How to make the effect of wet chemistry

The styling effect of wet hair is one of the simplest and most common among all styling methods. This type of hairstyle is wonderfully combined with a romantic image. Laying takes about ten minutes, however, it attracts the attention of many people.

What are the features and subtleties of styling?

To hairstyle held for a long time and looked neatly, you should take into account such features:

  1. Best of all, the wet effect is suitable for women with biowave or chemistry.
  2. Hair length is not important.
  3. Particular attention should be paid to hair color. Styling products create a special shine. On dark hair, it looks gorgeous, but on light hair it can cause a look that is not well-groomed.
  4. Laying wet effect can not be combed. If you comb the hair, styling will be spoiled.
  5. It is impossible to use means with strong fixation. They create no natural effect. It is better to stop on means with a mark "Wet locks".
  6. This styling is recommended to do only on thick hair. Owners of rare hair only spoil their appearance. Gels and mousses are used for curly hair.
  7. Wet styling on medium hair is best done with a hair dryer with a diffuser.
  8. It is very convenient for laying to use the hair dryer. Hair is twisted into a braid and dried with a hairdryer.
  9. The second option is to use a hair dryer - hair is dried with a hair dryer, head lowered down, and completely dried hair using a diffuser.

What are necessary tools for wet hair styling

Wet hair stylingcan be accomplished by many means. The choice of means depends on individual features. Consider exactly which cosmetics are used for styling.

  • Varnish for wet effect.

This tool can make a wet effect only if you have curly hair. The rest of the girls varnish does not fit, as the curls do not twist. For laying it is necessary to do the following steps:

  1. Hair wash or just moisten them with water. But they must be clean.
  2. Apply hairspray on slightly damp hair. It must be sprayed on the tips and in the middle of the hair. If the varnish gets on the roots, the hair will look dirty.
  3. While the lacquer is dry, the hair compresses and creates the effect of wet hair.
  4. On the curls re-applied a layer of hair spray.
  • Hair styling gel is a wet effect.

When choosing a gel, you need to focus on expensive professional tools. Naturally, they are worth a lot, however, the effect will be stunning. Ordinary cheap gels will not allow to achieve a beautiful effect, and are likely to spoil the hair.

For laying follow these steps:

  1. Wash their heads.
  2. With the help of towels remove all excess moisture from the hair. For this, washed hair is wrapped in a towel for 10 minutes.
  3. Wet hair combed.
  4. All hair is applied a certain amount of hair gel.
  5. Hands squeeze hair, turning them into curls and curls.
  6. The hair is left to dry completely. If necessary, you can use a hair dryer.
  7. After complete drying of hair, varnish is applied on them.
  • Laying with mousse.

The wet effect on long hair is more difficult to perform than on short hair; nevertheless, it is possible to perform it. Depending on the length of hair, you need to choose a special tool. For long hair, hair mousse is best suited.

Laying with mousse is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Hair is well washed with shampoo. Or apply a small amount of water so that the hair becomes wet.
  2. The mousse is applied over the entire length of the hair and evenly distributed.
  3. Waiting for complete drying of hair. You can not blow dry hair. Since all the strands fall apart, and the hair will look like a dandelion.

There is a second method of laying with the help of mousse.

  1. Wash their heads. A small amount of mousse is applied to individual strands.
  2. Strands cheat on curlers.
  3. The hair is dried or left to dry naturally.
  4. Peel off the curlers and form curls.
  5. Laying fix varnish. He will not let the curls fall apart.
  • Waxing

Wax is a natural material that does not harm your hair. For installation, you must perform the following steps:

  • Hair moisturize.
  • The wax is ground in the palm and spread over the entire length of the hair. To do this, it is best to use a comb with frequent teeth.
  • If the hair is too wet - dried with a hairdryer.
  • Hair crushes, curls appear. You can use curlers.
  • Form curls and fix varnish.

Folk remedies for creating beautiful styling

Sometimes it is very urgent to do the styling, and at home there is no cosmetic product. In such a situation, you can prepare yourself a special tool based on sugar and gelatin. To prepare you need to take:

  • A tablespoon of gelatin.
  • Two and a half tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • Water - 10 ml.

To prepare the tool, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Gelatin pour cold water.
  2. Leave it for 40 minutes. It should swell.
  3. After swelling of gelatin, lemon juice is injected.
  4. The mixture is well mixed and put in a water bath. Remove from heat after complete dissolution of gelatin.
  5. Means is used as usual gel for hair.

The second option is a sugar remedy. It cooks faster, but the effect is no less good. To prepare you need:

  • One tablespoon of sugar.
  • Ten milliliters of water.
  • Two and a half spoons of lemon juice.

The cooking process is extremely simple. To do this, produce the following actions:

  1. Sugar is poured with lemon juice and water.
  2. Waiting for the complete dissolution of sugar.
  3. The resulting tool is applied to the hair and evenly distributed over the entire length.
  4. The strands are wound and left to dry completely.
  5. Cons of folk remedies

Such tools, though available, have several drawbacks. Namely:

  • Sugar and gelatin can melt under the influence of the sun or body temperature, then the hairstyle will be spoiled.
  • These products can attract insects. And the consequences may not be predictable.

Who is suitable for styling

This type of hairstyle is suitable for girls of any age. There are some nuances of styling, depending on the hair color.

  1. Blondes are recommended to apply the product not on all hair, but only on the middle and the ends. Otherwise, white hair may get a yellow shade of hair.
  2. Brunettes need to apply the tool to the entire length of the hair, it gives them a special shine. It is better to choose the means with reflective particles.
  3. The wet effect looks very beautiful on the bleached hair. Since the hairstyle will play a beautiful different shades.

Hairstyle is not always appropriate in different situations. Namely:

  1. In the office you need to create a more restrained styling. For these purposes, use the gel and wax. It looks very impressive horse tail with a wet effect.
  2. In the club, you can make any styling with a wet effect. At the same time, stylists recommend playing with parting. This style will attract a lot of attention.
  3. On a date it is better to make small and tender curls. They will create a romantic image.

Wet styling fits almost everyone and runs very quickly. Each girl will be able to do it yourself at home. The main thing to carry out all the advice of experts. You also need to practice a bit to continue to do it in a few minutes.

Wet chemistry on short and medium length hair

To work with medium-length hair, prepare styling products and a comb with a tip. Before you start styling you should wash your hair, but do not dry them. Apply on still wet locks gel or a special mousse, creating the effect of wet hair.

Then comb your hair with a rare, but large teeth comb. As a result, separate curls are formed, which can be laid in any way.

Apply styling product on the palm of your hand. Separate a medium-sized curl from all the hair and twist it along the entire length. Curl the rest of your hair this way. After that, several times squeeze into a fist and release the curls. Hair on bangs and temples after twisting can be a little smooth.

The effect of wet chemistry on long hair

On long hairs independently, such styling is somewhat more difficult. To do this, you can resort to several methods.

Apply mousse or styling gel to washed hair. Divide the hair into separate strands. After that, roll each strand into a bundle and secure with a rubber band. It is also possible to form the hair and then fix the flagella.

Then you must leave your hair for an hour so that they are accustomed to this position. An hour later, all the clamps must be removed, and the hair to dissolve and shake. In conclusion, they should be dried with a hairdryer.

Lightly dry wet hair with a towel and apply liquid styling liquid on them. Then tilt your head down. Squeeze and unclench the hair until it reaches the required volume.

Who will suit the effect of wet hair

Laying fits all. Regardless of the length of the strands, hair texture. The main thing is not to overdo it with styling products so that the hairstyle looks naturally, no stuck strands form.

Keep in mind that light as wet strands look great in summer. It seems that you are only from the shower. Especially good styling combined with light dresses, sundresses. After all, it would be foolish to go out in the winter with “wet curls”.

Useful tips

Each hairstyle requires some special tools and skills. The following tips will help make an excellent styling on your head:

  • The effect of wet hair looks especially bright on dyed hair. Separate strands emphasize the depth of color. The winning option is to make wet curls for coloring, melling, select individual hairs,
  • for going to the office you should choose a smooth styling. To do this, use wax, then not a single lock will be knocked out of the total head of hair. Hairdo will look unusual, stylish, just for a business dinner or work in a reputable company,
  • You can create a romantic image with the help of “wet” large curls. The result will not leave anyone indifferent gentleman,
  • You can add various accessories, make an asymmetric parting. Then the hairstyle will change its style, with it you can go to any party,
  • worth considering hair color. Brunettes can not worry about this, use the right amount of styling products. On dark brown, black hair wax, foam look beautiful, deepen the original color,
  • blondes need to put a minimum of styling products, to allocate individual strands. Indeed, on such curls may appear undesirable yellowing, the effect of dirty curls. Total should be in moderation.

Using these tips, you can certainly make a stunning styling at home, with a minimum of effort, spending a little time.

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Cosmetic styling products

To achieve the perfect result you can with the help of high-quality, properly selected styling products. Each product must be used properly, according to its technology.

The tool is great for all types of hair, has a light structure, does not weigh curls. It looks especially good on long strands, slightly curly by nature. Foam does not stick together strands, makes hair natural. One product package is enough for you for a long time, it can be used to create other styles.

The tool is intended for an extraordinary wet effect with a large number of selected strands, asymmetrical parting. Effectively looks wax on a short head of hair. It is recommended to use it to the ladies with dark strands, the product can give light hair to yellow hair.

With the help of wax you can make a stable fixation of the wet effect. Heat up a little of the product in the palms, spread it over all the strands, you can use a comb with thick teeth. Blow dry the hair with a diffuser.

Very insidious, they are used carefully. If you apply a large amount, you can achieve dirty, weighted strands. The product has three degrees of fixation, choose the average for the natural effect. You can use the gel with glitter, then the styling will be festive.

Spread the gel over the wet strands and dry with a hairdryer. In this case, you can adjust the position of the curls with your fingers, do not be afraid to attach unusual curls to your hair. Creativity this season is very relevant.

Varnish or spray

These products are used to consolidate the result. But if nothing else is at hand, then varnish will fit. Choose a strong type of fixation, you can choose a product with a glossy effect.

Put on the lacquer is not worth much, so that the hairstyle looks natural. You can strongly select some of the curls, and the rest tweak only slightly, sprinkle with varnish, blow-dry. Easy negligence, unusualness are the most popular trends of this season.

Special fixing spray is also suitable for creating a wet effect, pick up a product with essential oils. Then your strands will be beautiful, silky. Light aroma, exuded by your hair, will create a romantic atmosphere.

Folk remedies to achieve the effect

Many women recently prefer natural cosmetics, care products. This also applies to installation tools. Folk remedies will help give the hair the effect of wet hair, do not weigh down the strands. Means are absolutely natural, will not affect the condition of the hairs.

Recipes for cooking natural product

Recipe number 1. We give the hair a wet effect with the help of the following components:

  • fresh lemon juice - 50 ml,
  • gelatin - tablespoon,
  • cold water - 10-15 ml.


  • Gelatin dilute with cold water, leave to swell for 40 minutes. During this time the consistency will be soft. Elastic.
  • Add lemon juice to the dissolved powder.
  • The resulting mixture is well stirred, put in a water bath to warm up.
  • We are waiting for the complete dissolution of gelatin. The process takes from 5 to 15 minutes. It all depends on its quality.
  • As soon as the gelatin is dissolved, remove it from the heat, let it cool.

We use ready-made styling agent, as usual gel.

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Recipe number 2.

The following components are required:

  • fresh lemon juice - 50 ml,
  • sugar - tablespoon,
  • warm water - dessert spoon.


  • Mix all the ingredients.
  • With the help of a spoon, interfere with the product, waiting for the sugar to completely dissolve
  • The resulting syrup should be applied to wet spinning, then wind the hair on the curlers.
  • The design on the head is dried with a hairdryer, unwound, fixed with varnish.

In general, natural styling products show themselves well and are not inferior to store products. After them, the hair will not become brittle and dry, rather, on the contrary, it will acquire luster and silkiness.

Technique performance at home

It is very easy to give curls the desired effect of wet hair. Use quality styling tools, follow the instructions:

  • Rinse strands well, apply conditioner.Do not dry the curls, blot with a towel.
  • Comb the hairs carefully with a comb with occasional thick teeth.
  • Apply the styling product to the entire curl surface, distribute it using the same comb. The specific tool depends on the length of the strands, the selected type of hair.
  • The desired shape of the hair attached with fingers, curlers, flagella.
  • Dry your hair well. If you do not dry the strands, they will soon lose their shape.
  • Curly elastic curls from nature can be dried naturally, they will stay without a hair dryer for a very long time.
  • Fix the result with a varnish, a special spray. Apply UV filters to keep your hairstyle in shape even on a hot summer day.

Using the simple rules, you can easily make your dream hairstyle. It can be done in five minutes, and the result will please you, all those around you all day.

Straight strands

Straight hair is the most difficult to style. Use products of average fixation, then the hairstyle will seem easy, natural. Use gel, foam, do not lean on wax. Fixing varnish choose low fixation, so as not to weigh down the hairs. From long hair will be a variety of hairstyles. Read about them further.

Short hair

Hair type needs a wax of superstrong fixation, the same type of lacquer. You can use the diffuser. Apply the selected styling product, spread on curls with a comb. Blow dry your hair with a nozzle diffuser. You can use special tips with your fingertips. It all depends on your creativity, desire to experiment.


The principle of creating a wet effect is the same as described above. Just before drying the hair, collect them in a ponytail at the crown. Make a little stuffing, from the remaining hair, build a wet effect styling. Wrap a gum in advance with a strand, fasten it stealthily. Hairstyle will delight you, surprise your friends and colleagues.

Unusual bunch

Tie a tail from the side down or make your hair very high (on top). Wind the hair, fasten it with varnish, use a stud to build a bun. Sprinkle the result with a fixing spray. Accessories are added to the hairstyle, weaving, anything your soul desires.

Video. Technique styling with the effect of wet hair:

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To create the effect of wet hair, you can use a spray - a decoction of healing herbs (there are such ready-made products). One means you achieve two goals at once and care for your hair, and create a stylish style. But I think this tool is suitable only for thin, not thick hair, because its fixing properties are not high.

I used the effect of wet hair when I did a biological perm and when there was no time for long-term styling. However, this style is not all. You can overdo it and the haircut will look extremely untidy.

general information

It seems that the effect of wet hair is very easy to make. But this is not at all the case. Even for this hairstyle you will need a cosmetic that will provide curls with firmness and elasticity. Basically, the types of such cosmetics differ from each other by consistency, level of fixation, composition and purpose.

From the tools you will need only a hairdryer, a nozzle diffuser and a comb. Also, do not be amiss to prepare the gum, studs and all kinds of clamps to secure the strands. For some hair types, hair curlers and flagella may be needed.

The choice of styling products for hair

To choose the most suitable hair product, you need to know everything about each of them:

  • Gel for the effect of wet hair. This product should be used very carefully. You need to take a few drops to create a styling on the average length of the curls. If you apply the product abundantly, you get the effect of dirty hair instead of wet. Gel must first be rubbed in the palms, and then evenly distributed along the strands, creating the necessary curl of curls.
  • Foam for fixing. This is the most popular styling tool that every girl has. Therefore, when it is available on the cosmetic table, you can not go to the store for anything else. Hair foam is often used to increase the volume at the roots. It will perfectly cope with giving the hair a wet effect. Due to the light and airy texture, it does not glue the hair. In addition, the foam creates curls very quickly and without using a hair dryer.
  • Wax for styling. Few people decide to buy such a tool, because not many know what it is necessary for. Wax is often used by owners of short hair. It adds extravagance to the hairstyle, even boldness. It has a very soft texture that is difficult to distribute on too long hair. Making the effect of wet hair with this tool, you must very quickly apply it to the hair, without waiting for complete absorption. Then, it is necessary to comb the strands with a comb and dry it with a hairdryer. During drying, you can apply the nozzle diffuser.
  • Varnish Any other means will not provide a hairstyle firmness better, than a varnish. If there is a solemn event that will last from 3 hours, it is better to choose a tool with a high degree of fixation. For everyday look, you can take it with a medium or light.

Using these styling products will make the hairstyle lasting and well structured.

How to make the effect of wet hair

Creating styling is very important not to overdo it. If you apply a lot of gel or foam - the hair will not look careless. But this is the highlight of the effect of wet hair. At home it is quite possible to get it, you just need to follow the following rules:

  1. Rinse hair well. Laying will look beautiful only on clean hair. No need to use a mask or balm. These tools will make strands heavy and smooth them out. Of course, if the ends of the hair are dry or badly damaged, it is simply necessary to nourish them with balm. After washing, the strands should be dried with a towel and slightly shaped into shape using a hair dryer.
  2. The chosen styling product should be rubbed with palms and evenly applied to the hair. This should be done with light, careless movements, shaking the head slightly.
  3. Then you can make a wave with your hands, squeezing the thin strands of hair in your palms. Hair that is difficult to curl is twisted with flagella.
  4. When choosing the latter, after winding the strands, you should immediately begin drying with a hairdryer. Owners of curly and unruly hair can finish styling at this stage without using a hair dryer or lacquer to fix.
  5. After the curls have acquired the desired appearance, it is necessary to fix the hairstyle well using lacquer.

Nuances of the procedure

Before you make the effect of wet hair, you need to choose the right cosmetics for styling. They should be purchased, given the type of hair, their structure, length and condition. For example, skins and mousses are intended for the following type of curls:

Having picked up ideally suitable styling means, it is possible not to worry about firmness of a hairdress.

Wet effect for straight hair

Such a hair is usually very difficult to any kind of styling. In addition, if you overdo it with the amount of gel or wax, you can give them a dirty, greasy look. Before you make the effect of wet hair should buy a varnish of the highest degree of fixation. Only he will be able to keep the curls in their original form, which were made on straight and heavy hair.

When creating a wet effect, it is necessary to collect the hair on the top of the head, tying it with an elastic band. Then you need to take a little gel or foam for styling, distribute it over the palms, and apply on the tail strands. Hair at the same time, should not be completely dried, but not wet. When the tail is processed, it should be tied in a bunch, stabbed with clips or pins. In this form, you need to hold out for 1 hour.

Upon the occurrence of this time, the bundle needs to be dissolved, remove the gum, fluff the hair with your hands and fix with varnish. No less impressive hairstyle will look if you do not remove the gum, and leave the tail on top. Then the loose tail should be distributed into small curls and lightly sprinkle with varnish. Ponytail with the effect of wet hair will look unusual and attractive.

Wet effect for short length

You need a wax or gel of very strong fixation. Hair should be washed and towel dried. Applied on the palm of the tool should be quickly and evenly distributed through the hair. You need to do this by placing your palms on your head, slightly spreading your fingers. Promoting your hands to the ends of the hair, you need to create a volume and airiness hair, working with them as quickly as possible. Fingers should simulate the movement of scissors. When the strands have the desired shape, you need to leave them for about 1 hour.

Having dried up in a natural way, the hairstyle will still look wet, but very structured and well-groomed in appearance. The effect of wet hair on short hair always looks important. Finished styling should be sprayed with varnish.

Wet effect on curly hair

Fluffy and curly hair is very hard to straighten. But you can easily create structural curls on the head. Curls will be very natural, elastic and voluminous. Owners of such hair are very lucky, as they can use absolutely any styling agent. Suitable gel, wax, foam, mousse and varnish of any kind and degree of fixation.

The selected agent should be applied evenly over the length of the hair, combed and recreated structural curls with the palms. Such styling can be done at least every day. It does not harm the hair at all, and given their curliness, it will take very little time. No need to use curlers or nozzles for a hairdryer. Strands will get the desired shape yourself.

Before you make the effect of wet hair at home, it is worth remembering about one thing. In no case do not need to dry the finished curls with a hairdryer. Curly hair often has a porous structure. This fact makes them very fluffy in nature. When drying with a hair dryer, they will only make a dandelion out of the effect of wet curls.

Wet effect on medium length hair

On them, such a laying keeps for a very long time. Before you do your hair, you should imagine how bright the effect should be. The amount of laying means used depends on it. An ideal option for creating a wet effect on medium length would be a gel. He will make curls elastic and air at the same time. The main thing - do not apply it in large quantities. Instructions for creating hairstyles:

  • Divide slightly wet hair into zones, fasten each with a clip.
  • Apply the gel on the palm, warming it in your hands.
  • Take a thin strand and distribute the tool through it, starting treatment from the roots.
  • Twist the curl into a small bundle at the base and secure with studs.
  • Each strand must be processed by this technique.

After twisting the beams, they should be left for about half an hour. The waiting time depends on how quickly they dry. In any case, to styling with the effect of wet hair remained on the hair as long as possible, they need to be dried with a hairdryer for another 10-15 minutes. Then loose beams are sprayed with varnish.

Hairstyle features

This styling can be done on absolutely any length and type of hair. The effect of wet hair looks very stylish at any celebration, ranging from home party, ending with going to society. The hairstyle does not require special hairstyling skills and is easily created at home. Nevertheless, it has several features that will help to avoid awkward situations:

  1. When working in an office at full employment, you should choose wax as a styling agent. He will not allow fluff hair even after 5 hours of the working day.
  2. If the effect of wet hair is done on a date, it is better to use foam. Treat hair preferably from the middle of the length, gently creating air waves. This type of hair will look more romantic and festive.
  3. For a party in the club, you can make an unusual parting. For example, zigzag will be very original.
  4. Before you make the effect of wet hair at home, you should know that it is more suitable for summer than for winter. On women with tanned skin, the styling will resemble the sea, the beach and evening walks along the promenade. In winter, this hairstyle will look a bit out of place. Especially when you consider the bad weather conditions.

Wet effect and color of curls

The appearance of the hair is affected not only by the ability to work with curls, but also by their color. Depending on the color of the hair, the effect of wet hair looks different. On the colored strands it will look most successful. In daylight, the bright coloring will sparkle even brighter, given the gloss of curls.

On dark hair, you can use a shimmering gel. It will successfully reflect the depth of black hair, make them more attractive. Blondes need to be careful, putting strands in this hairstyle. On light curls, a large amount of gel will be especially noticeable. If the blond is not platinum, but with a yellow tint, a wet effect on the hair will only emphasize this yellowness.

How to make a wet effect using homemade recipes

If you do not have the means for styling, you need to use folk tricks to recreate the hairstyle. Thanks to the experience of many women, you can make the effect of wet hair with the help of ordinary products found in the kitchen in every home:

  • The use of sugar. It is necessary to dilute a couple of teaspoons in a glass of warm water. Soak the hair in the syrup and spin each strand with your fingers. If the hair is straight and hard to curl - you can screw it on curlers. When they are dry, curls will look wet, well curled and shiny. After sugar water, do not even need to use varnish. Sugar perfectly fix hair.
  • Gelatin for curls. The recipe for natural styling means is no different from creating a sugar syrup. You just need to wait until the gelatin is dissolved.

These tools can be an excellent substitute for cosmetics. But you can only use them in cold and dry weather. In the heat, the sugar water will begin to melt, and during the precipitation the hairstyle will quickly deteriorate.

Creating at home the effect of wet hair, do not need to use too much makeup. Nowadays, natural types of styling that look airy and even slightly sloppy are popular.

Wet chemistry - create a “wet” hair effect for a long time

In their desire to look stylish and fashionable, women are ready to use various technologies for hair styling. And wet chemistry, which returned to us from the end of the 20th century, is one of them.

Women go to salons to create hairstyles based on it. Many also seek to get curled curls in this way at home.

Therefore, information about the features of wet chemistry and the types of packing with it are of interest to the vast majority of the female population.

What is

It requires tools that help curls to become springy and iridescent.

The hair gets extra volume, it descends naturally and beautifully, and the hairstyle takes on the appearance of a warm rain.

The cost of wet chemistry, made by a hairstylist, varies and depends on the length of the hair. For example, for medium hair, it is about 1800 r.

Those who want to create a “wet” effect at home need to stock up on everything they need, and this is not cheap. Especially if the technology is used with the texture texture, which has a rather high price.


Not all women like this hairstyle. Hair with this chemistry are experiencing some stress.

You can not hold him. Curling hair in the process:

  • menstrual cycle
  • childbearing and breastfeeding,
  • unstable blood pressure
  • increased temperature
  • You should not use the method of wet chemistry in the period of use of antibiotics or recovery after an illness,
  • It is not recommended to resort to this technology to those who take hormonal preparations, follow a strict diet (starvation), are subject to severe stress and nervous overloads,
  • those who constantly dye their hair with basma (henna), discolor or highlight them should also refrain from wet chemistry,
  • overtly injured hair is also a clear contraindication for getting a hairstyle with a similar perm.

Only with the disappearance of these reasons can resort to a technique.

Types, compositions and curlers for use

There are 2 types of chemistry with a wet effect:

  1. Vertical Suitable for long hair. Large "spirals" are obtained by twisting the strands into a bundle and twisting on cone-shaped curlers.
  2. Japanese waving used on medium, long problematic hair or hair with sensitive skin. To perform it you will need a plastic cap in small holes. The composition used is superimposed only on the strands elongated through the holes. Because of what the epidermis on the head remains unaffected.

Mixtures for the purchase of styling by wet chemistry are divided into the following types:

  • acid - the result lasts up to 6 months, but this method cannot be used on sparse and thinned strands,
  • alkaline gently acting on the curls, but the hair on any kind of hair is kept for a shorter period - up to 4.5 months,
  • neutral handles hair with care, however “curliness” rests on it for up to 3 months,
  • bio-based on natural ingredients, they provide a long lasting effect and turn curls into well-groomed and healthy shine,
  • Amino acid is used for carvingLight wet chemistry, beautiful strands of these compounds also receive treatment with nutrition.

For wet chemistry apply various curlers:

  • American bobbins without rubber bands have a special shape that allows you to attach separate elements to each other.
  • Japanese bobbin sticks are characterized by a lack of "waist."
  • spiral curlers are equipped with removable plastic clips.
  • Hair curlers have thin plastic hairpin, by means of which the strands are held.
  • creative shapers and fantasy bobbins.

All curlers are designed to get curls on different types of hair.

Dependence on hair length

The length of the strands and their structure affect the obtaining of the preferred curls. It is believed that women with long hair get the most effective look from wet chemistry. However, on short or medium length strands, such a perm also looks impressive.

On long and medium hair chemistry is performed with the use of gentle mixtures. Achieving high quality results will require energizing drugs. Better fixation of the curls is achieved using varnish or foam.

On short hair, wet curling looks perfect. This result is obtained if you stick to:

  • shampooing with shampoo before the procedure, which removes sebum and makes the curls more elastic,
  • winding strands, starting from the roots and ending with the tips, so that the curls will become stronger,
  • uniform placement of bobbins for symmetrical styling,
  • compliance with the maximum density of the rows of curlers.

The elasticity of the curls depends on the predisposition to the chemistry of a particular woman, the type of blend for curling and the time of its action on the hair, and also the air temperature in the room (preferably above 20 ° C).

Wet curling procedure

To make wet chemistry at home, will require the appropriate preparations, tools and materials.

  • cape of water repellent material
  • curlers of the appropriate type,
  • hairbrush with thick teeth and a pointed tail,
  • non-metal vessel for mixture preparation,
  • fixer,
  • sponge,
  • towels
  • rubber gloves
  • vinegar with a strength of 9 or 6%,
  • hat for insulation,
  • balm.

Wet chemistry done in stages:

  1. On the day when they start to curl, wash their head 2 times with soap. This cleanser will prepare the hair for the procedure, which will certainly increase the effect.
  2. Strands dry a little.
  3. An allergy test is made, for which a fraction of the chemical mixture is placed on the inner wrist zone. After 10–15 minutes wash it off with water. Continue the procedure if there is no redness, rash on the treated part of the epidermis.
  4. From the back of the head divide the hair on the squares with a side equal to the length of the curlers. Each box is fixed for convenience.
  5. The strands are wound on papilotki and fixed on them with rubber clips.
  6. The skin on the border of growing hair smeared with fat cream, on top of it impose a towel in the form of a rope.
  7. Put on gloves from rubber, shoulders cover with a cape from polyethylene.
  8. The mixture for wet chemistry is prepared according to the description.
  9. Sponge evenly impose the composition on the head.
  10. They wear a warming cap and do not remove it until the time mentioned in the description expires.
  11. After removing the cap, wash the composition from the head with water along with intact hair curlers.
  12. For 10 minutes cause fixer.
  13. Remove the curlers and do not touch the strands for about 5 minutes.
  14. Carefully wash the curls with shampoo and rinse them with non-concentrated acetic acid liquid.

How long does the effect last

Wet chemistry kept within 6 months. It is considered the most durable perm. Experts assign her a period of 8 months.

The duration is affected by: the size and shape of the curlers, the structure and length of the strands, the time it takes to hold the fixative. Matters and mixtures for perm. Some keep their curls longer, while light carving mixes tend to disappear more quickly.

Longer curls are also held longer than those, after which large curls are formed.

Effects and hair care after

Such chemistry dries hair and curls can be confused and difficult to comb. Saves the situation competent care of hair.

  1. To wash them you will need a healing shampoo, a moisturizing rinsing balm and a mask with nourishing properties. This is especially needed for long strands, since the chemistry on them is done with a concentrated mixture, and the time required for the procedure is longer.
  2. Shampoo is applied exclusively on the epidermis on the head and root zone.
  3. The hair is dried after washing in a natural way, they only get wet beforehand with a towel.
  4. Only dried curls are combed.
  5. Pins will not occur if you go to bed with already dry curls.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the benefits noted:

  • steady root volume
  • reduced fat strands
  • natural look,
  • saving time and effort to get it.

The disadvantages include:

  • sufficient list of contraindications to chemical perm,
  • relatively short period of preservation of the achieved effect,
  • possible mechanical trauma strands.

It is worth considering that the wet chemistry - the procedure is not cheap. You will not have to be disappointed in the result, if you consult a specialist before consulting it. Otherwise, there is a risk to waste money on a perm.

Wet chemistry at home

In fashion always remain attractive curls. If the hair is naturally straight, then curlers, curlers and curlers are used to create beautiful curls. Even such a procedure as wet chemistry can be performed at home. It is created on long and short locks.

Features of the procedure

Curl curls occur due to the weakening of keratin from chemistry. At the same time there is no disclosure of hair scales. Thanks to this, the strands wound around the bobbins quickly become curls.

Many instructions indicate that for fixing it is desirable to use hydrogen peroxide, diluting a weak solution. This affects the restoration of the density of keratin, so it turns out a hairstyle in the form of curls. It turns out that the effect of wet chemistry is preserved due to fixation.

The elasticity of the curls is provided by:

  • chemical composition
  • the duration of its exposure,
  • individual characteristics (normal hair curls better)
  • indoor temperatures above 20 degrees.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of wet perm include:

  • performed on long and short hair,
  • the result lasts about 6 months, and with curling and whooping cough only 1 day,
  • there is a volume from the roots,
  • no need to spend a lot of time on morning styling,
  • due to the elimination of a large amount of fat deposits do not need to wash your hair often.

Cons of wet chemistry:

  • the inability to curl colored strands,
  • thick and heavy hair barely curls,
  • You need trimming tips to create a neat hairstyle.

Curling Procedure

How to make wet chemistry at home? To do this, you must perform the following steps.

  1. It is necessary to wash your hair, but if you wish, you can also make a haircut.
  2. From the back of the head, you need to take strands with squares similar to the diameter of the curlers, and then fix them with clamps.
  3. The composition must be applied with a sponge. It is distributed from tip to root.
  4. Then the strand is passed through the bobbins. It should be screwed, fix the tape treated composition. Fixed curlers with a rubber clip. Then the remains of a chemical agent are used.
  5. In hairdressing conditions, steam extracted from a special device is used to improve the effect of the wave.
  6. After the time set according to the instructions, you need to wash your hair and then fix the curls.

Wet chemistry for medium hair in the salon costs about 1,800 rubles. This allows you to find beautiful and lush curls for 6 months.

Procedure with long hair

To create chemistry for long hair apply sparing means that are harmless to curls. It is advisable to use feed formulations. Fixation is performed with foam or varnish, which creates the effect of "wet hair".

The procedure for long hair is similar to the treatment of short. Wet chemistry should not be chosen by owners of fat strands, as the hairstyle will have an untidy look.

Features of vertical wet curling

  • Vertical (spiral) curling is performed only with long hair.
  • "Spirals" are created by winding the strand-braids on bobbins in the form of a cone. Small curls will turn out, and the “wet effect” is created with the help of a gel.
  • It is necessary to determine the size of curls. To do this, strands are wound on ordinary curlers so that you can look at the result.
  • Chemistry with medium hair and bangs represents a lot of styling. Short bangs can not curl or curl once curling. A long bang will be half shorter than the wave, and therefore will become more attractive.

Principles of care after curling

Wet waving looks original. That she was always neat and beautiful, you need appropriate care.

  • You need to wash your hair with medicated shampoos. Balsams are required for rinsing, and natural masks are required for makeup. This approach will restore damaged curls, make them strong and shiny.
  • Special care is required for long hair, because with them chemistry procedures last longer, and the composition is used in larger quantities.
  • Gels, allowing to create the effect of "wet hair", make curls shiny and lush. But since naturalness is in fashion now, a slight effect should be created.

Styling rules

For styling used special cosmetics. You can use the following styling technique.

  • With the help of styling need to moisten the hair.
  • Bangs should be combed on one side.
  • The temporal part is smoothed with gel.
  • The crown of the hair must be tousled.
  • Fixing is done with varnish.

Features of the spiral technique

The technique is carried out using modified bobbins. Strands must be twisted into a bundle and screwed in a spiral on a bobbin. The coils should fit snugly together.

In the direction of the harness and winding curls should be the same. After this, hair fixing, composition treatment and fixing are performed.

Japanese technology

Among the existing types of chemistry is the Japanese technique, in which the lipid-protein complex is used. The procedure is designed for problematic hair. The result is a resistant silky curl. With the help of complex hair becomes elastic and shiny. Curls will be medium hard. More chemistry is suitable for long curls.

With Japanese technology used plastic cap with holes. Through them gently stretch the strands. After this, the treatment with chemical composition occurs. The scalp will not come into contact with the chemical composition, so the Japanese technique is great with skin problems.

Wet perm is considered one of the popular procedures. When it uses reliable vertical curlers, sparing cosmetics. The result is beautiful curls that last for 6 months.

And for full recovery it is necessary to use medical shampoos and balms. Also for this purpose folk remedies are used — the preparation of masks.

For this purpose, oils, herbal decoctions, natural products and pharmaceutical preparations are used.

A wet perm is the best way to get a well-groomed hairstyle. You can change it at will. With the technique you get beautiful small curls without the "fluffy". Hair will be neatly arranged and beautiful in appearance.

Chemistry Varieties

Today, there are many varieties of perm. Women with medium-length hair can choose a suitable option for different haircuts and then make beautiful hairstyles. Modern perm preparations are improving every year.

The most common are:

  • radical waving. Gives luxurious volume. It can be done to women who have strands of weakness, or the industry after the previous chemistry. In addition, basal perm facilitates styling. The method involves winding only the roots of the hair,
  • vertical perm on medium hair. Compared to other species - a veteran. Due to the special shape of the curlers, straight strands turn into beautiful curlicues. Take a look at the photo before and after the procedure,
  • spiral waving. It is made with the help of bobbins of a special shape, made like spirals. The technique is also unusual: first, the strand is twisted into a cord, and only then - on the bobbin,
  • Japanese technology. A procedure popular today that suits all women with medium curls. For waving is used a composition containing lipids, proteins, which is recommended for sick hair. As you can see in the photo, the hair is shiny, elastic, in addition, the curls last a long time,
  • wet chemistry. Allows you to create on the hair shoulder-length elastic small curls, without disturbing many pomp. The hair looks well-groomed, luxurious.Laying is carried out using foam, gel to create the effect of wet hair. The result is 3 months,
  • light chemistry, or carving, on medium-length hair. It assumes minimal damage to the head of hair, unlike other methods, it allows to achieve volume from the roots. Holds up to 2 months. Weak perm is done only by professional stylists,
  • large curls. Especially in demand among owners of medium hair. Depending on the exposure time of the product, the curl stiffness can be controlled. The result can be found in the photo.

Also read about dandruff treatment at home and how to wash dreadlocks.

In pursuit of the desired curl

To complete the curling on the middle strands and get the result, as in the photo, you need to fix a new form of strands. For this purpose, a special fixing solution is used.

The degree of elasticity of the curl depends on various factors:

  • indoor air temperature
  • structure and state of curls,
  • the duration of exposure of the composition on the hair,
  • type of chemical agent, its quality,
  • diameter curlers or bobbins.

Looks like light chemistry on the middle strands, you can see by examining the photo.

Light chemistry can be done at home. On the proposed photo you can see the results before and after the procedure. To do this you will need:

  • plastic curlers or bobbins (about 50-80 pieces),
  • gloves and rubber cap,
  • curler,
  • retainer and sponge for its application,
  • plastic or wooden comb with a thin end to highlight curls,
  • plate (non-metallic).

  1. Wash your hair with regular shampoo, lightly towel dry.
  2. Divide the hair into several parts.
  3. Choose a strand, comb and wind the bobbin. Twist tight, otherwise it will disintegrate.
  4. Scroll all the strands this way.
  5. Apply to the hair evenly curling. Start application from the occiput area, finish in the crown.
  6. Put on a rubber cap, wrap a towel.
  7. Hold for a certain time (10 minutes to get light waves, about half an hour - to get elastic curls). We hope that you have previously decided what result you want to get and compared the photo before and after. If you want to make large curls, use not curling sticks, but curlers.
  8. Wash off the product without removing the bobbins, remove excess moisture with a towel.
  9. Apply retainer with a sponge. Hold it for 10 minutes.
  10. Remove the bobbins, rinse, rinse with vinegar solution.

Hair care

Now that you have studied a lot of photos before and after chemistry, it doesn’t hurt to find out what trichologists and stylists recommend.

Keep in mind that curly curls will have to spend more time than usual. But the efforts will not be in vain: you can support the hair, weakened after treatment with chemical means.

  • buy all care products marked “after the perm”,
  • after washing, rinse the curls with a decoction of chamomile, calendula, nettle,
  • twice a week do moisturizing, nourishing masks,
  • When buying masks, choose products that contain silk proteins, keratin, collagen, amino acids,
  • comb the strands with the use of aroma oils, and brush the tips of the curls with argan oil,
  • use a special cream for the care of curls, enriched with vitamins and minerals,
  • do not wash your hair with hot water and use lightly acidified water (with lemon juice or vinegar) to rinse,
  • use heat guns and hair dryers less often. Loose strands do not need additional load.

Types of styling

Looking at the photos before and after, it is clear that the chemistry on the strands of small length, large or small, looks great by itself. But still women want to diversify the image. Different ways of styling curls will help in this:

  1. Hair dryer with diffuser. It is necessary to wash the hair, apply styling products and dry the hair dryer with a diffuser. Get beautiful chaotic curls. Looks great with both bangs and without.
  2. Blow-dry with a round brush. Hairstyle acquires additional volume, soft docile curls. The effect is lasting.
  3. Dried hair without the use of a hair dryer and styling products. A quick option for everyday life.
  4. Naturally dried hair with a moisturizing spray to get wet chemistry on medium hair.
  5. Laying on curlers. In this case, the wave is a good basis for lush curls. Curls turn out fluffy, elastic, keep their shape for a long time.

Now read about chemical perm on large curls and oily dandruff.

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Table of contents:

  • What is wet chemistry
  • Pros and cons of this method of curling
  • How to make wet chemistry
  • Hair care after curling
  • Curling Reviews

With every woman at least once in life there is a situation where the soul requires change. With the arrival of such a time, the torments of choosing the way to perform the task begin.

Hairdressers provide services for dyeing, coloring, cutting or curling. If you want to refresh the image, add a touch of originality, then stop your choice on wet chemistry for hair.

It helps create vertical taut curls that transform you.

Wet effect for short hair

Hairdressers conduct chemistry for any length, including short strands. Wet chemistry on a short hairstyle helps to emphasize individuality, and also eliminates the need for daily styling, which makes every woman to look well-groomed. However, remember that after the procedure, the curls "bounce" a couple of centimeters, so grow 2-3 cm in reserve before the session.

Wet chemistry on average curls

Medium length curls are marked as ideal for wet, vertical curling. The procedure guarantees getting tight, elastic curls that retain their shape for up to 3 months.

Hairstyle looks attractive and not trivial. To evaluate the result of the procedure, it is not enough to study the principle of its operation or the description of the technology of implementation.

A clear proof of the effectiveness of the photo becomes after laying:

Wet chemistry for long hair

Long strands can also be curled, but one should not expect that the result will last as much as on medium-length hair. Due to the severity of curls unwind for 1-1.5 months. However, this month hairstyle looks unique, as well as romantic. Soft, moisturized curls scatter on the back and shoulders, ensuring a luxurious look.

The vertical wet perm procedure is far from budget, so take a responsible look at finding a hairdresser who will conduct the session.

Consult with two or three masters, check with the tools of what level they work, view their portfolio with photos before and after curling.

Only a professional approach guarantees a luxurious hairstyle with healthy, soft curls.

How to make wet chemistry

In beauty salons they offer a service of perm with the effect of wet hair on long, short or medium curls. It is not recommended to conduct a session after a recent dyeing, it is allowed to curl hair 14 days after the change of color

Wet chemistry is carried out in stages according to the following scenario:

  1. The first thing the hair goes through the stage of purification. After washing, as part of the preparation, the hairdresser cuts dry, split ends, if any.
  2. After the preparatory period, the hair is divided into sections, starting from the occipital zone. The site is divided into strands, each is wound on a special device - a bobbin. Manufacturers produce wooden or plastic curlers that are tapered and have a hole through which the thread is passed. After winding each strand is fastened with clips, this ensures the reliability of the design.
  3. Next, the master processes the curls with the active solution, which softens the hair cuticles for the further formation of curls. The solution is applied with a special sponge or sponge, bottom-up.
  4. The mixture is aged on the hair according to the requirements of the instructions, based on the state of the hair.
  5. After some time, the construction is covered with a fixing compound. This tool closes the cuticles, in consequence of which the hair curls in the shape of a bobbin.
  6. After a time of fixation, the structure is washed under running water. To test unwind one strand, if it is formed, then remove the bobbins all over the head. The hair is dried naturally.

Before you sit in the chair to the barber, make sure of his professionalism, check the availability of certificates or diplomas of courses, read the recommendations.

To know the instruction or algorithm of the procedure is not enough, the master is obliged to master the art of carrying out the wave, to study every nuance in order to preserve the health and attractiveness of the hair.

Therefore, take time to find a professional hairdresser who will satisfy your requirements.

Hair care after curling

Perm, in spite of the composition chosen for the procedure, remains stress for the strands. The head of hair, which does not provide meticulous care, has a deplorable appearance - the ends are split, the length is marked by dryness, rigidity, and more. Therefore, hairdressers offer a set of rules for hair care after curling:

  • While washing, apply shampoo or another cleanser to the roots of the curls, washing the scalp. The length is cleaned with foam, which is washed off with water.
  • After curling strands suffer from excessive dryness, and therefore need additional moisture. To repair the damage, use nutritional masks, balms, which are based on vegetable oils. This will return the hair smoothness, reduce porosity, brittleness.
  • After washing the head, do not rub the curls with a towel, such manipulations injure the scales, increasing the fragility. Gently blot the strands with a dry towel.
  • The use of a hair dryer will cause irreparable harm to the hair, so you should forget about it. Dry strands naturally.
  • Do not use metal combs, replace them with wooden combs, massage soft devices made from natural bristles or, in extreme cases, from plastic. While the hair is not wet, scrub it, wait for the full or partial drying, then walk along the length of the comb, and then distribute the strands with your fingers.

Such simple recommendations will help preserve the beauty of your hair, and your hair will remain soft, shiny and healthy.

Chemistry of hair for women, types of chemistry: wet, coarse or light on medium hair

As the well-known joke says, with women, with regards to hairstyles, everything is simple: straight hair should be curled, curly hair should be straightened, long hair cut, and short hair should be extended. It is the eternal pursuit of new horizons of beauty that makes girls look unique. And chemistry for hair, as in the common people is called perm, - one of the ways of transformation.

Depending on the composition used by the masters for curling curls, chemistry is divided into several types, which affect the hair differently and give a different effect. So, what is the chemistry for hair?

Acid perm. It was made by women of fashion from the 1970s – 1990s of the last century. Today, the industry has risen to a new level, and now such a perm does not burn hair, but acts much more gently, but the same reagent is used - glyceryl monothioglycolate (pH 6.9 - 7.2).

Modern acid chemistry allows you to create curls of any shape that do not disintegrate and hold wrap well. The reagent penetrates deep into the hair and fixes the shape there, partially destroying the core of the hair, but leaving it smooth and shiny outside.

Such a perm should not be done to the owners of weak thin hair, but girls with a rigid structure can safely experiment!

Alkaline curling. This kind of long-term styling is carried out in different ways: pure to create elastic curls, diluted to simulate a light wave and with the addition of plant extracts to compensate for the harm from chemical exposure.

In all cases, the active ingredient is ammonium thioglycolate (pH 8 to 9.5). Alkaline chemistry is less aggressive and does not damage hair so much, because it does not require the effect of temperature to fix.

However, you should make sure that your master has previously dealt with this type of styling, because improper adherence to the instructions is fraught with burns of the scalp and damaged hair.

The price of this waving is much lower than the other options, but it is not suitable for everyone: it is excellent on thin, but it cannot cope with hard hair.

Neutral waving. This method is for those who want a lasting effect, but does not dare to make a full-fledged chemistry, which is held until you cut it off. The composition with a neutral pH will help curl curls into curls or a wave for several months, without damaging, but even restoring the hair structure due to keratin contained in it.

Gradually, the effect will decrease until after about 4-6 months the hair does not fully stretch. This is what is done in the basal perm for the volume, which does not twist the curls, but only lifts the hair on the roots from the head, creating a terrific volume.

It is important to understand that after a neutral curl it is necessary to use only special products for hair with a neutral pH, otherwise the effect will not be enough for several weeks.

Bio-perm. This prefix is ​​not just suggestive of the usefulness of the procedure, but literally determines the composition. There are no usual alkalis and acids, there is no ammonia or hydrogen peroxide.

The active ingredient is cysteine, a protein related to natural hair proteins, which, thickened, fixes the locks in the desired form for 6-9 months. Hair after such a procedure is lively and shiny.

The main disadvantage is that the manufacturers have not found a way to get rid of the unpleasant smell that eats into the hair and does not leave the owner of a new hairstyle for a couple of days.

Practically all manufacturers recommend not washing or combing hair for three days after a biowave, because after washing off the composition, it still continues to gently affect the hair and reaches the final result only on the third day.

Amino acid perm. Manufacturers claim that regular use of the composition not only does not hurt, but will restore thin, dull and brittle hair due to the amino acids and proteins contained in the composition.

Such chemistry will not be taken on heavy and hard hair, because it is developed exclusively for weakened thin curls, and even here it is used only on medium or short hair.

Large long curls unwind within a few days under their own weight, and short and light will keep the shape for up to two months.

Carving is a new word in a perm. This is a modern long-term styling that does not damage the hair and lasts up to two months. The composition is designed so that the hair under its influence gain strength and extra shine. The main disadvantage of such chemistry is the amount that will have to be left in the cabin. On the other hand, all good things have to be paid well, so the price is logical.

In addition to the differences in perm on the principle of the main active substance, there are other signs.

Large chemistry for medium hair photo

A large perm is the dream of many girls. It is these curls that look as natural as possible, as if the hair is curled by nature.Usually large curlers or three large bobbins are used for it, because the standard ones give too small curls.

At the same time, the hair “bounces”, creating a large volume and significantly decreasing in length (see photo).

Light chemistry for medium hair

A light curl that does not create curls, but only simulates a light natural wave, looks even more natural and natural. It does not make it on long hair, because such an unobtrusive hairstyle will simply disintegrate under the weight of the hair, but on the curls of medium length the vertical wave looks elegant.

Wet chemistry on medium hair: photo before and after

Wet perm requires styling with the help of tools that create the effect of wet hair. Became fashionable at the end of the last century, such female hairstyles are popular now.

Curls after such chemistry is treated with wet mousse or gel, putting the composition on the tips and spreading to the middle of the length.

Korny dry, creating volume, and the ends of the hair look as if their owner hit on a summer rain.

Spiral Perm

In contrast to all the aspirations for naturalness, which pursue the previous types of curls, the spiral focuses on artificiality. Elastic like puppet curls in nature can occur only in some African nations. Impeccable geometric spiral is very popular, as stated by the reviews.

If you do not trust the salon masters, you can take a risk to make a perm at home using the instructions on the video.

Wet chemistry for medium hair: features of the procedure and care

Changing images for women is very important. And for this, ladies go for any tricks. In addition, it has long been believed that women who have wavy hair, dream of straight, and those that have straight, dream of curls. The chemical perm helps to solve this problem. One of the popular methods is wet chemistry.

How to make chemistry on medium hair?

The process of perm itself is as follows. Hair normally has a dense and close keratin. When the impact of chemical agents on the hair begins, the protein is damaged, and the bonds between the molecules break up. In this case, hair scales are revealed, and, winding them on the curlers, you can give them a different shape, depending on the diameter of the bobbin.

Then there is a fixation of the new form. This is usually done using hydrogen peroxide. It should be weak, so as not to completely burn your hair.

After that, the protein is restored, the scales close together, and the hair assumes a new natural position. Moreover, professionals argue that fixing should be given special attention, because

if you make it inaccurate, the perm will not hold.

The degree of elasticity of medium-length hair with a wet curl directly depends on a number of important nuances:

  • The quality and type of chemical used,
  • Holding time
  • Individual features of hair,
  • The temperature in the room where the perm is held.

Also note that the re-perm will not be as beautiful and elastic as the first. This is due to the fact that each time drugs affect hair, keratin is destroyed and a new substance is formed that is less susceptible to chemical drugs.

It should be prepared for the fact that with an excessive love of chemistry, the hair will refuse to curl.

Vertical chemistry

One of the best types of wet curls for medium-length hair is vertical chemistry for medium hair. According to experts, on long hair, it looks just gorgeous.

The name was given to her according to the method of winding up the bobbins - they are placed vertically. Especially popular, according to stylists, was vertical waving with spiral curls.

As a result of applying this type of wet chemistry, a lot of elastic, beautifully falling curls are obtained.

Perm Hair Care

For hair that has gone through the perm, you need to properly care. Otherwise, they will look like tow - dry, hard and split. First you need to learn how to wash your hair in a different way.. Shampoo should be applied to the scalp or roots, the rest of the hair is perfectly washed off with washable residues.

Since the hair in the process of perming dry out, they must be thoroughly moistened. It is enough to connect nourishing masks and moisturizing balms to your daily your hair will thank you.

It is also necessary to dry the hair properly - do not rub them and knead, gently blot and dry naturally. By the way, you have to forget about the use of a hair dryer.

Combing your hair after a wet perm also needs to be done correctly - do not pull it while it is wet.. At the end of combing you need to correct the curls with your fingers.

Reviews of chemistry and the price of such a procedure

According to reviews I will give about chemistry for medium hair, which has already been decided on such a procedure, it was not so terrible. They get the curls they need and enjoy the effect. The price of chemistry for medium hair is quite acceptable: it is performed in salons for the sum of 1,800 rubles.

Whether or not to do the perm, this decision remains for the woman. However, you need to understand that chemistry requires proper and thorough care. Only in this way it will look good. And then the curls will be above all praise, and hairstyles on the average hair with chemistry will make a big impression on others!

Photo chemistry on medium hair

For different lengths of hair, you can select different options for perm. Below are several variations of a perm for medium-length hair.

Chemistry Jennifer Lopez

Julia Roberts Chemistry

Medium hair carving

Vertical Chemistry Medium Hair

Electric vertical chemistry for medium hair

Chemistry with the effect of wet hair

Watch the video: Why Do Superhydrophobic Materials Never Get Wet? (December 2019).