick the most effective reagent.

Features perm on medium hair

The average length is good because the curls look spectacular in various forms (small, large, spirals, etc.). However, they do not unwind under their weight, as is the case with long strands.

An important point! When curling the hair will “bounce” and the length will be much shorter. This should be taken into account when choosing the method of cheating and the chemistry itself.

Master class in "chemistry". Everything you wanted to know about perm

Nothing adorns the female head so sweetly, like curls. This season, curls reign on all world podiums. Curls and soft waves are created on the basis of short and long haircuts. Stylists draw inspiration from the past and offer to refer to the images of Hollywood film stars: Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Bridget Bordeaux. The once-perm “grandmothers” perm is again gaining ground and is a “magic wand” for owners of straight hair who want to keep up with fashion trends.

Women have dreamed of angel curls since ancient times. Even Egyptian and Roman women put a mixture of soil and water on their hair, twirled their hair on wooden sticks and dried them under the hot sun, resulting in clay curls. Distinguished ingenuity ladies and much later. For example, the poetess Marina Tsvetaeva, dreaming of wavy curls, in a conscious age, shaved her head and tightly tightened her kerchief.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, hot-waving was invented. However, he was quite primitive. Used rough manual heaters weighing 900 grams each. In 1910, the first electric apparatus for spiral hair curling appeared, the time it took to complete the procedure was more than 10 hours! This, however, like the possibility of electric shock, did not stop women who dream of curls. With the improvement of the apparatus, the time for curling was gradually reduced to six, four, two hours.

The revolution in the art of perm occurred in the middle of the century with the advent of the "cold" method. Such a perm did not require heating, which eliminated the risk of burns, the tools required for the procedure became light, the client did not have to hold kilos of metal on her head, and the degree of hair curling was adjusted using rollers of the required thickness. But it took a long time before the perm was perfected.

Ah, that curl!

More recently, in all Soviet hairdressing clients curled one style, so that they become similar to "lambs". The modern beauty industry offers a variety of tools for high-quality and beautiful curls - from the smallest to the largest curl. Curling "for grandmothers" in the past.

Around the world today the most popular is American chemistry, vertical silk wave. A vivid example of the American type of chemistry is Julia Roberts in the movie "Pretty Woman." Chemistry is a rigid curl that resembles a spiral in appearance. Due to the large, beautiful curls, this type of waving is the most popular and most popular. Such a perm is made on any chemical composition, and the secret of spectacular curls in special hair curlers is “Olivia Garden”.

The silk wave is a curl of medium hardness. The peculiarity of this chemistry in the effect of silky hair. The wave got its name due to a chemical preparation, which contains silk proteins, which normalize the condition of the hair. Long-term practice shows that even the weakest blond hair, which is difficult to comb, this chemistry returns beauty and health. Silk wave is suitable for hair of medium or slightly lower than average length.

French Bubble Chemistry - Perm for women and men. It is a small curls, giving the hair volume. Chemistry differs non-traditional way of applying the composition. Unlike other drugs, the composition is whipped with a compressor, then the resulting foam is applied to the hair. It lasts about 20 minutes, gradually settling and, thus, maintaining a certain temperature regime, which determines the quality of chemistry. French chemistry is especially recommended for oily hair. Due to the special properties of the composition, it dries them and leads to a normal state.

Unfortunately, not all salons can offer the mentioned types of curling.However, using different techniques of cheating and curlers already available on the market, you can achieve a very effective curl.

Most often for a perm using bobbins. With their help, you can create interesting and trendy hairstyles. The bobbins of different diameters are used, which make it possible to get not only the “small demon” familiar to everyone from Soviet times, but also curls and waves that look nice.

Used for curling also curlers-boomerangs. They come in different diameters and are especially good for long hair. In addition, various companies produce their hair curlers of different, sometimes incredibly fancy forms to create curls for every taste.

By the way, during a perm, it is not at all necessary to twist the whole head on curlers. Today, the fashion curls pretty democratic. You can make a perm across the entire head, leaving, for example, a smooth bang, curl hair only from the middle of the length or only those that hit the assembled tail. An interesting wave effect is obtained when pigtails are woven all over the head, and then chemical composition is applied to them. And you can still twist the same braids and curlers. It all depends on the desires of the client and the imagination of the master.

However, it must always be remembered that a perm is only an auxiliary way for hair styling. It is recommended for those who daily use the help of curlers or curling. Although, if you correctly select the composition and curlers for perm, after it will be enough to whip hair with a small amount of mousse to emphasize the curl.

Before you decide

Be careful when deciding to curl. It must be remembered that whatever sparing procedure is still a chemical effect on the structure of the hair. Of course, the master must take into account the type and condition of your hair, select the appropriate preparation: for dyed, hard-to-curl or bleached hair. But, despite the fact that now there are opportunities to minimize the negative effects of the procedure, it is not recommended to perm on weakened, tired from experiments hair. If you have sensitive scalp, it is better to choose a biowave. This is a more gentle composition with caring components, in which it is possible to cause minimal damage to the hair.

Especially attentive need to be blonde. First, perm on heavily lightened hair may simply not take. Secondly, they may become similar to a washcloth or tear like paper after curling.

No care

Perm on average lasts three to four months. As hair regrowth, you can make a perm. If you are afraid that the curls may get annoyed over time and that you will have to cut the hair, then instead of a chemical winding in its classical form, you can make long-term styling (carving). In principle, it differs from a chemical perforation, only in a more gentle effect of the drug, and it lasts up to two months (depending on the type of hair), and the curls gradually straighten.

It is also worth remembering that taking strong drugs and hormonal drugs reduces the susceptibility of the hair to chemical composition. You should also not do the perm in diseases of the scalp, allergies and pregnancy. It is believed that before the procedure it is good to drink a cup of coffee or even a glass of brandy. Then the procedure will be more successful.

After chemistry, hair requires special care. For this, there are special shampoos, including professional cosmetics. In the first three days you can not wash your hair, blow-dry your hair, and you should only comb it with a comb with wide teeth to allow the curl to stick.

If you choose the right salon and wizard, the curling is done by all the rules and taking into account the characteristics of you and your hair, the recommendations of the hair care master will be implemented, then the acquired curls will really please you and those around you. And surely you will not find yourself the heroine of an old joke: “A girl with long, straight hair, almost black, comes to the salon and says:“ I want her hair to curl and be platinum ”. The wizard gives her a clipper. The client slumps his eyes in confusion, to which the hairdresser explains: “All the same, you are balding, and it’s faster and cheaper”.

What types of curls are there?

If before the compositions were very aggressive, and the process of curling took several hours, now the solutions are selected individually depending on the type of hair. You can make both afro and light waves in the style of beach waves. “There are many varieties of perm hair. Even more manufacturers, their features have each and all. The most fundamental difference in the method of forming a curl. Now it is considered to be a classic “cold” curl, when the composition itself emits the heat necessary for transformation. This type of curling allows you to achieve the most visible curl on wet hair. On dry hair, it will be read less. Modern "hot" curls in our area - a rarity. They are mainly distributed in Asia. They hurt the hair more and are more expensive, but they give a significantly more natural look of the curl, which is more pronounced just in the dry state, ”says Dmitry Surzhikov, the ambassador for training Olaplex in Russia.

How badly do your hair spoil?

For each type of hair, you can choose the appropriate type of curling, and this should be done by a specialist. Brand chemical composition and master - this is only 1/3 of a successful perm. The same amount falls on the hair wrapping technique, and the rest is on the knowledge and control of all stages of the process. “Hair gets from completely minor to irreversible damage. Modern technologies allow you to change your image with minimal damage to the hair, if the master tracks all the steps and selects the composition correctly. For example, Olaplex is better known as a colourist tool or hair care. But the history connected with the technology of combining those very disulfide bonds, which are responsible for the transformation of the form and the condition of the hair, began with the wave, ”says Dmitry Surzhikov.

"Chemistry" - the procedure for creating luxurious curls

Perm hair - what is it and what is the secret of its effective preservation of curls for long months? "Chemistry" is a salon procedure, which is based on the impact on the hair structure of special substances that create curls. This technique was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by Karl Nessler and still has not lost its relevance in hairdressing. How hair looks after a perm, how long will the effect last , largely due to the selected technology and composition of the drugs used.

A wide variety of types of "chemistry" allows you to choose the technology to your liking:

Properly chosen type of curling will not only harm your hair, but also benefit. For example, a light "chemistry" is able to slightly dry hair prone to greasiness, to facilitate the styling of unruly curls.

How to make a perm of hair, is it necessary to go to a hairdresser for this? Many women who dream of curly hair are asked this question. What is the name of a perm hair based on a gentle method that does not harm curls? It is called biowave - a unique technology used to create beautiful curls, which does not contain in its composition alkaline components and ammonia.

Who is suitable for perm?

What hairs do perm, is this procedure recommended for everyone? Chemistry is not for everyone. Before applying the composition, an experienced hairdresser will evaluate the structure and condition of your hair. For split ends and thin curls, the chemical waving is contraindicated because it can completely spoil their appearance and destroy the structure. It is not recommended to curl hair that has recently suffered painting or discoloration. Before the procedure, it is important to conduct a special test for the sensitivity of the scalp. What the perm looks like, how many months the effect will last, depends on the type and structure of the hair.

Chemical waving process

How is hair perm done in salons, how do straight curls turn into curls that can keep their shape for up to six months? For "chemistry" a special composition is used, which penetrates deeply into the structure of the curl, softening its cells and making them more flexible for curling. Curls are wound on hair curlers of different sizes (taking into account the desired effect of the procedure), stand for a certain time, so that chemicals can act on the structure of hairs. After that, the curls are treated with a special solution to stabilize and remove the curlers.

How long does a perm last?

How long a hair perm lasts depends largely on the type and structure of curls, compliance with the rules of care for a new hairstyle, the right choice of shampoos, balms, and the technology used. On average, the effect lasts from 1 to 6 months. To maintain the beauty of the curls will require only the correct choice of care products for curly hair, styling using a diffuser.

How to prepare curls for "chemistry"?

What is needed for perm hair? The key to successful “chemistry” is healthy curls, so before going to the hairdresser should pay special attention to care. Use nutrients and moisturizers that restore the structure at the cellular level and give a luxurious shine. Properly selected masks and conditioners will help to smooth the scales along the entire length of the hair. If you have damaged hair, it is advisable to enroll in the procedure of deep recovery. You should not expose curls staining, if you plan to do the "chemistry". After painting should take at least 2-3 weeks.

How to do chemistry at home

For curling will need:

  • two tanks for the composition (retainer and reagent). It is better to choose plastic,
  • brush,
  • gloves,
  • towels
  • polyethylene cap,
  • qualitative composition
  • stylers (bobbins, plastic curlers, papilotki),
  • non-metallic combs - for separating strands and with rare teeth,
  • two foam sponges,
  • peignoir,
  • vinegar,
  • water,
  • shampoo,
  • balm or reducing agent after chemistry,
  • cream (for children, cosmetic, petroleum jelly),
  • harness made of wool length, enough to tie a head.

What you should pay attention to

Subtleties of performing chemistry:

  • Do not stretch the strands very much when you wind it up, otherwise the curls may become brittle,
  • Do not apply too much. Otherwise, the excess weight will begin to flow through the hair to the skin and irritation will occur on it,
  • rinse the locks well between the compositions, otherwise their color may change,
  • Avoid contact with metal during operation.

Important! Choose a quality tool with unexpired shelf life.

Be sure to conduct tests:

Before wrapping it is necessary:

  • perform an allergic reaction test. To do this, apply a small amount of the compound to the crook of your elbow and wait a quarter of an hour. If there is no redness, you can apply. If the reaction shows up, wipe the affected area with hydrogen peroxide and rinse with water. Chemistry refuse
  • make an examination of the skin of the head for damage. For abrasions, irritations, moles, etc., the procedure cannot be performed.

Consequences and care after chemistry

To make the curled hair look neat and keep its shape for a long time, you need to follow some simple rules after the procedure:

  • 4-5 days after curling curls can not be washed and combed,
  • it is forbidden to go to bed with a wet head,
  • do not use hair rollers and thermal devices. Including hair dryer
  • do not wrap wet hair in a towel or brush it until it dries,
  • limit the use of metal combs and hairpins,
  • it is possible to paint curls only two weeks after the procedure,
  • Be sure to use products for damaged hair: masks, shampoos, balms,
  • for styling, use styling for curly curls,
  • protect the strands from direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation,
  • trim the tips in time so that the hairstyle is always neat.

To make long-term curls look neat, you need to know how to lay a perm:

  • wash your hair with a special shampoo. It is possible with a mask
  • blot with a towel and apply an indelible balsam. Squeeze the curls with the squeezing movements of your hands. To achieve the effect of wet chemistry, apply the gel on the hair and also rub your hands over the hair with compressive movements. Dry naturally
  • You can curl curls on curlers. Then the shape of the curl will be clearer.

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Advantages and disadvantages of chemistry

Pluses perm:

  • curls are suitable for everyone
  • styling should be done less often than usual
  • greasy hair will not become so dirty quickly and can be washed less often
  • volume,
  • strands become more obedient.


  • negative impact on the hair structure - they can become brittle,
  • If the curls are tired, you can not get rid of them without a haircut.

Whatever long-term perm you choose, remember that in order to achieve a pleasant result, it is important to take into account such moments: the choice of composition, the selection of stylers and the exact observance of technology. Therefore, if you are not sure that you can achieve mastery in the art of home chemistry, do not experiment. Trust a professional about whom you have heard only good reviews. He will tell you what kind of perm you better do, depending on whether you have thick curls or thin, dyed or not.

A qualified master will save your hair from possible damage and selects the best care after the procedure. Only then can you be sure that your perm will not become a sad experiment. And you will get beautiful, spectacular and, most importantly, healthy looking curls.

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