Ash hair color: ways to dye and care

Ashy hair color from men has recently become quite popular. The representative of the stronger sex with this color becomes a very bright and extraordinary person, at the same time, he looks very attractive. It is worth noting that the ashen color comes in different shades, but what to choose depends on the preference of the man.


Ashy hair color in men also has several drawbacks:

  1. The color of the ash is quite difficult to achieve, especially if the man has dark hair.
  2. For such hair should be carefully monitored, because if you do not, then over time it can give a green tint.
  3. This color curls should always be clean, it is also very important that the scalp was healthy. Otherwise, these shortcomings will be very noticeable. Therefore, before dyeing them in ashen color, you need to put your face in perfect order.

Who is suitable?

Gray curls can appear absolutely at any age. Well, if we talk about young people, then most often they resort to specialists to get such a shade. If you want to hide natural gray hair, then the masters of hairdressing advise to resort to ashy tinting.

This color can be attributed to a cold shade. Therefore, a man with a warm complexion should not be painted in it. If you have dark skin, then the ashen color also will not go to your face, as it will aggravate its shade and you will have a painful look. Best of all, this color will suit the owner of light blond hair. It is also important to take into account the eye color, for example, it will look beautiful in combination with blue, blue, gray, green and bright brown.

Ash hair color in men looks best on short hair. But if you do not want to cut them, then it is better to dye some strands, to make some sort of highlighting.

How to care?

How to make an ashy hair color from a man so that he lasted longer? Here the main thing - properly and carefully care for your hair.

  1. It is undesirable to wash your hair every day, as the hair will quickly lose the acquired color. Silver is very quickly washed off the hair.
  2. Shampoos are best bought without sulfates. If present, again, the paint will quickly wash off.
  3. To curls did not give yellowness, at least once a week you need to use a special shampoo for gray hair. It will also be appropriate means with a UV filter.

Styling tips

To ashen hair color in men does not turn into yellow, you need to use matte means. With glitter they will give an unnecessary shade. If you have never used caring means, then take matte clay for men. The hair after it will be fluffier, so additional volume will be added.

Painting in ashy hair color for men

At home, this is quite difficult to do, the main thing is to be patient.

  1. Brighten your hair first. Perhaps this will need to be done in several stages. If they are naturally light, then this item can be skipped.
  2. The next thing you have to do is get rid of the yellow hair through the use of violet toner.
  3. And the last step will be direct staining in ashen color.

Before you buy hair dye, you need to know that they are more rigid and dense in a man. They are less susceptible to dyes, which is why the result of dyeing may not be what the color on the packaging promises you.

It is rather difficult to get ashy hair color on dark hair in men, which is why it is so important to follow all the rules to achieve the desired color. If your hair is naturally bright enough, then you need special care, as they can give yellowness or even appear a green tint. And it will be almost impossible to get rid of it.

But if you have already dyed your hair in this color, then it is worth remembering that it needs to be periodically updated so that the roots do not stand out much. After obtaining the desired color, the hair will be weakened and dry, so you need to stock up on moisturizing and nourishing agents, only then they will have a vibrant and beautiful color.

Who should focus on the ash tone of the curls?

  1. Girls, available "summer" type of appearance. In the presence of blond hair, gray or blue eyes and light skin, ashy hair color would be an ideal option.
  2. Girls who do not have any defects on the skin of the face. The ash tone will only highlight the flaws, making them conspicuous. In this regard, the skin when choosing this hair color should be smooth and perfect.
  3. Girls who do not have red and red pigmentation in their hair. Chestnut or reddish hair will be difficult to dye in ashy tone. This need not be done, because the whole structure of curls will deteriorate in this way.
  4. Girls with white face. Dark ladies should not choose for themselves ashy hair color, because it will be lost against the background of a tanned body.

Peculiarities of hair coloring in ashy color

There is a wrong opinion that only blondes can afford ashy hair coloring. In fact, natural by nature, light brown and even dark blond curls perfectly amenable to painting in ashen color. Care should be taken to those women who have already dyed their hair in chestnut or red shade. So instead of ashy you can get a purple or greenish tone, in connection with which brunettes and brown-haired women who want to understand how to dye their ashes should first make a hair wash of the previous color shade.

To make the locks ashen tone, you should buy a special resistant paint. Prepare the dye needed as written in the instructions. Further, having armed with a hair dye brush, it is necessary to distribute the coloring composition evenly along the entire length. It is important to begin staining from the crown region. In this case, it is necessary to separate the order of the order. After that, you can go to the back of the head, while going down. Perform staining of the side strands, temporal and frontal areas, as well as bangs need to be the last. Aged paint on the hair as much as indicated in the instructions. After that, the coloring composition is washed off with hair and shampoo, and conditioner is applied on the head.

In the question of how to dye hair in a cold shade, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the coloring has a bad effect on the state of the curls: they can become lifeless and dull. That is why a month before the staining procedure it is worthwhile to conduct a course of intensive therapy: to make various moisturizing hair masks and to use healing balms. Thus, the hair will be prepared for further painting.

Some time after painting in ash-blond color, a yellowish tint may appear on the curls. To prevent this, it is important to use a tinted shampoo for ash curls. Such shading tools allow you to eliminate the green tint obtained after painting. Most often, one toning procedure is not enough, but the course of such procedures will forever be able to remove yellowness and other unwanted tones from the hair.

When painting in ashen color for the first time, you should consult a specialist. Professionals will advise to make the lamination of the hair after such staining. This cosmetic procedure allows you to maintain a beautiful tone for a long time: up to 3 months or more. If a woman has dark hair, you will first have to lighten up. When applying a lightening agent for the entire length of the hair, you do not need to touch the roots. Keep the clarifier on the head will have about 30 minutes, after which it is necessary to put it on the root of the head. Then the hair is combed from root to tip, and 20 minutes later it is washed with shampoo. Perform such clarification is possible only on dirty hair.

Approximately a month after dyeing, the hair roots can noticeably grow. In such a situation, the difference between the shades becomes noticeable. In this regard, it is necessary to repeat the coloring procedure, but this time only the roots will need to be painted over. To do this, you should use a paint of the same shade and take into account that you now need to dye natural hair. The hue after dyeing may be slightly different, but it happens when a woman dyes on bleached hair. In this situation, it is necessary to repeat the clarification procedure and only then proceed to dyeing the roots in ashy tone.

Through permanent chemical exposure, ash hair may require special care. Be sure to use vitamin masks to power the curls, wash them with soft water only, and rinse with herbal extracts.

History of male hair coloring

In general, for the first time, the history of dyeing male hair dates back to more than 3 thousand years, when Assyrian herbalists were still changing the shade of hair with the help of plants. Then, in ancient times, such a procedure was carried out only in order to designate the special status of a person, sometimes it was a question of sacral procedures. The Egyptians used henna or kohl to darken the shade of their hair, demonstrating their status.

Cleopatra used a wig with dark hair to emphasize her peculiarity even more. The Greeks, on the contrary, emphasized their individuality and status with golden and ashy shades of hair, using aromatic powders that set off the hair. Blond hair was also valued in ancient Rome, then lightening of men's hair was possible with the help of herbs, quince and ashes, or for hours the hair was kept under the direct rays of the sun.

Thanks to Queen Elizabeth I of England, many of her followers and subjects preferred to shade her hair in copper color using all sorts of ways. In the 19th century, in the second half, Europe embraced the fashion of light curls, and only in 1867 the lightening hydrogen peroxide was discovered by the chemist E.H.Thiellay and the hairdresser Leon Hugot. To this day, this technique is only improved and complemented by other technologies, but underlies the hair coloring.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

To understand how appropriate male hair dyeing, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with all the pros and cons of such a procedure. The advantages of dyeing hair men experts include criteria such as:

  • camouflage gray hair and rejuvenation of the appearance of a man
  • cardinal image change,
  • giving the hair a rich shade, close to the native color,
  • increase self-confidence men.

Despite such significant advantages of painting male hair, the procedure still has disadvantages. For example, the high cost of procedures, as well as the need for constant coloring and correction of the paint as the hair grows. Many dyes are stressful for hair, as it is about the effects of chemical components in the composition. Hair can become dry, naughty and brittle, prone to loss. The scalp may react negatively to contact with the paint composition, causing dandruff and irritation.

Duration of staining with various paints

In general, male hair coloring can last from several minutes to half an hour, it all depends on the type of paint chosen and the expected result. In general, ammonia-free dyes can be kept for up to 30 minutes, depending on the desired degree of saturation of the hair with the pigment. If we are talking about paint with ammonia, it is necessary to keep the composition on the hair no more than 15-25 minutes, taking into account the time interval that was required to apply the paint.

Many popular brands of hair dyes offer cream inks, mousses and gels that need to be kept on the hair for only 5-15 minutes, and then washed off. Durable paints do not require long-term aging, to thereby protect the hair structure and scalp from prolonged contact with the composition of cosmetic products. These paints will cost more, but the costs are worth it.

How to choose the right paint?

As practice shows, hair coloring for most men pursues one goal - hiding the early gray hair. Men do not strive to drastically change the color of hair, so as not to shock in society, so they choose shades of paint that are close to their native hair color. In this regard, the palette of any brands of colors for men is limited to 6-8 shades - black hair dye, several options of brown and light brown tones.

You need to choose the paint according to the hair structure as follows:

  1. For coarse, thick and strong hair is better suited classic dye cream, which is thickly applied to the hair and copes with gray hair.
  2. For damaged and sparse hair, experts advise to use gel paint, a light texture ideally distributed through the hair and aged for only 5-10 minutes.
  3. For hair with a slight gray hair fit mousse dye. It is liquid and can flow off a little, but at the same time its air consistency gently envelops the hairs.
  4. For hair that lacks the brightness of the native color, a tinted shampoo is ideal. It can be used instead of the usual cleanser for washing hair.

It is necessary to choose paint according to the principle of action, there are three of them - resistant, moderately resistant and sparing paints with a natural composition without ammonia. Ammonia paint is better to choose those men who have thick and thick hair, not amenable to non-ammonia paint. But you can use such tools no more than 1 time per month. In order to slightly saturate the native hair color, it is better to use ammonia-free, gentle paints.

Lightening hair: is it worth doing?

The most controversial procedure today is the lightening of male hair, since any bleaching of hair means literally leaching the pigment from the hair structure. As a result of this, according to experts, hair becomes “empty” and lifeless. Hair that has gone from a dark shade to a blond will need maximum care with the help of any cosmetic products.

In addition, white men's hair will look only on men with a cold type of appearance, fair skin and eyes. Brighten hair can not cardinal staining, and melirovanie strand or hair ends. In this case, the white men's hair dye will be ammonia, as the gentle formulations are not able to lighten the hair. In any case, men's hairstyles with painting in white color is better to entrust the master in the salon.

Extraordinary staining

More rarely, creative male coloring is in demand, since non-standard options for haircuts and hairstyles have only recently become popular and are not always enjoyed the approval of society.

The advantages of extraordinary coloring are several, namely:

  • the image will be memorable and compatible with the trendy version of hairstyles and haircuts,
  • this coloring perfectly corrects any defects and defects in the appearance and condition of the hair,
  • coloring with bright colors (for example, blue hair or red hair) will restore hair shine, energy and life,
  • bright shades rejuvenate the appearance of a man.

In this way, creative male hairstyles with dyeing can also suggest the reverse side of the medal, that is, flaws and minuses. Such painting options often need correction and coloring of the hair roots. Dislike the result will be difficult to override the other painting options. In addition, extraordinary options for painting male hair will cost much more than standard procedures.

Where better to do: at the hairdresser or at home?

If a man needs light hair tinting and saturation of his native hair color, and during the procedure gentle paints will be used, there is no need to visit a salon or a hairdresser. The same can be said about the use of color shampoos, which are used as a standard version of the shampoo, but with the aim of a slight change in hair color. For example, light brown color can make darker any tonic or ammonia-free mousse at home.

If a man has a large percentage of gray hair, which will be difficult to handle standard paints, it is better to visit the wizard, who will advise a high-quality and resistant dye. In addition, the hairdresser will be able to choose the right shade of paint, taking into account the man’s native hair color, so that the end result is as natural as possible. Extraordinary coloring (gray dyed hair, that is, painting in gray color) can also be done only by an experienced master.

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Male hair coloring requires special knowledge, skills and proper selection of coloring means, depending on the structure of the hair and desires regarding the final result.

The selected agent should be as natural and close to the native hair color as possible, although radical variants of male hair dyeing are in trend today. But more often than not, it is important for a man to hide his early gray hair, for this he needs only to choose an effective but sparing paint, and after dyeing he must provide competent care for his hair.

Light ash hair color

With the right choice of light ash-colored hair, you will need only one application, which will last a long time. All you need to do is root retouching to cover the natural hair color when it grows.

Be careful not to choose blindly, because you need to know how the shade will look with your skin tone.

Dark ash hair color

The main reason for choosing a dark ash hair color is that you do not like golden colors such as orange and yellow. Basically, you may want to get rid of the warm tones in your hair because they conflict with your eye color or skin tone. You can apply dark ash hair color to black, brown and even dark brown hair.

Ash brown

Light brown hair with an ashy shade looks good in women with cold tones and skin color. It will complement eye color well, especially if they are hazelnut, brown or even blue. With this shade you can highlight highlights or dark areas if you want to create multiple contrast bands.

Ash hair dye on black and brown hair

How to lighten dark and brown hair to the color of ashy blond, what paint is suitable for this? Can I go from black to blonde or from dark chestnut-colored hair to ashy? The best way to lighten up for people with black and brown hair is by choosing an ash brown or dark ash color — a gradual and controlled shift that is well suited for brunettes.

If you have black or brown hair, it is better to bleach your hair before dyeing it in ashy.

The process of changing hair color will be best managed in a salon than at home, even if you can buy cheap blonde hair dyes.

Ash color on red hair

If you are a fan of dyeing hair at home, then you may be familiar with dyeing as light as possible to eliminate red hair. The main reason for using such a dye is to remove the copper shades that usually occur on natural hair or if you have used too many colors of warm color for a long time.

It is worth noting that there may be some problems with ashy hair color, for example, you can get a greenish tint. This is often the case for those who swim a lot, especially in pools that are chemically treated. Hair is oxidized from the absorption of chemical treatments, and eventually take on a green tint. How to fix it? Experts recommend getting rid of the green shade, using color shampoo with gold (warm color), rather than ashy. As a precaution, avoid getting chlorine on your hair when you dyed your hair in ashy color.

And another video on how to get ashy hair color at home:

Color features

The popularity of ash shades is due to the fact that They emphasize the natural light brown color of the strands. The natural gray color, often nondescript, resembling a mouse color, is enriched by ashy tints and does not look dull.

The disadvantages of fashionable colors include the following.

  • The complexity of the staining procedure. Reaching the cherished ash will not be easy, especially on dark hair.
  • The color requires careful maintenance, as it is quickly washed away in a green or yellow tone.
  • Ash gray requires perfectly clean, healthy skin. Any flaws, redness, rash will be evident. Before you change the color of hair, you need to tidy face.

To suit

"His" shade of ash can find a man at any age. While young people paint their hair in a trendy gray color, those who wish to hide their natural gray hair, may resort to ashy tinting.

Ash-gray shades refer to cold. Therefore, representatives of the warm color (autumn and spring color type of appearance) is better to avoid them. If you are the owner of beige, dark skin, it is highly probable that the hairstyle will look unnatural, like a wig, and the complexion will take on a painful look.

Gray hair does not go to anyone as much as the owners of the color type Summer and winter subtype Light winter. Ashy shades to you to face, if your natural color is medium or light brown, and your eyes are blue, blue, gray, green, bright brown with a "steel" shade.

On short sporty haircuts look good natural shades of graphite. To transform long hair should not resort to too dark shades. It is better to update the appearance by staining individual strands.

Color palette

The color range of gray varies from ashy blond to dark cold brown.

Gray ashy color is suitable for creating a bright image.

The ideal base for creating an ashy blond tone is light blond hair or gray hair.

Medium light brown more effectively than any other tone, hides gray hair. With it strands will get the most natural look.

Dark graphite It combines well with both light porcelain skin and tan.

Ash brown - the perfect solution for brunettes who want to avoid a dramatic change in color.

How to get at home

Tinting in cold shades of ash is considered the most difficult.

Important! Dyeing gray paint without a preliminary test on a thin strand of hair is fraught with unpredictable results.

This is due to the fact that the coldest blue pigment in hair is the most unstable. It is he who gives the curls gray, cold shade. Blue pigment easily leaves hair under the influence of negative external factors (ultraviolet light, hard water, etc.). Therefore dyes react with more resistant pigments: red and yellow.

So, when dyeing natural light brown or previously bleached hair in shades of gray, not a beautiful ashy color can appear, but rather dirty yellow, green or even acid-violet (often this happens on blond hair).

If you paint in an ashy tint for the first time, it is better to test the selected coloring agent on a thin strand. If the result satisfies you, then you can confidently dye the entire head of hair. If the problem described above occurs, additional preparation of the hair for dyeing is necessary.

The procedure of painting in gray tone will consist of several stages.

  1. Lightening. Be mentally prepared. If the natural tone of the hair is rather dark, there will be more than one bleaching procedure to get rid of red and then yellow, the most resistant pigment. Only then the light ash paint will fall perfectly, and you will get a tone as close as possible to what you want. When working with naturally light curls, this stage can be skipped.
  2. Neutralization of yellownessby toning purple toner:
    • Toner-LUX 0.12 and 0.21 Luxor Color,
    • BLACK Toner Q5 Viola ARGENTO,
    • Joico Demi-Permanent Instant Gloss Toner / natural Violet.
  3. Directly staining in gray.

Choosing the color of paint, it should be remembered that men's hair is denser and tighter than female ones. Less susceptible to dyes, especially the roots. The result of staining may not be the same as the manufacturer promises on the packaging, relying on the traditionally female audience.

We recommend to pay attention to the following coloring agents:

  • Lebel MATERIA, Series A,
  • Selective ColorEVO, Ash series,
  • Estel Professional De Luxe "Corrector" 0 / G Graphite,
  • ECHOSLINE ECHOS COLOR Professional hair color 6.01 Ashy natural dark brown,
  • Estel DE LUXE 7/16 Light ash-violet,
  • Erayba Gamma 6/10 Ash dark blond,
  • Kleral System Coloring Line Magicolor Hair Dyeing Cream 6.1 Light Brown Ash, 8.1 Ash Light Blonde,
  • Indola Profession Permanent Caring Color 6.1.

To give the hairstyle a cold ash tint, you can use color tonic and balsam Color Bomb Silver Gray, Tonic 7.1 Graphite. To do this, after using the shampoo, you need to apply a tinting agent instead of the conditioner and leave for 5–20 minutes according to the instructions. The disadvantage of this method is the short duration of the effect. The color begins to wash out at the very first contact with water.

Blue Mallow will help to give a shine of ash to the shine. To prepare a tonic in 0.5 liters of boiling water, 50 ml of vinegar and 50 g of dried flowers should be poured. Boil on low heat for 20 minutes to eliminate the yellowness or 40 to eliminate the red tint. Hold on hair for about 20 minutes and rinse.

Partial staining techniques

You can not change dramatically the image of a complete change in the color of the hair - just do toning individual strands in gray.

A good choice will be highlightingin which only the tips of the hair are stained, and the roots remain unaffected. Thus, it is possible to transform the appearance, causing minimal damage to the hair. What are the features of hair highlighting in men, the stages of the procedure, you will find on our website.

Note! Highlighting the entire length of several tones makes the hair visually thicker.

Thrash technique like bold natures, seeking to be the center of attention. This is a disordered contrast coloring in relation to the pitch of the hair of its individual strands.

You can achieve an interesting effect by leaving a small dark stubble on your face and dyeing your hair in a light graphite shade.

Balayazh - transition without clear boundaries from one shade to another. Looks very stylish on long curls.

How much is the procedure

Often, dyeing short hair costs men no less than painting women with long curls. Although the dye and leaves less for male hair, but work with short hair itself is more laborious. Yes, and an experienced master of male coloring is not easy to find.

Camouflaging gray hair will cost from 2000 rubles, creative highlighting - from 3000 rubles.

Color care

To prevent the destruction of the blue pigment, It is necessary to use shampoos without sulfates and conditioner after each shampooing. It is advisable to check the water for iron. Its oxidation provokes the appearance of red in the hair.

To avoid color burnout, it is necessary to protect the hair from the sun with hats or at least use protective sprays with a UV filter.

Maintain gray tone Toning shampoos (BONACURE, INDOLA) will help. These shampoos dry hair. Therefore, their use must be alternated with conventional means for washing hair.

Summing up, we can say that achieving and caring for a fashionable gray shade of hair is a rather painstaking work. If you are sure that you have enough patience, go ahead! Creating a truly stylish look is worth it.

What else do men need to look 100% full:

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