Wellaton cream paint and hair mousse

For hair restoration, our readers successfully use Minoxidil. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
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Among the products for hair care oils occupy one of the main places. They are able to solve several problems at once - moisten the curls along the entire length, saturate them with useful microelements, make them shiny and elastic, smooth out the hair scales. The tool covers the curls with an invisible layer that protects the core and cuticle from moisture loss, protein splitting when using a curling iron, hair dryer.

Girls know that oil helps to treat hair

  • Luxurious OilReflections oil for smoothing curls from Wella
    • Application Wella sp luxe oil
  • LuxeOil Elixir for Deep Recovery
    • Features
  • Where to buy, cost

In the series of products for hair care products, Wella contains oils that include natural ingredients. They are suitable for everyday use, do not require rinsing and do not leave a greasy shine.

Luxurious OilReflections oil for smoothing curls from Wella

The manufacturer promises that the use of this product will give you an unforgettable experience. The composition of precious oils will reveal and accentuate the flawless beauty and brilliance of the curls.

The lightweight formula has an antioxidant and conditioning effect. It includes:

The tool will restore damaged and painted curls healthy look and mirror shine.

Application Wella sp luxe oil

Apply sredsvo on the palm of your hand, just one or two clicks, and rub it. Spread the agent in length, starting from the middle of the strand. Carefully work the tips. Oil is used both on wet, and on dry ringlets.

A large number of tools will ruin your hairstyle. Strands stick together and will seem dirty.

Vella hair oil oil reflections, like all oil products, should not be used on the scalp. You risk clogging the glands, itching and dandruff may occur.

LuxeOil Elixir for Deep Recovery

The product is based on innovative technology Transform, thanks to which:

Cosmetics contains all the useful elements for hair

The composition of the delicate elixir includes argan, almond oil, jojoba oil.

You can transform in eight ways. When applied to wet curls, you get the following effects:

The use of funds for dry curls allows you to achieve:

For good styling, it is recommended to retreat five to seven centimeters from the roots.

The main function of the oil is to retain moisture. Balanced water balance makes the surface smooth and shiny, the hair itself becomes strong and elastic. Before applying these products on wet hair, dab well curls with a towel. Too much moisture can cause the oil to simply drain, instead of being absorbed.

Where to buy, cost

Wella products are sold in cosmetics stores, supermarkets and online stores.

The average price of oil Oil Reflections is 350 rubles. (30 ml.) And 730 rubles. (100 ml.), LuxeOil elixir - 1050 rubles. (100 ml.).

The average rating of the oil for smoothing hair from Vella and the restoring elixir is 4.4 points out of 5.

Respondents identified such points:

Beautiful hair is the right care.

Wella hair oil is a universal remedy that can be used for all types of hair. It gives curls a luxurious shine, elasticity, elasticity, restores their health, strength, moisturizes and prevents the appearance of split ends. These tools are especially suitable for girls with unruly, porous, damaged hair.

Resistant cream hair color Wella Professionals Wellaton

- wow! Your hair can be envied with black envy. The whole secret is in their deep color. It is rich and rich, as if it was created outside our planet. How did you manage to get it? Share your secret.

- It's all about the new paint from Wella!

It will give the hair a filling and dense color, enveloping each hair along the entire length with a protective layer. An attractive shade will last on the hair for several months, despite the constant washing and the action of the sun's rays.

Choose a durable cream hair dye from Wella Professional. It will give your hair the most beautiful decoration: a multifaceted and elegant color, which even after a few weeks will delight you and cause surprise to others.

Mode of application: apply the required amount of Wellaton freshly prepared cream-paint with a brush or an applicator onto the washed hair and evenly divide it over the entire surface. Leave on for 20 minutes, then remove the remaining paint, remove with water and shampoo. Hair can be wiped, but not overdry.

Resistant paint mousse for hair Wella Professionals Wellaton

The color of your hair fascinates! Each curl and each hair gives a special fairy tale, luxurious shine and brilliant shine. So bright decoration for your hair provided paint-mousse from Wella Professional. A wonderful product from Germany revived your hair, evenly and carefully, making it silky, soft and voluminous.

The process of hair coloring with the provided tool will always be quick, simple and pleasant. Hair will get a bright and juicy color to the tips, which will persist for long months. This new tool will easily hide gray hair.

Nourishing serum, which is part of the paint, helps to reduce the damage that the hair coloring procedure does to the hair.

With Wella Professional, your hair will always shine and attract the loving looks of others.

Mode of application:Stir the paint and the developing liquid, actively shake the bottle, squeeze its contents into the palm of your hand and rub into the hair, starting from the roots and ending with the tips, and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water until it is clear.


  • Allergy to the components of the composition.
  • Pregnancy, lactation and menstruation.

This quick review is designed to show how much your hair style can change and transform the image of just two cosmetics. Still not believe? And in vain, because many have already appreciated all the benefits, having rid themselves of a long series of procedures, thereby preserving the health of the hair a good mood.

Hair has a BB too! With Wella EIMI Perfect Me, you will no longer need any non-remnants! Naughty, stubborn hair? Fluff the entire length? Light cream disciplines hair and makes it well-groomed, bonus - thermal protection.

Good day to all!

As the owner of unruly hair, prone to the formation of "fluff", I can not imagine my life without indelible! They help smooth down the entire length, pacify sticking ends, and, in general, discipline the hair. Wella BB Lotion, in this regard, is a real find: in addition, the effect of smooth hair, it also provides the easiest fixation and thermal protection. And all this - without weighting! Wow, right? All the details - in the recall!

  • Place of purchase.IM Aroma Boutique. (Feedback on the online store to read here).
  • Price. 650 rubles.
  • Volume. 150 ml.
  • Producing country. France
  • Shelf life. 12 months after opening the package.


The entire range of styling Wella eimi framed in gray, the design is strict and concise:

BB lotion is packed in a plastic bottle:

Pump dispenser is very convenient and dispenses the product in an economical volume. There is also a lid that holds tightly and does not slide off the dispenser:


Since we face a professional product, there’s nothing to expect from the composition of something useful and natural:

PRODUCT PROPERTIES: texture, aroma.

Perfect me has a medium density creamy texture:

The aroma of the product is CHEMICAL, but not harsh and even quite pleasant. This is not a floral smell, not fruity, not confectionery. just some kind of incomprehensible light chemistry


From the manufacturer.

Apply a small amount of the product from the middle of the length to the ends on wet or dry hair.

On wet hair.

I use Wella eimi perfect me after each shampooing. First, I dry my hair with a towel so that excess moisture is gone and spray heat spray GREEN PHARMA Pharma Clemence. Then I put on the ends and the lower third of the length of the oil Wella oil reflections (2-2.5 clicks). After that, I rub in my palms 1.5 presses of BB lotion and apply it over the entire length of the hair (avoiding only the roots). Now you can start drying hair dryer.

For dry hair.

If necessary Wella eimi perfect me You can also use it on dry hair: for this you need to squeeze out the fullness of the dispenser in the palm of your hand and slightly smooth the “fluff” on the head or protruding strands.


Mega-economical. I will say this: I used this charming bag for a month and a half, although its volume is only 6 ml!

I don’t spend the bottle for a year, but my hairdresser says that he, on the contrary, simply flies away. So for home use, a volume of 50-75 ml would suffice.


BB Lotion Perfect Me - this is a real helper in the fight for beautiful hair:

🔺 Makes hair smoother

🔺 Light shine

🔺 Soothes protruding tips and sticking out strands

🔺 Smoothes down the entire length

Provides the easiest fixation without gluing

🔺 Protects against thermal effects.

I also want to add that the lotion does not make the hair heavier, does not cause rapid contamination, does not overdry them and does not accumulate.

Laying with Perfect Me is easy, agile and natural. At the same time, hairs during the day lie exactly as you laid them in the morning, and require only a slight combing.


Wella eimi perfect me - my real friend and hair care assistant. The tool really helps to pacify the disobedient hair, smooth the hated fluff on the head and, at the same time, does not make the styling heavier. Unequivocally RECOMMEND to buying all the girls with naughty hair!

Vella Hair Oil - Reflections:

The first product is Oil Reflections Wella Professionals - oil with antioxidants with a smoothing effect.

Composition Oil Reflections:

  • Macadamia nut oil (Macadamia), which has a strong oxidative effect. This oil perfectly moisturizes the hair, gives shine and prevents tangling. In addition, it gives hair the substances necessary for healthy growth and elasticity. Macadamia oil is indispensable for hair damaged by chemical procedures.
  • Avocado oil containing vitamins A, B, D, E, protein, amino acids, iron, copper, folic acid are also necessary for healthy hair growth. Hair treated with this oil can retain moisture inside the hair.
  • Vitamin E is also rich in antioxidants and is a good way to strengthen damaged hair.

Vella Reflections Hair Oil is sold in a 100 ml glass bottle. The bottle has a convenient pump for dosed supply of funds. It is possible to apply both on damp (as the conditioner), and on dry hair (for giving of silkiness and gloss). Hair after application does not look sticky, greasy or burdened.

If you compare it with Macadamia Natural Oil, the oil from Vella is lighter and is suitable even for hair that becomes greasy on the first day after washing.

Also, if you feel that during the day the hair on the ends became very dry, apply another drop of money, but at the very tips.

Vella Hair Repair Oil:

The manufacturer calls this product Elixir for hair LUXE OIL, which makes the texture of the hair smoother, enhances keratin protection, makes the hair more docile in styling.

LUXE OIL works both on the surface and inside the hair. The composition of the elixir is almond oil, jojoba oil and argan oil. recommendations for use - damaged hair and hair requiring smoothing.

This oil is applied to wet hair (2 drops). After application, comb your hair with a comb with sparse teeth and make the styling in the way you need.
The result is noticeable immediately after drying. Hair is not confused, very soft to the touch.

If you are afraid of using similar products because they can make your hair heavier or straighten your hair more naturally, then with LUXE OIL you should not be afraid of it. Try to apply first 1-2 portions of the dispenser, spreading the oil over the entire length (stepping back from the roots 5-7 cm).

For the treatment of severely damaged or dry hair, you can apply the agent before washing, but apply it to the scalp and hair roots. Massage the scalp for 5 minutes, then rinse hair with shampoo. Another treatment option with Vella hair oil is to apply it over the entire length (paying particular attention to the tips) overnight. So that the hair does not interfere, collect them in a bun. Wash with shampoo in the morning.

Summing up, we want to say that in our opinion Vella hair oil is an excellent substitute for various conditioners, lotions or serums that are used to facilitate combing of long hair. Of course, the price for oil is much higher, but its consumption is very economical, but the composition does not compare with any of the means listed above.

Types of oils from Vella professional

  • Oil Reflections Wella Professional which contains natural macadamia and avocado oils, as well as vitamin E.
  • Luxe Oil Wella Professional - active ingredients of jojoba, argan and almond seed oils.

Such components are extremely positive effect on the structure of the hair, with additional effects.

The benefits of oils professional series Vella:

  • Ease of application.
  • The possibility of daily use.
  • Do not aggravate strands and do not make them fat.
  • Stimulates growth and nourishes from within.
  • Effectiveness of use for damaged hair after dye Vella Coleston or another company lineup.
  • Natural composition and environmental safety.

The last item significantly affects the cost of production. It's no secret that high-quality and natural cosmetics by default can not be cheap. The inaccessibility of natural quality ingredients makes the production more difficult and expensive, so the low cost of proven brands is most likely a cause to worry and doubt the authenticity of the product.
Average, the cost of the reducing means Vella range from 300 rubles and above.
Often, wanting to change their appearance, women lighten their hair, thereby injuring them. We have collected the best recipes masks for bleached hair.

How to apply?

Instructions for the use of oils for hair is extremely simple and this, by the way, is an indisputable plus for any manufacturer.
Both products are not too different in use, the difference is more concerned with the effect of use.
If oil Oil Reflections are more suitable for damaged and weak hair, Luxe Oil is a complex effect for regeneration and treatment.

Algorithm of actions for drawing means:

  1. Hair wash and comb.
  2. Apply the agent over the entire length, especially carefully rubbing into the scalp.
  3. If there are split ends, special attention should be paid to them.
  4. Wait a little for the oil to soak.

During the procedure Do not use hair curlers, thermal appliances (hairdryer, ironing or curling), and also goes out in the cold season.

Regular use should be a good habit and provide light, silky, and most importantly healthy hair.

The maximum effect will be noticeable with another version of the application. In this case, are used night wraps.
To do this, the curls do not need to be washed beforehand, the product is sprayed onto dry hair.After a uniform application over the entire surface, braid a loose braid or simply gather the hair with an elastic band. Wrap your head with a towel and go to bed. In the morning, comb your hair and wash it with your regular shampoo. Check out the Vichy shampoo overview.

How to use almond oil, how does it help our hair to be healthy? Read the article Almond oil, hair application.

How to choose sunflower oil and make a mask on your hair, watch the video here.

See how hair is treated with products from Vella by professionals


Any product has warnings to use. In this case, there is a high risk of an allergic reaction to natural ingredients. Before first use it will be useful to test

To do this, put a drop of oil on the inner elbow. After 20 minutes check the place of application. If there are no negative skin reactions, you can safely begin healing the hair.

In more detail about each of the presented goods - the following information.

Oil reflections

It is used for additional smoothing of the structure of damaged hair.

Due to regular use, the process of disentangling strands is facilitated, and the hair itself receives additional nourishment and shine. Useful components also contribute to greater elasticity and strengthening from the inside.

The cost of this tool belongs to the middle price category and is approximately about 730 rubles for a dosage of 100 ml.

It is recommended for use on hair damaged by regular dyeing, after a perm (especially unsuccessful), as well as for additional healing during periods of seasonal avitaminosis or hormonal disorders.
One of the best means to restore and maintain healthy hair is a beer mask.

Svetlana: I use the tool relatively recently and not too regularly (just such a period), so there is no need to talk about the long-term effect. Used as night wraps - very much like the silky structure and ease of combing (for me it is a very important and desirable indicator).
While I like everything, the miracle naturally did not happen, but compared to the starting point, the progress is also noticeable. I will continue to use, only now I hope constantly.

Argan oil, which is part of it, has long been used by Oriental women for luxurious and healthy hair, the smoothness of which competes with natural silk.

Thanks to the new product from Wella Professional, such a miracle has become available to European fashionable women.

Regular use of the Luxe Oil mask will provide long-lasting protection and regeneration of the main component of healthy hair - natural keratin.

Careful leaving and maximum efficiency is provided with such means.

The cost of Luxe Oil Hair Repair Oil will be about 1200 rubles per 100 ml. facilities.
Recipes: from dryness and brittleness, from excess fat, for rapid growth and from home hair loss smetanie mask.

Watch the video: Luxe Oil Careful Hair Care

Victoria: The oil was given to me by a close friend as a birthday present after she was convinced of its effectiveness. I consider a great advantage a convenient dispenser, due to which the consumption of funds is minimal. The ease of application and a good almost instant effect literally transformed my hair.
After almost two months of regular use, they have become much prettier and stronger. Problems with split ends disappeared, the general view became much more attractive. My opinion: means well helps to solve some problems for weak hair. Unobtrusive fragrance is quite capable of replacing perfume, and the absence of the need to wash off the oil after application makes it more convenient to use.

Where can one buy?

You can buy professional hair care oil from Vella on the official Wella website, from company representatives, in online stores and at specialized sales outlets.
Read about the properties and benefits of patchouli oil for your hair here.
What kind of hair masks can be done in the bath and in the sauna, how to make them correctly, with benefits, you can find out more here.

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